OLTL Update Monday 3/3/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/3/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Dorian goes to see Nora and demands that they talk. Nora asks her what is so important that she had to come to Buchanan Enterprises. Dorian asks Nora why it is that she is the ‘legal counsel” for the man she is sleeping with. She taunts Nora about how she can provide “proof” of Nora’s “impropriety”. Hearing that, Nora does not assume that Dorian has anything on her and demands that she leaves. But at that point, Dorian pulls out a video and plays it for Nora. She laughs while Nora watches herself being videotaped, crawling on the floor looking through tons of pieces of paper in a desperate attempt to find “somebody’s” secret.

Starr tells Langston and Cole that her dad wants to pack up her entire family and move to Hawaii and she is not ok with that. In the other room, after Viki hears of her brother’s plans, she asks Todd what on earth would possess him to move to Hawaii. She knows he hates hot weather and islands.

At the hospital, outside Allison’s ICU room, Jessica tells Natalie that she has to somehow attempt to find Allison and see if she wakes up from her coma and is able to disclose the “secret”, although Natalie tells her that maybe she should give it up.

Nash enters Allison’s room and tells her she will never hurt Jessica again. And it looks like he wants to strangle her in her sleep assuming that nobody will ever know. But right then, the “machines” reveal that she has awoken and her eyes open. Right then, the doctors rush in and demand to know what Nash is doing in her room. They demand that he gets out. Outside the hospital room, Natalie and Jessica tell Nash that he could get into trouble for being in her room. But he tells them that he can deny it and nobody will believe the word of a mental patient like Allison. And he confirms to them that somebody has “made certain” that the drawings that came off the FAX machine didn’t look anything like them. Hearing that, they demand to know how or why he could know that the drawings ever did look like them. At that point, he shows them the pictures that somebody drew that look exactly like them dressed as nuns.

Ramsey goes to confront Blair at the diner and tells her he has the goods on her husband.

At Dorian’s, Viki tells Todd that she knows there has to be a reason why he would want to flee and move his family to Hawaii. He indicates that he doesn’t want to be around Ramsey. She tells him that that can only mean that Ramsey has threatened his family. He tells her he does not want to discuss that. But she tells him that he must contact the authorities. Right then, Roxy enters and asks if they have seen Dorian. Todd tells Roxy he does not know. Last he heard, she went over to “deliver” a tape to Dorian. Hearing that, Roxy is very worried that Dorian has also betrayed her with that tape.

Dorian taunts Nora about how she has been caught violating the privacy of people who entrust their secrets to this event. She only wants to do it in order to get Lindsay in trouble. She tells Nora that she knows she has been hurting Lindsay and has had no sensitivity for how Lindsay has grieved the loss of her daughter. Hearing that, Nora hysterically tells Dorian how dare she use the death of Jen whom she cared very deeply about. Dorian then tells Nora that she (Nora) put her claws into Clint. In response to that, Nora asks her if this is some sort of sick revenge in regard to the fact that Dorian lost Clint to Nora. Nora then attempts to grab the video from Dorian. But Dorian tells her that she has many more copies. Nora asks her if she wants to blackmail her. Dorian tells Nora that she is out for revenge. She is going to make Nora feel the pain that she felt. Hearing that, Nora concludes that Dorian must be in love with Clint. Otherwise, why would she care? Dorian denies that, but Nora tells her that she knows she (Dorian) wanted Clint more than she ever wanted any man before. She tells Dorian that she humiliated and betrayed Clint. Dorian tells Nora that she (herself) made Clint feel young. She knows that Nora had nothing to offer Clint. And the only reason Nora is with Clint is in order to get back at Bo. She is sleeping with Clint for the sole purpose of hurting Bo.

At Dorian’s, Roxy is very worried to know that Dorian has taken her “video” to play for Nora. She knows that she, herself, could be implicated if Nora sees that video. She runs off. Viki again wants to discuss with Todd what is going on with him. He only wants to distract his sister with all of the “stats” about Hawaii. But she tells him she knows that neither he nor his family belongs in Hawaii. They all belong in Llanview, PA. And it won’t do one bit of good to run away from what is going on. And he must sit down and talk to his family and find out how they feel about it.

Starr tells Cole and Langston that she cannot understand what got into her dad. They tell her that maybe her dad is just having a “temporary’ thing. Langston reminds Starr that her dad loves her. Starr tells her she does not buy that. If her dad loved her, he would not be doing this. He is behaving in a way that she cannot deal with. She tells them that she has to go and talk to him before it’s too late.

At the hospital, Nash shows Jessica and Natalie the very accurate drawings of them. And that shows that he knows they were the “nuns” in question who helped Allison escape. He informs them that John and Antonio had those very accurate drawings in their possession. And it was he, with the help of Jared, who altered those drawings so that they would not implicate the two women. Jessica asks Nash what he was doing, in the first place in Allison’s room. He replies that he was just making certain that she was happy, wealthy and wise. They are ready to go into Allison’s room again. But at that point, Ramsey enters and tells them that is not going to happen. He asks Jessica and Natalie why they would be anywhere near Allison’s hospital room. He knows they are up to something. Right then, Michael McBain enters and informs them that Allison just opened her eyes. He has to go. And at that point, Jessica, Natalie and Ramsey do not know what will happen after Allison regains consciousness.

