OLTL Update Thursday 3/6/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/6/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

After finding out that Todd has assaulted Cole, John goes to his home and punches him. He pushes Todd up against the wall and tells him if he lays another hand on that kid, he will kill him. Right then, Blair rushes out and demands that John stops. Starr and Langston also watch.

Rex asks Gigi to meet him privately in order to talk. She asks him what was so important that he had to meet her.

After Clint has gotten his “big secret” from Lindsay, Jared asks him what has shocked him so much.

At Viki’s home, in her study, Natalie is sitting and Charlie enters. She tells him that there are so many coincidences. Hearing that, he assumes that she must be “implying” something. She tells him that it’s amazing that they have so many things in common. He just happens to meet her mom in Texas and starts dating her. She then finds out that he is her brother Rex’s biological father. And then he saves Jared’s life when he supposedly does not know him and they all suddenly find out that Jared is Asa’s son. She’s also noticed that throughout the time he’s been in town he has not gotten any mail nor phone calls. So she asks him just what is his story. From outside the door, Viki overhears their conversation.

Todd tells John and all of the others that Cole is going to jail for raping Starr. But Starr tells her father he cannot do that.

Viki walks into the study and asks Natalie if she could stop interrogating Charlie. But Natalie tells her mother that she must be able to see that things look a little fishy. She asks her mother if she is “blinded by love”. Hearing that, Viki tells her daughter that she is out of line and none of this is her business. But Natalie tells her mother that she must realize that if she or Jessica was doing something like this, she would definitely have her questions. And Rex has been hired to be a PI yet he hasn’t made any efforts to find anything out about Charlie. And she concludes to both of them that Charlie reminds her of somebody she knows. Yet can’t quite figure out exactly whom that is.

Jared enters Clint’s’ office and Clint is very courteous. He tells him she appreciates all of his hard work and apologizes for giving him a hard time when he first came. He tells Jared he is very glad that Natalie rehired him. Jared realizes that Clint has a secret going on, none the less.

When Cole returns home and Nora notices that he has been assaulted, he explains to her that he and Starr arranged to meet secretly because Todd is moving the family to Hawaii. He and Starr were very worried that this will mean that they will never see each other again.. They met and had their night to remember. And Todd caught them and went out of control.. And he realizes that he completely forgot to pick up Matthew as he had previously promised her and he apologizes. But realizing what just happened to him, she tells him he need not worry about that.

At Dorian’s house, Todd tells John that his daughter is going to file charges with the cops for rape. And John better do his job and haul Cole’s ass to jail.. Starr frantically protests to her father that Cole did not hurt her. She loves him. John tells Todd that he knows that Todd is making up this story that Cole raped Starr. It’s Todd who is the rapist. He raped Marty. And he has some delusion about what happened between the two of them. And he is the one who is in trouble for assaulting Cole. John goes out the door. Alone with Todd, Blair tells her husband if he loves his daughter he will let this whole thing with Cole go. If he doesn’t, he could “lose” Starr.

At Nora’s Cole tells Nora that he cannot just sit there and do nothing after what happened.. He is very concerned that Starr’s dad went out of control. And he has to make certain that she is ok. But Nora tells him that maybe he shouldn’t be going over there right now. She’d prefer he goes upstairs and takes a shower and has a meal. Right then, she gets a call.

At Capricorn, Antonio and Cristian observe Talia, Layla and Sarah. Antonio reflects that “real women” drink beer.

Rex meets Gigi and asks her if she’s been having any luck finding a job. She admits that she did not get hired at the diner. But she won’t mourn the loss of this high paying job. He then asks her what she’d do if he could find her a good job.

