OLTL Update Wednesday 4/2/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/2/08


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Starr returns to school. Everyone is staring at her. She rounds the corner and sees Cole, Langston and Markko. Langston goes to talk to Starr. She touches her belly and Starr looks down and sees she’s very pregnant. Starr starts to call for Cole and he walks away. She wakes up screaming his name.

Cole and John are in the police station talking. John tells him Starr is going back to school today. He tells him to avoid Starr. Cole leaves

John goes into the office and says good morning to Talia. She asks if he saw Antonio yet. John starts to leave and Talia tells him not to avoid her. She’s trying to avoid Antonio now. He never showed for their date last night and never called.

Ramsey is in the penthouse talking on the phone. He gets off the phone as a woman walks in with a tray of food. He offers to take a tray upstairs.

At the diner, Cristian and Antonio eat breakfast and talk about work as Sarah is on the phone. She hangs up and says she hates automated answering system. Cris asks if her flight is on time. Ant asks where she’s going and she explains it’s a work thing with Nash. Sarah remembers to call Clint and walks away from the table. Antonio asks why Cris isn’t going to Napa. Cris says she’s going with Nash on business. Antonio asks about Jessica. Antonio makes a comment about Sarah going to wine country alone with Nash. Is he out of his mind?

At the vineyard, Nash packs his suitcase and Jessica comes in telling him they will miss him. However, it will only be 2 days. Nash says it might be longer. Jessica says she doesn’t want to miss working, but maybe she can telecommute and go with him. Nash says that might not be a good idea. Bree just went to sleep, last minute plane tickets are expensive, etc. He talks her out of coming with him. Jessica reluctantly agrees with him. Nash jokes that she is jealous of Sarah.

Cole meets Markko at the diner and they talk about going to school. He tells Markko about Starr returning to school. They talk about Todd and Starr. Cole hopes Starr knows how much he loves her.

At home, Starr and Langston talk about her nightmare. They discuss the possibility of her being pregnant and Starr suddenly has to throw up. She runs out and Langston says that’s not a good sign. Starr comes back and talks to Langston. She suggests Star stay home from school. Starr feels like she’s been locked dup forever. Starr starts to get dressed. Langston sees what she picks out and asks if that’s Cole’s favorite top. Starr wonders if she should wear baggy sweats. Langston says she’ll pick up the pregnancy test after school. Starr is scared.

Cris says Sarah isn’t into Nash. The trip is business. Antonio says maybe to her it is, but Antonio doesn’t trust Nash. Cris says he trusts Sarah. He reminds Cris of New Year eve.

Jessica asks why she should be jealous. Nash says he’ll make it up to her. She says he should have fun. Nash asks if she is jealous about his work. He starts ranting that she’s fine if he does what she wants like change Bree’s diapers, stay here with the vineyard, etc.

Ramsey comes down stairs and asks the woman where the picture came from. She says she found it in a box. He tells her to go get the tray and stands there staring at the photo.

Talia says Antonio accused John of trying to get in her pants. John is surprised. They talk about how Antonio is behaving. They get to work. Antonio comes in and stares at them from across the room.

John goes over and asks Antonio if he is working the Angel square project. Antonio nods and walks away. John leaves and Antonio goes over to talk to Talia. He asks about work and she asks if they should go somewhere and talk. Antonio asks if she’s going to slap him again in front of the whole squad. She says she cares about him and wants to be with him. Not john. Antonio walks away. She says they’re just working on a couple of case. Antonio says that’s how they’re relationship started out.

Nash says these are his dreams, not hers. Jessica says he’s away so much she misses him. He says he has to be ready when the wine is ready. He needs something that is his and only his. Nash says she knew what he was getting when he married her; a strong self-willed woman. She wants to “you know”. He says when he gets back. Then grabs his suitcases and leaves.

Sarah sits with Cris and tells him about her phone calls. She talks about the band in Napa. She says she’s so excited about this gig. It feels like big time. Cris says he understands.

At school, Markko and Cole are at their lockers. Cole is looking around, Markko says Starr isn’t here, yet. Cole talks bout missing her. They turn around and there is Starr and Langston.

