OLTL Update Monday 3/31/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/31/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

While Bo and Nora are in the car, in the snowstorm, on the way to the cabin, they are reliving old memories of the things they wanted to be and do while young. But right at that point, they get distracted. He takes his eyes off the road. And the car goes out of control.

Blair tells Todd that he needs to think about what he did in regard to catching Starr with Cole. He tells her that when he walked in and saw them together in bed, he believed he had to do something. She then tells him that maybe it was just as well that he got there in time. If he had not gotten there in time, who knows what might have happened.

Langston walks into Starr’s room and discovers that she is holding a pregnancy test. She asks Starr why she would assume that she would have any need for it. Starr replies that when she previously said that nothing happened between her and Cole, she lied.

While Clint and Lindsay are in the car, she tells him he is driving too slowly. They could have gotten there faster walking. He tells her if he drove any faster, they’d run off the road. And he does not see the “urgency” to go and find Nora and Bo before they get to the cabin.

After Nora and Bo run off the road, they try to get out of the car but discover that they are stuck.

Nigel and Matthew stop at a restaurant. They know that they can’t go very far in the snow. Land lines are down. And Nigel tells Matthew that he hopes that Natalie and Jared are “all right.” Matthew assures Nigel that he is certain that the two of them can take care of themselves.

While Natalie and Jared are alone, he kisses her. She slaps him. At that point, he tells her that he has to tell her something. And nothing is going to stop him from getting it out this time.

Langston reminds Starr that she swore that nothing happened the night when Todd caught her with Cole. Starr informs Langston that she felt she had to tell everybody that because her dad went completely psycho. And Cole did not tell anybody either because he is “not like hat." Langston then tells Starr she gets why she did not tell her parents. But why couldn’t she have told her best friend? Starr tells Langston she really doesn’t know. Langston asks Starr if she really believes she could be pregnant if they only did it once.

Todd asks Blair what she believes is the solution. How can he convince Starr that he is doing this because he loves her. Blair tells her husband she believes if anybody can get through to Starr, he can. They have a very, very special relationship. And she believes that the two of them can resolve their issues.

Lindsay tells Clint that he believes that Nora might still have feelings for Bo and he (Clint) might still have feelings for Viki. He tells her that he is not worried that Bo and Nora have anything together except a friendship and co-parentage of Matthew. And regardless of the fact that he and Viki had kids and were married many times, they are through. But she tells him that it may not be as simple as that.

While Bo and Nora are stranded in the car, they realize that probably nobody will find them. But he realizes he has a GPS. She remarks that they might freeze to death. And they wonder what they can do about that. She then asks him about the back door. He reminds her that the windows only go half way down. She scrounges into the back seat and attempts to get them opened.

Natalie asks Jared why he “keeps doing this." She tells him that it disgusts her. She tells him that cannot go through with what they both might want. He is her uncle. And right at that point, he sets her straight that he is not. Hearing that, she demands to know what he just said. He repeats that he is not her uncle. And that is what he is attempting to tell her all of those time. But he couldn’t get it out until now.

At the diner, Markko asks Cole why he is afraid of Todd Manning. What could he do? He couldn’t have Cole charged with rape. Right then, Cole remembers protesting the very same thing to Starr and to Blair. But Blair clarified to him that Todd could get him nailed for shooting Miles Laurence.

Starr admits to Langston that she and Cole did have sex. But when Langston asks her what it was like, she admits that she did not want to talk about it. Langston then inquires if it was the only time she was “with” Cole, why does she assume she could be pregnant? She asks if they used protection. Starr does not answer that. Starr tells Langston that she is also worried about “diseases." Even thought that’s near to impossible, if they are both virgins. Langston asks Starr why she has not told anybody ever. Starr tells Langston that nobody can ever know.

Blair tells Todd that he needs to make better efforts to communicate to Starr. He tells her that he did. He attempted to tell Starr that home schooling was “good for her." But Blair asks Todd why he would believe that when Starr is isolated from the world. She tells him that he has to stop with what he is doing before it’s too late.

Clint and Lindsay are in the car. He tells her that if the storm gets worse, they might close the roads. And she concludes that that will force Bo and Nora to go and find a motel. There will only be one room left. He must know how that whole thing works. He tells her if she assumes that about Bo and Nora, that somebody could assume that the two of them could be doing the same thing. But she tells him that they do not have feelings for each other nor a child together. And right then, she notices a diner and asks Clint if they could please stop.

While Nora and Bo are stuck in the cold car, she talks about how things would be so much better if they were at home with a nice dinner prepared by Nigel. And at that moment, she remembers that Nigel brought food and blankets. She finds the food and discovers a bottle of wine. He reminds her that he cannot drink when he’s driving. But she tells him that since they are stuck there, they might as well drink and enjoy themselves.

After Jared confesses to Natalie that he is not her uncle, she asks him how he can “lie” to her. Did he scheme for Matthew and Nigel to leave them alone in the cabin so that he could pull off this scam to her? But he attempts to clarify to her that the lie was that he is a Buchanan. He is not her uncle. He is not Asa’s son. He is just plain old Jared Banks. He is a fraud. And he cannot keep pretending. At that point, she hauls off and slaps him. He tells her he realizes that she had reason to smack him for kissing her. But now he is coming clean. She asks him what kind of world he lives in to be saying something like this. DNA tests were done. But he attempts to tell her that he and Nigel plotted a scheme to have the Buchanans falsely believing that he was a Buchanan.

