OLTL Update Tuesday 3/18/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/18/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Jared rushes to the B.E. office, afraid that the tape recorder has revealed the truth to Natalie. He opens the door and sees that she is talking to John. She informs him that John is there because this is a matter for the police. Hearing that, he is shocked and assumes he is in serious trouble. He tells her that he was hoping that she would have discussed it with him first. She tells him there is nothing to discuss. This is fraud and she intends to get a conviction.

Starr goes to see Marcie. She tells her, up front that she believes that Marcie needs to take Sam (or Tommy) away from Todd. Marcie hears that and cannot believe what she is hearing.

Todd goes to his penthouse and is surprised to see Ramsey there.

Gigi is in Rex’s apartment, rehearsing what will happen when she reveals the truth to him that Shane is his son. And she cries. But right when she believes she is alone and lost in thought, Adriana walks in the door.

Natalie tells Jared that when somebody betrays her family, they have betrayed her. Jared tells her that he knows that Nigel just “spilled the beans”. Hearing that, she is very baffled as to why he would mention Nigel. What did he have to do with it?

Adriana walks into the apartment and asks Gigi what is going on. Rex notices her, runs over and gives her a passionate “welcome”.

Sarah goes to get the door after a night with Cristian and notices Blair at the door. Blair is surprised to see the two of them sleeping together.

Ramsey tells Todd that he must know that he no longer owns the penthouse. Todd asks Ramsey what kind of scam he is pulling. Ramsey tells Todd that he now owns Todd’s property. And it’s no scam.

After Starr informs Marcie that she (Marcie) needs to take Sam (Tommy) away from her dad, Marcie asks Starr why she would say such a thing. She wants to know if Todd has hurt Tommy. Knowing that has never happened, Starr simply tells Marcie that her father hurts everybody. She is now suddenly realizing for the first time, that he is unfit to be a father to anybody. Marcie tells Starr that she cannot understand why Starr would come to see her and go behind her dad’s back with this matter like this. Hasn’t she always backed her dad before? Marcie knows something is going on. And she demands that Starr tells her whether Todd has hit Tommy. Hearing that, Starr remembers Todd asking her what is more important. Seeing Cole again or Cole’s freedom? And she replies to Marcie’s question: Yes. Her dad did hit Tommy. Hearing that, Marcie is horrified. She tells Starr that she could not believe that even Todd could hurt an innocent child. She tells Starr that she is right. Something has to be done about that. They have to get Tommy out of that house ASAP.

Ramsey tells Todd that he does own the penthouse and all of the property.

Jared obviously assumes that Natalie has found out that he has committed fraud by pretending to be Asa’s son. But she tells him he doesn’t need to get “all freaked out” over it. Assuming that she is furious at him and ready to nail him, he tells her that he knows she must want to go after both him and Nigel. But she tells him that she, in no way blames either him or Nigel. How could either of them have known about this issue of fraud? At that point, he has confirmed that she obviously is not talking about the thing is so afraid of. And both she and John wonder why Jared is so stunned over the situation and why he assumes that they would get him in trouble for something that really has nothing to do with him.

After Adriana returns home and notices Gigi with Rex, she asks what they are up to. But Gigi is completely unsettled. She watches them kissing and groping each other. After Rex goes out the door, Adriana notices that Gigi was crying when she walked through the door. And she asks Gigi what that was about. Gigi bluffs an answer and tells Adriana that she was not crying. She has really bad allergies. It was just embarrassing. Adriana asks her why it’s embarrassing to have allergies. She obviously knows that something is up. Gigi mentions that it may have looked odd to her and to Rex. In regard to Rex, Adriana informs Gigi that it’s kind of odd that when she called Rex only minutes before coming home and discovering him with Gigi, he did not pick up his phone. Hearing that and remembering that Rex was in the shower, Gigi does not know what to tell Adriana as to why Rex did not answer his phone when he was alone with her (Gigi). Gigi then goes out the door, wanting to leave Rex and Adriana alone. And she is very disappointed that her “timing” really sucks.

John asks Natalie why it was the Jared seemed so uncomfortable and nervous when they told him about “fraud”. She admits she does not know. He asks her how things are going between the two o f them. She tells them that Jared does a good job and has business savvy. John clarifies to Natalie that he is not asking about business. He is concerned about Natalie’s “interpersonal” interactions with Jared. He sounds like he is still looking out for Natalie.

Sarah leaves Cristian alone to talk “business” with Blair. She tells him that she is working to find a buyer for Capricorn and might have some prospects. And she asks him if he would really want to work for the new buyer. He tells her of course. He wants to manage the place. He still wants Blair to sing. And hopefully, the new buyer will want Sarah to be the band scheduler. And he asks her just who the “new buyer” is. Blair then replies that he is looking at her.

Todd tells Ramsey that they do have one thing in common. They both hate John McBain. He admits to Ramsey that that guy has caused him nothing but grief.