Nora tells Dorian that she does not believe that Dorian cares about Lindsay. She is not doing that in order to help Lindsay. She just wants to humiliate Nora. And it’s also going to humiliate Lindsay. But Dorian tells Nora that she knows she (Nora) will look pretty bad and generate a lot of negative publicity when people find out that DA Hanen would do something like that. And Clint will see it and realize that Nora is a lying conniving, no good bitch. Right then, Roxy rushes in and reminds Dorian that she (Dorian) is also on that tape. So if Dorian wants to bring her (Roxy) down, she will bring herself down as well. She is not aware that Dorian is there to blackmail Nora. She seems to assume that she wants to implicate Roxy to Nora. Hearing Roxy’s information that Dorian is also on that tape, Nora asks Dorian just what else there is that Roxy is referring to.

Viki admits to Todd that she won’t be able to accept the fact that he is moving. But she realizes that he has the right to do what he is doing. She tells him she loves him and prays for his happiness and well being. She hugs him and tells him if there is anything she can do for him, he must let her know. He coldly tells her he will let her know but gets distracted when he gets a call. Right then, Starr comes down the stairs and admits to Viki that she does not want to leave. Viki attempts to encourage her niece to see Hawaii as a great place to live. It’s only a plane ride away. But Starr reminds her aunt that it would be a 10 hour plane ride. And Todd does not plan on ever coming back. She does not know how she can cope with never seeing Cole again. She is afraid she will die. Viki then tells her niece she will not die. She will be unhappy for a while. But she will survive. Viki then concludes to her niece that if it was meant to be than she and Cole will find their way back to each other. Starr tells her aunt that she cannot let her dad go through with this.

Todd is in the other room on a private call. He gets off the phone and is lost in thought remembering Ramsey with the gun, implying to Todd that he can “motivate” him if Todd does not do what he wants. Starr enters and tells her dad they need to talk. But he is totally distracted until she demands that they talk.

Viki goes to the hospital to find her daughters and Nash. And she assures Jessica that Nash is right. Allison probably has no secret that she’d want to know. But Jessica and Natalie reveal to their mother that they might be in trouble in regard to Allison. Hearing that, Viki asks why they would be in trouble for that.

Cole tells Langston that he cannot understand how it is that Starr could hate her dad when before he noticed that she loved him. It seems the two of them understand each other more than they understand Starr, having both lost their parents and not understanding how anybody could be angry at a parent who is alive. Right then, Blair enters and asks the two of them where Starr is. Cole replies that she is talking to her father.

Starr goes to talk to Todd and tells him that she has some things to say to him. Todd then tells his daughter she is more than welcome to talk and express what is on her mind. She then reveals to him that having the entire family together: with him and her mom and Jack and Sam is a dream come true. And she cannot believe that he would do something like that to her. Todd then attempts to explain to his daughter that it is for that very reason that he has to move them. He knows that she will be upset to leave her friends and extended family behind. But he will help her get through that. She then asks him how he thinks he can say that when he wants to take away everything that matters to her. He then asks her if her friends are more important to her than he is. He tells her that he’s certain she will make new friends. And he’s certain she can find another boyfriend. He sounds “flip” in the way he says that. She tells him she resents him making a joke out of this. If she has to leave everything behind, her life will be over. Hearing that, Todd tells his daughter if she stays in Llanview, then her life will really be over.

Roxy tells Nora that she will find out that Dorian is in trouble when she looks at the entire video. Hearing that, Nora asks Dorian if she made copies out of the “other part of the video” also.

At the hospital, Michael informs Natalie and Jessica that Allison is still in a coma. Jessica asks him if that is the case, then what is Commissioner Ramsey doing in her room attempting to talk to her. Michael replies that perhaps he wants to “raise the dead”.

After Roxy enters and demands to Dorian plays the enter tape for Nora, Dorian follows her out the door and urges her to keep her mouth shut. Nora laughs when she knows that there is some sort of secret. Roxy leaves and Nora scoffs at Dorian. She tells her she’s called her bluff. She knows that Dorian has something to hide also. She bets that Dorian did not make a copy of the tape that implicates Nora because it would also implicate herself. So what are they doing to do about that?

Starr tells her father that she knows he wants to move her to Hawaii because she wants to keep her away form Cole. He tells her that if he wanted to break them up, he’d have done that a long time ago. She then hysterically tells her father that she won’t let him keep her away from Cole. He then seems to know exactly what she is going to do and warns her if she plans on running away from Cole, she will be sorry when he throws Cole’s ass in jail. She then tells her father that he does not care about her or about anybody except himself. He runs after her. And she tells him he better get away from her and she will never speak to him again. Blair then comes down the stairs and demands to know what happened between them.

Nora tells Dorian there is only one option. Dorian tells Nora that must mean to destroy the tape. She tells her that she will do that. But they wonder how to do that. Nora then tells Dorian that they can do that in front of each other. They can just pull the tape out of the cassette. Dorian then tells Nora that they can just throw it in the trash. Nora sarcastically tells Doran that that is a brilliant idea. Nobody would think to look in the trash. She knows that Dorian wants to make the tape accessible. But Dorian lights the trash receptacle on fire to burn the tape. And they both appear disappointed. And as it burns, the fire alarm goes off and the water sprays goes off and soaks them both.

Blair tells Todd he must realize that Starr is a teenager. Her friends are there. Her boyfriend is there. But Todd concludes to his wife that he is doing this for Starr’s welfare and for everybody. Blair then tells Todd that it is because of Lee Ramsey. Todd denies that. But she asks him if he really believes that she does not know what is going on there. She then informs Todd that she ran into Ramsey. Hearing that, Todd is very concerned and demands to know what Ramsey said to Blair. Did he touch her or threaten her? She replies he did not. All Ramsey said was “aloha”. Hearing that, Todd seems to know that he has been found out.

Starr goes to find Cole and Langston and tells them that they all have to get away somewhere where her father is not around. She asks if they have any ideas as to where. Langston then suggests her old house. She still has the keys. Starr hugs Cole and cries and tells him that they need to have their final moments together.

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