OLTL Update Monday 3/17/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/17/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Roxy ask Rex when Adriana is coming back from Paris. She warns her son if she does not come back soon, then “that Gigi girl” might be moving in on him. Rex protests to his mother that he and Gigi are only friends. Adriana is his fiancé. But Roxy knows that there is more to it than that.

Gigi takes Shane to Marcie’s and asks her son to let them talk privately Marcie admits that she finds it very coincidental that Gigi knew Rex from way back in Michigan. It just so happened that she met Gigi in Texas. And she knows Rex really well. She also informs her that Rex and Adriana re getting married soon. Hearing that, Gigi does not look like she is ok with that.

At the station, John, Antonio and Talia are “conspiring” about what they are going to do in regard to Ramsey. He knows that they are talking about him behind his back and he demands to know what is going on.

Cole has heard say that she never wants to see him again and he’s not going to accept that.

Todd tells Blair he hopes their daughter has the good sense to realize she has to let Cole go.

Langston tells Starr that she knows there is something going on that is not ok if Starr has given up on Cole. She must realize that he loves her. But Starr does not want to talk about it.

Cole reads the letter where Starr wrote to him that she believes it’s best that they never see each other again. He shares it with Jared. Right then, Jared gets a call from Natalie. She tells him that the best way to find out what kinds of things people are up to is to record it. You can find out so many things that you would never be able to grasp otherwise when you hit the PLAY button. Hearing that, Jared is speechless. He does not know what to say. And he has a flashback of Nigel asking him if he plans to end the charade and reveal to the family that he is not a Buchanan. He wonders if she might have recorded that.

Roxy asks Rex if there is something that he is not revealing about his relationship with Gigi. She noticed that there were tons of pictures which must reveal that he and Gigi had something very serious. She is also very curious about Gigi’s son. She inquires just how old Shane is and who his real father is. Hearing that, Rex clearly does not want to talk about it and snaps at his mother that Shane’s real father is a Navy SEAL. End of discussion.

At Marcie’s, Gigi is having difficulty answering the questions about Rex. Shane overhears their conversation and tells Marcie that Rex was his mom’s boyfriend. Gigi asks him not to be eavesdropping on their conversation. She goes off to work and Marcie is alone in the apartment with Shane.

Natalie tells Jared that she recorded the conversation they had with Webster when he and Nigel were in the other room. Hearing that, Jared is very worried that that recording will reveal his “secret” with Nigel. So he asks her if he can have that recording. He has to get it out of her possession. He hangs the phone up and informs Nigel that Natalie has recorded everything. Nigel asks him if that means she knows. Jared replies that she may not yet. But if she plays that recording, she will. SO he has to get to the B.E. office and get a hold of the tape ASAP.

Starr attempts to rationalize to Langston that she and Cole are through. Their relationship has had too many complications and they must go their separate ways. But Langston does not buy that and demands to know what is going on that Starr is not revealing.

Todd tells Blair that he determined to keep Starr away from Cole. Blair asks him how he plans to accomplish that, short of moving to Hawaii. Todd replies that he need not move her to Hawaii. He knows ways to move somewhere close by where there will be no way for Cole to be able to see their daughter.

At the police station, John, Antonio and Talia are scheming and Ramsey demands to know what is going on that they are not telling him about. He tells John that he has observed that Detective Vega needs his job and not about to “bite the hand that feeds”. So he suggests that John does the same. Ramsey leaves. Antonio reveals to John that he is not about the “defy the commissioner”. John tells Antonio he cannot roll over and let Ramsey treat him and the department this way. But Antonio tells John he must back off. He knows what he has to do.

Starr tells Langston that she has no choice except to give up on Cole. Langston asks her just what her dad did. Starr tells Langston that she just wants this to stop and be over once and for all. Langston asks Starr how this could suddenly be happening. How could she be making this decision?. Only days ago, Starr concluded that she loves Cole more than anything and will fight for him. Starr tells her that she has learned that sometimes when you love somebody, you have to let them go and put their needs before your own. In response to that, Langston tells Starr that what her dad is doing to them is abuse.

