OLTL Update Tuesday 3/11/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/11/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Cristian goes to see Blair and tells her unfortunately he won’t be able to keep her as his singer at Capricorn because Antonio has lost everything including the club.

Nora is on the phone talking to Antonio. John enters and informs her that he talked to Cole and hopefully he got through to him about Starr and how he cannot cause any trouble for himself. He also informs her that Cole means a lot to him and she may contact him if they need him for anything. And they realize that Cole might be in trouble for many things now that Ramsey is the new police commissioner.

Dorian talks to the mayor about her "goals." Ramsey enters and notices the two of them sitting at the table. He asks if he can join then, unless the two of them want to be alone. The mayor says it’s fine as long as Dorian does not object. Dorian says no. The mayor notices that Ramsey and Dorian know each other. She reflects that the commissioner once came to her home in order to "search” the premises. And she makes it clear that she has no ill feelings whatsoever toward Ramsey.

Todd tells Starr that if he agrees to let her stay in town, she must never so much as go near Cole at the high school lunch table. If she sees him ever again, he can get Cole in serious trouble for what happened to Miles Laurence. And he’s certain that there are "ways” to get him convicted. She protests that everybody knows it was an accident. But he reminds her that Ramsey witnessed the whole event and would probably be very willing to testify. She asks if he cannot just "leave Cole alone." He then replies, if she does exactly that, then he won’t have to carry out his threats. He reminds her that she has a very important decision to make. She needs to decide whether Cole’s freedom is more important than seeing each other again.

Marcie runs into Gigi at the diner and admits that she feels awkward. Gigi is friendly and supportive to her and she is surprised, remembering that Gigi was Viki’s friend and Marcie kidnapped Viki’s nephew. Gigi reminds Marcie that neither she nor Viki are holding any grudge against her.

Nora and John talks about his previous "ill” relationship with Ramsey.

Dorian and Ramsey talk about how he noticed Cole Thornhart shoot a man and was courteous enough not to get him in trouble for that. Realizing the issue involving how Todd wants to get Cole in trouble, she indirectly asks Ramsey if he might want to get Cole in trouble now that he is police commissioner. He does not answer. At that point, Dorian goes over and notices Viki by herself and asks if she has been "stood up."

After Todd implies that he can get Cole in trouble for shooting Miles Laurence, Starr realizes that he cannot do that. The case has already been tried and the charges have been dropped. But Todd reminds Starr that he overheard her boyfriend confess to shooting Miles an intending to shoot Ramsey. And he’s very confident that Ramsey will help him get a conviction against Cole for attempted murder. She tells her father he would not do that to her.

At Viki’s home, Charlie asks Jessica if Dorian lied to him about herself and Viki being really great friends. Jessica confirms that he may not know Dorian very well. He admits that he may not. She then tells him that it is not a coincidence that his last name is Balsam the same as Rex’s. And similarly, it’s no coincidence that Dorian’s last name is Lord the same as Viki’s maiden name. Charlie then concludes that Dorian must have married Viki’s father. And the two of them hate each other like a vengeance.
At the palace, Viki and Dorian discuss Viki’s "relationship” with Charlie. Dorian gloats about how she assumes that Charlie may betray Viki’s trust. And it may be too much for Viki right after Clint rejected her. Hearing that, Viki tells Dorian that she (Dorian) must know that only too well. Dorian got dumped by Clint also. And she (Viki) doubts that Charlie would want to be her friend or anything else.

Cristian goes to Blair’s home and she is concerned that he is in trouble losing his family’s business. He asks her if she knows anybody who might be interested in buying the club. She tells him that it sounds to her that it might be a pretty good investment. He tells her that Sarah has told him that is true. Hearing that, she asks him about his relationship with Sarah. They talk about his boxing and his previous art career. He then asks her if she and Todd are "good” and things are not in shambles anymore. And he reflects that if they have been getting along and not having any problems for this long, it may be a record. But at that point, Cristian can tell, by Blair’s expression that all might not be great between herself and Todd. They are having a very laid back conversation unlike what Todd and Starr are having in the other room.

