OLTL Update Wednesday 3/12/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/12/08


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Suzanne

At BE, Gigi brings Natalie a cup of coffee. Nat tells her she doesn’t have to fetch coffee. She thanks her for the geography research. Rex comes in. Gigi goes back to work as Rex tells Natalie that the thing at the Philly plant was just an over sight, not sabotage. Natalie asks him to investigate Charlie Balsom.

At Viki’s, Jessica confesses to Viki that she told Charlie her and Dorian are enemies.

At the restaurant Charlie asks Dorian why she lied to him. He knows Viki and her hate each other.

Natalie tells Rex she wants him investigated because it’s all too coincidental. Meeting her mom, suddenly being Rex’s father. Rex says its no more coincidental then meeting Gigi in Texas. Gigi comes in and Rex offers to take Shane to a Sixers game. She says yes and when he asks her to join them, she says no, it should be a man’s night out. She leaves and Nat asks how Adriana is?

Viki says she didn’t tell Charlie about her and Dorian because there’s no point of telling him anything. Viki says when she met Charlie, Dorian was the farthest thing from her mind.

Dorian says Charlie and Viki have much better things to talk about then her. Dorian asks if Viki was gossiping about her. Charlie says it was someone else. Dorian asks why he cares and Charlie says everything has been a lie. He wants to know what she really wants from him.

Jessica and Viki discuss Dorian. Viki tells her about her little meeting with Dorian.

At his loft, Antonio talks to Jamie about putting her paints away. Christian offers her painting lessons. Jamie goes in the other room and Antonio talks about cutting corners and being more careful with his money. Cristian says not to worry about him. He has a job offer and wants to ask Antonio about it because he’ll be working for Nash.

Jessica talks to Nash on the phone. She tells him about Cris doing the labels for the new wine. Nash cuts her off when his investor comes in.

Viki asks Jessica what it’s about. Jessica tells her about offering the job to Cris. She hopes they could all be friends.

Dorian wishes she were a powerful as Charlie implies. She says her and Viki are both rich and powerful women. She mentions Viki never getting over her childish resentment because Dorian was her stepmother. Dorian’s says she was afraid Charlie would hate her if he knows how they feel about each other. Charlie has a hard time believing she valued their friendship of a few weeks so much she came up with cockamamie lies. Dorian questions whom he is to talk about lies.

Viki asks about Cris’s job at Capricorn. Jessica tells her about Antonio’s problems. Viki says she thinks Antonio knows her enough to see it wasn’t a handout. Jessica thinks about how her life would have been if Bree were Antonio’s. Viki suggests she take some time for herself. Jessica leaves. Viki baby-sits Bree.

Antonio asks why Jessica called Cris instead of Nash. Cris says he won’t take the job if it would bother Antonio. Antonio says it won’t bother him. Cris leaves.

Nash shows his investor his projections for the next three years. The investor tells him he’s authorized to make a good offer.

Jamie shows Antonio a picture she painted and he tries to guess what it is. Jessica shows up at his door. Jamie runs and hugs her.

Rex tells Natalie that Adriana is great and they talk almost every day. Natalie asks when the wedding date was again. Rex admits they didn’t set one yet. She asks if he has trip planned. Rex says they are trying to make it on their own and don’t have the cash to run to Paris. She asks if Adriana knows he got Gigi the job. Rex grabs up the phone and calls Adriana.

Charlie says she’s right he is in no position to judge but goes by the program. She says she was married to a recovering alcoholic and knows the program. Her phone rings. It’s Jean-Pierre. She talks French, and then switches to English. She tells him to make sure she stays in Paris a while longer. Charlie realizes that Dorian is the reason Adriana is stuck in Paris. Dorian says the PI gene runs in Rex’s blood. Dorian says Adriana can do much better then Rex and she’s going to make sure she does. Charlie says he trusted her with everything. He asked about the day they were stuck on the mountain and he missed his meeting with Jared. He asks what the reason she is keeping his is and Jared’s secret. She says she’s been trying to keep this civil because she likes him however, she hates Viki. She asks if he understands. She says hate is the strongest motive there is.

Marcie and Shane show up at Viki’s.

