OLTL Update Monday 3/10/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/10/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Nora goes to inform Antonio that “somebody” is going to cause him to lose Capricorn and all of his monetary assets. He has no clue what is going on and assumes this must be a mistake. But she warns him that this is not a mistake. It’s all legitimate. And he could stand to lose everything.

Blair checks in on Starr when she is sleeping in her bed. Starr is having a dream of her intimate encounter with Cole and when she asked him to make love to her. And then the “rude awakening” when Todd entered and tried to kill Cole and accuse him of rape. She then awakens and freaks, afraid that Cole is hurt.

At the diner, Markko finds Cole and notices that he has been injured. He informs him that he knows exactly what has happened. Starr’s dad went “psycho” and tried to kill him.

Right then, Todd is on the phone making certain to waste no time about moving the family to Hawaii. But he doesn’t want to forget to get John McBain charged with assault.

At the police station, Ramsey tells John he needs to talk to him in his office. He tells John that he knows that John has been trying real hard to “dig up dirt” on him. So, he tells John he need not resort to all of these difficult measures. John may ask him directly since he is right there. John then asks Ramsey why he would choose to move to Llanview. Ramsey replies that he got tired of living in big cities. And he tells John he will answer any more questions. John then asks Ramsey why he is threatening Gigi Morasco.

Blair finds Todd in the living room and tells him that she is not going to pack up and move with him to Hawaii before finding out what is going on with him in the first place that would cause him to want to move. Is he that afraid of Ramsey? Todd then tells her that it’s not just Ramsey. He needs to protect their daughter from Cole Thornhart. He raped her.

At the diner, Cole discusses with Markko what he plans to do now. He tells him that he has been trying and failing to call Starr on her phone. And since she is not able to answer her calls, he has to go to her house. Markko stops Cole and warns him that maybe he should not go over there. IF her dad catches him, he may kill him.

In her room, Starr is attempting to call Cole on her cell phone. But it looks like it’s gone dead and she cannot reach him.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Langston and Dorian talk about what happened the previous night. Dorian assures her foster daughter that she need not be threatened by Todd Manning’s sick behavior nor blame herself for anything that happened. But Langston tells Dorian that she feels responsible for what happened. If she had not arranged for Starr and Cole to meet privately in her (Langston’s) parents’ home, then Cole would not have gotten assaulted by Starr’s dad and this whole mess would not have happened. And she tells Dorian that she must go upstairs and make certain that Starr is ok. But when Starr is in her room, she notices that her dad has done something that alarms her.

Nora explains to Antonio that it’s called “restitution”. The Santi family is filing for damages and is going to attempt to collect all of his inheritance. He then questions why they would suddenly come forward after all of this time. And he asks her why they did not simply ask him to give them any money that might have rightfully been theirs’. Had they done that, he would have just given it to them. She then tells him that it’s all in the files. She gives him the files which he looks over. And he is shocked that the Santis would do something so malicious. Talia stands behind him and observes speechless.

At the diner, right when Cole is ready to rush to see Starr and Markko tells him he might have a “death wish” if he does that, he calls Langston, realizing that she might be able to provide information as to what is going on since she lives in the same house. Langston answers and tells Cole that things are not good. And she does not recommend that he goes over there. Mr. Manning has completely lost it and Cole does not want to mess with that.

Right then, Starr is in her room, dressing and ready to go and see Cole since her dad has cut off the phone lines for her to call him. Dorian enters and asks her niece what she plans to do. Starr tells her aunt that she has no choice except to go and find Cole after what Todd just did. Dorian tells Starr that she needs to use caution with going and seeing Cole. But Starr tells her aunt that today, her dad plans to put her on a plane and send her to Hawaii where she will never see Cole again. He just almost murdered Cole and falsely accused him of rape. And she has to see Cole since she may never be able to again. She needs to let him know how much she loves him.

Todd tells Blair that they will no longer delay their plans to move to Hawaii, as he had previously considered, before catching Starr with Cole. She tells him that he needs to realize that there daughter was not raped. Cole would never hurt Starr. If he is “concerned” about Starr’s well-being, he needs to realize what happened to her when her father walked in on them and she watched him nearly beat the boy she loves to death. And he needs to know that forcing Starr to move to Hawaii is not going to solve anything. Todd then replies that he could care less how anybody feels about his hurting Cole. He won’t let that kid get away with what he did. And they must get ready to leave right away. But Blair tells her husband no. They are not going anywhere.

Nora explains to Antonio what the law suit of restitution is about that the Santi organization is bringing against him. His mother, brother, Talia and Sarah surround them while she explains what has just happened.

John goes to the diner to find Cole. Cole tells John he doesn’t have time to talk to him right now. He has an emergency on his hands. He has to see Starr before she is forced to move to Hawaii and he can never see her again. But John tells Cole he cannot do that. Todd Manning could kill him. Cole then asks John what he would do if somebody was going to prevent him from seeing the woman he loves ever again for the rest of his life. John then explains to Cole that he (himself) has made many mistakes in his life. And he knows, all too well what it’s like to “lose” the person he loves. He first lost his fiancé. Then he lost Cole’s mother.

Starr asks Dorian if she thinks it’s ok for Todd to move her to Hawaii and prevent her from seeing her boyfriend ever again. Dorian then tells her niece that she believes she is too young to consider getting “intimate”. Hearing that, Starr asks her aunt if she is finally defending Todd. She thought that Dorian hated her dad. Dorian then replies that she’s never been a “fan” of Todd. But she only wants what is right for her niece.