Todd and Starr argue about what he plans to do. He tells her she better look at him and realize that when he is determined to do something, nothing and nobody will stop him. She tells him that he only wants to ruin her life and hates her. He tells her that he intends to save her life and loves her enough to risk having her hate him. She then tells him that for the first time in her life she understands and agrees with all the people who have been telling her that he is a psycho and a nut job. Throughout her life, she has been defending her father to all of the accusations she’s heard of him. But now she understands. He is that monster. He is that rapist.

Charlie asks Jessica why Viki would not have told her that she and Dorian are not the best of friends. Jessica replies that she assumes that maybe it’s because her mother is too "classy” for her own good. Viki probably realized that he and Dorian are friends and she didn’t want to have him know about her previous issues. Charlie then asks what kinds of negative history Dorian has had with Viki. Jessica runs through all of the things that Dorian has done throughout her life involving her family. And she admits that Dorian has had a history of "going after” all the men in her mother’s life. Hearing that, Charlie is very unsettled. At that point, Jessica tells him that maybe she should not have said that. Charlie then goes out the door.

While Gigi sits with Marcie and Michael at the diner ,she talks about how she has some real issues being a single mother. But at that point, she stops herself realizing that they have worse to deal with when they don’t even have their son the way she has hers. And she tells them that she thinks that Todd is despicable for what he has done to them. She cannot believe that that jerk is Viki’s brother. Right then, a woman with a baby interrupts them and asks if this is really Marcie McBain who has gotten into the news.

John meets with Nora and tells her that he cannot deal with the fact that Ramsey is the police commissioner. He is at the desperate mercy having that man as his boss. And he knows that "somebody” must be behind this whole event. Ramsey didn’t get this opportunity without somebody in his "pocket." Hearing that, Nora replies that it might very well be Todd. But that would sound not quite plausible because as far as she knows, Todd hates Ramsey’s guts.

Right when Blair and Cristian are talking in her kitchen, Starr comes down the stairs and hysterically tells her mother that she cannot accept what her father has done. She is very worried about what he is capable of doing. Hearing that, Blair tells her daughter that she realizes that her father has gone off the top and she mustn’t let it upset her. But Starr tells her mother that she believes that Todd has some dangerous plan and she’s worried that he will go after Cole and hurt him. Todd is not far away hearing his daughter blasting him. Blair tries to talk reason into both of them. But Todd goes out the door.

Jessica invites Cristian over to talk to him about Nash’s winery. He asks her why she would want to talk to him about it. She explains that Nash has finally come up with the money to buy Jared out. And as he probably knows, advertising is essential. People buy wine when they see the label and the artistic packaging. He asks her if she is asking for his bartending experience. She tells him no. It’s his artistic talent. But when he hears that, he tells her that it sounds like she wants to merely offer him charity.

In response to Dorian’s interrogation about her relationship with Charlie, Viki tells Dorian that she and Charlie actually have some very positive things to talk about. Dorian scoffs and tells Viki that she wouldn’t be surprised if she’s "roped” Charlie into marrying her. Viki tells Dorian that she and Charlie are nowhere near to considering marriage.

Charlie comes to see Dorian. But she’s not there. Blair answers and tells him she has not seen him in a while and realizes he’s been staying at Viki’s. So she wonders if he and her aunt are still friends. She confirms everything that Jessica previously told him about the history of rivalry between Dorian and Viki. She tells him she’d invite him in to wait for Dorian. But she has some serious issues with her daughter. And he might find Dorian at the palace. At that point, Charlie calls Dorian on his cell phone and leaves a message for her.