Right then, Starr goes into the other room to collect something she left there. She does not give her dad the time of day.. She goes out the door.

Roxy informs Rex that she talked to Lois about Shane’s dad. And she was able to get some information about Gigi’s son’s dad. Rex pretests that they cannot be violating Gigi’s privacy. She is raising her kid on her own. But Roxy protests that she understands, all too well what it’s like to be a single mom and not have a dad for your kid. She tells him that she hopes he realizes that she only loves him and wants what is best for him.. She tells him that she thinks he and Adriana need to move somewhere out of the area. And she concludes that she thinks it’s really good that “that Shane kid” is not his. Because it would put a real damper on his relationship with Adriana.

At the B.E. office, Natalie remarks to Gigi that Rex is really taking a liking to Gigi’s son. Gigi reveals that she is not ok. Natalie asks her what is wrong with the fact that her (Natalie's) brother is developing a relationship with her (Gigiís) son. Gigi wants to change the subject and the commence talking about business. Natalie leaves Gigi alone in the room. At that point, Gigi turns on the mysterious tape recorder where we hear Nigel talking about Mr. Buchananís (Asa) mysterious son. Natalie goes out the door and meets Jared at the door. He is very relieved to see that she (Natalie) has probably not heard the recording as of yet. But when he goes into the office and notices that Gigi is hearing the whole thing, he hears the conversation leading up to the “big startling revelation”. And he asks Gigi if she would please help with some work in the other room. Gigi then shuts off the recording, not yet hearing anything “interesting” and she goes out the door. At that point, Jared breathes a sigh of relief to have the tape recorder in his possession where nobody can hear it without his knowing.

Antonio tells John that he cannot afford to risk getting fired. Maybe John can afford to be without the job. But Antonio cannot. He has a daughter to support. If John wants to go after Ramsey, he may do that but he is on his own. Talia then follows Antonio and asks him what is going on. But Antonio cannot answer that.

Todd talks on the phone to some of his “business contact” Blair disapproves of what he is doing. But he has Sam with him. Sam seems to be comfortable with his dad holding him and bouncing him in the air. Todd talks to his infant son telling him that some day he will hear the story of how his dad fought to keep him. He tells Sam that he and his big brother and sister mean everything to him and he won’t let anybody or anything come between them. Right then, Starr enters and overhears their conversation at the door. At that point, she knows she has to “do something”.

At Marcie’s, Shane inquires about her son, Tommy. She tells him that he is now living with his new family and his name is Sam. He asks her about that guy, Rex. She replies that she knows Rex. He’s a friend of hers’. He’s a nice guy. He also asks her if she does not find it odd that his mom keeps telling him that his real dad was a Navy SEAL yet he’s never seen any pictures of him. He tells Marcie he does not get the fact that his mom has so many pictures of Rex yet none of his real father. Marcie seems to realize that she cannot answer that nor disagree that it’s odd.

Antonio asks Talia if she really fails to understand why he cannot be as bold with Ramsey as John is. He tells her he wishes that she could realize that he has a daughter to support. John can afford to take his chances. But he (himself) can’t. She asks if maybe they could meet after work and discuss that privately. But before he can even answer or consider that, Ramsey yells: “Vega! In my office!” which prompts Antonio to jump like an obedient slave.

Gigi goes to Rex’s apartment. He has just gotten out of the shower and has only his shorts on. He tells her he has to get dressed but she may stay and wait for him and they can talk. She then looks at a picture of him and Adriana. And she has a flashback of Shane asking her if she has any secrets. At that point, Rex enters and tells her he can talk.

Natalie enters the office right before Jared has had a chance to remove the tape recorder. She asks him what he is doing. She tells him that she has that thing in the desk drawer for a reason. She wonders why he keeps staring at the tape recorder. And she tells him he must realize that she knows what she is doing. And she informs her that her uncle Bo needs to talk to him.