Clint and Lindsay stop at the restaurant where Nigel and Matthew are. They ask them what they are doing there. Nigel and Matthew reply that they got stranded and the car broke down. And they wonder where Bo and Nora are. Nigel attempts to explain that it’s entirely possible that they also got stuck. Matthew sounds like he is worried that something might have happened to his parents. Hearing that, Lindsay attempts to assure Matthew that she’s very certain that they are “more than ok." After Matthew goes off, Clint demands to know why Lindsay is scaring the kid. She asks him if he is not scared and only telling her he’s concerned about Matthew because he doesn’t want to reveal what is really on his mind. He tells her that he does not believe for a minute that Bo and Nora are “up to” anything.

Bo and Nora are in the car eating and drinking their wine. They talk about Matthew. He tells her he remembers the time when the three of them got stranded in the house in 1996. And she used everything she had in that house. She remarks that it was “fine dining” when she served potato chips, frozen pizza, all kinds of stuff in the cupboard. And they relive the music they listened to.

Todd informs Blair that Starr wants nothing to do with him. He cannot talk to her. And even if she did listen, she would not believe a word he said. He tells her that she believes that he does not trust her. She asks him if he does trust their daughter. He admits that when it comes to Cole Thornhart, he does not.

Langston asks Starr what she plans to do after using the pregnancy test. And how did she get the test in the first place? Starr admits that she had Shawn, the body guard take her to the drug store. She went in and bought it and snuck it in between two magazines. And after she sees the results, she wants to be alone.

Natalie asks Jared how long or actually maybe she should ask how he and Nigel found out that David was Asa’s son and not himself. He tells her at the ranch. And it was right when he discovered that he had feelings for her. She then concludes that after he found out he had feelings for her, he found a way to scam so that he could never be with her. So he put money and greed first. He then protests that it was not about money and greed. She then asks just what it was about in that case.

Bo and Nora relive how they used to dance together in their younger days. And we see a clip of them dancing long ago. They were really good and they won some prizes. She smiles and tells him that it wasn’t about winning any material prizes. What she remembers the two of the together was about was that they could “have it all." They both smile reliving their happy memories. And right then, Clint and Lindsay walk through the snow with their flash lights and attempt to save them. But they can clearly tell that Nora and Bo might not want to be “saved” so much.

Renee goes to the diner and asks to talk to Cole. She tells him that she would like to talk to him alone. And she inquires about how Todd Manning obviously wants to put the cabash on his relationship with Starr. In response to that, he tells her that he is not about to see Starr again because Mr. Manning will not allow it.

Blair tells Todd that she wants him to try, again, to get through to Starr. But if he fails, then she wants to try. She reminds her husband that she has as much right to talk to their daughter as he does. And she has as much right to be involved in decisions they make about her. She tells Todd that he cannot be making “unilateral decisions” about Starr’s schooling. Todd tells Blair he agrees. He will go and attempt to talk to Starr. And he won’t do anything behind Blair’s back again.

Clint drives the four of them in his car. Nora sits beside him in the front passenger seat. Lindsay and Bo sit in the back seat. Lindsay implies to Nora that she believes Nora might have had a “scheme” to be with Bo. Nora asks Lindsay why she decided to come along. Lindsay informs Nora that Bo invited her. Little does she know that it might have been Clint who invited Lindsay.

Jared tells Natalie that he saw Asa’s Buchanan’s book as his bible He wanted to find out what it would be like to be part of the family. She assesses that it was more important for him to do that than to be with her. She asks why he came back to town in the first place. Was it in order to get Tess in trouble for sending him to prison? He tells her that he did not think that he deserved her nor that he’d have a chance wit h her. He tells her that he cannot get over her. He has never felt this way about anybody he’s ever met before in his life. He never thought that he could feel the way he feels about her in regard to anybody. And it was not until that night when Allison Perkins pulled a gun on Jessica and he saved her life that he felt accepted and appreciated by her family. But he now knows that being with her means more than any of that. He then tells her that he wishes so much that she did not hate him and that she could understand. She looks at him and tells him that she understands very much.

Renee talks to Cole about the situation involving losing his mother and now being prevented from being around Starr.

Langston is wondering what she should do with the information she has just learned from Starr. Blair runs into her and asks her what is up. She tells Blair she was just ready to go to her room. Blair tells her that she needs her not to go into Starr’s room because her dad is about to go and talk to her.

Right then, Starr is opening her pregnancy test and ready to use it in the bathroom. Right then, Todd enters. She doesn’t want him to see her pregnancy test. She asks her father if he has no regard for her right to privacy and can’t even knock on the door. He reminds her that he did knock. But he took the knob off the door for a reason.

Downstairs, Blair asks Langston if she has a minute. She was hoping that maybe the two of them could have a talk while Starr is talking to her dad. She asks Langston if she and Starr talked today. Langston replies that she and Starr always talk. Blair then asks Langston if they discussed the home school thing and if Starr was upset about it. Blair can tell that Langston is hiding something for Starr. And Blair tells her that she really wants to find out what is going on.

Cole reveals to Renee that there is some sort of secret going on involving himself and Starr.

Starr asks her dad just what he wants to talk to her about and can he make this quick. He replies that he doesn’t want her hating him. She asks him if he will ever give her her freedom back. He replies if that means letting her see Cole again, the answer to that is no go. But he does want her to understand why he has to do what he is doing. And he believes that one day, when she has kids she will understand that. In response to that, she says nothing but holds the pregnancy test behind her back where her dad cannot see it.

At the cabin, Natalie tells Jared she understands all too well. He is the most disgusting human being she has ever seen. Right then, Nora, Bo, Lindsay and Clint enter. And when they are all there, Jared announces that there is something he must tell all of them.

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