OLTL Update Monday 4/7/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 4/7/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Todd goes to Viki’s and finds Gigi. He tells her that she should know, from experience, that when he wants something, he gets it. So he needs to know what she is doing in town. She replies that she is living there.

At the diner, Rex and Shane return from their baseball game. Rex asks Shane just exactly when his birthday is. In response to that, Shane asks if he promises not to tell his mom if he answers that. Right then, Rex gets a call form his mom informing him that his dad asked Viki to marry him. Not far away, Viki and Charlie are sitting at the table when he is working up to “drop the bombshell” upon her about the secret he’s been keeping. And when Shane notices them, he rushes and announces that he has heard that they are getting married.

Jessica talks to Nash on the phone when he’s in NAPA with Sarah. She tells him that Bree is missing him and she is calling for him. But right at that moment, Jessica notices that Nash is “not alone” when she hear Sarah’s voice in the background.

Starr does the pregnancy test with Langston by her side.. She remembers the way to read it if it’s positive or negative. And right then, she notices the startling results that reveal that she is pregnant!

In response to Jessica’s noticing that Nash is “not alone” in his hotel room, he replies that it was just the television in his room. He hangs up. Sarah reminds him that he lied to Jessica. He admits that he is not certain how she would take it if she knew that they were staying at the same suite. She reminds him that they are in separate rooms. He then asks her if she plans to reveal to Cristian that they are together. She seems to realize that she might have a similar situation with that.

At Viki’s, Todd tells Gigi that he finds it hard to believe that she is living at Llanview in Viki’s home. He reminds her that it would not be the first time that she has lied. But she reminds him that she and Viki are friends and inquires why he has not found that out from his sister. But he is very curious as to why she would want to live in Llanview of all places. She came there to help Marcie. And now that has been done. So why does she want to stay? He concludes that he knows the reason is because of Ramsey. She denies that. But he tells her he is not stupid. He knows that Ramsey is threatening her.

At the diner, Shane rushes to find Viki and Charlie and demands to know when the wedding date is. Viki asks Shane to please not tell anybody. Rex goes and congratulates his “father." Viki then asks them if she and Charlie can be alone. And at that point, she can sense that it was only Roxy who jumped to the conclusion that he was proposing to her. She knows that he was not.

Starr tells Langston that she can see, from the package, that the pregnancy test is very accurate. What is more, she has been having all the symptoms of a pregnancy. She realizes that many people would be very happy to see the positive reading. But not her. They look in the mirror..

At the NAPA hotel, Sarah and Nash depart to go to the meeting together. And he tells her they must turn off their cell phones as not to be interrupted while doing business.

At Capricorn, Blair can see that Cristian might have something going on when she notices he is calling Sarah on her phone but she is not answering.. She asks him if he is ok with her going to NAPA without him. He rationalizes that he is busy with other things. She asks him if he is not at all jealous. He asks her if she means of Nash, the “family guy." She tells him that she wants to propose a toast and buys him a drink on the house. She tells him that they must all realize how many blessings they have.

Starr tells Langston that it is not ok that she is 16 and pregnant. She tells her that besides being completely freaked out and a hormonal mess, she does not know what will happen when her dad finds out. And the fact that she cannot even see Cole, much less tell him. She then tells Langston she must promise, no matter what she does, if she sees Cole, she cannot tell him that Starr is pregnant.

Cole enters the diner and tells Markko that his life is not ok when he cannot see Starr.

Finding out that Charlie was not about to propose to her, Viki admits that she is relieved. She is not ready to marry. She wants for them to take the time to get to know each other. They both laugh until she tells him that now that she knows he was not going to ask her to marry him. What was he going to tell her?

At the other table, Shane tells Rex that he wishes that his mom would get married. She’s been alone for so long. He wishes she would find somebody she likes. In response to that, Rex tells Shane that his mom is awesome and he is sure that she will find somebody. Shane then tells Rex too bad that her (Rex) is getting married. He knows that Rex and his mom used to “go out." He bets that Rex would be a good man for his mom as well as he would make a cool dad.

At Viki’s home, Gigi tells Todd that although she can see that he has done some terrible things, she knows that he was willing to make a big sacrifice in order to protect his family from Ramsey. Plus, Viki has told her that deep down, Todd is not such a terrible person and is actually a good dad. So maybe, for all she knows it is true. He then tells her it’s true. But he needs for her to tell him just what her “connection” to Ramsey is.

At the diner, after Viki asks Charlie what his “big secret” is, he tells her that it was no big deal. He then tells her that he misses her. He knows he gets to see her enough. But it seems like it’s not enough. She tells him that she misses not being able to see him also. She tells him that maybe he should just come back and live in her house. And that is what they agree upon. She leaves. He is alone. At the other table, Rex asks Shane if he really believes that he would be a good dad. Right then, Charlie walks by them. Rex tells Shane that he is really sorry that he has not found the right dad. Because he is very happy and very grateful that he has found Charlie. But at that moment, Jared enters and looks at them coldly.

At the B.E. office, Natalie and Jessica talk about the arrangement where Nash went to NAPA without her. But Sarah is going with him. Natalie then asks Jessica if she has a sitter for Bree. Jessica replies yes. Natalie tells her, in that case, maybe they should have a night out together.

At Viki’s, Todd tells Gigi that he knows that Ramsey is threatening her. But she must know that he is not like Ramsey. He would never hurt her nor her son. He tells her that he bets that she thinks that nobody messes with Gigi Morasco. But maybe she should let him help her fight Ramsey. She cannot do it alone. She tells Todd that if she lets him in on “what Ramsey knows”, then he will go to jail along with Ramsey. Right then, Viki opens the door and asks them just what they were talking about and just who is going to jail.

