OLTL Update Wednesday 3/26/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/26/08


Written By Jeannie

At Llanfair, Adriana questions Gigi about who Shane’s father is. She asks her about what she was sorry about when Adriana walked in on her in Rex’s apartment.

At Rex’s apartment, Rex questions why Dorian is suddenly trying to help with their wedding.

In Clint’s office at BE, Bo enters and asks what’s going on as Clint faces off with Warren.

Jared knocks on Natalie’s office door. They talk about catching Warren Cobb. Natalie tells him to make copies of his work. Jared mentions he’ll have Ruth do it and Natalie asks why he doesn’t ask Gigi to do it. Jared says she has the morning off. Natalie says it’s a perk of hanging with the boss. Jared denies any involvement with Gigi.

Gigi tells Adriana she was sorry because Rex was there with her and not Adriana. Adriana gets sarcastic and won’t let Gigi talk. She calls her a liar and she annoys her. She says Rex showed her how much she missed her right after she left. Gigi says thanks for sharing. Adriana presses her again on who Shane’s father is. Shane comes down stairs and Adriana stares at him. Shane asks why she’s asking about his dad. Adriana says they were just talking. Shane looks at his mother and asks if she is upset. Shane proudly tells Adriana his dad’s name is Sergeant Brody Lovit, US Navy.

Dorian explains to Rex she only wants the best for Adriana. Dorian remembers Adriana telling her that she will make sure nothing stops the wedding from taking place. She goes on to say she had an epiphany and now they have some planning to do. She starts making plans and Rex wonders where Adriana is.

Markko is working at the diner as Marcie walks in. She sits at a booth. He says that they miss her at school. She was much better then their new English teacher. Marcie offers him tutoring free of charge. Mike comes in, Markko goes to get menus. Mike tells her he will be home late tonight, he has to cover for someone. Marcie asks if it will always be like this. Mike stares at her.

Bo asks what’s going on. Clint says it’s in BE’s best interest to buy Warren out. Warren says he built that company from the ground up. Clint says its time for Warren to step aside. Its best for both of them.

Natalie tells Jared she accepts that there’s nothing going on between him and Gigi. She drops files and when Jared tries to help pick them up, she tells him to back off. He asks how long she’s going to be acting like this. Natalie says Rex was protecting Gigi. Jared says Rex wasn’t being protective. He was jealous. Jared asks Natalie if she is jealous.

Natalie denies being jealous and tells him he is her uncle and off limits. She says the thought of them together is nauseating. Jared says wish it was different and she tells him to stop talking like that. They already know the truth. Jared says, right, good old truth. He starts to leave but then Natalie says she met Warren Cobb at Asa’s funeral and he seemed so nice. Jared says sometimes people aren’t what they seem.

Bo says maybe they can work something out. Warren is open to a compromise. Clint says he as to talk to Bo alone. Warren steps out in the hall.

Bo asks what Clint is trying to do. You don’t alienate someone for your own ambitions. Bo defends Warren and says his business is his life. Clint asks his secretary to call Jared and Natalie in. Bo asks why he is trying to destroy the man. Clint says he has his reasons.

Mike says they have to move forward. Marcie says she doesn’t know what to do with herself. She’s not a mom or a teacher anymore. Mike says there was a time when she wasn’t a mom or a teacher and they were happy. Why can’t they go back to that?

Marcie says we can if we can forgive each other.

Rex tries to call Adriana and Dorian stops him. He asks Dorian why he can’t call Adriana. Dorian says she has a lot to discuss with Layla, why disturb them? Rex says he would like to spend time with her before she goes back to Paris. Dorian talks about Roxy’s ideas for the wine bottles. Layla knocks on the door. Rex says he thought she was meeting with Adriana. Rex questions Layla. Layla wonders if she forgot. Dorian moves off to the side, pulls her phone from her purse and texts someone.

Gigi tells Shane to go get his backpack. Adriana questions Gigi about who Shane said his father is. She asks why Shane doesn’t have the father’s last name. Gigi says the father’s family didn’t like her and they weren’t married. Gig asks where Adriana gets off interrogating her kid. Adriana goes off on her about how Gigi just comes to town and gets close to Rex. Gigi asks if Adriana trusts Rex. Adriana says she trusts Rex completely. It’s Gigi she doesn’t trust. Gigi says if she’s feeling insecure about Rex, it’s her problem. She asks her to leave. Adriana asks if she’s interested in Jared. Gigi tells her again to get out. Adriana leaves.

Shane comes down stairs. He asks why Rex’s girlfriend was here. Gigi says whatever it was, she won’t get it.

Natalie and Jared come in. Bo starts reading Jared’s report. Clint asks if they still shouldn’t ruin Cobb. He’s lucky he got wind of it before it got too far. Bo asks if that means they return the favor. Clint tells his secretary to send Cobb back in. Warren Cobb comes in and asks for the compromise. Clint says no.