Starr tells Marcie that she must know that Tommy is so much better off with her and Michael. When he lived with them, he laughed and had fun and was happy. But since he’s been with Starr’s family, all he does is cry. And he’s not happy living there. Hearing that, Marcie tells Starr there is nothing she would like more than to have Tommy back. But she realizes that that is not going to happen. But Starr asks Marcie how she could say that. Marcie must realize that he is her baby. She has to take him back. Marcie tells Starr that she certainly misses Tommy. But she is very lucky not to have gotten put in prison. She kidnapped him. She is on probation and must stay out of trouble. And she cannot antagonize Todd any more. Realizing that there may be only one option for where Tommy can live, Marcie tells Starr that they have to place him in foster care. Although she would prefer that this didn’t happen, it’s better than having him in an abusive home. And Marcie reminds Starr that in order to remove Tommy from Todd’s home, she will have to testify. She asks Starr if she is ready and willing to testify against her own father. Hearing that, Starr realizes that she may not be ready to commit perjury under oath that her father abuses an infant. Marcie reminds her that that is the only way the courts will take him from his home is if somebody who is a part of the family testifies to what she has seen. She then asks Starr if she really has seen her father abuse Tommy. Starr replies that she wants her father to lose his baby for the rest of his life.

Rex and Adriana are kissing and ready to sleep together. But she tells him that she has to go back to Paris. They start undressing and going at it. And he asks her for how long. She asks what difference it makes. She is there now. So they have to go at it,

Gigi goes and talks to John when she sees him at the B.E. office. He asks her how Shane is. She tells him that he is adjusting pretty well. He remarks that living at Viki Davidson’s home must be a real change from staying with him. He asks her if Ramsey is giving her any trouble. She tells him not really any more. He then tells her he doesn’t really understand why it just so happens she plans on living in Llanview when Ramsey is the police commissioner. She does not answer that question and just tells him she has her reasons. Right then, John gets a call from Marcie.

When Ramsey is staying in Todd’s penthouse and affirming that he now owns it, Todd asks a security guard to remove Ramsey from the premises. But Ramsey informs Todd that he owns it and he will have Todd escorted out. Todd then asks Ramsey how much he wants for the place. Ramsey replies that it’s not for sale. Todd smirks and tells Ramsey he knows that everybody has a price. But the security guard tells Todd that Commissioner Ramsey owns the place and Todd is going to leave the premises. Right then, Todd gets a call. But he gets on the elevator with the security guard.

Marcie calls John after Starr has informed him that Todd abuses Sam/Tommy. John knows that something is up and asks to talk to Starr alone. He asks her if she is really sure about what she is saying. Starr affirms that Mrs. McBain just informed her that if they can prove that that has happened, Tommy will be put in a foster home. John affirms that is true and Todd will go to jail. Realizing that Starr has ‘motives” to have her dad put in jail, he asks her if she can elaborate on that. Starr admits to John that she wants her father to pay for what he did to her and to Cole.

At the B.E. office, Natalie talks to Gigi about how she notices that Rex and Adriana are going to get married. She remarks that she cannot imagine her brother settling down. He was married once before but it didn’t last. Hearing that, Gigi asks Natalie what was involved in Rex’s being married before, which she has never heard of before. Natalie tells Gigi it was very brief and not important in Rex’s life. But she concludes that Rex and Adriana are happily in love and ready to get married. Natalie and Gigi leave the office. And once again, Jared is waiting by the door, hoping he will be able to get his hands on the tape recorder. The moment he believes he is alone, he rushes in. At that point, Natalie tells him this is the third time today when she’s noticed him sneaking around and so intrigued about the tape recorder. She asks him what is up. He tells her that there is a secret that he and Nigel have that he does not want her to find out about. Natalie asks him just what kind of “secret” he and Nigel have about her. Jared replies it was his “feelings” for her. Hearing that, she tells him she doesn’t want to discuss that. He concludes to her that he did not want her to hear, on the tape recorder, his conversation with Nigel about what she meant to him. But she tells him she is very glad that they found out the “truth” (that he is her uncle). And she asks him why it is that he was so intent and obsessed about removing that from the tape recorder so that she couldn’t hear it.

Cristian asks Blair why she would want to buy out Capricorn. She asks him why he would be surprised that she would. Is he implying that she might be concerned that Todd would not “let” her? He admits that that was part of it. She then affirms to Cristian that she does what she wants when she wants and Todd does not control her. And she tells Sarah that she wants her to be a part of Capricorn. She then tells the two of them that they may continue what they were doing. And she goes out the door. And as soon as they are alone, they go at it again.

Starr tells John that this is the last thing that she wanted. She does not want her little brother to be put into foster care because of her. She just doesn’t want her dad to ruin his life. When Marcie enters, John tells her that she does not think this is about Tommy. This is about Starr and Cole. Marcie then asks Starr if she has lied to her about Todd beating Tommy. Starr protests to Marcie that she won’t let her father get away with what he has done. At that point, Todd bangs on the door and asks Starr if she is in there. Starr demands that he tells her how he found her. He informs her that he pays his “home boy” to tail John McBain. So he informed Todd that he went to Marcie’s when Starr went there. Starr tells Marcie and John she is very sorry to have gotten them involved in this. Todd then tells Marcie she is a baby kidnapping criminal and she better stay away from his daughter. And he’s not going to let John near his family ever again. He knows this is all about Cole. He knows that John wants to make false accusations against him because of Cole. John and Marcie escort Todd out the door of her apartment. Starr leaves with her dad.

Adriana tells Rex that she won’t go back to Paris until they are married. Hearing that, he is not “happy” knowing that there is still some unfinished business.

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