Starr tells Langston that the whole while when she was worrying about the results, she believed that it could not possibly be true. She tells Langston she does not know what she would do without her. Langston then tells her that they are going to get through that together.

After Jared enters the diner and overhears that Charlie might have proposed to Viki, he demands to know if that is true. Hearing that, Rex asks Jared if they were asking him. Charlie then clarifies to Jared, as well as to Rex and to Shane, that he and Viki are not getting married. He is going to be returning to her house. But marriage is not in their immediate plans. At that point, Rex and Shane depart. Alone with Charlie, Jared asks him what this is all about. Charlie explains that Roxy got the idea that that was what his big secret is. Charlie admits that he planned on revealing the big secret to Viki. And maybe he is being selfish. But he wants to relish every moment he is with her before the secret is revealed. Jared tells his father that maybe the truth never will be revealed. Charlie tells his son that it’s just a matter of time before it is. Dorian knows it. Natalie now knows it. And it will just be a matter of time before everybody knows that he is really Charlie Banks.

Jessica and Natalie go to Capricorn and get some drinks. Jessica asks her sister what happened when they went to the cabin. She demands that Natalie “spills” it. Natalie then replies that it was: “very intense." She remembers the confrontation with Jared, then the kiss, then the starling revelation where Jared confirmed to her that he is not her uncle after all. And she tells Jessica it was also “very informative."

Viki asks Todd why he is in her home interrogating Gigi with these questions that are none of his business. And how did they even know each other in the first place? At that point, Rex brings Shane home. Gigi goes into the other room, Alone with Todd, Viki tells her brother that he cannot come into her home and intimidate her guests. She demands to know what is going on with him. He then tells her that he did not come to her home to interrogate Gigi. He came there to bring Viki something to show her from The Sun.

Alone with Rex, after Shane goes upstairs, Gigi admits that Rex was a really big help with her, taking her son to the ball game. Rex tells her all about the great time they had together and how well Shane is learning baseball. And at that point, Rex tells Gigi he must ask her a question and she mustn’t get angry at Shane. He tells her that he asked Shane when his birthday is. And Shane told him he mustn’t ever tell his mom that he’s asked Shane that. And he asks her why she tells Shane he must never tell anybody when his birthday is.

Right then, Starr is alone in her room, having a dream that Cole comes in through her window and tells her that he will never leave her now that he knows she is having his baby. But she hears her mother’s voice calling to her. And she demands that Cole leaves although he will not. At that point, she awakens and knows that it was just a dream. Blair enters, runs to her daughter, asks her what is going on and holds her while Starr is crying. Starr is not about to tell her mother what has happened.

At the diner, Jared tells Charlie that he is very sorry that he spilled the beans to Natalie without informing him first. But he couldn’t live the lie any more. And he realizes that Natalie was worth more than the Buchanan money. And he has never felt this way about anybody before. He concludes to his father that all the consequences in the world he could endure for having the truth come out could not compare to what it would mean if he loses Natalie.

Cristian comes and talks To Jessica and Natalie, realizes that Jessica might have the same “concerns” as he has. She shares with Natalie that she knows what type of a career this is for Nash. Although she realizes she cannot share the enthusiasm with him.

At the hotel suite, Nash and Sarah enjoy their wine and seem very happy working and being together.

Viki looks at the Sun when Todd tells her that he got a story from Clint. She then tells him she does not believe for a minute that Clint would stoop so low as to help him print such a story. He then tells his sister if she can come up with evidence that it is not true, then he will retract it. She tells him she would really appreciate that. She then asks her brother what is happening now with Starr. She tells him that she believes he may have gone too far in keeping Cole away from her and not even letting her go to school. He replies that he will stop at nothing to prevent Cole from hurting her.

In Starr’s room, Blair knows something very intense is happening to her daughter and she begs her to tell her what is going on. But she cannot.

Rex asks Gigi if she can please tell him just when Shane’s birthday is. He then replies that it’s March 25. At that moment, he relives them having an “intimate moment” right around the 4th of July. And it could have been the time they conceived Shane.

Blair tells her daughter she knows she is not alright. And she thinks she knows the reason why. Hearing that, Starr asks her if she really “knows” what is going on. Blair then replies that she does understand some things. She remembers being a teenager. It wasn’t that long ago. She has not forgotten what it’s like to suddenly have to return to school and not know what to tell anybody and then run into her boyfriend. But she’s sure that Starr can handle it. She then asks her to just get some sleep and leaves. Alone in the room, Starr reflects that her mother has no clue what is going on.

Nash and Sarah are drinking and laughing when he mistakenly mispronounces Capricorn as “caramel corn." Right then, she gets a call. He picks up her phone and answers: “caramel corn wines” while Sarah laughs hysterically in the background. It’s Cristian. He wonders why Nash has answered his phone.

After Gigi reveals that Shane was born on March 25, which was about 9 months after the last time they were together before they went their separate ways, he asks her about Shane’s “real father." She bluffs that he left before Shane was born. Right then, Charlie enters with his suitcase. He goes upstairs with Viki. Rex then tells Gigi that he was really happy to have been able to spend time with Shane and hopes that she will let them attend a baseball game again together some time. She asks Rex if he wouldn’t be very busy with getting married and everything. He tells her he guesses so. And he departs.

Langston goes to the diner and finds Cole. She tells him that if Starr’s dad finds out that she has been carrying messages back and forth, something could “get out." Hearing that, he asks her just what specifically she is talking about that would be revealed. And she does not know how to answer that question without revealing to him that Starr revealed that she is pregnant.

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