OLTL Update Wednesday 3/5/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/5/08


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Suzanne

Langston rushes into the living room asking Dorian for help. She’s hysterical that Todd is going after Starr and Cole.

Starr and Cole are in a bed together at Langston’s old house as Todd walks in.

At the diner, Bo tells Nora she's juggling too much, Ramsey at work, Clint, BE. Nora asks what this has to do with Cole. Bo wonders if she is up to being Cole’s guardian. Nora asks if this is a question about her parenting skills. Nora reminds him that Marty wanted her to be guardian. Bo says they both know what Cole did.

At BE, someone walks in and hands Clint a folder. He looks it over and asks where the hell she got it. We see Lindsay smiling as she says to consider if a gift.

Antonio, Talia and John are in Antonio's apartment investigating Ramsey. Antonio says they haven’t found anything. John says people get hurt around him and some end up dead. Talia asks if this is about Marty.

Todd rushes in and drags Cole out of bed. He looks at Starr and starts to beat Cole. Starr is screaming and Todd keeps punching Cole. Cole slides down the wall.

Bo reminds Nora that Cole was involved in Mile’s shooting. Nora says it was an accident. Bo said John covered for him. Bo says the issue is Cole’s stability. Matthew comes up and asks if they’re fighting. They say they are having a discussion. He takes his ice cream and goes to the counter. Bo says he doesn’t want Matthew to suffer by Cole’s mistakes. Bo says lucky everything worked out fine this time. Nora says Cole is in grief counseling, but when he gets home, she will talk to him. She wonders why he hasn’t called. She’ll ask John to help. Bo apologizes and says however, she can’t be everything to everybody. Nora says he’s a fine one to talk as he’s juggling just as much as her and he’s a guardian to Lindsay. That alone is a big job.

Clint asks Lindsay how she got this information. She said from being married to Sam she has connections. Clint asks if everything in the file is true. Clint says if any of it went public Webster would lose everything. Lindsay says it wouldn’t have to be public if Webster does the right thing.

John says Ramsey did kill Marty and took a shot at Mike in Texas so why shouldn’t he be upset. Talia says they don’t have evidence. John says someone is burying Ramsey’s screw-ups and he’s’ hiding out in Llanview. Talia shows them an article and points out that it doesn’t mention his past. If there is a conspiracy, how are they supposed to get him?

Blair comes in the front door and hears Starr scream. She runs upstairs. Todd throws Cole into the hall and kicks him. Starr, with the sheet wrapped around her, is screaming as Todd starts to strangle him. Blair tries to stop him, but then sees Starr wearing a sheet and just stares at her.

Bo checks his phone and tells Nora it’s about the Webster meeting. He remarks its more then business. Webster is trying to take what he couldn’t when Pa was alive. Nora says he doesn’t stand a chance against the magnificent Buchanan boys. Matthew says grandpa said in life and business there are two carnal sins. One is to act without thought and two is not to act at all. Bo is pleased Matthew remembers this about his father. Matthew says he’s been reading Asa’s autobiography.

Clint says he won’t stoop to this. BE doesn’t do that. Lindsay says it’s fighting fire with fire. Clint asks if she keeps a stash of incriminating evidence under her bed. She says she wants to help Bo. Bo isn’t the kind to use this. Clint asks if he is.

Doran talks to Langston about it not being her fault, she was only helping her friend. Langston says she was really scared. Dora asks Markko if he was up in the room the whole time. He admits he was but they were just talking. She tells them from now on they talk down stairs. Langston asks if Blair can stop Todd from hurting Cole.

Dorian says she’s a Kramer woman and she can handle any man. Out in the hall she stops and says she hates lying to the kid.

Blair is staring at Starr. Starr begs her to stop Todd from killing Cole. Out in the hall Cole pushes Todd off him. Blair grabs Coles clothes throws them at him and yells at him to go. Todd comes in to the bedroom. Sobbing, Starr collapses on the floor. Todd starts asking how he did it. Starr screams at him to get away from her. Todd says he has to know how he did it, were there others? He has to know about the rape to tell the police. Blair and Starr yell. Todd starts saying he’ll hunt him down himself. Blair grabs him and tells him if he puts one hand on Cole's head, she’ll call the cops on him. She yells, asking if he gives a damn about their little girl. Todd staggers out into the hall as Blair wraps her arms around Starr who is on the floor in tears.

At home, Nora is on the phone saying they will work on it in the morning. She says if this has any merit it will come down hard on Antonio Vega.

Talia, Antonio and John talk about the Ramsey situation. Talia offers to get them a drink and goes into the kitchen. John tells Antonio he has a good thing going with Talia and he should go. He leaves as Talia comes back with a drink for him.

Nora calls John telling him about Cole not picking up Matthew. John says he’ll call the station, but Nora stops him. Nora says she really wants to talk to him about Cole. John is on his way over.

Talia asks what she did, why John left so quickly. Antonio says John's a good detective and noticed something between them. They kiss.