Blair tells Todd he must realize that Starr chose to be with Cole the night in question. And if Starr was “forced” to meet Cole, it was because Todd threatened to take her away from him. Todd then tells Blair she needs to realize that Cole has conned them both into believing that he would not hurt them or their daughter. And he (himself) fell for Cole’s scam, felt sorry for him after the loss of his mother and let him see Starr. And because Cole wants to seek revenge upon Todd for what happened to his mother, he raped their daughter. And Blair must realize that that is what happened. But she obviously does not see it that way. He then tells her that he is going to take her, Starr, Jack and Sam to Hawaii. So he needs for her to go and pack everything she needs and help the kids get their stuff ready. Later, they can send for whatever else they need. Hearing that, she tells him that he may move to Hawaii if he wishes. And he may take Sam. She cannot prevent him from ruining that little boy’s life. But he is not going to ruin Jack nor Starr’s life.

At Capricorn, Antonio asks Nora just what all the Santi’s can take from him. She tells him that there are limitations for what they can take. But he must close out his accounts. Antonio then tells Nora that he does not want anything taken that he has set aside for Jamie. Nora then tells him that he can “fight” this in court. But he tells her he will not. He will not “stoop” to that. He has already put his family through enough. And he is worried about Jamie. She is all he has right now.

Blair tells Todd if he forces Starr to move to Hawaii, she will hate them both. And he must realize that she loves Cole. He tells her that their daughter is too young to know what that means. And there is nothing to lose since Starr hates him anyway. She tells Todd that maybe if he lets her stay there, he and Starr can work things out and she won’t hate him forever. He tells her that he has to make certain that “that punk” never goes near their daughter again. She tells him if he does that, it will only make the two of them want to be together more. But he tells her that he needs to protect their daughter. And even if she does not want to support him in moving with him, she must support him with “that”.

Langston goes to the diner and meets with Markko. She informs him that Mr. Manning wants the entire family to move to Hawaii where they will never see Starr again. He tells her he wishes that Mr. Manning would just move to Hawaii by himself.

Cole talks to John at the table in the diner. He tells her that he and Starr had a great encounter and they realized that they love each other. They have what his parents had. She understands him and was there for him when he shot Miles. So he needs to be there for her when she is going through this crises.

Starr tells Dorian she thought Dorian was on her side. Dorian tells her niece she is. And that is why she cannot let her see Cole. Starr tells her aunt if she really loves her, then why doesn’t she want her to be happy? Dorian tells her niece she honestly believes she (Starr) is “in over her head”. Starr then concludes to her aunt if somebody does not understand what her needs really are there her life will be over.

At the diner, Sarah and Talia talk about what it would be like for their respective men to lose the family business. Sarah talks about how Cristian has put his heart and soul into his running Capricorn. Talia reflects that Antonio’s whole life is his little girl. And they conclude they wish they could find a way to help them but they do not know how.

Antonio, Cristian and Carlotta sit at a table, attempting to figure out what they are going to do. Carlotta tells her two sons that they will survive. She knows that her brother had many “plans” and she won’t let him prevent her two sons from having their dreams.

At the police station, Ramsey invites Nora into his office to meet with the Mayor. And they tell her that she is not a competent DA. Her record is pathetic. She has a terrible problem with failure to get a conviction.

Dorian tells Starr she must realize that she is a wonderful young woman. Her life is not going to be ruined. Her life is only beginning. But Starr asserts to her aunt that her life will be ruined if she can never see Cole nor her friends again. At that point, Blair enters. Dorian leaves. Blair tells her daughter that she has some “great news”. Starr asks her mom if she’s going to let her have her cell phone access back. Blair tells her daughter she has something better to tell her. She has just convinced Starr’s dad not to move the family to Hawaii. Hearing that, Starr hugs her mom and tells her she has to go and see her friends right now. She goes out the door although Blair tries to prevent her from leaving. Right then, Jack enters wearing the Hawaiian shirt his dad gave him. He sounds like he is very happily excited that they will be moving to Hawaii. Blair tells her son that they have had a change of plans and will not be moving after all. At that point, Jack reveals that he is very disappointed and upset. Blair tries to console her son.

Starr goes to talk to her dad. She tells him she appreciates the fact that he has listened to reason and agreed to not make her move to Hawaii. She realizes it was a difficult decision to make especially when he believed he was right. Hearing that, he tells her of course he was “right”. She then tells her dad that she will agree to attempt to work things out with him and resolve their difference in spite of his issues with “Cole”. At that point, Todd demands that she never uses that name again.

Antonio tells his mother and brother that his daughter is his primary concern.

After the mayor leaves Nora and Ramsey alone in the police commissioner office, she asks Ramsey why she does not believe that this is the mayor’s doing. She believes it was about his own (Ramsey’s) agenda. He then reminds her that she has failed to convict Marcy McBain of kidnapping a baby. She has failed to convict Cole Thornhart of shooting a man. She has failed to prosecute many other crimes. She has to start doing her job or she can be replaced.

At the diner, Langston and Markko brainstorm about what they are going to do. She reflects what it’s going to be like if she and Dorian are stuck in that big house all alone. No Jack nor Starr nor Blair.

Dorian tells Blair that she must realize that Todd is not going to spend another night in her house. Blair obviously objects to that. But Dorian tells Blair that Todd went out of control assaulting Cole, having him falsely accused of rape, upsetting Starr and Langston, assaulting John McBain. Blair tells her aunt that she is in no way condoning Todd’s behavior. But she is not going to allow him to be evicted from Dorian’s home. If he leaves then she leaves with him. Hearing that, Dorian begrudgingly declares that she will give Todd one more chance, against her better judgment. But if he steps out of line once more, he has had it.

Todd tells Starr that he will consider letting her stay in Llanview. But she must never go near Cole ever again. Even if he cannot get a rape conviction against Cole, he can get him convicted for shooting Miles Laurence. And he will make certain that Starr never sees Cole again.

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