OLTL Update Tuesday 3/4/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/4/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

When Dorian is in the office with Nora and they both conclude that the video would “implicate” both of them and they need to destroy it, Dorian lights the wastebasket on fire and burns the video. At that point, the fire alarm and the water sprayer go off. They are both startled to have “rain” soaking them and the entire office. Right then, Clint enters the office and demands to know what they are doing and why his office could be ruined with water damage.

Blair is trying to convince Todd that he cannot move the entire family to Hawaii. Upstairs, Starr finds Cole and tells him that if these are their last few minutes together, she does not want to waste one minute.

Water soaks the B.E. office as well as Dorian and Nora. They argue about whose fault it is. Clint walks into the room again and gets soaked. The alarm and the water finally stop. But he is angry and demands to know what is going on. He asks if either of them want to explain what has just happened. He asks Dorian what she is doing on this office. And she better not try to get him to believe that she is doing an “article” for the magazine. Neither she nor Nora know how to answer that. He exclaims that it “stinks” in this room. It smells just like burnt melting plastic. At that point, he finds the source of the fire in the waste basket. He pulls out the remains of the video and asks them if they’d like to explain what this is about.

Blair and Todd realize that Starr is not in their home and has not told them where she went.

Starr meets Cole at Langston’s parents’ old house. She tells him she cannot say good bye to him. He then tells her that they don’t have to. It doesn’t have to be forever. He can get a job and save up enough money to travel to Hawaii. He might be able to fit it in for spring break. She tells him that maybe she can convince her parents to let her come back to Llanview in order to visit him. And they can email and text message each other every day. But she realizes that they are fooling themselves to believe that they will have the money, the means or the opportunity to see each other again under those circumstances. She cries and tells him that things will never be the same for them again.

In response to Clint’s questions about what has happened, Nora attempts to explain.. She asks him if he remembers the night of the ball when there was a secret box for people to write their secrets. He tells her yes. She explains that she noticed that Lindsay dropped a secret in the box and she wanted to see if she could uncover “information” that could potentially prosecute her for murder. But she realizes that she went too far by sneaking into the room and looking through all of the secrets. Dorian tells Clint that he must know that it is a disgrace that the D.A. would betray people’s trust and violate their privacy with their innermost secrets, resort to such drastic measures and do such a foolish behavior. Nora tells Dorian she better keep quiet. She knows that Dorian must have resorted to drastic means in order to “obtain” the video. And she (herself) was only trying to “seek justice” so that Lindsay could accept the consequences of her lawless act. She did not intend to violate anybody’s privacy. Dorian protests that that is so not true. Anybody could tell, from looking at that video that Nora was scrounging on the floor and looking at those secrets like they were party favors. Clint tells them that he doesn’t want to discuss this anymore. He will go to the gym that is downstairs and see if he can find some towels to clean up this mess.

Langston is ready to sleep with Markko.

Alone with Starr, Cole tells her he remembers when he first met her at the party. She was so beautiful and he felt so out of place. He didn’t know anybody. She asks if that is the reason he followed her out of there. He tells her no. The reason he followed her out of there was partly because she was the prettiest girl there. But it was also because of how she carried herself and how he could tell that she was smart and interesting and totally awesome. She also reminisces how she was interested in him because he was the star of the football team. He reflects that he blew that whole situation and she was the only person who stood by him throughout the “steroid” scandal. She tells him that he was there for her when Britney was blackmailing and threatening her. And they wonder who will be there for him when she is gone.

While they are drying themselves with towels, Nora tells Dorian that even a child knows not to burn plastic in a waste basket. Dorian tells Nora that she only made a fool of herself with her self-serving confession to Clint.. She knows that he was in no way impressed by what Nora did. It was only an attempt to frame and humiliate Lindsay. And she notices that the very woman in question is standing at the door. Lindsay enters and asks them what is going on. Dorian tells Lindsay that she may find out what Nora has been up to. She needn’t say more.

Clint goes into the other room and informs Bo what Dorian and Nora are up to. Bo asks how they could have caused the “sprinklers” to go off, and soak the entire room as well as themselves.

Nora tells Lindsay this is her fault. If she had not faked a nervous breakdown, she’d be in Statesville where she belongs and out of Bo’s hair. And he would not have lost his job. Hearing that, Lindsay tells Nora she knew it. Nora must still have a “thing” for Bo.

