OLTL Update Thursday 4/3/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/3/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At the station, Ramsey asks Antonio where McBain and Sahib are. Antonio admits that he does not know but they are both gone.

Right then, John and Talia are at the diner talking about how they’re going to deal with Antonio and how it’s difficult for her to have a relationship with him. They sit and talk for a long time and make themselves very noticeable to everybody who sees them together.

Right then, Roxy and Charlie enter. They notice that John and Talia are together. And she remarks that John might be in trouble with a capital T.

Ramsey is looking around the station and goes into John’s office. He obviously wants to snoop around and get into John’s business.

At the diner, Talia goes to talk to Carlotta and notices she does not give her the time of day. Carlotta is clearly not friendly to her when it looks like Talia might have “dumped” for John her son and she has upset him.

Jared calls Charlie when he is at the cabin and Charlie is at the diner talking to Roxy. He informs him that Natalie now knows “the truth." Hearing that, Charlie knows he better take the phone out of an earshot so nobody can overhear. He asks what ‘truth” she knows. Jared replies that Natalie now knows that he is not a Buchanan. Right then, Natalie walks in and asks Jared whom he is talking to on the phone.. Right when Charlie puts down his phone, he notices Viki enter the diner. And he realizes that he might have no choice except to tell her before she finds out from another source.

Jared asks Natalie if he can ask her a question. She tells him of course. As long as it is “business-related." He replies that it is. He asks her just how long she plans to keep his secret from the others.

John returns to the station and notices Ramsey in his office when he’s been out.. He demands to know what he is doing there. Ramsey replies that he is looking into a case that may be “challenging." John tells Ramsey that they might need to have a “little talk." Hearing that, Ramsey asks John why he believes the two of them should have a little talk. John replies he’d like to find out why it is that Ramsey took this job of all things. Antonio enters and tells Talia that she and John need to keep their “encounter” a little more discreet than in his mother’s diner where everybody can see them and gossip. He is clearly very angry.

At the cabin, Nora and Lindsay are alone when the others are out. Nora is busy working on her lap top and listening to music that may give her old memories. Lindsay remarks that she does not care for the music and wants to turn it off. In response to that, Nora at first snaps at her and tells her she better not turn off the music. When Lindsay argues, she then tells Lindsay she may turn off the music and listen to whatever she wants. She could care less. As long as it shuts Lindsay up so she does not bother her. She tells Lindsay she has work to do. Lindsay tells Nora that she knows she has some thing on her mind. She knows that Clint working closely with Bo bothers her. Her (Lindsay's) living with Bo bothers her. Nora’s conflicting feelings about the two brothers bothers her. Everything bothers Nora. Nora clearly wants to bury herself in work and not deal with what is going on but does not argue with Lindsay’s observation about that.

Jared asks Natalie why she has not told everybody the truth that he’s just revealed to her. She tells him that if she did, everybody would totally freak out. There would be a scandal. Their shareholders might make a dramatic decision that could affect their company. SO she tells him that maybe she would rather just let him “squirm” and sweat it out wondering when or if she will drop the bombshell or to whom.. At that point, Bo and Clint enter and ask them just what they are talking about.

At the diner, Roxy approaches Charlie. And she remarks to him that she noticed the phone call he took revealed that he had some “bad news." Hearing that, Viki approaches Charlie and asks him if it’s true that he’s gotten “bad news."

In response to John’s question about why he took this job, Ramsey replies that he is not about to have any conversation with John about his “career choice." John replies that he wants to put Ramsey on notice that he has not fooled anybody with what he is doing. Everybody is on to him. In the other room, Antonio confronts Talia and tells her that he can clearly see that she and John are flaunting something and making a fool of him. She replies to him that he must realize that Ramsey wants him to believe that. At that point, Ramsey demands the three of them accompany him on a stake out to bust a drug dealer.

Dorian walks into the diner and makes a remark to Viki about what her plans may be.

At the cabin, Nora demands that Lindsay writes on a piece of paper that she (Nora) does not have any problem with Clint and Bo working together. Lindsay tells Nora she knows that Nora has issues with this. Nora replies that she only has issues with Lindsay and wishes that Lindsay would leave her alone. And as for her (Nora's) relationship with Bo: they are friends. They work together. They have a son together. That’s all it is. In response to that, Lindsay tells Nora that she knows better. She observed Nora and Bo stuck in the car together looking very cozy and like they were reliving old memories. Nora then sarcastically tells Lindsay she is right. Bo planned for them to get stuck and waited all of these years to plan a deer running in front of the car. And she asks Lindsay just why she is so obsessed about Nora’s relationship with Bo.

Matthew asks Bo and Clint what is going on with their business endeavors at B.E. His father and uncle remark that the business world is sometimes more complicated than what Matthew is used to with school. When they first hired Jared, they had their doubts about him. But he has won them over with his business savvy. Matthew listens intently and remarks that he can tell that Jared is really a part of the family and the business. Right then, when Bo and Clint are alone with Natalie, they admit to her that they can sense that there might be some “friction” between her and Jared. And they ask her if she might be “keeping something” from them.

Nora and Lindsay argue about their history with men. Lindsay tells Nora she’s had a history of making some very bad judgment with her men. Nora replies that at least she didn’t go around killing them. In response to that, Lindsay reminds Nora that she just married a man who killed Lindsay’s daughter. At that point Matthew and Jared enter and the two women know they better keep their argument to themselves. Matthew asks Jared if he wants to play a video game. And remarks that he can see that Jared is a Buchanan. He brought his camera and would like to take some pictures of Jared. And he’d like to play a game with his “uncle."

