OLTL Update Friday 3/28/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 3/28/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Jared, Natalie and Matthew arrive at the cabin. They talk about what will happen if they run into a bear. Matthew asks if anybody has a laptop so he can write a paper that is due in school. Jared informs him that there is no wireless internet connection in these parts. Natalie notices that it’s cold. He informs her that the thermostat might not be working. She wants to bury herself in work. But he is lost in thought remembering their recent encounter. Instantly, se tells him if he’s going to “make things weird”. Then she will leave.

Nora is ready to pack up and head to the cabin. She runs into Clint who tells her that she is not obligated to go. She tells him she wants to be there. He tells her that he wishes she would attend. And the reason is he doesn’t want to be without her. She asks him if he is certain that he is ok. At that moment, Bo enters and tells her he is certain that everything is not ok.

Starr is alone in her room staring at a picture of herself and Cole and she relives when they were last together. Langston knocks on her door and asks Starr if she is sick. Why is she isolating when Markko wanted to take them both to school? Starr then informs Langston that not only has her dad taken her boyfriend and her life from her. He also intends to take school away from her. He wants to “home school” her so that she cannot have any opportunity to run into Cole.

Right then, Todd is downstairs making calls so that he will make certain that everybody will “toe the line” just for him. Right then, Addie walks in and asks her son in law just how far he plans to push thing. Just how many more peoples’ lives does he plan to ruin?

At the diner, after Blair has asked John to make certain that Cole does not get into trouble, he tells her that he can see that she is not concerned about Cole. She is only concerned about Todd. She is worried what will happen to Todd. She tells him he must see what is going on right now.

At the station, Talia protests to Antonio that she and John don’t have anything going on. They just work together. And Antonio must realize that John is working to see if he can get the goods on Ramsey and nail him. In response to that, Antonio tells Talia she must see that John intends to “nail” somebody else. Hearing that and knowing what he is implying, she hauls of f and slaps him.

Starr tells Langston that it’s like she can barely go to the bathroom in her own house. It’s like a prison.

In response to Addie interrogating him about what he is doing to his family, Todd tells his mother in law he is in no mood to talk to her. But she tells him she must realize what he is doing. He may intend to “protect” his family. But he is driving everybody away from him. He reminds her that he does not judge her for all of her crazy behaviors. So maybe she should do the same for him.

Blair tells John that she is concerned that Cole might go to prison. He asks her how that could happen. He did not rape Starr. They didn’t even have sex so there could not possibly be a case against him for that, no matter what kind of nasty little stunt Todd wants to pull. Blair then explains to Todd that it’s not rape that Cole could go to jail for. Todd has threatened to get Cole in trouble for shooting Miles Laurence. And John should know all too well that Ramsey would love to help Todd get Cole in trouble for that. And that is what Todd will do if Cole does not stay away from Starr.

Talia asks Antonio what is up with him. Why does he distrust her? He tells her he can see all too well what John wants to do with her.

After Bo implies to Clint that he is not happy with the way he handles business, Clint tells his brother he’d like to talk to him and make him a part of what is going on. Bo tells his brother that he investigated the whole deal involving Cobb. He agrees and understands that Cobb needs to be stopped. But he does not like the method that Clint is using nor what he has observed their father has been doing all these years.. Clint tells his brother that he must realize that he knows what he is doing.

At the cabin, Natalie admits to Jared and Matthew that when she hears wolves, it kind of gives her the creeps. Jared tells her he remembers when they were in Texas with all of the stars. He remarks that it’s no wonder they call it the “lone star state”. Right then,, Nigel interrupts them knowing what might happen if he does not.

Todd asks Addie if she does not have some tai chi or clam bake or naked swimming lessons to go to. She admits to her son in law that she has been in therapy and isolated from her family throughout her life. But that has taught her a lot of things about what her family means to her. She reminds him that she is Blair’s mother and Starr’s grandmother. He tells her he realizes that. Addie asks Todd if he wants Starr to grow up to be like she has been throughout her life. Does he want Starr to be helpless and sheltered? She is not a little child anymore. She is a young woman. Todd tells his mother in law that Starr is a minor. Not an adult. And he has to protect her. She tells him that Starr needs protection from him. He asks her how she could know anything about this and how can she give anybody advice. She’s lived in a mental institution throughout most of her life and is certifiably crazy. She tells him he may belittle her all he wants. But he must realize that he is in no way benefiting Starr by keeping her imprisoned. He must care more about his daughter than that.

At the diner, John gets on his phone and asks Cole to come and meet him there. Talia enters. He can tell that she has something on her mind. She admits to him that she is worried about Antonio. She can tell that he is not ok.

Ramsey talks to John in his office and asks him if has any problem with “those two” working together. Antonio replies no. Ramsey tells him good. And he won’t ask Antonio about that “lover’s spat” that he observed between them. Antonio tells him everything is under control. Ramsey tells Antonio that he does not care about fraternization. He just doesn’t want it to get in the way of anybody’s job.

Nigel is ready to take Matthew to find a computer he can use. He then asks Jared if he and Natalie will be “alright alone”. Jared tells him they will be fine. When he is alone with Natalie, Jared reflects: “alone at last”.

Back at the office, Clint can tell that Bo is lost in thought and asks him if he is ok.

At the diner, Talia tells John she regrets slapping Antonio But John tells her that Antonio is the one who should apologize. He needs to treat a fellow officer with respect.

Nora discovers that Matthew left his laptop at the house. And he needs it to do his homework because he has a paper due the following Monday. So she and Bo have to find it and bring it to him.

