OLTL Update Wednesday 3/19/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/19/08


Written By Jeannie

Rex and Adriana are in bed kissing. Adriana tells him she is leaving for Paris but wants to get married first. Rex thinks she’s kidding.

At BE Gigi cleans up a mess by the coffee maker. She remembers telling Rex about Shane and how he had his headphones on and didn’t hear. She says something about someone finding out the truth. Jared walks in and asks who found out the truth.

John stops by to see Antonio. He has something about Ramsey.

At BE Ramsey tells Natalie they have to talk. Natalie says if it’s about the fact that he stole her Uncle Bo’s job, she says all she has to say is it sucks. Ramsey follows her into her office and says it’s about something with BE’s Asian assets and maybe embezzlement. Bo comes in wearing sweats and asks what Ramsey is doing there.

Clint is working and Lindsay comes in and tosses a folder on his desk.

Dorian is calling Paris about Adriana and finds out she’s not there.

When Lindsay comes out of the private room wet from the shower. Clint asks her if she has kept the “secret” from Bo that she bailed him (Clint) out of this mess with Webster. She tells him that he has proven that he will stop at nothing in order to protect this company. That is what his father would have wanted. And there is nothing to be ashamed of. Hearing that, he says nothing. Before she goes out the door, she says to him: “you’re welcome.”

Adriana tells Rex she is going back to Paris tomorrow and wants to get married today. Rex is shocked. Adriana says this way Rex can come back with her and they can honeymoon. Rex stutters about the expense. She says it’s a business expense except for his airfare. She goes on and on about how great it will be and Rex says he’s not sure.

In the boardroom, Jared helps Gigi clean up. She says she was upset about spilling the coffee. He reassures her. He asks how things with Rex are and she stops and asks what he means. He says regarding the case and she tells him Adriana is back. Gigi offers to make another pot of coffee. He says its fine. He hands her the file and asks if she’s okay. She says she’s fine and he offers to listen if she ever needs to talk. He leaves.

Dorian is upset as she tells someone on the phone that she made a big investment in the company so they would keep Adriana in Paris. She realizes Adriana's plane landed hours ago.

Talia is on the phone, hangs up and tells John Antonio will be back soon. They talk about how Antonio is doing. Talia says he's being strong. They talk about Ramsey. Antonio comes in and asks what’s going on.

Ramsey jokes about Bo’s sweats. Bo asks if he is the fashion police. Ramsey says he’s here on official business and it’s about a fraud involving BE. Bo says that should be handled on a federal level. Nora comes in and agrees with Bo, but says Ramsey wants it handled by them. Ramsey says they will prosecute whoever is responsible and they will get a conviction.

Clint tells Lindsay to get the file off his desk. Lindsay says her stuff worked last time. Clint says that was a one-time thing. Lindsay says she had a chat with Honeycutt the other night. Clint warns her to stay out of BE business. She reminds him her last information helped. She says she doesn’t want him and Bo to fail.

Rex tells Adriana he wants to marry her but hesitates. Adriana says it must be her; he must be falling out of love with her. Rex says he’s rattled by the suddenness of all this, what’s the rush. She says Rex is all she thinks about in Paris. They kiss.

John tells Antonio he got this paperwork from his buddy in DC and it’s all about Ramsey. Antonio says he has papers of his own to work on and sits at the table. Talia asks about Capricorn. Antonio says Blair agreed to his asking price so he and Jamie can stay in the loft.

Lindsay says either it was the company or the drinks but Honeycutt opened up and mentioned a few names. Names he already mentioned to Clint and Bo. She went through Sam’s old files to find stuff and tries to show Clint. Clint says he doesn’t want to see it. Lindsay says so what. Clint says Asa’s worst enemy wouldn’t stoop to this. Lindsay urges him to use what she has. She says if they take the high road, they might lose everything.

Bo asks Ramsey for the real reason he’s here. He wants all evidence for the Harris York case. Bo tells Natalie not to give him anything. Nora hands them a piece of paper. Bo reads it and tells Natalie to give him anything he wants. He warns Nora to log everything in and keep it confidential. Gigi walks in, sees Ramsey and drops her files.

Antonio tells John he has a lot of work to do. Talia asks if there is anything in the file that’s less then ten years old. Talia says he did a lot of high profile embezzlement cases. John says it doesn’t make sense. Talia sees that he has a business degree and he was a model agent.

Gigi apologizes and Ramsey helps pick up her files. Nora leaves to get paperwork. Bo tells Ramsey he’ll get the papers soon. Ram says he can wait. Bo asks if he has a police station to run and Ramsey repeats that he can wait. He leaves.