Cris meets Nash at the diner. Nash says, he’s the artist but Jessica didn’t tell him he was coming. Cris says if he doesn’t want to do this, that’s fine. Nash says that’s fine, but why? Cris asks if Jessica told him, he needed the money. Nash is confused so Cris tells him about Antonio’s money problems. Nash says something about Antonio selling his half of the vineyard to Jared and now he has nothing. Cris says maybe this was a bad idea.

Antonio and Jessica talk about Jamie, Bree and Cris. Jessica says she’s sorry about his money problems. Antonio says they are going to be all right. Jessica says sometimes it’s hard to have something and then lose it. Antonio says it’s like love. Sometimes it’s better to have loved and lost, then never to have loved at all.

Viki talks to Shane and he goes up stairs. Marcie gives Viki Shane’s things and quickly turns to leave. Viki stops her and asks how she is. Marcie says she is very sorry.

Rex talks to Adriana and tells her about getting Gigi the job. He says he told Natalie she wouldn’t mind. Adriana says she is coming home.

Dorian tells Charlie that Viki pulled every low and mean trick on her. Charlie asks what Jared has to do with that. Dorian explains Clint was married to Viki and then involved with her. She thinks Clint used her and Viki filled his head with lies about her. Charlie deduces that Dorian is using Charlie to get back at Clint and Viki and to make him beholding to her forever. Dorian says it will be a much higher price then that.

Rex tells Natalie to get out her red pen. He says they will pick a wedding a date soon. Gigi comes in and Natalie asks if Jared was around. She says no, Mr. Buchanan was asking for him, and he’s not here. Both Rex and Natalie ask which Mr. Buchanan. Rex says they have to use first names around here. Natalie questions her about what she said. She said she explained she’s new here. Rex asks why she’s covering for Jared. Nat says she’s not. She wants to make sure her secretary knows how to handle the boss.

Rex walks out of the office to find Gigi struggling with the copier machine. He tries to help and he blows black ink in her face. They laugh and she smudges two long streaks on his face.

Marcie apologies and tries to leave. Viki says she wants to talk to her.

Charlie asks what his involvement with Dorian will cost Jared. Dorian says he’s quite valuable to her. Charlie brings up the fact that she stopped Jared from spilling the beans. Dorian says Charlie and Jared may go to jail, but she’ll be the one to decide

if and when. She says she hopes he’s happy.

Antonio says when it comes to the past he wouldn’t mind do-overs, but now he tries to hold onto the good and forget about the bad. Jessica offers to do anything he needs. Antonio says he’ll be fine. They say goodbye and Jessica leaves. Jamie comes in looking for Jessica. She looks sad when Antonio tells her Jessica had to leave.

Nash calls Cris back. Why should he be happy Antonio lost his money? He says Jessica knows his work and knows what he’s looking for. He invites Cris to sit down. Cris says he won’t compromise his work. Nash says he has parameters he’s looking for.

Rex brings paper towels to clean up the ink and starts wiping her face. Gigi licks the paper and starts to wipe his face. then apologizes for the mother gene. Natalie watches from the door. As Rex and Gigi hesitate while they look at each other and then Rex’s phone rings and they pull back. It’s Adriana. Natalie goes back into her office. Adriana tells Rex she’s not coming home. Gigi goes into Natalie’s office. She asks if she should tell Jared Bo is looking for him. Nat says send him here first. She asks if Gigi knew Charlie in Texas and what she knows about him. Gigi says not much and she stays out of other people’s business. She leaves.

Marcie and Viki go into the living room and sit down. Marcie doesn’t know why Viki is being nice to her. Viki says she knows what its like to have a child taken away and that Marcie wasn’t thinking rationally when she was pointing the gun at her. They discuss Tommy/Sam. Viki reassures her that Sam has a good home. They talk about Gigi. Marcie says thank you for not wishing she were in jail. Marcie says maybe that would have been easier then facing her old life. Viki says then she wouldn’t have Michael. Marcie says she’s trying to start her life over again. Viki says she’s going to need her friends and can count on Viki being one of them.

Charlie asks Dorian if she really wants to hurt Viki why doesn't she just tell her now. Dorian says the longer Viki loves him the more it will hurt her. Dorian says something about him faking it with Rex too. She says he must make sure the wedding will never happen. She says Charlie and Jared will do what she says, when she says it. This could go on for some time. She tells him to make the most of it. She leaves and meets Jared on the way out. He tells her she’s not going anywhere.

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