OLTL Update Tuesday 4/1/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/1/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

In Starr’s room, Todd tells his daughter he wants to “start over” and pretend this whole thing never happened. But she tells her father that she cannot. It’s’ too late.

Downstairs, Blair asks Langston if she knows anything about Starr that she is not telling anybody. She urges Langston not to keep the secret about what might be going on with her daughter. Langston relives hearing Starr inform her that she is afraid she might be pregnant. And Langston replies to Blair that Starr needs her (Blair’s) help.

Adriana is at the airport and calls Dorian, reminding her mother that she better come through on her end of their “bargain." Dorian admits to her daughter that she is not entirely certain exactly what she has in mind. In response to that, Adriana informs her mother that if Gigi Morasco reveals to Rex that her son is his, it will ruin everything.

Right then, Rex goes to Viki’s and talks to Shane. Shane shows Rex his art book. They talk. And at that point, Gigi comes downstairs and tells her son he needs to go upstairs Alone with Rex she asks him what brings him there. What happened with his fiancé? He tells her that he needs to talk to her.

Jared tells Natalie that he realizes he did a very stupid and tragically wrong thing. But he knows that she still has feelings for him. Right then, Bo, Nora, Clint, Lindsay, Nigel and Matthew enter. At that point, Jared announces to all of them that he has something to tell them. But at that point, the power suddenly comes on. Everybody is distracted and relieved. And Jared looks like he might “chicken out." But Natalie reminds them that Jared has something very important that they all need to know.

On the phone at the airport, Adriana tells Dorian that she needs to take action before Gigi gets her claws into him. And she is concerned what will happen if, say, Rex has to provide health care insurance for his and Gigi’s son and it prevents the two of them (Adriana and Rex) from having a child.

At Viki’s, Rex reminds Gigi that he was concerned about her letting Jared kiss her. She tells him that he needs to get over it. He then asks her if she is “Ticked” because he and a Buchanan got into a fight over her.

In response to Natalie’s and Jared’s attempt to reveal the starling news to the 6 people, they announce that they have to go and get some food and get warmed up. Alone with Natalie, Jared asks her why she didn’t tell him. She tells him that she wanted to “let him squirm." And they are still wondering what they are going to do next.

Blair tells Langston that she would really prefer that Todd reconsiders preventing Starr from going back to school and having a life outside of the house. But she realizes that there is no way that he will let her see Cole. She, again, probes Langston to tell her what she might know about Starr. At that point, Dorian enters and tells Blair that she needs to stop badgering the girl. She asks Blair if Langston hasn’t been through enough already. Blair replies to her aunt that this does not involve her. Dorian tells her niece it most certainly does. Langston is her foster daughter. And just because Blair and Todd are having problems with Starr, Blair has no right to take it out on Langston. Blair then responds that she thought that Langston was a part of her family also. And she wishes that Langston would tell her what is going on. If Todd finds out something that he doesn’t want to find out, then all hell could break loose that could affect everybody involved.

In Starr’s room, Todd reminds his daughter that he realizes his behavior might not have been very cool. But she must realize that what she did with Cole was wrong.

At the cabin, Matthew tells Nora and Clint that he thinks he might have heard a bear outside. But she tells her son he has to go upstairs and finish his homework. He goes upstairs. Alone with Clint, Nora asks him if there really are bears. He then jokes about lions and tigers. They get up close and kiss. Lindsay tells Bo that she hopes he does not mind her coming up there. Or, as Nora put it, her “tagging along." In response to that, Bo tells her of course he wanted her to come with him. But he is concerned that if she were alone in their home, it might be a problem for the judge who approved that she lived in his home. She tells him that she was concerned about him being in the snow storm. And she wanted to make certain he was ok to be alone with Nora. She tells him that Clint had “concerns” about his brother alone with Nora. In response to that, Bo tells her that he believes that it wasn’t Clint who was worried about his being alone with Nora. It was Lindsay. And he asks her about that.

While Jared and Natalie are arguing, Nigel enters. Jared tells them he will go outside and see if he can gather some wood. Alone with Natalie, Nigel asks her if she is “ok." She replies that she is not ok. And she thinks he would have to know why. She reveals to him that she has suddenly found out what he and Jared have done. And it is not ok.

At Viki’s home, Gigi tells Rex that she can see that he is not entirely ok with the situation involving his up and coming wedding with Adriana. He admits to her that he feels rushed and pressured. And there are some unresolved issues he has. Right then, Shane enters. Rex sounds like he is playing the “father role." In response to that, Gigi snaps that he will not tell her how to raise her son.

Todd tells Starr as long as she understands and knows that it was wrong, they are ok. In response to that, she tells her father that he didn’t listen to a word she said. She told him she understands what needs to be done. But she does not understand why he would do what he did. He tells her he did not come up there to argue with her. She then holds the door open and tells her father she no longer wants to talk to him. Some things have changed and it will never be the same again.

Dorian asks Blair why she believes that she has to defend Todd’s decision on how to parent Starr. She then asks what kind of a parent is so lousy at parenting their child. In response to that, Blair tells her aunt she does not know. Maybe she should ask Adriana. At that point, Dorian has nothing to say.

After Gigi has motioned for Rex to “back off” in regard to Shane, Rex tells Shane that he would like to see him again and talk some time. Shane tells Rex it would be great if they could go to a baseball game again. Gigi’s expression reveals that she is not ok with that.

