OLTL Update Tuesday 3/25/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/25/08


Written By Jennifer S.

In Viki’s kitchen, Gigi and Shane are alone and she is preparing breakfast for his birthday.

Rex and Adriana are in their bed kissing. He tells her he wants to add a “Paris clause” to their wedding vows. He tells her once a month, she has to go to Paris so that it will be this amazing when she gets back. But she tells him that she has too many things to do today so they cannot stay in bed all day and mess around. Rex then goes to the shower. Alone,. Adriana remembers returning home from Paris, walking in and seeing Gigi in the apartment with Rex lost in thought. And she declares that she is determined to find out what Gigi Morasco’s big secret is.

Nash goes to the diner to see Cristian and Sarah and he tells them that he wants Sarah to work for his company also.

Dorian is sitting at a table when Charlie enters. They have both gotten a call from Roxy. Dorian tells Charlie that she assumes that Roxy wants to get them all together to plan the wedding. Hearing that, Charlie is surprised that Dorian does not want to prevent her daughter from marrying his son. She tells him she wants to do everything she can to enable Rex and Adriana to get married. But, she tells him with a smirk, she hopes that the “father of the groom” and his real son are not in jail by the time the wedding starts.

Nora and Clint awaken. She goes to leave when he gets a call from a secret contact who has information about somebody plotting against him and his company.

At Bo’s, Lindsay has a crossword puzzle to engage Bo in. But he has to get to work. He leaves. Lindsay gets a call from Clint who asks her how reliable the information she most recently gave him was. She tells him it’s reliable. He tells her this conversation never happened. She then asks what conversation. Bo returns to Lindsay. Nora returns to Clint. Neither of them divulges the secret.

At the diner, after Dorian implies something about Charlie and Jared going to jail, he asks her if she is threatening him. She asks him what will happen when people find out that Jared is his son and not a Buchanan. She asks how he’s going to deal with it. He tells her that he knows what he will do. She then concludes to him that he really is in love with Viki. And she asks him who will be ore devastated when the truth comes out. Himself or Viki?

Viki and Jessica have breakfast at the palace. Jessica asks her mother if she misses waitressing in Paris, TX. Viki admits that she enjoyed working and meeting her friends there. But she knows she had to get back to her family. Jessica then reflects that she does not see much of Nash because he is always buried in business.

At the diner, Nash tells Cristian and Sarah about all the ideas he has. And he knows that she has the talent and business savvy he is looking for. She seems interested in working for vineyard and partaking in a west coast gig. But Cristian asks her what about Capricorn.

Gigi prepares a small birthday pancake for Shane with a candle. He reminds his mom that he thought that she asked him to keep his birthday a secret. She tells him that she has some plans and will tell him more soon. And she asks him to blow out his candle before the wax melts all over the pancake. He blows it out. But he tells her that he has had only one wish, which he’s known throughout his life has never come true. She then asks what that unfulfilled wish is. He replies that he wishes he could meet his real dad.

Right then, Adriana is staring at a picture of Rex on her cell phone. She calls her mother and tells her she better come through on their bargain and make certain that nothing happens to prevent the wedding from happening on May 9. She tells Dorian she needs to come to the apartment right away because she needs to talk to her about something.

Viki asks Jessica if she thinks that Nash is in over his head. Jessica replies no. She just believes that her husband is driven to make his vineyard a success. Viki reminds her that she must know that it’s been a major dream of Nash’s for a long time. Jessica tells her mother she realizes and appreciates that. She just doesn’t want Nash to lose his integrity. Viki asks her daughter if she believes that Nash would do anything unethical. Jessica replies no. She just has some concerns.

Lindsay straightens Bo’s tie. They stand together and move closer. And it looks like they are going to kiss. But he pulls away and tells her he is not sure this is a good idea.

Nora straightens Clint’s tie. He is going to meet with a contact named Cobb (whom Lindsay arranged for him). Having no clue that Lindsay is behind this, Nora asks him why he seems like he may not trust this contact. He reminds her that she never discusses her cases with him. And he has to get to the office.

