OLTL Update Friday 4/4/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 4/4/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At the cabin, after Natalie has talked to her mother on the phone, Jared wants to find out what she has told her the big secret. Natalie tells him that she intends to keep the secret for him. Nigel enters and she tells them both that it remains between the three of them. Right then, she leaves with Nigel to get some boxes. The moment, Jared is alone, he rushes to pick up his phone and leaves a message for Charlie, begging him to please, please, please, not tell Viki that he is his dad. Right then, Natalie enters and ask Jared who he is talking to.

Meanwhile, Charlie is at the diner with Viki. He tells her he wants her to know how much she means to him. He looks like he is leading up to “dropping the bombshell." But at that point, Roxy interrupts them with more crazy ideas for Rex and Adriana’s wedding. Starr and Shawn enter. She tells him she is tired of having him watch over her. He tells her he is only following the interdictions of her pop. And he knows that Langston just recently entered the drug store nearby, alone, and he wonders why. Right then, Starr goes and talks to Markko. She tells him that she is, at least allowed to talk to him and have a private conversation without being watched over. But he asks her where Langston went. She can’t answer that and he knows that something is up. Right then, Shawn gets on the phone to report to Todd that his daughter is at the diner, nowhere near Cole. She is presently waiting on Langston. Blair stands by Todd and tells him she is proud of him for at least attempting to listen to Starr and make some compromises.

Dorian goes to talk to Layla about the wedding sketches. She is very excited until she sees a drawing that she is not impressed by. Layla informs Dorian that Adriana decided on something less expensive than what Dorian wanted. And they both know that Adriana has insecurities involving Rex’s unfinished business with Gigi Morasco.

Right then, Rex goes to find Gigi at Viki’s and informs her that Shane might not have told her. But he’s there to take him to his basketball practice.

At the stake out, Ramsey has Antonio frisk John and it looks like John might be pocketing drugs. Talia protests that this is absurd. He asks her if she really believes that John would never disgrace his fellow officers and his badge. His tone is sarcastic, assuming they will have to realize that John is carrying drugs.

Natalie asks Jared if he was on a business call with anybody. And she wonders what his big secret is. Nigel enters. She tells him that now that the three of them are alone, she has some questions. First, how did they find out that David Vickers was her grandpa’s son?They admit that they confirmed it when they all went to the Texas cabin when Asa gave his speech on the video. She asks how it is that they could have found out when it looked like David could not have had a clue. He came to the cabin with his greedy new wife, looking desperate. She tells Nigel she really hopes that that woman, Alex, doesn’t know anything about it. They both look at her realizing they cannot confirm that Alex does not know that David is Asa’s son.

At the diner, Roxy is interrupting Viki and Charlie with her wedding ideas. And that is “stalling” Charlie from dropping the bombshell to Viki.

Not far away, Starr talks to Markko in an attempt to pump him for information about Cole. Langston enters. When they are alone, she gives Starr the pregnancy test that’s concealed in a bag. Starr admits that she feels like she could very well be pregnant because she feels sick in the morning. But then she also believes that there’s no way that could be. She tells her she cannot deal with the way she is feeling.

At the house, Blair asks Todd why he doubts his decision to let Starr go back to school. He did the right thing, she assures him.. He then tells her that since he has made his “compromise” with Starr, she could do her “part” by canceling her plans to buy out Capricorn. Blair obviously does not intend to do that, however,

Layla tells Dorian that Adriana does not trust Gigi Morasco. And she believes that Adriana has good reason not to. And she tells Dorian that she must know that Adriana has her suspicions about Gigi’s little boy.

At Viki’s, Shane comes down the stairs. Gigi tells him it is ridiculous if he expects Rex to take him to a game. Rex is busy with other thing. Shane then reminds his mom that she is busy with work and doesn’t want to take the time to involve him in things like sports. So why can’t Rex? Gigi asks Shane to leave so that she can talk to Rex alone. Rex asks her why everything he does for Shane is such a problem for her

At the stake out, when it looks like Antonio has uncovered drugs on John, he opens the bag and discovers that it’s only breath freshener. John remarks to the others that fresh breath is very important to him. Ramsey asks Antonio to frisk John again but can’t find anything. John encourages Antonio to keep looking. And he looks at Ramsey, smugly while he chews his gum and tells him he might want some himself. Ramsey looks very disappointed at that point. John then asks Ramsey if he is “done there." Ramsey says nothing but asks Antonio to “secure the evidence." John then asks Ramsey if he can go. Ramsey replies yes. John walks out with Talia and congratulates Ramsey on the drug bust. Antonio stays behind with Ramsey and asks him if he really thought that McBain was carrying drugs. Ramsey makes a sarcastic comment that implies that he might want Antonio to do his dirty work for him and set John up. Antonio walks away looking very discontented and depressed.

