OLTL Update Friday 3/21/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 3/21/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Layla goes to see Adriana and asks her if she’s set a wedding date. Adriana replies that it’s May 9. Layla is very happy to hear that. The two of them are happily together. But Rex does not look like he is content.

At the diner, Marcie enters and is very surprised to notice that Gigi is waitressing. She tells her she hopes she did not get fired from B.E. Gigi tells Marcie no. She and Viki are just filling in for Carlotta. Marcie asks Gigi how it’s gone so far working at B.E.. Gigi says nothing special has happened except that she spilled coffee, got in the middle of a big family secret and she kissed the boss. First hearing that, Marcie assumes that she is joking but she realizes that Gigi is serious.

At the B.E. office, Jared tells Charlie that he will never forgive him for leaving Jared and his mom. Charlie tells Jared that he had to leave. He believed that they were better off without him. But Jared tells Charlie that when he left Jared’s mother, Jared’s “new dad” beat her. Hearing that, Charlie tells Jared he wishes he had known and cold have done something about it. But Jared tells his father it’s too late. He knows all his father cares about is where he gets his next drink.

Todd calls Nora and tells her that she better keep Cole away from Starr. As the DA and as Cole’s legal guardian, she better do what he wants or Cole is going to jail and she will lose her job. She doesn’t want to listen to him, however. Todd is ready to lay down the law. Blair hears him on the phone and demands to know whom he is yelling at. Todd then yells for Starr to get her butt down there.

Adriana informs Layla that she and Rex planned to elope until Rex talked her out of it so that they could have the wedding of their dreams. Rex then tells them that they can discuss dresses and wedding arrangements alone. He tells them he has to go off and take care of some business. He has things to do. When he leaves and they are alone, Layla asks Adriana why she was so eager to get rid of Rex. Adriana replies that she needs to talk to her alone about Gigi Morasco.

At the diner, after Marcie hears Gigi tell her that she “kissed the boss”, Marcie asks her just which boss that would be. Would it be Bo? Gigi shakes her head. Marcie then asks if it was Natalie. Gigi then replies that it was Jared. Hearing that, Marcie asks about Gigi's new “relationship” with the newest Buchanan. Gigi clarifies that Jared is not exactly the “newest” Buchanan. He just didn’t know that he was one until recently. Marcie assures Gigi that she doesn’t judge nor plan to tell anybody. But she does seem interested and probes Gigi to tell her more. Gigi tells Marcie that that was a one-time thing and she doesn’t plan to “fraternize” on the job.

Not far away, Viki waits on Dorian and the mayor. Dorian smirks to see her “rival” in this role, waiting on her. But Viki does not want to let it bother her. She asks Dorian if she wants to gloat or if she wants to order because she has customers. Dorian and the mayor tell Viki they need more time and she can come back later. The mayor then tells Dorian that if the sole reason why she asked to meet him there and not at a more “upscale establishment” is to humiliate Viki, he is not impressed. Right then, Dorian remembers Charlie telling her that he knows how she can hurt Viki. And at that point, she affirms to the mayor that she agrees that there are far worse things Viki could be doing than waitressing.

Todd demands that Starr tells him why she was talking to Marcie and to John. If it is so that they can enable her to see Cole, then they are going to jail with him. She tells him she does not plan to answer that question. Blair tries to reason with her daughter, telling her she realized that Mrs. McBain was one of her favorite teachers, she babysat for her and they once got along well. But would Starr please tell them what her purpose was for going to Marcie’s home? Knowing that Starr will not answer, Todd then tells her he is going to get Cole put in jail. He gets on the phone At that point, Starr tells her father that she will tell him the reason she went to see Marcie. It had nothing to do with Cole. It was in regard to Sam. Hearing that, Todd asks her why she would go to Marcie’s because of Sam. She answers that she wants him to lose Sam. He’s not fit to raise him. Marcie should have him instead of her dad.

Adriana informs Layla that she came all the way home from Paris to surprise Rex. And right as soon as she walked in, guess who was there. Gigi told her that she and Rex were just doing some work together. But when she walked in, Gigi was crying. She looked lost in thought and Rex had headsets on and had no clue what was going on. She knows that there is some secret Gigi has. She believes that Rex suspects something. But neither of them is telling her anything.

