OLTL Update Friday 3/7/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 3/7/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Rex knocks on Viki’s door to take Gigi to her job interview with B.E.. Shane enters and asks Rex why he’s there. His mom intends to take the bus. But Rex tells Shane that the bus stop is too far away. Realizing that Gigi is already gone, Rex appears like he might really be there for another reason. He gets Shane engaged in electronic games and baseball. They seem to be developing a relationship. At that point, Gigi walks down the stairs ready for her job interview. And she eyes them with suspicion.

Lindsay and Bo are having lunch at the diner and wondering what to do about their most recent business challenge.

At Nora’s home, Jared goes and talks to Nigel about how he’s glad that they have this “detente”. He hopes that Nigel will cooperate and keep the secret for him. If Nigel “spills the beans,” Jared has had it. Nigel admits to him that he is willing to cooperate since he is grateful to Jared for saving Miss Jessica’s life. Nigel reveals to Jared, however, that he is suspicious. And he warns Jared that he better be on his toes and watch what he does from now on.

At the diner, Talia and Antonio enter and notice Bo and Lindsay. She knows they want to talk to Bo alone so she goes to make some calls. Bo asks the two cops if they’ve found anything on Ramsey. They admit they have yet to find anything. He tells them they mustn’t give up. They must keep digging. Antonio asks Bo if he really plans on giving up at getting his job back. Bo admits to them that he is back with Buchanan Enterprises and they need him there at least for the time being.

Right then, Lindsay calls Clint from the payphone and wishes him luck. In the same room with Clint, Nora is talking to somebody about the Vega family.

Cristian is at Capricorn making out with Sarah when he gets a call informing him that his mother will have to close the diner. But Sarah just wants to continue what they were doing before he got the call.

At the diner, Antonio notices that his mother looks very upset. He asks her what is up. Carlotta informs her son that she is going to have to close the diner.

Jared asks Nigel if he is “threatening” him. Nigel replies that he does not stoop to threats. Jared asks Nigel just what he means in the way of if Jared is not a “good boy”, his luck will run out. Nigel answers that if Jared does anything to betray this family, he will regret it.

On the phone with Clint, Lindsay tells him that there are ways that she could help him defeat the people involved in the Webster operation that want to damage B.E. But he is concerned that it might involve blackmail. He gets off the phone and Nora gets off the phone with her contact. She reveals that she has to “talk to Antonio first” when she talks on the phone to her contact. Clint departs and gets a phone call from Mr. Webster who informs Clint that it looks like he and Bo and the family have gotten into “quite a jam”. But he tells Clint that he is “there to help. It’s the least he can do for Asa. Clint hangs up and remarks that Webster is a lying bastard.

Jared goes and talks to Natalie. He tells her that he has a plan so that they won’t let Webster ruin them. But she tells him that he must realize that they are in trouble and at the desperate mercy of whatever Webster decides.

Rex and Shane are talking about many things. Gigi spies upon them. Rex insists that she does not take the bus and instead she lets him drive her. He reminds her that she might have to go to “detention’ if she does not work hard, as he remembers was the case with her in high school. Overhearing that, Shane asks his mom if she has been sent to “detention”. She replies to her son that yes, she did get detention in high school. And that is why she didn’t finish school and got stuck working as a waitress. Rex and Gigi get ready to depart. But they hear the phone and he asks her if she remembers the days before cell phones when you didn’t get interrupted all the time. It’s Adriana calling him from Paris. She informs him that Layla informed him that he was seen “with” somebody. He tells her that Layla must have overreacted as “they” are just friends. He assures Adriana that he loves only her. Gigi overhears their conversation.

Natalie admits to Jared that she is very worried about the fact that Webster is out to hurt them. And this is not something to make light of. She is very worried that her father is working his ass off and scared. And he cannot save this company all by himself. He then tells her that he wants her to know that they will all make it through this, together as a family. They leave together.

Bo meets with Clint and admits that he just got a call from Mr. Webster. Bo chuckles and asks his brother if he can guess. Did Webster call and tell Clint that he wanted to “help” them because he felt he owed it to Asa? Clint admits to his brother that that is just what Webster said. Right then, Jared and Natalie enter. Webster enters behind them. He acts friendly and tells Bo and Clint that they have not aged quite yet. Clint then introduces Webster to Natalie and to Jared. They leave Clint and Bo alone with Webster. In regard to Jared, Webster remarks to Bo and Clint that this “stranger” has appeared out of nowhere as another one of Asa’s “accidental” sons. And he reminds the two brothers about how Asa had this “problem” of having too many secrets. And that made him incapable of concentrating on his game. At that point, Bo and Clint cut through the chase and tell Webster that they will fight as ruthlessly as he can. And he will have to back off and get away from their company. But he tells them that they do not tell him what to do.

At the diner, Cristian calls Antonio and informs him that two deliveries were cancelled at Capricorn. Antonio then departs to attempt to get to the bottom of this.