At the cabin, Lindsay admits to Bo that part of the reason she wanted to join them at the cabin was that she was afraid that if he was alone with Nora, Nora would take every opportunity to trash her (Lindsay) to Bo. Hearing that, Bo laughs and admits that Nora has been on the warpath with Lindsay. But he tells Lindsay that they both need to get over their dispute.

Nigel explains to Natalie that the reason he went along with Jared to scam that he is Asa’s son is because he could not bare the thought of David Vickers getting his nasty, greedy claws into the family’s money. Mr. Jared has already proved that he works hard and has the business acumen. And Mrs. Buchanan has grown very fond of him. Natalie realizes that Nigel may have a point. But she tells him that he must realize that Jared is no saint. At that point, Nigel reminds Natalie that she saw the good in Jared before anybody else. And when Jared enters, Natalie realizes she cannot argue with that.

Todd tells Starr that he is not going to leave until they make some head waves. She tells him that nothing will happen when she is locked up in the house like a prisoner. He tells her that there is no way he will ever let her see Cole again. That is final. But maybe he was a bit too harsh with the “home school” thing. He will consider letting her go back to school. But she must promise never to go near Cole again.

In response to Blair’s comment about how Dorian has failed with Adriana, Dorian tells her niece that she and her daughter are very close. And Langston can vouch that Dorian is a great mother to her. Langston then confirms that Dorian is a great mother. Dorian then asks Langston to let her talk to Blair alone. She tells Blair that she realizes she made a terrible mistake hiring that stalker to attempt to get Adriana to break up with Rex and get him arrested. Blair tells Dorian that she knows something else is going on right now involving this mysterious “obligation” Adriana has to go to Paris. Dorian tells Blair there is no cause for alarm. Blair tells her aunt in that case, why can’t they go to Paris and accompany Adriana.

Rex tells Gigi that he promised that if he ever had a kid, he would be there for him. He’d never miss a game or an important event in his life. She asks him why he is suddenly bringing that up. He replies that he knows all too well what it is like to grow up without a dad. He realizes it was not Charlie’s fault when he didn’t even know he had a son. But Rex really missed out. And if he ever becomes a father, he won’t let his child miss out. Right then, Rex gets a call from Adriana. She knows that he might be somewhere she doesn’t want him to be.

At the cabin, Lindsay and Nora are alone in a room. Lindsay tells Nora she knows that Nora resents her being there. And she may have to remind her that the court that awarded Bo her guardian provided that he cannot go off without her. So she had to come with him.

Clint and Bo talk to Jared and Natalie about business. They agree that the two of them work really well together and know how to handle business. At that point, Clint tells his ‘younger brother” that the stage is all his. And he asks Jared what he was going to tell him. At that point, Jared admits that it’s been a real honor to be part of this family. He goes into a speech until Natalie interrupts him and tells him that she is not going to let him have this spotlight. She is going to tell them what he plans to tell them.

While Rex is on the phone with Adriana, there is a lot of tension between them while she is headed for Paris. Gigi is sitting at the table with her back turned not looking happy.

Blair tells Dorian that she has no business telling her or Todd how to parent. She admits that she is no “fan of Adriana." But she believes that Dorian needs to stay out of her daughter’s business with Rex and stop pulling these stunts behind her back.

Starr tells Todd that she knows that she has to stay away from Cole or else he will send Cole to jail for shooting Miles Laurence. Right then, he turns to go out the door. But before he is out, he turns and asks Starr: “what is that?." Assuming that he saw what she does not want him to see, she is startled. But he is asking her about the frog on her dresser that he thought she’d give to Jack. Todd leaves. And as soon as she is alone, Starr goes into the bathroom to see the results of the pregnancy test.

Todd returns downstairs to Blair. She asks him how it went. He replies that he told Starr that she could go back to school as long as she stays away from Cole. And maybe Starr hates him a little less. Blair tells her husband that that is a start. He tells her that he wants to make certain that Cole stays out of their daughter’s life forever.

Langston enters and asks Starr if Todd has made any changes. Starr informs her that he said she could go back to school. Right then, she is holding the pregnancy test in her hand. Langston asks her if she saw the results. Starr tells Langston that she accidentally dropped it in the toilet and it won’t work. She cannot ask Shawn to take her to the drug store again. She needs Langston’s help. Langston tells Starr she will get her another pregnancy test. Starr hugs Langston and tells her she is the best friend she could ever have.

Nigel asks Jared why he had to tell Natalie the truth. Jared replies that he had to come to the realization that he is in love with her. But they concur that as far as all the others know, he is just another Buchanan.

Rex leaves Viki’s home after talking to Gigi. Right then, Shane comes out and asks if Rex is gone. She replies yes. He tells his mom that he knows she is not ok with the fact that he is getting married. Hearing that, Gigi asks her son how he could have found that out. He reminds her that he is not a little kid anymore. He understands some things. He tells her he knows she is sad and missing his dad. He has seen her crying and knows that she wouldn’t mind getting back with Rex. Right then, Gigi hugs her son.

Adriana gets on the phone and asks Dorian if they can find a person Gigi says is Shane's father, Brody Lovett. She tells Dorian she wants to know all about this mysterious person, so she can figure out if Rex is really Shane's father.

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