OLTL Update Thursday 3/20/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/20/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Charlie calls Viki when she’s at the diner and tells her they will be together soon. She notices that Carlotta is a bit concerned over some family issues. Jamie is sick. Antonio is too busy working to come home. And she doesn’t want to leave her granddaughter with strangers. Hearing that, Viki offers to pick Jamie up. But Carlotta tells Viki she would not want to inconvenience her. She will just have Markko take care of her.

Jessica and Nash go to talk to Cristian about hiring him to do the art advertisements for Nash’s vineyard. But she can sense that he may not be completely on board with this. When they enter, Sarah presents the art logos. And Nash admits that it was not what he was looking for.

After Bo overhears Nora sharing with Clint that she cannot accept the fact that Lindsay is living with Bo, near Matthew and manipulating Bo, he tells her he’d like her to lay off of Lindsay. Hearing that, she apologizes and tells him that she did not want for Lindsay to come between them. She and Bo can agree to disagree. But, she reflects, that she was just talking to Clint about the situation because she knows that he agrees with her on this matter. But Clint tells Nora that that is not entirely true. Hearing that, she asks Clint if he is also being manipulated by Lindsay.

While Jared and Gigi are talking and it sounds like they get along pretty well, he kisses her and she does not stop him. Natalie and Rex walk in and see them. Unaware that they have been seen, he tells her that he made a mistake. She tells him that it’s not like her to consider kissing her “boss”. He clarifies that he is not exactly her boss. And they both reflect about what just happened.

Rex enters and tells Natalie that he wants to return Gigi’s scarf to her. But he could tell that she was “busy”. Natalie makes it clear that she is ok with the fact that both Jared and Gigi are moving on. She implies that Gigi makes out with “random bosses” in the boardroom and that she (Natalie) might be protective of Jared. . But, hearing that, Rex reveals that he may still have feelings for Gigi, might be worried that Jared will take advantage of her and that he does not deserve a woman like her.

Right then, it looks like Lindsay is overhearing Bo’s and Clint’s conversation.

Nash makes it clear to Cristian that he believes that his art work is cheap and lacking in quality.

Viki tells Carlotta that she is willing to wait tables for her while she goes and picks up Jamie. And she reminds her that she now has waitressing experience. Hearing that, Carlotta admits that she cannot picture Viki in such a role. But she goes and takes care of her family issues while Viki fills in for her.

Dorian goes to talk to Adriana and tells her that she was concerned that Adriana came home from Paris without telling her mother. She also asks her why she was not going to tell her about her wedding plans.. Adriana replies that maybe she was not going to make inviting her mother a priority, since Dorian looks down her nose upon Rex and his life style. Dorian then demands that her daughter tell her what the reason is for why she is rushing so fast to get married. What is up with that?

Natalie and Rex discuss the situation of her getting over Jared and his getting over Gigi. She reminds him that he is getting married soon. So he has to get over Gigi.

Jared and Gigi talk about his issues involving growing up without his dad in his life and how he did not even meet him until he was an adult. And they reflect that Shane might be going through the same thing. She then asks him if she could ask him a very personal question. She asks if he hated his mom for not telling him for all those years.

From the office shower, Lindsay hides and overhears Bo and Clint discussing whether they should trust Ramsey to know what’s in their files. Bo tells Clint that he believes it’s ok as long as Nora oversees the whole situation. While Lindsay overhears, she accidentally activates the shower and gets all wet. Bo then asks Clint if he would go and turn off the shower. He goes and turns it off, ignores Lindsay and doesn’t tell anybody that she was there.

Jared tells Gigi that he loved his mom. She was the best. Sure, she had her own problems but all people do. She asks him if anybody gave him the mistaken information that another guy was his dad. He admits to her yes. He heard that. They realize they must get back to work. But they are really making a connection in regard to their own respective personal situations.

Dorian tells Adriana that she has planned and invited many people to her wedding including the mayor. But now, she realizes she has to cancel it and it will be very embarrassing. She asks her why she does not let her mother plan her wedding. Dorian then implies that Adriana might divorce Rex and re-marry. Hearing that, Adriana is angry. And she sets Dorian straight that she is not about to follow in her mother’s footsteps. She plans to marry and stay married to Rex for the rest of her life.

Rex comes to the diner and talks to Viki. She asks him if he and Adriana have set a wedding date. He tells her that Adriana wants to get married in a few more days. Viki tells him that is great. She tells him it’s kind of odd that Natalie has not told her that. She reveals to Rex that she is not seeing much of her daughter. She works all the time. And he knows how Natalie is.. She is very protective and very stubborn. He then informs Viki that Natalie asked him to investigate Charlie. Hearing that, Viki is shocked that Natalie would go and do that behind her back. Rex tells Viki that perhaps Natalie merely is concerned that a skeleton in Charlie's closet might come out and bite somebody. He then tells Viki he has to go. She gets on her phone and calls Charlie. He tells her that he is in the middle of a job interview. But he doesn’t tell her much about the details. He then tells her that he will call her when he is done and maybe they can meet after dinner.