At Nora’s, John asks Cole what he has been up to. He can tell that Cole has not given up on Starr. He tells him for now, he has to stay away from her or Todd Manning can really make trouble for him. Cole then replies that that may not be a problem. Starr informed him, last night that she wants nothing more to do with him.

Right then, Starr walks out the door but realizes that there are guards all around. A guy corners her at the door. She tells him she forgot that she is in a prison. But she asks if maybe just this once he could go with her. She does not intend to see Cole. She has somewhere else to go. The guard, then agrees to accompany and approve of where she is going.

Rex tells Gigi that he is more than willing to help her with “business” if she can help him. Maybe she can get something on the B.E. files for him. And they can have a business relationship. But at that point, as soon as she observes his lap top, she notices the romantic picture of him and Adriana. And that makes her very unsettled.

Antonio obediently goes to Ramsey’s office. Ramsey talks to him about Talia. He implies that he believes that Officer Sahib has a good record and for that reason he is teaming her up with McBain. He doesn’t want any “fraternizing” with Antonio and his girlfriend on the job.

Todd tells Blair that he can move the family into his penthouse and seems very content when he goes out the door. She holds Sam and speaks to him alone, telling him that she knows how to prevent Todd from getting the penthouse.

Starr goes to talk to Marcie in her apartment. Marcie is surprised to see Starr and asks her what is up. Starr tells Marcie that before this whole mess came down involving the custody battle with her baby brother, they got along great. Marcie was her teacher. She babysat and was friends with both Marcie and Dr. McBain. Marcie tells Starr she remembers but wonders why Starr would come over and be so “civil” all of a sudden. Starr then tells Marcie that she is there in order to tell her something that might be of value for her to know. Marcie listens intently.

John is concerned that Cole is not ok with losing Starr. He then gets an important call and goes out the door. Before he’s gone, he tells Nigel that he would like to stop by tonight if that’s ok. Nigel says he’s cool with that. As soon as John is gone, Nigel gets a call from Jared who tells him he has just managed to “succeed” in preventing Natalie from hearing their private conversation that he is not Asa’s son. But it was a very close call.

Right then, we see Natalie in the B.E. office. She is on the phone telling somebody she needs them to come down their ASAP. She has just found out something that could affect the entire family.

Ramsey goes out the door. Talia observes him and tells Antonio she’s never seen him move so fast. She wonders what he’s up to. Antonio reminds her that it’s none of their business. But she tells him that she wishes he would not shut her out.

Gigi and Rex go over the transcript from the board meeting. He tells her that sometimes “sub-text can reveal many things that somebody’s direct words do not reveal. It’s not what people say as much as it’s what they don’t say. And he reveals to her that Bo is always telling him he has a ‘6th sense” about it. Hearing that, she knows that she has a big dilemma on her hands. And she tells him that she has noticed how close he and Shane have gotten. It’s not unlike the “connection” that Rex has developed with Charlie. It’s because Charlie is Rex’s dad. And now they are all living in the same town. And it’s been making her wonder if all of this is “meant to be”. And what she means by this is that Shane’s dad is not whom she wants everybody to believe he is. She cries and doesn’t know how she can go on. She admits that she lied to Rex. She lied to both him and to Shane. And she cannot do it anymore. So she has to tell him that he is Shane’s father. She is “rehearsing” this the whole while when Rex is not in the room. She believes she is completely alone. But suddenly, when she least expects it, Adriana walks through the door to hear the startling revelation.

Langston goes to see Cole and tells him that she really wishes he would go to group today. It cannot hurt.

Starr is about to tell Marcie something that she is hesitating to tell her. Marcie asks Starr what is on her mind. Starr then reveals to Marcie that this is about Sam. She tells Marcie that she believes that she (Marcie) should take Sam back from her (Starr's) dad.

Jared rushes into Natalie’s office and notices that she is talking to John. She tells him that she has just discovered something very serious. And this is a matter for the police.

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