At the diner, Dorian tells Charlie that she feels sorry for him. He is in a terrible situation. Lying for Charlie. Lying to Viki. She wonders what will happen to him and to Viki. He tells her that he can see that she lives to see Viki hurt. She then tells him that she genuinely does like him. And she can clearly see that he cannot trust Viki with the truth. She cannot know that Jared is his son nor that Rex is not his son. He tells her she must leave it alone. She tells him that even Roxy must be able to see through his scam. Right then, Roxy appears and tells them that she plans for Rex and Adriana to get married at the race track. Then she tells them about ideas of having it at Nash’s vineyard. Then Cristian Vega could make a label of the happy couple, she tells them. Dorian then tells the two of them she will leave them to brainstorm. Roxy tells Dorian she must congratulate their (Roxy and Charlie’s) adorable son. Dorian goes off to meet Adriana.

Shane opens his birthday presents. He has gotten something from Marcie. His mom also gives him a gift for a day at the video arcade. He then tells her he realizes that they have to keep his birthday a secret. But why can’t they tell Rex? Gigi then tells her son no. There is no way Rex can ever find out. He tells her that he knows that it makes her sad to think about his dad. And is that why she doesn’t want to think about his birthday?, he asks She tells her son that the day he was born was the best day of her life. He asks her if he reminds her of his dad. She replies yes.

Rex walks in to see Adriana on the phone. But she does not admit to him what is going on with her and her mother. She tells him she is just having some complications with the wedding planner. He then tells her that maybe she should not “settle” for a shmuck like him. She reminds him that he did not tell her anything about his day. He tells her nothing exciting. He just went to B.E. and talked to some people. He asks her what is with the 20 questions. She informs him that Layla informed her that there was a “conflict” at the diner. And she asks him if he cares to elaborate. He then replies to her that he and Jared Buchanan had a “disagreement”. And he confronted him about the fact that he walked in and saw Jared kissing Gigi at B.E. He didn’t think it was very cool for Jared to be pulling ranks on the job. And, he tells Adriana, he hopes this does not “offend” her. But she tells him of course not. She thinks it’s great that he would be defending his “friend”.

Dorian goes to see Adriana and asks her daughter what was so important that she had to see her right away. Adriana replies that she has to go and see Gigi ASAP. And she needs her mother to hold down the fort and distract Rex while she is gone. Dorian asks her if she really wants to go through with this now. Rex walks in and asks Dorian what brings her there so early. Adriana replies that she just needed Dorian to come down to talk to him. She has to rush because she has some business with Layla. She departs. Rex then asks Dorian what she wanted to talk to him about.

Viki talks to Jessica about how it is that she met Charlie. She tells her daughter that it’s so funny that she had to go away to forget her life the way it has been. And she wound up in a little truck side diner. Then she met Charlie. And now she has discovered that she is ok with whom she is and the life she has.

At the diner, Roxy nuzzles up to Charlie and tells him he has big strong shoulders. But he pulls away from her and reminds her that Rex is not his son. They are scamming everybody into believing that they made Rex together. She tells him she just wanted to rattle Dorian’s cage. And she remarks to him that he certainly could be Rex’s old man. Not far away, Nash is plotting some plans and business ventures with Sarah. And Cristian is not very comfortable with that.

Adriana goes to find Gigi at Viki’s house. Gigi assumes that Adriana must be there to see Viki or Natalie and she informs Adriana that neither of them is there. But Adriana tells her good. Because she (Gigi) is the person she wanted to talk to. Gigi asks her what she wanted to talk about. Adriana then observes the pancake with the candle and asks Gigi whose birthday it is.

Bo tells Lindsay that he doesn’t want to ruin the good relationship they have and he is sorry. She tells him there is nothing to apologize for. She knows that there can never “be something” between them. He then tells her that he did not say that. He tells her that he doesn’t want to ruin the way things are now. But maybe some day, down the line, who knows? He leaves. And at that point, Lindsay reflects: “Who knows?”

Clint looks at the file from this contact named Cobbs, which apparently, Lindsay got for him.. And he calls Bo to inform him that he found Charlie Balsam a job in Pine Valley.

At the palace, Jessica asks Viki where Charlie is today. She replies that he is busy meeting with Roxy to plan Rex and Adriana’s wedding.

