OLTL Update Friday 3/14/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 3/14/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Todd tells Starr he will restore her cell phone privileges with the “approved” phone numbers accessible to her. Hearing that, she knows that that means that she is banned from calling Cole. She asks her father why he is punishing her and making her live in a “prison”. She didn’t do anything wrong. Blair then follows Todd into the other room and asks him just how long he plans to keep this up. He tells her that he is protecting their daughter. She asks him what from? He tells Blair that Cole is dangerous and he’s going to get in trouble. Blair asks Todd if he plans to get Cole falsely accused of rape. He replies no. Not rape. He plans to get him prosecuted for shooting Miles Laurence.

Right then, Cole is having a flash back of the day he accidentally shot Miles Laurence with the intent to shoot Ramsey for what happened to his mom.

At Viki’s, it’s Shane’s birthday. Gigi want to give her soon the proper celebration and presents that he wants. But eh is asking too many questions that she does not want to answer.

At the B.E. office, Rex comes to talk to Natalie. She tells him she is concerned about some of the things he is doing. He leaves. Alone with Jared, she tells him she is also concerned about him and wants to know some of the secrets he is obviously not telling anybody.

Charlie comes to see Viki and informs her that he realizes that Dorian is scheming and trying to break them up. But he set her straight that he will not let her get in the way of their relationship nor be manipulated by Dorian. Hearing that, Viki tells him good for him. And she informs him that Dorian never gets very far with any of the things she “plans” to do. She can only get the goods on a person when she knows some sort of “secret” about them. And Viki tells Charlie that she knows that there is no “secret” she could possibly know about him. Charlie looks at her silently realizing that things are not as simple as that.

A big package comes to Viki’s home for Gigi with old pictures. Shane seems very interested in seeing at what his mom looked like when she was in high school. And he also notices that there were pictures of Rex. He then asks why there are no pictures of his dad. Viki enters and asks them what is going on.

Roxy goes to talk to Charlie. He tells her he is more than willing to stick to the plan that have agreed to involving making Rex believe that Charlie is Rex’s father. She notices that Charlie is being uncharacteristically cooperative. She asks why he would help her with this and just what is in it for him. He cannot answer that.

Renee comes to B.E. and makes it clear, yet again, that she thinks the world of Jared. She hugs him. Nigel looks at them disapproving.

Blair tells Todd that he must know that Starr will never forgive him if he sends her boyfriend to jail. Todd tells Blair that Starr will have to realize that she must stay away from Cole if she doesn’t want that to happen.

Cole meets with Langston and Markko by the docks where he shot Miles. They have a plan that will hopefully enable him to see Starr again. And he tells the others that this better work.

Blair goes and talks to Starr alone in her room. She tells her daughter that she knows how important a “first love” is.. And she knows how painful it is when it ends. Hearing that, Starr knows that her mother is going to agree with her father to prevent her from seeing Cole and asks her why. Blair tells her daughter she realizes that her father has gone too far. But she agrees that Starr is too young to be having sex. Starr protests that she wants to be there for him and share everything with him. Cole lost both of his parents and she’s not going to abandon him. Blair tells her daughter that she understands that. But she tells her that when we love someone, maybe we need to think about what is best for them and put that before what we think is best for us. Starr tells her mother that she is not being selfish. Blair tells her she realizes that. But Starr needs to listen very carefully. Todd intends to send Cole to prison if they see each other again. And she asks Starr if she loves Cole enough to let him go.

Cole informs Markko that he has not seen Starr since the night in question. It was supposed to be the best day of their lives. It was going to be the last day they would be together. But it turned into a nightmare when Mr. Manning found them together. He wants to get him accused of rape and wants him never to see Starr again.

Blair tells Todd that he never told her what happened when he went to the police station to press charges against John. He tells her he need not tell her the details. She asks him if he talked to Ramsey. Todd informs Blair no. And all she needs to know is that he plans to protect his family.

