OLTL Update Thursday 3/27/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/27/08


Written By Jennifer S.

At B.E., Jared tells Natalie that sometimes people get “stuck” having to do things they don’t want to do. And they have no ill intention. She then replies to him that she does not like finding out that people are not whom she thought they were. In response to that, he knows that she is talking about him. And he kisses her.

Nash and Jessica awaken in their bed. He tells her that he is really psyched. He knows he will change his business around. He has some silent partners and he knows that everything is working out. But she is a bit concerned that maybe he is getting in too deep. He admits to her that maybe he is obsessed. He is 100% committed to it because it is his dream. It is both of their dreams. And he loves it. He laughs and tells her that he will not apologize. She tells him that is totally ok. She does not believe that he should have to. She tells him that she is happy.

At the police station, Talia and John are working together and getting along. Ramsey is alone in his office, wheeling and dealing and scheming something.

Viki meets with Charlie before his interview with Clint. He tells her that he observes that Clint is taking a “personal interest” in this. He’s pretty certain he will get hired. But he’s not entirely certain what Clint’s entire motive is in all of this.

At the diner, Blair goes to talk to Antonio, happy and excited that she will soon be the new owner of Capricorn. But he is not as happy when he notices some uniform cops having their coffee and commenting on the fact that he has nothing except his job as a detective.

Clint asks Natalie and Jared how they would like to go to the Buchanan cabin this after noon. He assumes that they will respond positively. But they are a bit uneasy with the thought of that.

Nash asks Jessica what is wrong with the fact that he is a successful businessman. He has time to make love to his wife in the afternoon the way an unsuccessful working stiff cannot. But she seems to have concerns about the whole situation and what this might be doing to him. But she tells him she is happy. He tells her she better be because he is doing it for her and for Bree and their family. At that point, she gets up, remembering that he said family. She tells him she has a surprise. She asks him to close his eyes. And she goes and gets some pictures of Bree. He is happy until the phone rings and he gets it even though she asks him not to. He gets a call from a contact who tells him that something might have “happened”. And then he is engrossed in business.

Before Charlie’s interview with Clint, he admits to Viki that he might be a bit concerned about something. Derrick tells Charlie that Clint is ready to talk to him now. Alone in the room with Derek, Viki reflects that she and Charlie met in Texas at a truck stop. And now he is in Llanview ready to get a job working with her ex husband. Life is full of surprises, she says.

Clint talks to Natalie and to Jared about their new business venture. He wants them to go to the cabin tonight. Then he tells the two of them they may “go back to what they are ding. He leaves. When they are alone, Natalie faces Jared and reminds him that they were not “doing anything”.

Ramsey is on the phone plotting and scheming and promising somebody he will “come up with the money”. He knows that his officers are not working “with him”. Talia and John are doing what he is asking but he knows he cannot trust them.

At the diner, Blair goes to talk to Antonio and to Christian and signs the papers so that she can buy out Capricorn. She can tell that Antonio is not happy to lose his business. But she tells him that she will always respect what he did for the business and she won’t change anything as the new owner. At that point, she notices Markko bussing tables and asks him if they can talk. She tells him she knows that he is very protective of his friends. She understands and appreciates that. But she wishes he would tell her if something is up. She informs him that Cole snuck into Dorian’s the other night in order to see Starr. She asks him if he knows anything about that.

Antonio and Cristian talk about Antonio’s stressful new job and what it’s going to be like without his business. And Cristian tells his brother that he can tell that he (Antonio) may very well have a problem with John and Talia working together. He is also not ok noticing the uniform cops sitting at the diner, staring at him and gossiping.

Nash has to go off when he is done with his phone call. Jessica wants him to stay with their daughter. But he tells her he has to hustle and get to NAPA right away. And he must call Cristian and Sarah.

Clint interview Charlie and tells him that he wants Charlie to work with him at B.E. But he also tells him he knows that Charlie spends a lot of time with his (Clint's) family. And he wants to talk to him about that.

At the diner, Blair tells Markko that whatever he tells her will stay between them. She will not tell Mr. Manning anything he tells her. But he must know that his friend, Cole, is going to be in trouble if Todd catches him with Starr.

In response to Cristian’s asking him if he has a problem with Talia and John working together, Antonio tells his brother that he has no choice except to work for Ramsey. So Cristian better lay off. And he storms out the door. Sarah comes by and asks Cristian why his brother is so upset. He tells her that Antonio is just going through some things right now

Ramsey tells John and Talia that he needs more credible sources than what they are providing. He implies to them that he does not trust them.

Antonio tells Jared that they have business to attend to. But he tells her they are not going to “pretend that nothing happened”. She tells him nothing did happen. And they are not going to have this conversation again. She leaves. Nigel enters. And he asks Jared if he is having “trouble with his niece”.

Natalie notices Viki at the B.E office and asks her mother what she is doing there. Viki replies that she is waiting for Charlie. He has an interview with Clint about the construction project. And she can tell that Natalie is not ok about something. Natalie replies that her dad asked her and Jared to go up to the cabin together. Viki asks her what is wrong with that. They will be able to get some fresh air. Natalie then replies that she has a situation where she knows something is wrong in her head. But it feels right in her heart.

Nigel asks Jared if he is really ready to disclose that they pulled off this scam that Jared was Asa’s son. He tells him that although he was not encouraging them to go through with this, it has turned out that Jared is a more honorable man than Asa’s real son, David Vickers. He tells him it might be too late to come clean at this point.