At the station, Ramsey comes in and orders Talia into his office. He tells her he is happy with the job she’s been doing. She is the best female cop he’s ever worked with. She says she’d rather just be thought of as a cop, not a female. He says there’s no denying she’s female. He says her working situation is uncomfortable. She says her desk is a little small. He brings up the tension between her and Antonio. Out in the squad room, John asks to talk to Antonio.

Nash comes into the diner to talk to the backer. He hands him and envelope with cash and asks him to sign something. Nash signs and hands it back. They shake hands and he leaves.

Nash goes over to get Sarah and go to the limo. Sarah is surprised about the limo. Cris asks for the drawings. Nash forgot them and Cris offers to go to see Jessica and get them. Nash says lets leave and Sarah asks for a minute to kiss Cris goodbye. From across the room Nash smiles at Cris.

Jessica calls someone and says she just wanted to hear his voice once more and to say she’s sorry he didn’t think she was behind him. She says good luck and we love you and miss you. She hangs up as Bree cries.

Starr starts to move toward Cole and Langston stops her. They turn away. Two guys step up, look in Starr and Langston’s direction and say who let the dogs out. Cole tells him to shut up and they fight. Starr turns around and yells at them to stop.

Jessica brings Bree into the living room. She talks to Bree. There’s a knock on the door. It’s Christian. He asks her what’s wrong.

Antonio and John talk. John wants to know what the point of telling John not to move in on Talia if Antonio is just going to blow her off. He says Antonio is acting like an ass. Antonio asks for one reason he should trust him.

Ramsey asks if Talia would rather be reassigned because of the problems with Antonio. Talia says she wouldn’t ask to be removed for that reason. He says his door is open if she changes her mind. She asks if they are ever going to catch a real case. Ramsey says he won’t tell the Mayor his kid’s stolen tricycle isn’t a real case.

The fight is broken up. Starr tries to get to Cole but Langston drags her away. Cole watches her go as the other kid threatens to put bruises on Cole’s bruises.

On the plane, Sarah and Nash toast with champagne. Sarah reminisces over her childhood and working with the bands. Nash says it’s important to keep a first class attitude with the backers. He asks about the band. She’s still in the arm-twisting phase. The flight attendant calls Nash her husband and they laugh.

Jessica and Cris talk about Bree. He asks for the drawings. She mentions trying to get Bree back to sleep. Cris starts to play with Bree.

John asks where this is coming from. Antonio tells him to stay away from Talia.

Markko goes up to Starr and tells her Cole is okay. Starr asks what the fight was about but Markko doesn’t tell her.

Langston is in the hall and Cole comes up. They talk about Starr. She tells him not to take things out on Zach. Coles says it’s hard.

Markko asks if Starr is okay. He says she looks pale. She jokes about it and Markko leaves.

Langston says Starr can handle jerks like Zach. She tells him to get ice for his face. He leaves

Starr is at her locker and suddenly gets sick and runs for the bathroom.

Cris and Jessica come out from putting Bree back down for a nap. Jessica thanks him for taking the job designing the wine labels. Cris remarks Nash will do really well. Jessica asks about Sarah. Cris asks if she misses Nash. She says always.

On the plane, Nash remembers he forgot to call Jessica. Sarah says that’s bad. Nash says she was worried about the trip. Sarah asks if she was worried about the two of them together. Nash says no, she just thinks this is too risky. Sarah says most Buchanan’s are adverse to risk. Asa was the exception. Sarah says she lives for the rush and excitement. They toast to taking risks.

At the diner, Talia sits with John. She tells him what Ramsey said. John says maybe he’s right. Maybe they don’t want any more trouble right now. Talia says there isn’t any reason they can’t work together. John can think of one.

Ramsey calls Antonio into his office to give him a folder. He tells him he told Talia he was going to pull her off working with McBain. Antonio says thanks and Ramsey says Talia turned him down.

Langston and Starr talk about the pregnancy test. Langston asks what Starr will do if she really is pregnant. They turn and see Cole and Markko. Starr says she doesn’t know.

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