Clint tells Nora that he wishes they could get out of the building and spend some time together. He tells her he has to wrap up some things and he will talk to her in a couple of minutes. He closes the door so that she cannot see that he is keeping the secret that Lindsay in the shower overhearing the entire conversation. He then tells Lindsay she may come out now.

At the B.E. office, Natalie goes to find Gigi and informs her that she must have left a scarf at Rex’s place. He came by to deliver it. Hearing that. Gigi asks why, if Rex came all this way, didn’t he deliver it himself? Right then, Natalie asks Gigi if she has something on her mind. Gigi admits that she may involving what just happened in the boardroom (kissing Jared). Natalie then tells her that maybe they should talk about that.

Charlie comes to see Jared at the B.E office. He informs him that he just wanted to come by and visit and see the place where he works. He asks Jared if everything is still going ok. Jared replies no. He then closes the door so that nobody can overhear the conversation is about to have with his father.. He tells Charlie that he almost got caught on tape revealing that he is not a real Buchanan. Natalie had the tape recorder right in her desk drawer and almost heard the whole thing. He admits that she did not actually hear it. He was able to erase it in the nick of time. But it has brought out many feelings for him.

Bo goes to the diner and waits for Lindsay and is very surprised to notice that Viki is his waitress. She tells him that she did that for work for 5 months. She asks him how his new job at B.E. is working out for him. He admits that he does not feel as though he is suited for the corporate world. He would rather be serving the public.

Christian “re-does” his art with Sarah’s help. And all of a sudden, Nash tells him that he thinks that is exactly what he is looking for. And he tells them that Cristian was the guy they were looking for after all. And they reveal that it was Sarah who saved the day and found the right design. When Jessica and Nash leave and Cristian and Sarah are alone, they kiss.

Rex returns home to see Dorian visiting Adriana. He tells her that maybe they should find a date to set. He knows that she has been dreaming of the perfect wedding since she was a child. He does not want her to have to settle for a justice of the peace or anything less than what she dreams of. She then suggests May 9. And he tells her they will book it for that date. Dorian then tells them that that should give her plenty of time to plan the wedding of all of their dreams. Rex then informs them that he saw Viki at the diner. She was working there, filling in for Carlotta. And they talk about how it is uncharacteristic of Viki. Adriana tells them that Viki must have brought in a lot of business, as people would go there only to “gawk”. Rex remembers that he forgot to give her a tip for the coffee. Dorian tells him that Viki could care less about his 50 cent tip. Dorian leaves them alone. Adriana admits to Rex that he was right. She does want a special wedding. After she’s out of their apartment and alone, Dorian gets on her phone to call the mayor. And she is obviously scheming something.

Lindsay arrives at the diner and tells Bo she had to meet him there because she has something urgent to tell him.

At B.E., Natalie asks Gigi if she wants her to tell her what happened in the boardroom.. Gigi then explains that she spills coffee everywhere. And she was afraid, for a moment of getting fired. Natalie then tells Gigi that since the copier is down and her son needs her, maybe she can take the rest of the day off. Gigi tells Natalie thank you and she leaves. Alone in the office, Natalie is not certain what she’s going to do next.

Jared admits to Charlie that although he was very afraid of the consequences of being found out, going to jail and all, he kind of wanted the truth to come out. And at that point they talk about how Charlie is lying to Viki about his family situation. Charlie protests that he walked out on his family long ago because he believed he did not have a choice. Jared wants to walk away and tells his father he does not want to talk about it. But Charlie tells him they must talk about it.

At Rex’s apartment, he concludes to Adriana that Natalie will be able to wear a bridesmaid’s dress after all. And he wonders what his mother is going to do, given all of Roxy’s crazy ideas. He asks her if she is not having second thoughts nor wants to back out of this. She tells him that while she’s working and getting married, Layla can always cover for her. But right when Rex gets a call from Natalie and Adriana is alone, she reveals that she might not be ok with putting off the wedding.

Gigi goes to the diner and tells Viki she is very surprised to see her there. She tells Viki that she can help out. She really misses waitressing.

Lindsay informs Bo that she talked to Walt Honeycutt privately. He asks her why she would have talked to him alone and not told Bo. She told him she didn’t want him to think she was sticking her nose in their family’s business. But she is looking out for their company and wants to help.

Nora and Clint enter the diner. Nora tells Viki she is surprised to see her doing a waitress job. But she’s happy to see her. She hugs Viki. Clint, however, tells Viki that he is a bit concerned with her need to “find herself”. She tells Clint that he need not worry. Right then, she goes and asks Bo and Lindsay if she can take their order. Lindsay orders a veggie burger with gouda and sprouts. Viki is very meticulous about having it served just the way Lindsay wants it. She is ok with that. But right then, Dorian walks in with the mayor. And at that point, Viki reveals that she is not ok being seen by “everybody” she knows waitressing at the diner.

At B.E., there are more secrets to uncover.

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