OLTL Update Thursday 3/13/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/13/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Jessica and Nash are at the bar and happy to be together. And she asks him how it went when she “sent” Cristian to seek him out for a job. He tells her that it’s ok that she told him that “somebody” might need a job but didn’t reveal to Nash that it was Cristian. The interview went good, he tells her. Although he could tell that Cristian was a bit “distracted” because Antonio lost all his money. She admits that she just recently talked to Antonio about the situation.

At the station, Antonio goes to find John and Talia. John tells her he heard what happened and is willing to help if there is anything he can do. Antonio tells him he could buy out Capricorn. But John tells Antonio that, as they know, he cannot afford to do that with his paltry salary. Right then, Ramsey calls Antonio in his office. And he tells him that he never knew that Llanview had a “millionaire” cop. Doesn’t that, right there, reveal that Ramsey is the reason for Antonio losing everything?

Lindsay comes to B.E. to see Bo. Both Clint and Nora are not happy to see her. Clint goes and talks to Natalie. She tells him she did a cost analysis about what has happened throughout the last 6 years. And she’s found out that somebody has been working against them. Clint tells his daughter that he is impressed with her work. But he needs to talk to Jared and check out his “figures”. But Jared is not there. Clint demands to know where he is.

Jared goes to the palace to meet with Charlie. Dorian intercepts him. She seems to be the only person in Llanview who knows the big secret that they are father and son.

In Ramsey’s office, he tells Antonio that it must have been a real shock to have lost all this money. But at least he won’t be like his former boss who was always off his game because he didn’t have to work. Antonio must realize that Bo did not need his job with all of his family’s wealth. He’s glad that Antonio will need the money. He prefers to have people working for him that work because they have to. And he talks about Talia, being one of those people. In response to that, Antonio tells Ramsey that this sounds very much like he (Ramsey) knows a lot and might have something to do with this whole situation involving the Santi organization.

John and Talia talk privately and she expresses to him that she knows what is going on and she is afraid that Antonio will lose his job at this point.

Lindsay talks to Bo alone and tells him she knows than he is not ok with being out of a job. He tells her that he misses his job and doesn’t feel useful anymore. She tells him that she believes that he is a hero to be helping his family and should not believe that anything he does is not meaningful. And she shows him some pictures and paintings she has of Asa. He is very happy that she has brought them.

Nash asks Jessica if the reason she helped Cristian get the job is because she feels sorry for him. She admits that she feels responsible for Antonio losing his money. He asks her why she could possibly be responsible for Antonio’s loss. She replies that she may not be responsible for the loss. But she was the one who pushed him to take the money from the Santi family, in the first place, although he did not want to . So she really thought she had to do something about it. She tells him she’d rather not talk about Antonio.

At B.E. Clint gets angry when he finds out that Jared has just taken off without telling anybody when they are in a crises. Natalie tells her father that maybe he should not be so strict with Jared and jump to conclusions. But Clint tells his daughter that it is unacceptable for Jared to be elsewhere. He wants to be part of this family, yet he doesn’t think he has any responsibilities.

Jared sits with Charlie and Dorian at the palace. He pulls out a tape recorder. Dorian asks what that is. Charlie then asks her if she likes playing “show and tell”. The two men play the tape for her where she asks Charlie who would believe and “ex con” like Jared over one of the most respected citizens in Llanview (meaning herself). She loses her confidence when she hears her voice on the recording.

Ramsey tells Antonio that he is just a new police commissioner who was previously an FBI agent. He has no agenda. But he does think it’s very important that his officers focus on their jobs when they work for him. Antonio tells his “boss” that his bank account never affected his work. At that point, he gets a call from Jamie. He informs Ramsey that he usually doesn’t take personal calls on the job. But this is from his daughter. Ramsey then tells him that’s interesting if he has a daughter and asks where her mother is. Antonio admits that she died and took her own life. At that point, Ramsey tells Antonio that it’s ok with him if Antonio takes extra hours if he needs more money. Antonio walks out the door and reveals to Talia and to John that he is not ok. They talk privately about what they are going to do in regard to Ramsey’s crooked dealings and what has just happened to Antonio. Right then, when Ramsey is alone in his office, he does a SEARCH on Antonio and the Vega family.

Nash assures Jessica that the vineyard will be a big success. She need not worry. So, he suggests, maybe they should celebrate. He suggests a romantic dinner and then a night alone in the palace. He tells her things are finally going his way and they are only going to get better. He appears positive. But it looks like they are both privately suspicious about something.

Lindsay talks to Clint alone and tells him she’s happy that he was able to “defeat” Virgil Webster. But she implies that he would not have been able to do it without her “help”. At that point, he closes the door so they can talk alone. And he sounds angry when he tells her they need to get one thing straight.

Jared and Charlie tell Dorian if she even considers blackmailing them, she will be slitting her own “bejeweled throat”, They remind her that she enabled them both to lie. And if she intends on taking them down, they are taking her with them. And that would not look good if word gets out about one of “Llanview’s most respected citizens”. At that point, she knows that she is cornered.

Antonio shows John and Talia the “Big file” that Ramsey assigned them. He admits that he was not able to find anything else on the suspects. John asks if it’s credible. They all admit that they do not know. John leaves Antonio and Talia alone. She asks him what happened when he spoke to Ramsey alone. Antonio then admits that “for a minute” Ramsey almost seemed human and talked to Antonio like a human being.