Viki observes the box Gigi got with all of her possessions shipped form Texas. She tells her she assumes that this will help Gigi and Shane feel more at home. Shane engages with her and shows her all the pictures. But Gigi has a secret and doesn’t want to discuss it with anybody.

Natalie asks Renee if she wants to take a walk with her. They leave the room and Jared and Nigel are alone. Nigel remarks that Jared seems “quite at home” there. Jared asks if he thinks that and he remarks that he “got what he wanted”. At that point, Nigel can tell that something “changed” that Jared is not happy with.

Roxy tells Charlie that she does not want money from him or anything. She has reasons for wanting Rex to believe that Charlie is his father.

Rex talks to Viki and she asks him how he feels about finding his real father and about his “relationship” with Gigi.

Nigel asks Jared if he is considered “ending the charade” and informing the family that he is not really a Buchanan. He tells him if he is, then this whole operation needs to be handled very delicately. He can help him move out of town and make himself scarce because he could be in deep trouble. But Jared informs Nigel that he does not plan on leaving town. He won’t be a coward. There is something else going on with him. He does not like living a lie. He doesn’t want to lie to Natalie nor prevent them from having a future together.

Rex and Viki enter the room where Roxy and Charlie are talking privately and ask them what is going on. Knowing that they better keep them believing that Charlie is Rex’s father, Charlie tells Rex that he admits he feels a bit awkward reunited with his adult son that he never know about after all this time. Roxy goes out the door. Alone with Charlie and Rex, Viki tells the two of them that she thinks that it’s great that they are bonding after finding out they are father and son.

Langston and Markko go to see Starr and tell her they can help her to see Cole. But she remembers that her father has laid down the law to her that the only way she is going to stay in Llanview and keep Cole out of jail is if she stays completely away from Cole at all times.

At Viki’s, Shane shows Rex and Roxy some pictures of his mom back in the old days before he was born. Gigi looks uncomfortable. Roxy asks her son if he and Gigi used to know each other. Rex explains they knew each other back in Michigan. Rex tells Shane he has a birthday gift for him. It’s a comic book. That is, if it’s ok with his mom. She tells Rex it’s fine with her.

Todd goes to Viki’s and tells his sister they need to talk alone. He asks Charlie to go and make himself scarce. Charlie leaves and Viki demands that her brother tells her why he was so discourteous to Charlie. Todd replies that it was because Starr was raped.

Starr is writing a letter to Cole afraid that she might get in serious trouble if she ever attempts to see him again.

At the docks, Cole and Markko talk alone about his situation with Starr. Cole also reflects to Markko that he (Markko) has gotten serious with Langston. And Cole remembers when they first met, Markko was the real “player” and not willing nor able to settle down.

Rex and Shane talk about his grade level and his age. And Shane is about to tell Rex when, exactly his birthday is. But at that point, Gigi interrupts her son to prevent him from revealing exactly when he was born to Rex. Wonder why? Rex leaves and Shane asks his mom why she did not want him to tell Rex when his birthday was.

Natalie is alone in the office knowing that Jared is keeping a secret.

Langston goes to the docks to meet with Cole and Markko. She informs them that Mr. Manning has Starr on close watch. He has body guards all around her to prevent her from going anywhere he won’t know about. And he blocked Cole’s number from her cell phone. She then tells Cole she has a letter that Starr has asked her to bring him. He reads it and Starr writes that it may be best that they don’t see any more of each other. Hearing that, Cole rushes off and tells the others that he cannot accept that.

After Todd informs Viki that Starr was raped, she reveals that she finds it hard to believe that Cole Thornhart would rape Starr. She doesn’t believe that he would ever hurt her. Todd tells his sister that he has to protect his family at all costs and hopes she understands.

Cole rushes to see Starr and stands outside her bedroom window. He tells her that he refuses to give up on her. He loves her and she must talk to him. She walks away but knows she cannot let him go. Blair comes to her room and tells her she has to. Markko and Langston rush to find Cole and tell him he better get away from Starr’s window. He could get thrown in jail. Blair tells Starr she must get over Cole. Starr tells her mother she cannot and will not. This is just not right.

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