Gigi closes the door behind him. Natalie apologizes to Bo for going to John first and not telling him or Clint. Bo understands. Gigi fixes the file and hands it to Natalie. Natalie asks her to clean up the boardroom. Gigi walks past Ramsey, going to the boardroom and he follows her.

Adriana and Rex are wrestling in the bed as Dorian knocks on the door. Adriana and Rex are shocked. He struggles into clothes and she runs into the next room. He answers the door.

Gig cleans up the room as Ramsey comes in. He remarks it’s quite a step up for her to working at BE. He points out how fortunate she is in her new life. He says he just wants to wish her well and good luck to Shane too. Gig is upset.

Bo tells Jared he doesn’t like Ramsey having access to BE records.

Lindsay urges Clint to use the file. They hear Nora coming and Lindsay hides. Nora kisses Clint then says she’s here on business. She asks for more files on the Harris York case and picks up the file Lindsay brought.

Dorian comes in as Rex pulls on his shirt. She sees Adriana’s suitcase and then Adriana comes in. She is excited to see her daughter. Adriana asks why she is here. Dorian says her and Roxy have been talking about the wedding. Adriana asks if Dorian had to drop everything and come and bombard Rex with all this stuff. Rex goes to make Téa.

Gigi is in the boardroom crying and worrying about bringing Shane here. Jared walks in and she rubs her eye and pretends to have allergies. Jared assures her its okay and nothing could be that bad.

Clint gives Nora the correct file. Nora says it’s lucky they caught it so soon.

Dorian asks what the synthetic fiber scarf is and Adriana says it must be Gigi’s. They tell her Gigi was Rex’s friend from high school. Rex takes the scarf and a file and leaves to go to BE. Adriana tells Dorian she is staying in town just long enough for her and Rex get married.

Gigi tells Jared she screwed everything up. He says she didn’t screw anything up. Look how great Shane is. Gigi says he’s the most important thing in her life. She says her mistakes aren’t the kind that can be corrected. She says Shane deserves so much more. Jared says Charlie is crazy about Shane too. Gigi says Charlie has a way of connecting to kids. She starts to say something about Shane’s father but starts to cry. Jared says she can’t bring Shane’s father back.

Rex goes into Natalie’s office and he tells her about Adriana‘s plan to get married before she goes back to Paris.

Ramsey meets Bo in the hall and talks about Asa. Ramsey says he hopes doesn’t have any hard feelings. Bo says the people of Llanview won’t cut him any slack. They discuss the men and woman on the police force.

Clint suggests Nora go down to the boardroom for coffee. She says she needs to vent. She talks about how she’s upset that Lindsay got away with killing Spencer and living with Bo. Lindsay is eavesdropping. Nora calls her a manipulative destructive person as Bo walks in. He tells her to lay off.

John and Talia discuss finding out more about Ramsey. Antonio tells them to leave it alone. John says it’s his neck. Antonio says he brought he files into his apartment, involved the woman he’s involved with and risks all their necks. John says it’s worth the price because of all Ramsey has done. John vows to stop him before he hurts anyone else.

Antonio and Talia are kissing and begin to undress. They stumble and finally go down onto the floor where they begin to make love.

Ramsey is on the phone asking someone if everything is okay and do they have everything they need. He says everything is moving as planned.

Nora tells Bo it’s admirable Bo is defending her but she’s a murderer and has gotten away with it twice. Bo asks to use the shower in Clint’s office so he won’t have to go back to the gym.

Adriana explains to Dorian why she’s getting married so quickly. Dorian says she wanted to show Rex something in the magazine. She pages through it and finds rent a star. Sarcastically, Adriana says maybe they can get Timbaland, and all her society friends can rock out to "The Way I Are." Dorian keeps talking about the wedding, and Adriana demands to know how Dorian found out she was here.

Rex talks to Natalie about Adriana and her rush to go to the altar. Natalie understands Adriana is lonely in Paris. Rex says Gigi was there when Adriana walked in. Natalie says ah ha. Rex goes to take the scarf to Gigi. Natalie answers the phone. It’s Jessica. She says something about the Palace. What would Jared be doing with Charlie Balsam?

Gigi tells Jared how things are going. Jared tells her she is doing great, good job and all. They talk about how Shane likes it here. Gigi says she could have done better. Jared asks what and Gigi starts to cry. Jared comforts her.

Out in the hall Rex drops off a file and goes into the boardroom where he sees Jared and Gigi kissing.

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