Lindsay says Clint is more like Asa then Bo. Clint asks why isn’t he flattered. Lindsay says he’s more then likely to risk things for a chance to be happy. They talk about their Las Vegas marriage. Lindsay tries to talk Clint into using the file. She says okay and goes to leave. Clint asks what’s in it for her. She says she wants to help Bo. Clint says this goes against everything Bo believes in and he would hate it. They hear Bo in the hall and Lindsay hides in the closet.

Dorian comes into the hall and tells the Langston and Markko to come into the kitchen for Téa. Todd walks in. Todd orders Markko out. Langston assures him she’ll be okay because Dorian is there with her. Markko leaves and Todd asks Langston if she knows what she did to her friend tonight.

Blair tucks Starr back in bed and tries to talk to her. She asks if Cole forced her. Starr says no, don’t talk like that. Starr suddenly sits up and asks if Cole is okay. She remembers that Todd was saying bad things. Blair assures her that Cole is okay. She starts yelling at Blair that Todd ruined the most important night of her life. Blair asks if this is the first time. Starr says yes and don’t tell her she’s too young. She loves Cole Starr brings up going to Hawaii. She says Blair told her the first time was supposed to be special and tonight was that night and Todd came in and ruined it. She starts crying.

Clint asks Bo why he came back. Bo says he figured Clint would still be working. Bo says he was thinking, but he doesn’t have the knack Clint has of looking at things from every angle. It was probably because he was a newspaperman. Bo talks about his job as police commissioner and says he never would have left it. Clint says it’s good to see him back on board. Bo asks for the news on Webster.

Antonio and Talia kiss as Carlotta and Jamie walk in. Talia takes Jamie over to the couch to take her coat off. Carlotta remarks Jamie is attached to Talia. Antonio asks his mother what that look is for. Carlotta says Jamie was attached to Jessica too. If she loses Talia too she might not be able to handle that.

Todd tells Dorian to leave. He calls Langston little orphan Annie and Dorian tells him not to talk about Langston like that. Standing behind Dorian, we can see Langston is hurt by his words. Dorian tells Todd that this is Langston’s home now and Todd is a guest. Todd says Langston got Starr in trouble. Todd asks if she’s jealous because Starr has real parents and Langston's are dead. Langston looks ready to cry. Dorian jumps to her defense. Todd says if Langston hadn’t done what she did, Starr would be okay now. Blair and Starr walk in and Todd say he’s going to call the police. Cole raped her. Starr says he didn’t .Blair tries to stop him. Starr tells Todd she loves Cole and she wanted to sleep with him. She yells it at him and Todd starts yelling back. Todd looks like he’s going to hit her and she yells it again. She runs upstairs screaming she hates him.

John comes to Nora’s and she tells John that Cole still hasn’t called. They will give him ten more minutes. Nora tells him about her conversation with Bo about Cole being overwhelmed with his mother’s death. She worried he is self destructive they wonder if he’s handling it or just wants them to think he is. John says he seems better now. Nora asks if he said anything to John. She just wants him to be getting what he needs. John says Cole told him he feels like he’s part of the family. John says Marty’s last thought was for Cole and he could do anything for him.

Cole come in, face bloody, bent over in pain, and tries to go upstairs. Matthew is coming down the stairs, sees him and calls Nora. John and Nora come out of the living room and see Cole. Nora asks if he was in an accident. John asks who did this to him. Cole stares at him.

Clint tells Bo the information is not relevant. Bo tells him to go home so they are on top of the game for the meeting in the morning. Bo says goodbye. Clint says he has to tell him something.

Langston tells Starr she is so sorry. Starr says it was suppose to be perfect. She says she thought she would be scared her first time, but Cole made her feel so safe. She tells him what Todd did. She asks how he found them. Langston says it was her fault.

Blair tells Todd that if he ever raise a hand their daughter he will never see any of their kids again. Todd says he should have kept them apart, he knew just by looking at him that Cole was trouble. Blair tries to tell him that isn’t true. He says this person took his daughter to an abandon house and raped her. Blair says that’s not so. Todd asks if she saw Starr. She was traumatized. Blair tells him to face reality. Todd says if Cole every goes near Starr again he will kill him.

Nora and John help Cole into the living room and tell Matthew to go get some ice and towels. They ask him what happened and where he was. Cole says somewhere he shouldn’t have been. Nora asks if Starr knows something happened to him and talks about calling her. Cole says it will make things worse. Her dad will kill him. John asks if Manning did this to him. John paces and starts saying he’s going to kill Manning.

Clint tells Bo it’s good to be working with him again. Bo smiles and says he feels the same way. Bo leaves and Lindsay comes out. Clint says Bo doesn’t need to know. Lindsay says Nora doesn’t need to know either. Clint says he’s not going to use it. Lindsay leaves. Clint goes to his desk and thinks.

Talia and Antonio kiss. Talia sees Ramsey’s photo in the paper and says gross. Antonio says everything was going to well and now he thinks it will only get worse before it get better. Talia says bring it on. Antonio says they can face it together.

Langston says she told Todd where they were. Starr asks if it was an accident or if she did it on purpose. Langston says he found Markko in the closet and her in Starr's bed and he was so scary. Starr doesn’t blame her. There is a knock at the door downstairs; John walks in and punches Todd. He says if Todd touches that kid again, he’ll kill him.

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