Markko delivers Mike and Marcie’s meal and leaves. Mike says he understands why Marcie did what she did. He says she was under pressure and not herself. Marcie says he comes up with excuses and he doesn’t accept it. Marcie says he justified his part in it, too. Not telling her about Todd being Tommy’s father when he found out.

Rex tries to reach Adriana by phone and when he can’t reach her, he’s ready to go find her. Dorian tries to stall but Rex leaves anyway. He sees Adriana in the hall and brings her into the apartment. Adriana tells Rex she didn’t want him to know she was going to see Gigi.

Shane comes down and Gigi tells him to go get his hat and gloves. He asks if she is mad at him for telling that girl his dad’s name. Gigi says she hates nosey people and they should keep that stuff between them. She says there are something’s that some people are better off not knowing.

Rex asks why she went to see Gigi. Dorian interrupts with wedding plans. Adriana tells Rex that she knows he loves her but she feels threatened by the old girlfriend. Rex said he thought they were through the trust issues. Adriana doesn’t trust Gigi. She goes over everything Rex did with Gigi while she was in Paris. Rex says Gigi is like a sister and he feels bad for her. She had a rough life. He reassures Adriana he loves her. She says she had a nice talk with Gigi and knows she doesn’t have anything to worry about.

Mike asks if this is what it’s all about, Mike lying about Todd being Tommy’s father. Marcie says she doesn’t blame him. Maybe she’s trying to take some of the guilt off her self. He says they need to move past the guilt and blame and move forward. Marcie says that’s another tired cliché. Mike tells her to keep busy. Marcie says she can’t have a job or a kid. Mike suggests writing another book or talking a class. Marcie says fine, she’ll figure it out and she’s sorry she makes him unhappy. His beeper goes off. She wraps his sandwich in napkins and hands it to him. She says she doesn’t mean to make him unhappy and she’s sorry.

Warren says he didn’t put anything into action. Warren begs Bo. Clint says it was Warren’s actions that put him in this position. He has to protect his family. He tells Warren that he’s finished and get out. Warren says he thought Asa Buchanan was dead and walks out. Natalie and Jared leave. Clint says this is the world they live and he did what he had to do. Bo turns to him and says yeah, but he didn’t have to enjoy it.

Natalie and Jared go to her office and talk. Natalie was surprised by Clint humiliating Warren like he did. Jared says they have to be tough to show people that BE is still strong even if Asa is gone. Natalie asks why he had to act so cruel. Would anyone admire that? Jared says to trust Clint. Natalie says she doesn’t know her father anymore.

Bo says Clint could have handled it privately and didn’t need to invite Natalie and Jared to watch. Clint says Warren fired the first shot. Bo says it’s not a war, its business. Clint says Asa said it was one in the same. Bo questions how Clint made Warren sell, what kind of dirt he had on him.

Marcie asks Markko about Starr and Cole. Markko said they have problems. Marcie asks about Sam and Markko says he’s doing okay. Markko tells him her Sam looks happy. Gigi comes up and asks Markko if anyone found her watch. Gigi sits with Marcie while Markko goes to look. She asks how Marcie is doing. They talk about Marcie’s problem. Gigi tells her things will change. She just has to figure out what to do. Marcie admires Gigi’s ability to fight. Gigi confesses she doesn’t always know what to do.

Rex assures Adriana how much he loves and desires her. He offers to let the women talk wedding and he has to go to the diner. He leaves. Layla leaves to get her design ideas for the dresses. Dorian asks Adriana how things went with Gigi. Adriana says Gigi makes her skin crawl and she trusts her even less now.

Dorian says something is different. What happened to Adriana in Paris? She changed. Adriana jokes but Dorian says her personality changed. Adriana asks if this wasn’t what Dorian wanted. She’s less innocent. Adriana says Dorian pointed out that innocent people are taken advantage of. Didn’t Dorian take advantage of sweet innocent Adriana?

Marcie asks Gigi what’s going on. Is it Shane? Rex walks in and asks what Adriana and Gigi talked about. Gigi asks what Adriana told him. She makes a quick exit. Rex asks Marcie if it was something he said.

Clint says it doesn’t matter what he used. Bo says it does to him. Clint thinks Cobb was a threat but he isn’t anymore. Bo thought they were in it together. He’d rather neither one of them got down in the mud. Clint fears this company will go down. What’s more important than defending the family and protecting the company. Bo reminds him that he never looked at things like Asa did before. Clint says that’s because Pa did the dirty work for them so they could play the high and mighty. Pa built the company for them and someone has to take over. He tells Bo not to judge him for doing what needs to be done.

Natalie says she was like Jared in some ways. The difference was that Nat came to scam the Buchanans. She talks about getting to know how loving Clint was when they first met. That Clint is her hero in so many ways and seeing how he behaved today was like watching someone else. Jared says some people get stuck doing things they didn’t want to and even if people get hurt, that was never the intention. Nat says she doesn’t like finding out people aren’t who she thinks they are. Jared says she’s talking about him now.

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