Right then, Ramsey is alone in his office doing a thorough background check on Antonio. He then immediately gets on the phone and makes some calls. Right then, Talia enters his office and asks if he “needs any help” At that point, he asks her what she thinks she’s doing sneaking up on him.

At the B.E. office, Clint and Lindsay discuss the situation where she “pulled strings” to help him defeat Virgil.

Natalie is trying and failing to reach Jared on his cell phone after Clint tells her Jared better check in with them soon.

Dorian tells Charlie that he is a drunk. Jared is an ex-con. She is a doctor and has friends in high places. Hearing that, Jared reminds her that there is one person in “high places” whom he knows is not Dorian’s friend. She happens to be the DA and is very willing and able to get convictions on Dorian for things like this. Dorian cannot respond to that. Charlie then asks Dorian just what she thinks that Nora Hanen would say or do if they played that recording for her.

Talia tells Ramsey that she is there with the case that he wanted. She then asks him if there is anything else he needs. He tells her he’d like her to “stick around” just in case her boyfriend and McBain fail to find what they are looking for at the docks.

John and Antonio are at the docks doing their “assignment” But they are using the walkie-talkie to talk about what is going on with Ramsey. Right then, two suspicious characters enter. John and Antonio watch and hide.

Bo enters and asks Clint and Lindsay what they were talking about. She tells him that she was just concerned and hoped she could do something to help them with their issues involving Webster. She then tells the two brothers that she will leave them alone. She knows they have some important work to do. When Bo is alone with Clint, he tells his brother that he might want to try to be a bit more “civil” to Lindsay.

Dorian tells Jared that regardless of what he thinks he can do to her, she knows that the Buchanans will go after him when they find out that he has scammed them in order to bilk money from them. He tells her that the reason he did what he did had nothing to do with taking their money. She asks what, then, it would have to do with. Charlie then tells Dorian that she is in no position to blackmail either one of them. She then tells the two of them that she is very surprised that they were able to “do this together”. She leaves and Jared can tell that Charlie has something going on and he asks his father what is up. Charlie then tells his son that he thought about what she said in regard to the two of them being able to work together.

Not far away, Dorian gets on the phone and calls Ramsey.

Charlie admits to Jared that he is very impressed by his son’s savvy. Jared admits to Charlie that he was never proud to be his son. But Charlie tells his son that he realizes that he cares very much about the Buchanans and that he (himself) was part of the reason why he was driven to them. Jared then tells Charlie that he knows that he (Charlie) has a lot at stake there. He knows how much Charlie cars about Viki. And the two of them need to work together in order to protect their “secret” Right then, when they are both completely unaware, Jessica enters and is surprised to see the two of them together. And she asks them just what the “secret” they are talking about is. Jared then chuckles and tells Jessica there was no “secret”. He was just buying dinner for the guy who saved his life. Hearing that, she reveals that she kind of questions that answer and asks if that means, since Jared saved her life, that she owes him dinner. And at that point, she tells him that there is an emergency at B.E. And they need him to get over there. Right then, Jared departs.

There are two guys on the docks whom John and Antonio are watching. They pull guns on them and frisk them. And they read them their rights after finding some drugs and contraband in their possessions.

Bo and Clint get a visit from a Texan named Honeycutt whom was a friend and ally of Asa’s. He tells them he’s sorry that have had to deal with Virgil Webster. He tells them he’s not certain if he can help but he will throw some names there way.. And Bo assesses that their father had his share of friends but also his share of enemies. Honeycutt tells Bo he is sorry that he lost his job and cannot understand how it would happen. He asks what exactly happened. Clint replies that it was “politics” and Bo was replaced by a guy named Ramsey. Honeycutt then asks where this Ramsey guy came from. He then tells them if they ever want to come and visit him and throw a few steaks on the fire, they must contact him. He tells them take care and he departs. After he’s gone, they find Natalie and tell her that Jared better get down there right away. She attempts to call Jared. She leaves another message for him, informing him that it’s his ‘last chance”. He better get back there now. Right then, Lindsay finds Honeycutt and tells him she knows that they have met. It was at an art meeting. In response to that, he admits to her that he does remember meeting her. She tells him she would be happy to show him out of the building.

Dorian meets with Ramsey. He reveals that he wants to talk to her alone.

Jared returns to B.E. but he reveals to Natalie that he might not be as happy as he has previously been to finally be “accepted” by the Buchanans.

Lindsay goes with Honeycutt to dinner. She tells him that she was just going to meet an old friend for dinner. And she’s glad she doesn’t have to sit alone while she waits. He asks her if it’s anybody he knows. She replies just a girl friend. Right then, Honeycutt looks and notices Ramsey talking to Dorian privately. He asks Lindsay whom that is. She replies that it’s Lee Ramsey, the new police commissioner. And Dorian is sitting with him. Right then, when Dorian talks to Ramsey and he attempts to pump her for information, she kind of “chickens out”. She remembers telling Jared and Charlie that she “knows people in high places”. But she somehow knows she will not win nor is it in her best interest to join forces with Ramsey.

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