OLTL Update Monday 3/24/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/24/08


Written By Jennifer S.

At the diner, Rex and Jared argue in regard to Gigi. Having seen Jared kissing Gigi, Rex tells Jared he’s seen guys like him. They use and manipulated women. And the things that guys like Jared do leads to beating a woman. As soon as Jared hears that, he punches Rex and Rex falls to the floor. At that point, everybody stands around and watches speechlessly, including Natalie, Charlie, Viki and Gigi. Viki demands to know what is going on. Rex replies that Jared was “hitting on” Gigi. Hearing that, Gigi defends Jared and clarifies that that did not happen. They kissed each other.

After Adriana has caught Dorian scheming for her to stay in Paris to prevent her from marrying Rex, she tells her mother that she has gone too far. Dorian is no longer her mother.

At the police department, the cops are distracted while Ramsey is drilling Antonio.

Langston tells Starr that she, Cole and Markko have arranged for a way for Cole to sneak into the house and see Starr while everybody is out of the house. At that point, Cole enters the dark living room assuming nobody will ever catch him. But right at that point Todd and Blair re-enter the house, when Todd discovers he left something behind. Blair walks into the living room and sees Cole. But she says nothing to Todd. Cole hides and hopes he does not get caught.

John talks to Talia about albino rabbit cats being kidnapped. She laughs. Ramsey calls Antonio into his office and tells him he observes John and Talia getting along really well. He then asks Antonio of he wants to take some time off if his daughter is sick. Antonio tells Ramsey he doesn’t need to do that but thanks him for his concern. Right then, Antonio exits Ramsey’s office and observes John and Talia really “cozy." And he is ready to say something about that.

Adriana angrily tells Dorian that all those years before she had a clue that Dorian was her mother, she did not realize until now how lucky she was. Now she finds out that Dorian arranged for Adriana to go out to Paris and do business with John Pierre before Adriana even met the man. She mistakenly thought that he valued her talent. And it was all a scam. And it was all so that Dorian could prevent her from marrying Rex. She asks her mother if she wants her to turn into Dorian; alone, miserable and bitter? Dorian replies that she wants what is best for Adriana. Adriana responds by telling her mother that what is best for her is having Dorian out of her life forever.

At the diner, after Jared punches Rex, Charlie takes Rex aside. He asks him why he was antagonizing Jared. Haring that Rex is very surprised why Charlie would be concerned and he tells Charlie that Jared is a hustler and a user and he does not trust him. Charlie then replies to Rex that he has no business judging Jared. Rex then asks Charlie why he would defend Jared when he does not know him. In another corner, Marcie and Layla are wondering why it is that Jared went off on Rex. Was it in regard to Gigi or is there something else involving “competition” of those two guys? And is Rex really “over” Gigi when he has such a strong opinion about Jared after seeing that Gigi might be interested in him?

When Blair and Todd are at the house, stalling about returning to their event, Blair asks Todd why he wants to keep Cole away from their daughter forever. He tells her that he knows that their daughter can find other guys and get over Cole. She tries to get him to leave. But he tells her maybe they should stay there and have sex on Dorian’s couch. She then tells him she has something to tell him. Cole hides while Blair tries to make him unseen by Todd. She tells Todd that they need to talk about something. She needs to reveal something that he may not approve of. He asks her what that could be and makes jokes. She tells him that she bought Capricorn. He tells her he wants her to “undo” that. But she informs him that she bought it with all of her own money. It’s her own decision and she doesn’t need his permission. She attempts to get Todd distracted in the conversation so that he does not turn around to see what Starr and Langston are doing behind his back. But he turns around to see the two girls. He does not see Cole quite yet, however. And they leave the living room so that Cole cannot be seen by Todd.

At the diner, Charlie asks Rex why he is so judgmental about Jared. Is he jealous that Gigi is moving on and might be interested in another guy? Rex tells his “father” no. Natalie then takes Jared aside and tells him that he could get into trouble as there is a strict sexual harassment policy at B.E. He must realize that Gigi is a single mom and maybe she is not the person he should be “considering” especially when he works with her. Gigi talks to Viki about how Rex still remembers her as the geeky kid and does not believe that any other guy would want her. And he needs to know that things have changed. Viki hears that and seems to approved.

Dorian tells Adriana that if “time away” from each other would harm her relationship with Rex, then isn’t it good that she finds that out early on? Adriana replies that she kept them apart at a time when they really need each other. Dorian asks her daughter if she is “threatened” by that girl, Gigi. Adriana clarifies that Gigi was Rex’s high school girlfriend. They have been over long ago. And she lays down the law that Dorian better leave her alone at all times. She better not call nor email nor expect an invitation to the wedding. And, she clarifies, there will be a wedding. And she demands that Dorian gets out of hers’ and Rex’s apartment.

At the police station, Ramsey calls John into his office and instructs him to close the door. He tells him he wants to talk to him about his “job performance." Alone with Antonio, Talia tells him she is sorry that he has to “get along” with Ramsey. She tells him that she doesn’t think she could do that. But, he clearly has something on his mind in regard to that statement. He tells her sure she can. He believes she can “get along” with anybody. And he is clearly implying something about her and John.

Carlotta returns to the diner. Viki introduces her to Gigi Morasco, informing her that Gigi is an experienced waitress that she met in Texas and she now works for B.E. Then she takes Carlotta over and introduces her to Charlie.. Rex then departs and tells Charlie he will see him at the next game. He is very happy and friendly to Charlie. Jared observes them coldly. Rex then goes over and tells Jared that maybe he was out of line and got the “wrong idea” about Jared. Natalie sits with Jared and assures Rex that this whole “issue” will not happen again. Jared knows his behavior was not appropriate and he won’t mess around with people he works with.