In response to Natalie’s questions, Charlie explains to her that he realizes that she might find it odd that he does not have a need for emails or modern technology. But throughout most of his life he has been living as a recovering alcoholic. So he has not had much contact with anybody. Viki interjects and tells Charlie that he does not have to answer Natalie’s nosey questions. He tells Natalie that he understands that she is concerned about the fact that she knows nothing about him and he is staying at her mother’s home. But if she believes that he intends to “sponge” off of Viki, she need not worry. He plans on leaving soon. Natalie must realize that he would never hurt her mother. Viki means a great deal to him. He kisses Viki on the head and leaves. And he tells Natalie that he really appreciates the fact that she is as outspoken and straight forward as she is. Alone with Natalie, Viki asks her what is up. Natalie tells her mother that she does not dislike Charlie. She thinks he’s nice. She just has some questions about him. Viki then protests to her daughter that she does not believe for a minute that there is anything “funny” about Charlie. She believes he is very much a straight shooter. More so than anybody she’s met in a long time.

When Charlie leaves Viki’s home, Jared meets with his father. And for the first time, he is not angry at Charlie. He tells him that he believes that he (himself) has really made a mess of things. He regrets lying to everybody about being Asa’s son and stringing Natalie along. And he apologizes for asking his father to lie for him. But Charlie tells his son that he mustn’t be so hard on himself. Jared then tells Charlie that he sincerely hopes that he is not going to be the cause of his father breaking up with Viki.

Jared enters Viki’s home and talks to Natalie. They attempt to talk about business and he tells her he has to get going. But she tells him he has to wait. She tells him that she really owes him for his heroic deed. She knows that he altered the sketches of her and Jessica so that the cops could not implicate them for helping Allison escape. Were it not for what he did, they could have gone to jail. He really put his ass on the line for her. In response to that, he concludes that that is what somebody does for family. He leaves. And she appears very disappointed at what he just said. Right then, she gets a call from Rex. He asks her if she can help him with something he needs. She concludes that she is more than happy to help out family members.

At Capricorn, after Rex gets done with his phone call with Natalie, he tells Gigi that maybe he can use her help as his secretary. She can get paid a lot better than what she’d get as a waitress or employee at the diner. But she tells him she prefers waitressing. He then asks her why it is that Shane would not get health care insurance from the military if his father died. She has no answer for that and concludes that he does not give up. He then goes over and introduces her to Cristian, Antonio, Sarah, Talia, and Layla. He informs her that maybe Sarah can help her learn the ropes at B.E.

Nora and John discuss Todd’s “plan” to get Cole charged with rape. She tells him that Todd has no legal grounds to stand on. Since they are both minors and there is no physical evidence, there are no legal grounds for Todd to get Cole charged with rape. What she is worried about, however, is what Todd could do to him (John). John tells Nora that he is just concerned about not letting Todd ruin Cole’s life the way he ruined Marty’s life.. She tells John that maybe he needs to let this whole thing go.

Starr privately tells Langston that maybe this does not sound good. But if she has to choose between Cole and her dad, she chooses Cole. Her dad has really crossed the line. Downstairs, Todd tells Blair that he does not appreciate her warning him that he better not do certain things that could cause him to “lose” Starr. He tells her that his job is to be her father. Not to make her ‘like” him. He then tells Blair that he has been “had” by Cole. He was a total idiot to believe and trust that Cole loved Starr. He only wanted to con Todd into believing that he loved Todd’s daughter when all along, he just wanted to get “revenge” for what Todd did to his mom. Hearing that, Blair is horrified and asks Todd if he can hear himself. He then tells her that that little bastard is going to pay for what he did.

Natalie goes to meet Rex after he’s asked her and runs into Jared unexpectedly at Capricorn. Seeing them both together, Rex remarks: “Two “Buch’s for the price of one’”. He tells Natalie that he thinks that Gigi would be a welcome addition to B.E. He knows that she can type fast and would have great office skills. He hopes that she will consider hiring her. Observing the two of them, Natalie asks if they know each other. Rex replies that Gigi is an old high school friend.

Layla, Sarah and Talia sit at a table. And they arrange for Talia to move into the apartment so that the three of them can be roommates.

Nora talks to Clint about how she realizes that maybe her behavior at the office the other day was a bit “over the top” when she and Dorian got soaked by the sprinklers. But it just irks her that Lindsay can get away with murder. He then tells her she needn’t worry about it. So she “broke a sculpture” in order to seek justice and enforce the law. He really respects her for her tenacity. Hearing that, she is elated that he is not angry and seems to understand and admire her. She hugs him and kisses him. He then concludes if anybody can understand how Lindsay can really push a person too far, it would be one of her ex husbands like himself.

