OLTL Update Friday 2/29/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 2/29/08


Written By Jennifer S.

John and Antonio go to B.E. to question Natalie and Jessica about their involvement in Allison’s disappearance from St. Ann’s. John talks privately to Natalie while Antonio talks privately to Jessica. And right when the two women hear the questions they cannot answer, we see FAXes coming off the machine with drawn pictures of Natalie’s and Jessica’s faces in nun’s uniforms.

Todd stays home while Blair is out. Dorian notices that he has turned her living room into a Hawaiian resort and asks him why. He tells her that her home is not going to Hawaii. He is. And so are Blair and the kids. He tells them that “they” are dumping this town and dumping her.

Blair goes to meet with Viki to inform her about Todd’s “new plan”. Viki is equally surprised and baffled as to why he’d do that. And Jessica informs Viki that she is contacting her because she believes that Todd’s sister is the only person who could talk some sense into him.

Lindsay goes to find Bo at B.E. He is very friendly to her and hugs her. But Nora looks at her coldly. Clint comes in asks what people might know about Allison.

John continues to interrogate Natalie while Antonio continues to interrogate Jessica. Jessica tells Antonio that all he has is “circumstantial” information that she and/or Natalie might have been involved in busting Allison out of St. Anne’s. And until Allison wakes up, he won’t have any proof.

But little do we know that the FAX machine prints the “images” of Natalie and Jessica in their nun’s attire.

Nash enters the diner and Viki asks him if he has any clue how Allison could have broken out of St. Ann’s and attempted to kill Jessica. Nash awkwardly explains to his mother in law that he does not understand what happened any more than she does. And he will make efforts to “protect” Jessica in the future. Yet, you can tell that his mind is elsewhere when he meets with his new “contact” who will help him succeed with his winery business without having to rely upon Jared.

Bo tells Lindsay that he has to go and help his family with the Columbia project which is becoming a nightmare. He leaves and she is alone with Nora who tells her she is busy helping Clint with B.E. legal matters since their regular legal counsel is not available. And since all Lindsay can do is fake a nervous breakdown, she cannot help her with her work. So maybe she needs to leave. Hearing that, Lindsay remarks that Nora has frown lines that indicate that she is getting bitter in her old age.

Jared looks over the grim company information with Sarah observing. Clint is on the phone and tells the people who could be ruining his business that he refuses to back off. He tells Jared that he must find Jessica and Natalie with the facts and figures and numbers. Jared tells Clint he will go and find them. Yet, they are both preoccupied with other things.

Antonio reminds Jessica if she had anything to do with Allison’s escape, she has aided and abetted her in a serious crime. If she helped Allison escape, she is in serious trouble and her uncle will not be able to bail her out. She must now realize that Lee Ramsey is at the forefront of law enforcement. She makes it clear that she hopes Allison never comes out of her coma so that she cannot implicate Jessica.

John similarly warns Natalie. Right then, Jared enters and demands to know what is going on. And when it looks to him as though John is upsetting Natalie, Jared demands that John backs off and leaves Natalie alone.

Dorian asks Todd if Blair and the children have agreed to join him in moving to Hawaii. He replies yes. But Dorian knows that Starr will not be able to leave her friends behind. Langston is like a sister to her and Starr is obviously in love with Cole. She asks him what he plans to do so far away in Hawaii. He tells her he can think of many things. But she knows that there is more than what he says going on with this. And he better tell her right this second.

At the diner, Viki asks Blair just why Todd would uproot the entire family. Don’t they mean too much to him for that? Blair replies that it may very well be due to that very thing;-the fact that he wants to protect his family- that he is doing this. She believes that Todd has “incentive” to protect them all from Lee Ramsey.

Ramsey goes and talks to comatose Allison Perkins in her IC room. Michael McBain enters and demands to know what Ramsey is doing in the room of a fatally ill patient. Ramsey tells Michael that he hopes that Allison will recover soon so that she can unravel a mystery for him. Michael tells Ramsey that that may never happen. She may be in the coma forever.

After Jared confronts John by telling him he is nothing more than a bully with a badge when he observes John interrogating Natalie and accusing her of lying, she assures Jared that she is fine and does not need his help. And she asks him to go and take care of some work so that she can talk to John alone.

Cristian comes by B.E. to see Sarah. And they kiss. She tells him maybe they need to go somewhere to have dinner.

Jessica reminds Antonio that she has to call Nash and check on Bree. But he tells her she cannot “do this”. She then asks him why he has a problem with her calling her daughter. Wouldn’t he want to check on Jamie very similarly? On that note, she asks him if Jamie has found a new “mother figure”. She then reflects that she can see that he is seeing Talia and she’s glad that he is dating again. He then tells her that this has nothing to do with his personal life. What she needs to know is that if any evidence is presented against her in what happened to Allison, she could be looking at a long stay in Statesville prison.

In response to Blair’s theory that Todd wants the family to move because of Ramsey, Viki asks her what Ramsey has to do with this. Blair replies that that is what she is trying to figure out.