In response to Clint and Bo’s question about her recent “dispute” with Jared, Natalie replies that she and Jared don’t always agree with everything and sometimes have arguments. But her father and uncle know that something major has happened. Bo tells his niece he realizes that Jared has taken over a lot of things. Clint tells his daughter that he had his doubts about Jared but must admit that Jared has really pulled his weight and won them over. In response to that, Natalie angrily blurts out that she can see that everybody thinks he is so great and she is not ok with that. Hearing that, Bo and Clint remark that she is now more cynical about Jared than anybody is. And they wonder why.

At the diner, Roxy tells Viki, Charlie and Dorian that she wants to do a hair makeover on Dorian now that they will be “family." But Viki assumes that Dorian would not be “up for” that since she’s made it very clear she does not approve of her daughter marrying Roxy’s son. Dorian, however, surprises everybody by behaving as though she is in full support of Adriana marrying Rex.

John, Antonio and Talia are on a stake out that Ramsey has asked them to attend. John goes into a warehouse assuming that he won’t see anybody. But a young man enters and demands to know what he is doing there. John replies that he has “brought him cash.." He’s probably going under cover to bust a drug dealer.

At the diner, Roxy gathers with Dorian, Viki and Charlie and shares all of the ideas she has about Rex and Adriana’s wedding and how they well celebrate the “shower” with Adriana as well as how the men celebrate Rex’s bachelor party. Viki admits to Roxy that maybe Rex and Adriana should make those decisions on their own. Roxy and Charlie leave Viki and Dorian alone at that table. Dorian remarks to Viki that she thinks Viki did a really good thing to find the job for Charlie with B.E. Her tone sounds somewhat sarcastic. Viki remarks that she had nothing to do with it. Dorian smiles and sounds like she is scheming something when she tells Viki that she thinks it’s great that Charlie is turning his life around. Viki asks Dorian why she would care about Charlie. She knows that Dorian hates Rex. Why is she so happy, all of a sudden that he is marrying her daughter, when she has clearly indicated that she wanted to prevent them from getting married?

Natalie angrily tells Bo and Clint that if they think that their “little brother” is so great, then maybe they should all work together without her since they don’t need her. She then goes out the door. Nora and Lindsay enter and ask what that was all about. Right then, Clint gets a call informing him that something happened. He remarks that he thinks he knows who is behind it. The others overhear and wonder what is up. And it seems as though Lindsay might already know.

Jared and Matthew play a video game. Matthew asks Jared if he learned to play video games while growing up. In response to that, Jared almost “slips” by revealing to Matthew what he did with his (real) brother. Matthew asks Jared how he feels about finding out he is a Buchanan. Is he happy knowing that he is part of the family? Jared is not certain how to answer that.

John gives the guy the money for the drugs. But the guy in the warehouse does not trust him and pulls a gun on him. At that point, John pulls his gun on him. But right then, Ramsey shows up and pulls a gun on John after hearing John admit that it was “not his cash” that he gave the guy. And something looks very suspicious.

Dorian tells Viki that her assumption that Dorian dislikes Rex and disapproves of his marrying her daughter is way off base. Viki asks her if that is really true. Is Dorian totally ok with Rex and Adriana getting married? She does not buy that and knows that Dorian is scheming something. Right then Charlie enters and asks the two women what they are talking about. Dorian replies that she was just telling Viki what a great man he is and how he has passed on these great traits to his son Rex. Charlie looks at her and frowns knowing she must be up to no good.

In the cabin, when Lindsay and Clint are alone, she asks him if he “has a name” for the person he suspects is behind his most recent business deal going bad.. He replies that he does not need her help. She tells him if he can come up with a “name”, then maybe she can help him. He’s just as foolish to not accept her help as he is not to consider that there might have been “something” between Bo and Nora when they were stranded alone in the car in the snowstorm. She tells him he must realize that if the two of them work together, maybe she can help him with business and with any potential “flame” between Nora and Bo.

Natalie enters to see Jared and Matthew playing the video game.. Right then, Nora calls her son into the other room. Alone with Jared, Natalie asks him if he is as lousy at video games as he is at lying. He asks her if she might want to play the video game with him. He may have another “intent” now that she knows he is not her uncle, after all. In response to that, she looks at him in a cold but seductive manner and tells him she is not interested in playing any “games” with him. And she walks out the door.

Clint is on the phone with his secretary ready to head to the office. The others are ready to drive back together. But it looks like Natalie and Jared are not ready to leave and are waiting for Nigel. After everybody is gone, Jared remarks to her that it’s just the two of them. She asks him if he does not need to pack and get going. She doesn’t want to stay there with him.

At the diner, Roxy is ready to make the arrangements for the wedding and reminds Dorian that she, as the bride’s mother will have to pay the bill. Dorian leaves to make a call. Roxy tells Viki and Charlie that she will let them talk alone. Dorian tells her contact on the phone that she “wants some good news for a change and is tired of things getting messed up.” Right then, Viki gets a call from Natalie who informs her mother that they are coming back tomorrow. And she engages Viki in a conversation about her relationship with Charlie and asks if he might “pop the question." Jared enters and asks if he overheard that Charlie might ask Viki to marry him. Natalie says no. She was just “teasing” her mother. Right then, Viki returns to Charlie and tells him she will shut her phone off and now she is “all his." But he looks at her, not happily and tells her he only wishes that was the case.

At the stake-out, John remembers Ramsey snooping around his office. And he tells Ramsey he knows that he did not need that many officers to make the drug bust. Why did he bring them all there?. Ramsey then asks Antonio to frisk John to make certain he has not “pocketed” anything. Antonio does as his boss instructs him and then announces that he has found something in John’s pocket.

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