At the diner, Charlie asks Roxy why it is that she had to get him mixed up in all of this. Why does she have to have him scam, to Rex, that he is Rex’s father? Who and where is Rex’s father? She tells him that that is the whole reason why she had to lie to Rex. She has no clue whom his father is. All she knows is that her deceased husband Wally had nothing to do with conceiving Rex.

Lindsay goes and meets with a woman in an office who informs her that commissioner Buchanan said that she is making great progress. At that point, Nora enters and Lindsay asks why she is there. The woman replies that DA Hanen wanted to be there. Nora begins to grill Lindsay. The woman has a call and has to leave. Nora and Lindsay are alone. Lindsay asks Nora what she is “really doing” there. She asks Nora if she expected her to have a break down and confess to what happened before she murdered Spencer Truman.

Mr. Cobb meets with Clint and asks him what his offer is. Clint admits that he will never join forces with him. Cobb tells Clint that he is a fool. He needs to trust Cobb and not blame him for financial failures nor believe that he would not back Asa. At that point, Clint tells Cobb that he knows how he can “strike a deal” with him.

At the diner, Jessica walks in and notices Nash having a private meeting with a guy he has never introduced her to. She asks Sarah and Cristian what is up with that. The guy leaves. Nash kisses Jessica and tells her that everything has been going fantastic. Not only has Cristian done an excellent job, his beautiful “side-kick" (Sarah) has agreed to come on board as well. He informs Jessica that they are all in on this deal. And their plans may not include her.

Bo goes to the diner and finds Charlie and Roxy. He congratulates Charlie for winning the bid on the Pine Valley project. Clint just called and told him. Roxy then informs Bo that Rex and Adriana have set a wedding date. Hearing that, Bo tells her that is great news. He tells Charlie he’s really glad that Rex has found his real father and has a “straight shooter” like Charlie whom he can look up to.

Dorian acts all happy toward Adriana and Rex. Rex knows that something is up and he does not buy her enthusiasm. He then asks Dorian to tell him what is really going on.

Gigi asks Adriana why she would come all the way down here just to talk to her. Adriana informs Gigi that hers’ and Rex’s wedding is set for May 9. Gigi, again, asks Adriana why she had to come all the way there just to tell her that. Adriana then clarifies to Gigi that she came down there to let Gigi know that nothing and nobody will stand in the way of their wedding. Gigi will not prevent Rex from marrying Adriana.

When they are alone in the room Nora tells Lindsay that she does not expect anything from her except for lies and deception. Because that is all Lindsay is good for. Lindsay then asks Nora if she does not have better things to do than this. Bo lives with Lindsay. Nora is dating Clint. She tells her that the last thing Clint needs is a woman who is completely insecure in her relationship with him. Hearing that, Nora tells Lindsay that she does not need any advice in her relationship with Clint. Lindsay then reminds Nora that she (herself) knows Clint. They used to be man and wife.

Clint tells Cobb that he knows how to prevent him from being a threat to him. And if Cobb antagonizes or threatens him, Cobb will spend his “golden years” in prison. Right then, Bo enters and assumes they are having a friendly meeting. He shakes Cobb’s hand. But he knows that something is going on. Clint informs his brother that they are buying Cobb’s industry out.

Charlie meets Viki at the Palace. He tells her he’s sorry that he is late. But he had a meeting and got the job he wanted. Hearing that, Viki is very happy for Charlie.

Dorian asks Rex why everybody always assumes that she is “up to” something. He tells her that he would like her to tell him what is up. She replies that her only ulterior motive is to make certain that her daughter has the wedding that she has always wanted.

Gigi asks Adriana why she’d think that she’d care about Adriana’s wedding with Rex. Adriana replies that she believes that Gigi is not entirely over Rex. She can see that Gigi might want Rex to believe that he is Shane’s father. Gigi clarifies that Rex is not Shane’s father. She further tells Adriana she doesn’t want to listen to her and it’s time for Adriana to leave. But Adriana tells Gigi she knows she is not over Rex. She tells her (Gigi), however, she needs to know Rex’s heart will always belong to her (Adriana). Hearing that, Gigi tells Adriana she could care less . Adriana can believe whatever she wants in order to feed her oversized ego. Adriana then asks Gigi if Rex is not Shane’s father, then who is. What is his name

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