At the diner, the mayor tells Dorian he assumes there is some other reason why she asked to meet him there other than to watch Viki Davidson wait tables. She tells him that she expects him to follow through on their “arrangement”. He asks her what she hopes to gain from their plan. She tells him he does not need to know. All he needs to do is get results.

Charlie tells Jared that he (Jared) is not responsible for what happened to Jimmy, his little brother. Jared was just a kid himself. And he did nothing wrong. But Jared tells his father that he was at fault. He was the big brother and should have protected Jimmy.

After Starr reveals to her parents that she believes that Marcie should be raising Sam instead of Todd, Blair asks her if she is serious. Starr tells them she is. Todd demands to know just what Starr told Marcie and John. Starr then informs him that she told Marcie that she thinks that Todd hurts too many people and is not fit to raise a baby and Sam would be better off with her. Blair asks Starr if she really had the gall to say all of this to Marcie when John McBain was there. Starr replies that she did. Todd asks his daughter exactly what else they discussed. Starr reveals that Marcie asked her if Todd hit Sam. And she replied yes.

Adriana concludes to Layla that maybe it was nothing. Maybe she is worrying for nothing. Maybe Gigi was crying just because she was sad about something. Layla tells Adriana that that is entirely possible. And maybe Adriana should go and talk to Gigi about it. She asks Adriana if she suspects that Rex might be the father of Gigi’s son. Adriana tells her she does not suspect that. But she reveals that she does not believe she’s going to get a straight answer out of either Gigi or Rex. Right then, she gets a call from an agent who wants to schedule her for work that will conflict with her wedding. At that point, she reveals that she believes that “somebody” wants to prevent her wedding from going through. Layla asks her if she believes that that person knows anything about the wedding date that she just set. At that point, Adriana realizes that she hasn’t told anybody about her wedding date except for her mother. At that point, she puts two and two together.

Rex and Layla to the diner and see Gigi waitressing. He asks her how things are going. But he obviously seems to want to talk to her about something else.

Cole is on the docks with Markko and Langston. They are planning a way for him to see Starr when Todd and Blair and everybody else is out of the house. But he gets a call from Nora. She tells him he has to meet her at the diner. It’s very important. He then tells them that he has to leave. When Markko and Langston are alone, he tells her that he is worried that she might be putting herself in danger in order to help Starr. He is worried about what Todd is capable of.

After Starr reveals to Todd that she informed Marcie and John that Todd abused Sam, he tells his daughter that she has to know that he would never abuse a child. She replies that he hurt Cole. He tells her that is because of what Cole did to her. She tells Todd that she is not like him. She does not make false accusations. So she did admit to Marcie and John that she lied when she told them that Todd abused Sam. She leaves to go up to her room. Alone with Todd, Blair tells her husband if they are going to make this marriage work, she does not want the “old Todd” back.

Charlie asks Jared why he would blame himself for his little brother’s death. Weren’t the two of them playing in the yard together when it happened? Jared replies yes. They went out in the yard to get away from “him”. He was yelling at their mom. And he didn’t know what to do about it. They knew they were going to get hit when he came outside. He (Jared) was ok. He could take it. But he knew it would be too much for his little brother. He knew that Jimmy was terrified. So he held onto him. But Jimmy ran off into the street. And he tells his father that he should have held onto him tighter. Hearing that, Charlie is stunned. But he tells Jared he must have realized that he was only 9 years old. Jared yells that he was his big brother. Charlie then concludes to Jared that he was their father and should have protected them both.

Cole goes to meet Nora at the diner and asks her what is going on. She informs him that she got a call from Todd. He told her that he caught Starr going to talk to Marcie and John behind his back and he suspected it was so that she could meet him (Cole). Cole assures his foster mother that he had no knowledge of Starr going to talk to Marcie and John nor that she was not plotting a plan to see him. She then tells him she’s glad that he can tell her that. She tells him that he must realize that Todd Manning is very paranoid and dangerous. And she thinks he would be well advised to stay away from Starr knowing what Todd is capable of. Clint is sitting with Nora hearing their conversation. And he asks Cole if he might be interested in an intern program. He can get him a summer job. Nora tells Clint she is very proud of his wanting to help Cole.

Charlie tells Jared that he mustn’t dwell in the past. They both did many things that they regret but cannot take back. Jared agrees and asks his father if he was going to see Viki. Charlie replies yes. Jared tells his father he does not want to keep him nor prevent him from seeing the woman he cares for. Charlie then extends his hand to shake with Jared. He tells his son he must be good to himself and be happy. Jared says nothing. Charlie then goes out the door. But once he is alone, he hangs his head and cries.