After Rex gets off the phone, he realizes that Gigi has heard about Adriana’s “suspicions” about him. She asks him if he is really ok with the fact that his fiancé has her friend, Layla spying upon him for her. He tries to minimize the situation and tells her that they all realize that he and Gigi are just friends. Adriana trusts him. And he changes the subject talking to her about the games he remembers, in which he might want to interest Shane. And he asks her if she remembers the games they used to play in high school.

When Antonio arrives at Capricorn, Cristian informs him that the bank manager told them if they don’t get their delivery in, they will lose their account and have to close down Capricorn. Antonio gets on the phone and tells somebody that he cannot wait. “This” is urgent. At that point, two strange men enter and ask if he is Antonio Vega. Antonio replies yes. They informs him that they are from the FBI and they are there to seize his club.

Right then, Nora goes and attempts to find Antonio at the diner but notices only Talia there after he’s had to rush to Capricorn. She warns Talia that Antonio’s family’s businesses might be in trouble. Sitting alone at the table, after Bo has departed, Lindsay observes Nora. And she asks her why she is worried. Has Clint dumped her already? Hearing that, Nora looks frustrated at Lindsay.

Webster warns Bo and Clint that their father had a problem with failure to keep his eye on the ball. And he tells them that “you two boys” are just naïve pups who haven’t a clue about how to run daddy’s business after he dies. He remarks that he sure hopes that Asa has more “bastards” lying around that he can find. Because maybe they can do a better job at handling business. He then scoffs at Clint and asks him if he intends to beg for mercy. At that point, Clint pulls out the “mystery document” and informs Webster that there is something he needs for him to see. Lindsay tells Nora that she (Nora) needs to have faith in Clint. She’s certain that he can handle Virgil Webster without Nora’s help. She smirks at Nora who doesn’t know nor want to find out what she is talking about. Nora departs.

Gigi enters B.E. with Rex. Natalie introduces her to Jared. Natalie asks Gigi if she could inform them about her background and work experience. Gigi admits that she hasn’t accomplished much since high school and is not highly educated. But Rex wants to tell them all about how sharp she was in school, how great she’d be with facts and figures and how well she can type. At that point, Gigi demands that Rex shuts up and lets her do her “job interview” by herself. Rex leaves.

In response to Clint wanting to show him the “mysterious” document, Webster tells Clint he has no time for games. He is a busy man. Clint then tells Webster, in that case, he will have to hear about it on television or in the newspaper when it’s too late. At that point, Webster sits and looks at the document. When he sees it, he reveals to Clint that he was wrong. Clint is even more of a bastard than his father was.

Alone with Natalie and Jared in the B.E., Gigi tells them that maybe she was “mean” to Rex. But they admit to her that they are impressed by how well she can handle herself. And it sounds like they want her to join their company.

Bo returns to Lindsay at the diner, after the very stressful meeting with Webster. He tells her that that man knows just how to press his buttons. And the reason he does is because he reminds Bo of everything he dislikes about his father. He apologizes to Lindsay for getting distracted and losing his cool and admits to her that Clint handled it better than he did. So he left. And he doesn’t know how he’s going to deal with this.

Alone in the office with Webster, Clint tells him that he is not intimidated by him. Webster reveals that he might see Clint as a force to be reckoned with, although he does not admit it. He tells Clint he may have “won this round”. But he won’t be that lucky again. Webster departs appearing disappointed. Clint then finds Natalie and Jared and informs them that the Columbia deal has been salvaged and Webster will back off after all. They are very impressed. Alone in the office, Clint looks at a picture of his father. And he tells Asa that he (himself) did it.

Nora goes to Capricorn and tells the FBI guys that they need to go back and inform their boss that there is a mistake. Cristian asks her what is going on. She informs them that the government is seizing Antonio’s property. All of it.

At the diner, Bo tells Lindsay that he wants to “bust” Virgil Webster. But she tells him that Clint is a big boy and can handle it. He must have faith in his brother. Right then, Bo gets a call from Clint who informs him that he succeeded in getting Webster to back off. Hearing their conversation, Lindsay tells Bo she knows that Clint can do it. Bo passes on to his brother that Lindsay sends her “vote of confidence.” Bo says: “congratulations, big brother” to Clint and hangs up feeling much better than before he got the call. But Clint looks a bit suspicious knowing that Lindsay seemed to know all about it.

Gigi tells Rex that she is very happy that Natalie and Jared want her to be part of their company. He tells her he knew she could win them over. Everybody is happy knowing that Clint “saved the day”. Natalie reflects to Jared that she really enjoyed working with him and agrees that they make a good team.

Antonio asks Nora how it is that the FBI can seize his assets. He pays his taxes. She tells him that she has managed to only temporarily stop it. They will be back. She has looked at all the paperwork. It’s legitimate. She admits to Antonio that she’s worried that he could lose everything.

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