Blair tells Todd that he needs to realize what has happened. Cole took their daughter to bed because he loves her. She was willing and consenting. But he tells her she is mistaken. He knows a woman who has been raped. They deny what has happened. Blair must realize if anybody would know the signs it would be him. Blair then asks Todd what it was that he thought were signs of rape. Todd says he caught them there naked. Cole took her to an abandoned house. There was no light or heat and there was nothing “romantic” about it. He then tells her that what they need to do now is prove it. He then calls to Starr to come down and informs Blair that they must take her to the police station and have her file rape charges. But at that point, Blair hysterically points her finger at Todd and tells him no. Cole did not rape Starr. And they are not going to do any such thing.

While Starr is upstairs in her room with Langston, she calls Cole. Nora answers and tells her Cole is right there. He tells her he is so sorry. She tells him he has nothing to be sorry for. She informs him she will never listen to a thing that her father says. She is not going to Hawaii with him. She then gets a knock on her door and tells Cole she has to go. He asks if she is ok. She tells him she loves him so much. Blair announces to Starr that it’s her mom and asks if she can come in. Starr lets her in. Blair hugs her daughter and tells her she realizes that her dad went too far. But she must realize she is her daddy’s little girl. Hearing that, Starr tells her mother she must never even consider such a thing. She cannot tell her that she is anything like “that man”.

At Capricorn, Gigi announces to Rex and the others that she has to go home and help Shane with his math homework. But he tells her that maybe she can stay longer and celebrate her new job. But she reminds him that she has not yet been hired for a new job.

Natalie and Jared are alone at a table. And he is lost in thought about knowing her as something more than a family member. But at that point, she observes John walk in and appearing as though he’s been in a fight. She goes to John and asks what happened.

At Viki’s she apologizes to Charlie for Natalie’s nosy questions. He tells her it’s quite alright. He knows that Natalie is just looking our for her mom. But he admits to Viki that he is a bit surprised that she would not be asking him those questions herself. He realizes that she is a journalist.

In Starr’s room, Blair tells her daughter that she realizes that she (Starr) is her own person. And she understands that she has justification to be angry at her father. But she must know that he means well. Hearing that, Starr tells her mom that her dad is insane. There’s no excuse or justification for what he did. He doesn’t even know the difference between love and rape.

Viki replies to Charlie that she did not ask him all those questions because she wanted to respect his privacy. She tells him that for a long time now, she has been on a “journey”. And she believes that a major part of her journey was the two of them getting to know each other at their own pace and on their own terms. In response to that, he tells her he wishes he could have summed it up as well as she did. And he tells her that he is sorry he has not been upfront with her from the start. But she tells him that he has been. He’s told her everything she needs to know. And she reflects that it was she who was secretive.

Rex walks with Gigi back to Viki’s home. And they reminisce about the times they were together many years ago. They talk about the time she injured her nose and he helped her. She goes inside and thanks him for finding her the job.

At Capricorn, Natalie demands that John tells her what happened. He replies that he “ran into somebody’s fist.” Jared then asks John if there is anything he can do for him. John replies that Jared can leave. Jared departs and obviously has other business to attend to. Natalie asks John to sit down and tells him she wishes that he would tell her what happened

Cole is alone in his room at Nora’s home; he relives being with Starr.

Starr is in her room thinking about Cole. Blair tells her daughter that she realizes that many bad things have happened. But Starr must realize that their family has come a long way. Starr tells her mother that her own father wants to hurt the young man she loves and make up malicious charges against him. And for that, she will never forgive him. She exclaims that she hates him. Blair asks her daughter to please calm down. But Starr runs out of her room and screams at her father so that he can hear her say that she hates him and she will never forgive him. Langston is downstairs hearing and not certain what to do or think. She goes into the study. Todd is sitting alone in the dark. When he sees Langston enter, he tells her she is “going to pay”. He says they are all going to pay for what they did to his daughter.

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