Nigel informs Natalie that he convinced David’s Vickers’ greedy wife, Alex that she better keep her mouth shut about her husband being a Buchanan. Natalie tells him that it’s only a matter of time before she changes her mind. Nigel tells Jared and Natalie he will go and finish packing. Natalie right then finds Jared and tells him that the three of them cannot be the only ones who know that he is not a Buchanan. Don’t his real parents know better? He replies that his mom, Valerie, is dead. And he does not talk to his real father. She asks what about his “friend”, Pamela, one of Asa’s many wives, who came and told them all that she was his mother. He then reveals that he may have a scam going on with Pamela and won’t reveal whether she really is or not.

At the diner, Charlie tells Viki that he may have neglected to tell her that she might have been the best thing that has happened to him. And it’s so amazing that they met in a diner. And maybe it’s “only fitting” that they have this conversation also, in a diner. Because it might change everything.

Blair asks Todd what has happened involving Ramsey. He replies that he thinks he’s gotten Ramsey off his back and has convinced him that he hates John McBain more than he hates Todd. She tells Todd she hopes they won’t have to deal with Ramsey. She doesn’t want Ramsey to be a threat to them.

Dorian tells Layla that nothing and nobody will stand in the way of her daughter having the wedding she wants her to have. SO she will write Layla a check. Layla does not look comfortable with that. And she wonders why the sudden and very unrealistic change of heart in Dorian.

Rex asks Gigi what would be wrong with his helping out with Shane when she has things to do. If he needs a ride somewhere or wants to go to a ball game, what is wrong with Rex being there for him? She asks him how he thinks he will “be there” for Shane. He is getting married. And Adriana is clearly not ok with his ‘relationship” with Shane. Right then, Shane enters and asks hiw mother if she put his baseball gloves with the rest of his birthday presents. Hearing that, Rex asks him to wait a minute. He asks Shane if he just had a birthday. Gigi clearly does not want to broach that subject with Rex. Nobody says anything in response to that. Rex asks Shane if he missed his birthday. At that point, Gigi dismisses Shane and tells him where he can find his stuff. Alone with Rex, she “clarifies” that Shane’s birthday was a while ago. She tells Rex she appreciates his help. But she can handle her things with Shane. Right then, she gets a call that reveals that she might have trouble with her health care insurance at work. He then asks her if she wants Shane to overhear her cell phone conversation from the bleachers. She confirms that it’s ok with her if Rex takes Shane to the game. But the next time, she will come with him and cheer him on. Shane is in his baseball uniform and confirms to his mom that he realizes he “slipped” revealing to Rex that his birthday was recently. Alone with her son, she tells him that’s ok. But she has to ask him to keep it a secret from now on. At that point, Shane and Rex leave together.

At the cabin, Jared attempts to explain to Natalie that his childhood memories were really nothing impressive. He really envied the Buchanans. She tells him she felt the same way when Allison Perkins revealed to her that she was a Buchanan. They look at each other in a profound way.

At the station, John asks Antonio if he really intended to bust him for drugs. Was he really hoping or assuming that John would do something like that? Antonio then walks away from John telling him he may “rejoice in his failure” because he did not find anything. John then demands that Antonio stops walking away from him. He wants to know what is going on.

Starr and Langston return home and Todd demands that they empty out their purses. They are hoping, however, that they can sneak upstairs unseen. He reminds them that they “know the drill." He reaches in Langston’s purse, discovers the “thing” in the bag from the drug store and demands to know what it is.

Natalie tells Jared that she must admit that she knows the way he feels. They both wanted to be Buchanans. And as far as everybody knows, they both are. And he has everything he wants, right? In response to that, he tells her not everything. She replies that that is his choice and she walks away looking angry at him.