Ramsey asks John if he can investigate something for him. Right then, John enters as Antonio is leaving Ramsey’s office. And he tells Antonio if he has something to say about his (John’s) friendship with Talia, Antonio should say it to John’s face. Antonio tells John that he needs to stay away from Talia. John reminds him that they work together. And it was not either of their choices that that happened. Antonio tells John that he is tired of watching John making moves on his (Antonio’s) girlfriend. He knows that John lost Marty and doesn’t have anybody in his life now. And John obviously is looking to “fill the empty void”. Hearing that, John tells Antonio he better keep his mouth shut and stop implying things like that.

Cole goes to talk to Markko while waiting for John at the diner. They talk about whether they should have schemed to help Cole see Starr.

In Starr’s room, Langston tells Starr that she wishes she didn’t have to leave Starr alone in this house. But she has to get to school. Starr tells her to have fun out there.

Todd is ready to fall asleep in the chair and drinking after Addie has confronted him. Blair enters and asks Todd what has happened to him. He replies her mother.

Lindsay walks into Clint’s office and tells him that she can see what he is up to. And she reminds him that Walter Cobb only backed off because of her help and asks him if he will say thank you to her. He says thank you but informs her that her “services” will no longer be needed. He and Bo can handle their business affairs in the future. But she informs him that this is not the last time he will have a situation like this. Cobb has not backed off forever. Clint will need her help again. He tells her that he is busy. She asks why both Bo and Nora have suddenly disappeared. He informs her that Bo and Nora are on their way to the cabin together. They had to pick up Matthew’s lap top. Hearing that, she is very surprised that he has “let” the two of them travel together.

At the cabin, Jared tells Natalie that it’s all over the web. B.E. is taking over Cobb Industries. Nigel then calls and informs Natalie that he and Matthew may be stranded in the snow storm. And at that point, they lose the telephone connection. And right at that point, the power goes off and the cabin is completely dark.

Lindsay reminds Clint that he put Bo and Nora in a car to travel to a lodge where they might be able to relive all kinds of memories. In response to that, Clint reminds Lindsay that Bo is her court appointed guardian and not her boyfriend. So she need not be concerned about things like that. She then tells him that she needs him to take her to the cabin. As he just reminded her, Bo is her court appointed guardian. So she must make certain that nothing happens to him. Although Clint does not admit he has similar concerns, he agrees to go with Lindsay to the cabin.

Right then. Bo is driving Nora in his car in the snow storm. She tells him she is really amazed that Cobb pulled what he did. And she tells him that she could see that Bo and Clint had some pretty intense things going on and asks him if he wants to talk about it. He tells her no and is not in the mood to do much talking at that point.

In the darkened cabin, Natalie and Jared have nothing except for blankets and the fire to keep warm. She asks him if they are going to be stranded alone in this place together. He tells her they can always take their chances with the bears and coyotes out there. She tells him that is funny. She is concerned about Nigel and Matthew stranded out there in the snow storm.

John and Talia sit at the table concerned about what is going on with Antonio. She tells him that she and Antonio are having problems. And their “movie date” is off. He assures her that things will be ok. She says thank you. She departs. The uniform cops sit at the coffee counter and stare at them. John then goes and finds Cole. Cole tells John that he must realize that Mr. Manning is crazy. He must know that nothing and nobody can keep him and Starr apart. Hearing that, John asks Cole if he thinks prison bars might keep them apart.

Blair asks Todd just what her mother said to him. He tells her he realizes that he may have made a mistake planning to move the family to Hawaii. And if he had not, then Cole might never have “jumped” Starr. She tells him he is right. And she asks how, then, they are going to fix this.

Ramsey is alone in his office on the phone talking to somebody about “coming up with the money”.

Talia and John enter the station and she attempts to talk to Antonio.

Clint and Lindsay go to the cabin in his car in the snow storm. She tells him that he needs to realize that Bo and Nora might “surprise” him when they are alone together. He tells her that they “would never”. In response that, she reminds him that he might have thought that he “would never” resort to the things he has been doing. And she tells him that desperate situations cause people to resort to desperate measures. He does not argue with her on that.

In Bo’s car, he and Nora are reliving what used to be their childhood dreams.. He tells her he wanted to be a cowboy. She tells him she wanted to be a Rockette. They are talking and comfortable. But right then, his car goes out of control and it looks like they might have an accident.

Jared and Natalie talk alone in the cabin about how they are both driven. He tells her that he thinks that she knows in her heart that nothing has changed. And he kisses her. She does not stop him.

At the diner, John tells Cole that he realizes all he has been though. But he must realize if he does not stay away from Starr, Todd and Ramsey will be able to nail him. And he wont’ be able to stop them. And he asks Cole how he would feel if Starr has to lie to the police in order to protect him. Then she will go to jail with him. Cole then tells John he would not mind that because they will, at least be together. John tells Cole he must be serious and realize if he loves Starr, he must stay away from her. Right then, Markko enters. Cole concludes to him that John is right. He must stay away from Starr.

In her room, Starr has some mysterious thing in a bag. And she drops it, shocked.

Downstairs, Blair asks Todd just what her mother has suddenly told him that she has not been telling him for weeks. He tells her he knows that he cannot bare the thought of Starr hating him. She tells him that all any child needs is air, sun and space. And Todd must give her room to grow up.

Right then, Langston walks in on Starr and discovers that Starr is holding a pregnancy test. And she has probably used it.

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