While Gigi sits behind the counter, she asks Layla why it is that Adriana is so protective of Rex if she has this great relationship with him. And why does Rex care if she (Gigi) might move on with other guys? Layla does not answer that and looks at her suspiciously. Gigi turns to Marcie who might be able to shed some light. Marcie then tells Gigi that Adriana is not a bad person. Gigi need not be threatened by Rex’s relationship with her. Marcie also can sense that Gigi may not be over Rex nor he-her.

Dorian pounds on the door of the apartment, refusing to leave. She tells Adriana that she won’t give up on her. Adriana must realize that this act she did was out of a mother’s love. Adriana sits on the chair with her back turned and ignores her mother. But Dorian keeps pounding on the door and demands that Adriana lets her in right now.

Todd tells Blair that they have to continue their conversation upstairs. Starr and Langston are worried that they might catch Cole up there. But as soon as Todd and Blair are gone, Starr and Langston go into the living room. Cole is there. Starr runs up and hugs him.

From outside the door of the apartment, Dorian tells Adriana that she will fully support her marriage to Rex. She will do anything Adriana wants. At that point, Adriana unlocks the door and lets Dorian in. She tells her mother that she will give her one last chance. But Dorian must do exactly what Adriana says.

At the diner, Jared asks Gigi if they can talk. Marcie knows they want to be alone so she excuses herself.

Talia asks Antonio why he was offended by her talking to John. He then tells her this is not Cherryvale where she can quit and return, then quit and return. He tells her that his advice is that she takes her job a little more seriously.

In Ramsey’s office, he tells John that he would like him to be spending time on more important issues that kidnapped cats. But he laughs and tells John that he thinks that he and Talia might be a good team and work well together. He then implies to John that John has a “record” where women end up dead all around him. Both Caitlin and Marty died. So John could be seen as the “kiss of death."

Starr is happily reunited with Cole for the first time since Todd caught them at Langston’s old house. And she clarifies to him that when she wrote that letter that they cannot see each other again, it was only because of fear of what her dad could do. She could never leave him. Right then, Blair rushes into the room and asks them if they know what they have just put themselves at risk for. She tells them that they better not pull anything remotely like it ever again.

Talia asks Antonio why he has a problem with her friendliness toward John. He tells her that everybody in this place needs to maintain a professional demeanor.

In Ramsey’s office, he tells John that if John makes one “mistake," Ramsey will nail him and take his badge.

Blair tells Starr and Cole that they better realize what Todd could do. Cole asks if she means that Todd could falsely accuse him of rape? That couldn’t happen. They didn’t even have sex and Todd would not have a case. Starr tells Cole no. Not rape. There’s something else Todd could get him in trouble for. Blair explains that Todd intends to get Cole convicted for shooting Miles Laurence if he catches him with Starr again. And Ramsey would be only too happy to help him do that. Right then, Todd comes down the stairs and notices Langston guarding the door. He demands she gets out of his way. When she refuses, he pushes her aside and goes through the door. At that point, Cole just barely manages to sneak out the door so that Todd cannot see him. He enters to see Blair and Starr and asks the two of them what they are “hiding."

Jared tells Gigi that he realizes that they maybe should not be “socializing” when they work together. Natalie tells her mother and Charlie she has to get back to work. And she happily encourages them to enjoy their date. Charlie tells Viki that he wants to tell her everything there is to know about him. But now, he’d like nothing more than to take her on a walk in the moonlight. He kisses her. Rex goes and finds Gigi and tells her he’s sorry if he embarrassed her. She responds by asking him why she would be embarrassed. It was he who made a jackass of himself and caused a scene in public. And she asks him why he would have a problem with her seeing Jared. Aren’t they done? And isn’t Rex getting married?

Dorian tells Adriana she will apologize to Rex. Adriana tells her mother that she better keep her word. If she does anything to prevent Adriana from marrying Rex on May 9, Adriana will go away and Dorian will never see her again. She can go to Paris and marry John Pierre. At that point, she gets Dorian concerned that John-Pierre might “take advantage” of her daughter. Adriana tells her mother that if she cannot have Rex and she needs to recover her “broken heart," then it won’t matter who she ends up with. But, she clarifies, that won’t happen. Will it? She confirms to her mother that she (Dorian) will make certain that nothing prevents their wedding from happening on May 9.

In response to Todd’s inquiry about what Blair and Starr are secretly discussing, Blair tells him she told Starr that they just arranged to stay home in order to be there for her. At that point, Blair dismisses Starr and Langston. As soon as the two girls are gone and Blair is alone with Todd, she tells him that he might want to seriously consider that absence only makes the heart grow fonder. So maybe he should reconsider his ban on Starr seeing Cole. But Todd tells Blair that his decision is final that Cole is never to see their daughter again. Upstairs, Starr tells Langston she is very worried about her dad getting Cole nailed for shooting Miles Laurence. Yet she cannot accept never being with Cole again. Langston hugs her.

At the diner, Jared tells Natalie that he is happy to be part of her family. But there is something else he wants to tell her.

Layla goes to talk to Adriana. She informs her that Rex and Jared got into a fight at the diner. Adriana asks what they fought about. Layla replies it was over Gigi. Overhearing that, Dorian is a lot more “intrigued” by that than her daughter is. Layla tells the two of them that she doesn’t want to get in the middle of this. But she is concerned that Rex might still have feelings for Gigi. Adriana tells her that is quite alright. Gigi will no longer be an issue. And she looks at Dorian, asking her to confirm that Gigi will never be the “issue” that could break up Adriana and Rex. Dorian knows how she must respond to that.

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