When Adriana is alone, she gets on the phone to call her mother. She asks her if she can come over and help her with some wedding planning. She informs her that Rex is gone. So they will be alone. But she obviously has something more planned for their “meeting”. Dorian then tells the mayor that she has to meet her daughter for a wedding emergency. Before she leaves she notices Nora and Clint together. She tells them they “blend in so well” and she hardly noticed them.

On the docks, Cole meets with Langston and Markko. She tells him exactly when everybody in Starr’s house will be gone so that he can get inside alone and unseen. She leaves. Alone, Cole tells Markko that he really hopes it doesn’t always have to be like this.

Alone in her room, Starr stares at the picture of her and Cole. But she has no clue what her friends are planning since she has no access to her cell phone. And she remembers hearing Todd tell her that she better stay away from Cole. If she does not, he will make certain that Cole goes away to prison and she will never see him again, ever.

Todd tells Blair that everything he does is for her and the kids. She tells him she realizes that. But she wishes he would tell her beforehand and not do things behind her back. She tells him they have to go to a formal occasion together. He asks her why they cannot just write them a check. He then asks her why they cannot bring Starr. She tells him that she wouldn’t want to come. Langston enters. Todd demands that she empties out her purse to make certain that she is not doing anything to enable Starr to see Cole. He leaves. Alone with Langston, Blair tells Langston that when she agreed to be her foster mother, she was hoping she could bring her into a happy home. Langston tells Blair it’s quite alright. She just has to finish some homework. She then sneaks off into the living room and opens up the patio door. At that point, Blair follows her out there and demands to know what she is doing.

Rex goes to the diner and Marcie probes him about his May wedding. Gigi cannot help eavesdropping. Charlie goes to the diner and finds Viki and is in awe that he sees her doing the same thing he saw her the first time he met her. It brings back some nice memories. She tells him that she is just filling in for Carlotta. And she asks if he wants to sit and talk. He tells her that he had his second interview. And he knows she has to get back to work. She admits to him that it brings back some good memories.

In response to Blair’s demanding to know why she opened the living room patio door, Langston tells Blair that she just wanted to get some fresh air. It’s finally getting warmer and she wanted to feel the breeze. And Langston makes a comment about how Starr would like to be able to have freedom and not watched over by guards everywhere she goes with everything she does. Overhearing that, Todd freaks. But Blair tells him they have to get going.

When Dorian arrives at Adriana and Rex’s apartment, Adriana asks her mother to put her purse down and have a seat while she gets her some Téa. While Dorian gets distracted looking through magazines at wedding and bridesmaid’s dresses, Adrian pulls out her mother’s PDA and is horrified to see the multiple messages Dorian has left to Adriana’s “business contacts” in Paris.. And it looks as though Dorian has secretly pulled strings to keep Adriana in Paris and prevent her from marrying Rex.

At the diner, Charlie admits to Viki that he does miss Paris, TX. She asks if he wishes he was back there. He tells her no. He’s glad he’s in Llanview. She is there. His son is there. Everything that matters to him is there.

Jared goes to the diner and runs into Nora and Clint. They can tell that he is not ok and has something on his mind. Gigi serves some cake to Rex and Layla, Marcie joins them. They all talk about Rex’s wedding. And Gigi is clearly very uncomfortable. Jared is alone in the diner. When Gigi sees him, she appears much more at ease. She leaves. Alone with Jared, Rex asks what his problem is. He is clearly not ok with Jared’s “friendliness” to Gigi. He tells him he does not trust him. He believes that he is stringing her along because she needs a job. He has been jerking Natalie around.. He’s been scamming, conning and scheming his way into BE. He knows guys like him. He plays with women and hurts them. At that point, they get into a brawl.

Dorian looks at the dresses in the magazine with no suspicions. But Adriana tells her she needn’t worry what to wear because she won’t be there. Right then, Dorian asks her daughter why she is snooping through her mother’s PDA. At that point, Adriana tells her she is a malicious bitch. She knows what she has done.

Todd and Blair return home because he has to “get things” before they leave for their event. But as soon as Blair walks in the door, she comes face to face with Cole, who believes he is safe to see Starr and not get found out.

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