Nash calls Sarah at the diner and asks her if she and Cristian can get to the studio soon. And he wants her to bring Cristian’s “drafts”. She hangs up and admits to Cristian that she can tell that Nash has something going on that might be secretive and not in a good way.

Markko admits to Blair that when he went to the house with Cole and helped him sneak in to see Starr, he only wanted to help. She tells him that he must know he is not helping Cole by doing that. She tells him that perhaps. Cole will listen to him if he attempts to talk some sense into him. But he tells her he knows that even if he did not help Cole sneak off to be with Starr, Cole would do it on his own. And he wouldn’t listen to him (Markko) if he tried to discourage him from seeing Starr. But Markko tells her it’s entirely possible that Cole would listen to John McBain.

At the station, Talia and John are working well together, getting along and getting very friendly. Antonio observes them coldly and disapproving. She notices him and asks him where he’s been. He seems distant and not wanting to share and just tells her he was taking care of some business. John gets a call and informs them he has to split for a while. She makes a joke about his ‘leaving her alone to deal with all of this”. She knows there will be tension when she is alone in the room with Antonio.

Jessica asks Nash why he has to rush to NAPA. He tells her he needs more money but won’t get into the details. He has many things that have to be done and he has to “kick it up into gear”. But this is a good thing, he tells her and he has to go. When he’s gone, she gets a call from Clint telling her that he’d like her to join them at the Buchanan lodge. She tells her father she can get there and join them He admits that he was a bit surprised that she agreed to go without having to have her arm twisted. She then stares at the picture of herself, Nash and Bree. And she can see that she is “lacking” a family with Nash and has nothing better to do than be with all of them.

At B.E., Natalie admits to her mother that maybe she should not be discussing “B.E. stuff”. But she believes that her mother is cool and she hopes that Charlie will see that. Viki admits to her daughter that things are going good with her and Charlie. They are doing things one day at a time. She admits that she does not think she would trade one day that she’s spent with him for anything. She almost believes that what she has with Charlie is “too good to be true”.

Jared is alone in the room after talking to Nigel. And he relives his “intimate” moment with Natalie. At that point, Charlie enters and tells his son he wants him to know how grateful he is that they were able to talk and see his son open up the way he did. Jared then closes the door so he can talk to his father alone and unheard. And he tells him he wanted to talk to him about the “situation” he is dealing with. And he admits that he does not know how much longer he can keep up the charade. Charlie then asks his son if something has “happened”. Jared replies yes. And that includes the two of them being able to have a civilized conversation when he does not end up hating his father. Charlie promises his son that he will stand by him and that having a relationship with his son for the first time is worth giving up so many things. Jared asks him if that is worth giving anything up with Viki. He reminds his father that he can see how much he likes Viki. And they realize that if Viki is unwilling or incapable of forgiving Charlie for lying to her, it might be too much for him to bare.

Jessica goes and meets with Cristian after Nash has asked her to talk to him about his art. It looks like they are happy to see each other.

Nash goes to the diner and meets with Sarah. He informs her that the presentation has been moved up and they got to get to NAPA tomorrow. And he is very excited. She tells him that she will do whatever he wants. But she has one question: Why does he have so much “faith” in her?

John goes to meet Blair at the diner after she’s called him. She tells him she realizes that her husband has gone too far with what he did to Cole. But she wants to see John because things have recently gotten to be “too intense”. Hearing that, he asks her just what she is talking about. She replies that a few nights ago, she caught Cole sneaking into her house to see Starr. And she does not know what would have happened if Todd had caught him.

Alone at the station with Talia, Antonio acts very obedient to Ramsey. Talia silently admits that she is very disappointed in him. He notices her expression and demands to know what “that” was about.

Charlie gets out of his meeting with Clint and informs Viki and Natalie that he has gotten a job. Viki tells her daughter that maybe she should try to enjoy going to the cabin with Jared and the others. Natalie leaves. Charlie tells Viki he hopes he did not “interrupt” her. She tells him of course not. She has nothing to do for the rest of the day. And she’d like to spend it with him. He tells her that since he is not doing anything either, he would love a distraction that will be with her. At that point, they kiss. And Clint walks in not looking like he is ok with that.

Natalie goes to talk to Jared about business and then departs. Nigel then enters and asks him if he is ‘ready” to come clean. Jared affirms that he is.

Nash answers Sarah’s question about why he is taking a chance on her by telling her that he has heard that she is very talented and smart. He admits he does not know much about her but has heard about how good she is at what she does. And, he admits, she is a “knock out”. Hearing that, she tells him she hopes it is not for that reason that he is considering her. He then admits that he knows it would be completely unprofessional for them to talk in this manner. She laughs and it looks like they are comfortable together.

In response to what Blair tells John about Cole sneaking in to see Cole, he tells her that he knows that she still has some issues with Todd. And it has nothing to do with Cole.

Jessica talks to Cristian and admits she has some insecurity about what Nash is doing. They have so much riding on this and things have moved so quickly. They reflect about how Nash and Sarah are both going to NAPA. She then asks him how Antonio is doing. He tells her that his brother has suffered. But he knows that Antonio has been “handling” it.

At the station, Talia tells Antonio that he needs to see that Ramsey is using him. . He asks her what she suggests that he does. And he asks her what she has been doing that is so much better. She and John aren’t doing any great work together. They talk and laugh and act all friendly. He demands to know what is going on between the two of them. Right then, Ramsey observes them from his office window and sees gleeful to notice that they are arguing. She tells him that John is working very hard to “nail” Ramsey. He tells her that he knows better than that. From what he has been seeing, it looks like John is out to “nail” somebody else. Hearing that, Talia slaps Antonio.

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