Todd goes to find Nora and John and asks if either of them can tell him why it is that they are protecting a known rapist. They tell him that he is ridiculous. He tells them if Cole Thornhart comes near his daughter again, he will get him nailed with or without their help. Hearing that, Nora tells Todd that he is the one they should be pressing charges against for assault. But he reminds them that he does not need their help with "law enforcement."

In response to the question of the woman who recognizes Marcie in the diner, Marcie admits that she is Marcie McBain. They all assume that this woman "knows” Marcie as the notorious kidnapper. Michael tells her that right now they are having a peaceful dinner. But the woman surprises them by revealing that her son was in Marcie’s class. Marcie was a very positive influence in his life. She helped him get his grades up and improve his life. And he spoke very highly of Marcie to his mother. So she wanted to commend Marcie . Hearing that, Gigi informs the woman that Marcie must have a ‘pattern” since she has also helped Gigi’s son with his reading. And she admits that she realizes what has happened and that Marcie has suffered a tragic loss losing her baby. She doesn’t know what she would do if she lost her kids. And she is on Marcie’s side in regard to the situation She goes out the door. Michael and Gigi assure Marcie that there are people who appreciate the things she has done. Gigi admits that she has to leave soon and pick up Shane. And she doesn’t know what she’s going to do with the fact that he will be alone without any "supervision." Marcie then offers to pick Shane up and tells Gigi that she can help Shane with his studies. And Gigi sounds really happy to have Marcie help her out.

Ramsey and the mayor have a private meeting.

At the Palace, Viki tells Dorian that maybe she needs to just leave well enough alone and be grateful that she has a family. Her daughter is getting married and she should be happy for Adriana. But then, Viki remembers that Adriana is going to be marrying Charlie’s son. And she realizes that now Dorian and Charlie will be” family." And of course, that will obviously make Dorian believe she has some "angle.". Viki leaves. At that point, Dorian goes and finds Ramsey and tells him that she thinks she can find some people and some resources that could be very valuable to him and his future as the police commissioner.

After Todd has gone out the door and Starr and Blair are alone in the kitchen, Starr tells her mother that her father intends to ruin her life. Blair tells her daughter that she realizes that her father is behaving badly. But Starr needs to take some responsibility for her own choices. Nobody "made” Starr go and secretly meet Cole at Langston’s parents’ abandoned house. Starr should have used better judgment and considered the consequences. Hearing that, Starr angrily tells her mother that she will not sit by and let her defend her father and blame her for what happened. And she goes out the door.

After Todd implies to John and to Nora that he does not need their "help with law enforcement”, she tells Todd she bets that he has some sort of "partnership” with Ramsey. He then asks them if they are supporting Cole. And he reminds them that they are both going to be "going down” for what Cole did to his daughter. And at that point, Ramsey enters and addresses John.

Before Starr is ready to walk out the door, Blair tells her daughter she does not want her doing that. She needs to stay and listen to her mother. Starr asks her mother if she is going to defend what her father has done. Blair tells her daughter no. Starr then informs her mother that she must know that her father is serious about keeping her away from Cole and getting him charged with rape. Hearing that, Blair admits that she realizes that Todd is serious. He is out for blood. And he does not care whom he ruins in the process. Starr then tells her mother that as soon as her father confirmed that they were not moving to Hawaii, she was very happy. But now that Todd will move heaven and earth to prevent her from ever seeing Cole again, she doesn’t care anymore. Her life is ruined.

In response to Cristian’s telling Jessica that he must resort to "accepting charity”, she asks him why he would imply such a thing. He then informs her that the Santi organization is threatening to ruin his family’s business. She then tells him that she really thinks he could make a lot of money and help Nash’s business with his talent. And he tells her that he is more than willing to accept her offer, realizing he may not have a choice. Right then, Viki enters and remarks that she has not seen Cristian in a while. He greets her but tells her he has to leave. Alone with her mother, Jessica asks if she has seen Charlie and hopes there are no "problems." But, hearing that and remembering her conversation with Dorian, Viki realizes there might be.

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