Dorian tells Todd that he can go to Hawaii if he wants. She could care less. But he is not taking Blair and the kids away. And she knows they do not want to go anymore than she wants them to go. She bets that he bullied Blair like he always does, into leaving against her will, And she tells him she won’t allow it. But he affirms to her that they are leaving whether she likes it or not. She will accept it. And she will give them her blessing.

While Lindsay and Nora are waiting for Bo, Nora starts in on her by telling her that she is the reason why Bo lost his job. Clint then enters and asks them if they have seen either Natalie or Jessica. They admit that nobody has seen either of his daughters for quite some time.

Jessica angrily asks Antonio why he wants to do this to her. It has to be something personal. Is it because she “hurt” him that he wants to get her in trouble?

Nash and Jared approach the FAX machine and see the very clear drawings of Jessica and Natalie dressed as nuns. Jared tells Nash what he already knows, that he “guesses” that these two “naughty nuns” are the very two people they look exactly like.

Lindsay finds Sarah and tells her she is one lucky girl to be part of this family. Sarah tells Lindsay she knows. And that is why they are together when Uncle Bo is in trouble. Hearing that, Lindsay tells Sarah she does not understand. Sarah then clarifies that the reason Bo lost his job and why they are having this business problem has to do with an enemy of Asa’s named Virgil Webster.

Right then, Nora informs Clint that she might have found what she is looking for that can uncover the secrets they need.

Dorian does some “snooping” and finds out that B.E. is in trouble. She relishes being able to expose Clint and his family after he dumped her for Nora.

Jared and Nash are alone in a room while Jared gets on the computer to see if he can change the “appearance” of the two pictures of Natalie and Jessica. It looks like the forensics person is an excellent drawer to draw them exactly as they look. But Jared tells Nash he might be able to find a way to “alter” the drawings. Nash sounds like he is very impressed by Jared’s skill.

Antonio replies to Jessica’s “question” by asking her if she really believes that he would use his personal issues with her to color his judgment in doing police investigation. He angrily tells her of course he is angry and hurt at what she did to him. They were married. And it involved children as well. But no, he is not “using” that against her when he is doing his job. Right then, he gets a call that informs him that the “sketches” were FAXed there. It looks like he knows all about it and wastes no time trying to find the revelation that Jessica and Natalie are responsible for busting Allison out of St. Anne’s.

John interrogates Natalie when Antonio comes in and informs him that he “found the sketches”. It looks like the two of them are ready to do law enforcement without wanting to spare either Natalie or Jessica from the consequences of what will happen.

Clint and Nora are brainstorming what they need to do in order to protect the company from bankruptcy.

Right then, Dorian plays the video that she “conned” the security guard to give her the night of the ball. And she relishes noticing Nora on the video, seen on the ground searching through wads of paper, looking for the secret that Lindsay might have written. Right then, Todd walks in and asks her what she is doing. He knows she is up to no good and asks her if he will have to turn her in to the new law enforcement. Right then, Viki enters. She tells Dorian she needs to see Todd. Dorian leaves. Todd is on the phone when he sees his sister. He greets her and asks her if she wants a coconut or some punch. She tells him that she came here to find out why he made this decision. She tells him that something is going on and she asks him what it is.

While Sarah is busy at B.E., Cristian goes to the diner and runs into Blair. She tells him that there are some big “changes” in the works. He remarks that he saw her with Todd and the kids and they all looked very happy. He implies that he does not want to get in her business and departs. Right then, Ramsey appears and startles Blair.

After John and Antonio “succeed” and get the FAXes, which Natalie and Jessica have not yet seen, Natalie and Jessica assume that they won’t have any evidence against them. Just because they saw two nuns, that can’t mean much. Don’t all nuns look alike? And how can that hold up in court? Having seen the drawings before. John and Antonio are certain that the will lose their confidence when they see the perfect images of themselves. But little do they know what Jared has done. Natalie and Jessica look at the pictures that don’t look anything like them and have not lost their confidence that nobody will be able to prove that they aided and abetted Allison..

Dorian calls a reporter and invites him to B.E. after she’s heard that the Buchanans are in trouble. Clint knows she is doing it in order to be spiteful to him and he tells her he does not have time for the “likes of her”. He goes out the door and Dorian finds Nora, telling her they need to talk alone. Nora tells Dorian she does not have time. Dorian replies to Nora that she better find the time or she will live to regret it.

Viki remarks to Todd that he has done some dishonorable things in his life. He may have done many of his deeds with bad intentions. He may have done many of his bad deeds with good intentions and out of love. But one thing she has never seen him do is anything out of cowardice.

Ramsey confronts Blair and implies to her that he has some “goods” on Todd.

Natalie and Jessica are alone in the room very confident that that sketch artist does not have good eyesight. The pictures don’t look anything like them.

Nash goes to Allison’s ICU room and tells her he will never let her hurt Jessica again. But at that point, he notices something that really freaks him out

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