At the station, Talia confronts Antonio and demands to know what is wrong with him. She tells hi that they area all supposed to be on the same side. And she can clearly see that he is more than willing to at least consider helping Ramsey set John up.

Ramsey calls John into his office and asks him how he feels about being able to make his drug bust. John then asks Ramsey why he failed to set John up for drugs. He asks Ramsey if he is “getting sloppy” in his old age.

Charlie takes Jared’s call while at the diner and makes certain that nobody can overhear. At that point, Roxy approaches Viki and tells her she must know that that guy is starry eyed for her. She bets he will ask Viki to marry him. Viki tells Roxy she doubts that he will ask her to marry him. But Roxy believe that that is the “big question” and that is what is making Charlie so on edge. And that’s why he is taking the call where nobody can hear. When Charlie returns from his call with Jared, Viki asks Charlie if there is “something he wants to ask her."

Nigel tells Jared that there is no way he can “date” Miss Natalie when everybody believes that he is her uncle. But at that point, Natalie comes and interrupts them and reminds them they have to go.

After Todd attempts to open the bag from the drug store, Starr asks him to please not look in there. It’s embarrassing. He asks why. She replies that it’s tampons. He he needs to stay out of Langston’s business. Assuming they are Langston’s, he throw her the bag and she goes upstairs. Starr follows her up the stairs, avoiding her parents. Alone with Todd, Blair encourages him to believe that their daughter is “coming around." Can’t he see what a little trust can do?

Jared tells Natalie that he thinks Clint is right that people will see B.E. as “vulnerable” now that Asa is gone. She admits that she never saw her dad the way she saw him when he “destroyed” Mr. Cobb. He then asks her if she really knows all there is to know about her grandfather. And he tells her that when he watched Clint, he felt like he was watching Asa Buchanan in action.

Charlie is awkwardly trying to “reveal” something to Viki but cannot get it out. Noticing how “ill at ease” he is, Roxy believes she must help him. So she tells him he has to tell Viki that he wants to marry her. And she must say yes. They are too old to wait any longer. Viki then asks Roxy to leave them alone. And she asks Charlie if Roxy is right. Did he intend to ask her to marry him.

John tells Ramsey that he knows that Ramsey did not call them all out on that stake out for a drug bust. He knew it wasn’t even real. He bets it was staged. It was only so that Ramsey could set him up for drugs. Hearing that, Ramsey asks John if he is not getting a wee bit paranoid. And is he worried that Antonio will “seek revenge” upon him for going after his girl? Outside Ramsey’s office, talia asks Antonio just what has gotten into him. She thought they were all on a crusade to go after the “bad guys." And shouldn’t he realize that their “new boss” is one of the bad guys. He replies that Ramsey asked them to “clean up” a mess at Angel Square. What is wrong with that? She asks him if he is so afraid of losing his job that he cannot see that Ramsey has an agenda. He tells her that he(himself) is not the one whose behavior here is questionable.

In Ramsey’s office, he tells John that he can see the “attraction” to Sahib. She has the courage to not back down. It’s “pretty sexy." In response to that, John angrily storms out the door. Talia notices him and looks concerned. Antonio tells her he knows she wants to “go after” him.

At the cabin, Natalie tells Jared that she could see that her grandfather was cold and ruthless. Her father is different. He is kind and gentle. In response to that, Jared says nothing and goes to pack. At that point, Natalie gets on the phone to attempt to find Pamela Stewart.

At the diner, Viki assumes that Charlie is working up to asking her to marry him. Little does she know what is really going on with him. She tells him she realizes she must give him an answer. Right then, Rex and Shane enter. Rex asks Shane just exactly when his birthday is. In response to that, Shane asks Rex if he promises never to tell his mom that he revealed the answer to Rex.

Dorian is in her home asking a contact to dig up any and all information they may have about a deceased sailor named Brody Leavitt.

Right then, Todd goes to Viki’s home and sees Gigi in her study. She looks at him spooked. He tells her that nobody and nothing will stand in his way in getting what he wants. So he wants to know why she is living in Llanview.

Langston stands at the door of Starr’s room and asks if she can come in. They are awaiting the test results. Starr tells Langston that she really loves her just like a sister. And she apologizes for all that her crazy family has put Langston through. Right then, they wonder if they should look at the result of the pregnancy test. And they look at it. And we won’t know the answer until the next episode.

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