Starr asks Cole if he’s going to be ok with the fact that he’s lost first his dad and then his mom and now her. He tells her that he will be ok. She tells him that she feels what is going on when there are two people who love each other. They can feel what the other feels. He tells her that he understands. Their hearts understand what the others are feeling. She gets emotional and tells him she just wants him to hold her and never let go. They kiss. They lie down on the bed together and she tells him she wants him to make love to her.

Nora tells Lindsay she is not needed there and has to go. Lindsay tells Nora that neither is she. Nora protest that she is doing legal work for this company. Lindsay tells Nora that she knows she (Nora) is trying to look like she is “working”. But nobody buys that. And Nora is only using Clint in order to make Bo jealous. Nora tells Lindsay that she is offering them legal representation and that is all. Lindsay tells Nora that she can see right through her flaws. Plus, Lindsay reminds Nora, she may correct her if she is wrong. But Lindsay “thought” that tampering through private notes at a public charity raiser is grounds for disbarment. Lindsay leaves and all Nora can do is call her a bitch.

Bo and Clint discuss what sis going on and now there are some issues that maybe they cannot solve. But all they can do is make their best attempt to do what their father wanted. Right then, Nora enters revealing that she is still drenched. Before the two brothers can ask her more about what happened, she gets a call from Matthew and excuses herself.

Dorian returns home and asks Blair if she is all ready to go to Hawaii. Has she bought herself a new bikini? Hearing that, Blair asks Dorian if she (Dorian) did. She asks her aunt if she is alright and wonders what happened to her. She is soaking wet. Dorian tells her niece that she had a “confrontation” with Nora and wonders if there is any alcohol in Todd’s “punch” that he’s serving everybody. She could sure use a drink. Dorian then asks Blair if she has talked some sense in that lunatic of a husband of her. Blair tells her aunt that she has tried but maybe she’ll have to accept the fact that Todd may not change his decision. Dorian then asks if Todd has concluded that he will have to go to Hawaii by himself. That’s what she would prefer.

Right then, Todd attempts to talk to Starr. He goes into her room and notices that “somebody” is buried underneath the covers. Little does he know it’s Langston who is ready to sleep with Markko who is hiding in the closet? He asks her if she will please turn around and talk to him. Langston obviously knows she cannot. He tells her he is sorry and realizes she has good reason to be angry at him. And they will talk later. But before he leaves Starr’s bedroom, he can tell there is something going on when he hears a noise from the closet.

Starr and Cole talk about how they have envisioned their first time. And they both admit that they wanted it to be “special”. He asks her if this means that they have officially broken up. She tells him that they will still always be together. They just won’t be able to see each other. She declares to him that she loves him and always will. And that is why she wants to make him her first and only. He tells her that she does not have to do this in order to show him how much she loves him. He knows she loves him and he doesn’t want her to think she is doing this because she “has” to.

At the diner, Nora asks Matthew if he can go and finish his homework. Matthew asks her if she is asking for that so that she can talk to Bo about Cole. She tells her son no. She just wants him to finish his homework. Matthew leaves Nora alone with Bo. He tells her that he knows that Cole has a lot going on and she needs to realize that.

Right then, Cole and Starr are ready to have their intimate encounter.

Todd suspects something is going on in Starr bedroom. He knows somebody is in her closet. He then physically moves Markko from the closet assuming he must be with Starr. But when he realizes that Markko is with Langston, he knows that they both know where Starr is. Langston attempts to tell him she does not know. Todd tells he knows his daughter is with Cole.

Starr and Cole are undressing and ready to sleep together.

Todd slaps Markko and demands that he tells him where Cole and Starr are. When Markko does not answer, Todd punches him in the stomach. Langston hysterically asks Todd to stop and doesn’t know what to do. But Todd demands that they tell him where Starr and Cole are.

Starr and Cole are in Langston’s parents home in the bedroom ready to sleep together without any interruptions.

Bo tells Nora that maybe she should not ask Cole to “help” her with Matthew. She must know that Cole is a kid himself and has a lot going on in his own life. She tells him that Cole is a very responsible young man who has a good relationship with Matthew and who has told her that he wants to help. Is Bo implying that she is a bad mother? He tells her that maybe she is not “up” to being Cole’s guardian.

When Clint is in his office, he gets a mysterious note and demands to know where it came from.

When Todd is ready to hurt Markko, Langston rushes downstairs to ask Dorian and Blair to help because she’s afraid that Mr. Manning will kill him. Noticing that she is there with Markko but Todd has left, and Starr and Cole are also gone, they stare at her stunned, knowing what might be going on.

At that point, Todd goes to Langston’s parents’ home, walks up the stairs and knows what he will find. He walks into the bedroom to catch his daughter and Cole, in bed.

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