OLTL Update Thursday 2/28/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/28/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Todd stands at the bottom of the stairs and asks Blair, Starr and Jack to come downstairs because he has a surprise. He puts on shades and a Hawaiian shirt and opens the door to his “surprise” room where they get to have a Hawaiian vacation. Starr says she assumes this means that dad is going to take them to Hawaii. And she asks him if Cole can come along.

Cole and Langston talk at the diner. He apologizes to her for “venting” about his issues involving Ramsey becoming the new police commissioner. She tells him it’s quite alright. She knows that Ramsey is responsible for his mom’s death and she doesn’t like him either. Right then, Cole gets a call from John who informs him that he tried and failed to reach him when he was in D.C. but his cell phone wasn’t working. Hearing that, Langston tells Cole he should know that John is going to watch his back while Ramsey is in his new position.

Viki and Charlie enter the diner. Markko serves them and recalls that he knows her. She is Starr’s aunt. And she saw Charlie on the news as the hero who saved that guy’s life.

Jessica and Nash sound like they want to enjoy being together without worrying about Allison or anything else. But he tells her she must realize that Jared is a piece of trash just like Asa. She angrily tells him that he must never talk that way about her grandfather. But he reminds her and Natalie that they need to get real and understand what a corrupt individual Asa was and what a “chip off the old block” Jared is. They are all surprised to see such anger in Nash right after he’s been getting along with Jared and grateful to him for saving Jessica’s life and after finding out that Nash successfully closed a business deal with the vineyard.

After Todd invites his family to go with him to Hawaii, the kids ask how long they plan to “visit”. He replies forever. They are moving there. They are shocked to hear that.

At the diner, Charlie tells Viki he’s kind of surprised that that kid (Markko) recognized him. She tells him he should be proud. He is a hero. He saved Jared’s life. She tells him she is proud to be a part of his life. And it’s not just because he’s a hero. It’s because she likes being with him. He tells her that he also likes being with her. But it cannot go on. He has to find a place of his own now that he’s going to be staying in Llanview.

After hearing Nash go off on Jared, Natalie asks him how he can say those things. He tells them that they all need to know that Asa obtained all of his wealth and success from hurting people. Hearing that, Jessica asks Nash what has suddenly gotten into him. He was so positive and happy that he could keep his vineyard only yesterday. And what has now happened? Nash talks about how the Buchanan’s want to run him out of his business and incorporate his winery. They are all corrupt and slimy. Right then, Jessica asks her husband to step outside so that she can privately discuss with him what is up.

Inside the room, Jared tells Natalie he thought that he and Nash were getting along and that the entire family now respects and no longer suspects him. She tells him that is what she thought also. But obviously something has changed.

Antonio and Talia talks about what they are going to have to do with Ramsey in charge of them. She tells him that his sexist and racist comments make her physically ill. He tells her that he likes her passion. She tells him that he hasn’t seen anything yet. She then goes over to him and they kiss.

In response to Todd announcing that they are moving to Hawaii, Starr protests that she cannot pack up and move. Her entire life is there. Her family, friends, boyfriend and school are all in Llanview and she cannot leave it behind. He tells her that she can start a new life. Cole can visit her in Hawaii if he wants. Blair then asks Todd what is going on. And she asks Starr to hear her dad out while he explains. He replies that the Sun now runs itself. So he looked up this new paper in Hawaii. It has internet ventures and many opportunities. So maybe Starr and Jack can learn and benefit from him. Starr then tells Todd that he and all the others can move to Hawaii if they want. But she is staying there with Aunt Dorian. She asks her father if he plans to tie her down and force her to come along. And she asks her mom if she does not also want to stay. She then concludes that this has nothing to do with Todd’s new business or any plans that he has. It’s all about her (Starr’s) boyfriend. She knows that Todd just wants to break them up.

At the diner, Rex enters and runs into Langston and Cole. But before he can talk to them, he notices that his “dad” is sitting at a table with Viki. So he has to go over and say hi to them. He then asks Charlie if he is alright after risking his life to save Jared. Rex asks Charlie if he has some sort of “hero” gene that he has passed on that he might inherit. Viki laughs and asks Rex what he is up to and where Adriana is. Rex replies that Adriana is in Paris. And he clarifies that she’s in Paris, France, where rich uppity people look down their noses upon Americans. Not to be confused with Paris, TX. And not far away, he notices Gigi enter. John goes to find Cole and informs him that he won’t let Ramsey ruin any more lives nor get Cole in any trouble for anything. Cole then asks him how he plans to accomplish that when Ramsey is police commissioner and John no longer has his job. John informs Cole that he is now back on the force.

Nash reveals to Jessica that right when he thought he would get all of the financing that he needs for the vineyard, the deal suddenly fell through. But then, low and behold, he found a way to salvage his deal. However, his new “contact” told him that there was one catch. He needs to get rid of Jared. Hearing that, Jessica tells him that he must now realize that Jared saved her life and is a part of the family. And he can’t run him out of their company.

Natalie reminds Jared that not long ago, nobody liked nor trusted him except for Renee. But now he has won everybody over. They are all now so proud to have him as part of their family. Hearing that, Jared tells Natalie she must now stop. He would really like to reveal to her that he’s lied. But it may have already gone too far.

Gigi enters the diner and finds Viki and Charlie and Rex. They ask her to sit down and join them.

John informs Cole that he is going to work in the department, under Ramsey realizing that one must keep their friends close and their enemies closer. And he thinks he knows what he needs to do. Langston runs into Markko while he’s working and tells him she is sorry not to have called him. He tells her that he and Starr have been spending time together while both she and Markko are out of contact for them. He informs her that Starr has informed him that she (Langston) has been secretly meeting with “somebody” from her group. And that wouldn’t be Cole. Would it?

Starr tells her parents she is not going with them to Hawaii. Todd informs her that she does not get a “vote”. She tells him that this is a dictatorship.. Jack also sounds like he is not too keen on the idea and he leaves with his sister. As soon as Todd is alone in the room with Blair, she asks him what about Sam and herself. Do they get a choice? She tells him that she knows that he does not want to go there. What is this really all about? He has told her many times that he hates being stranded on tiny islands near a beach. But he tells her that they have to “make a new start” and get away from all the “baggage”. In response to that, she asks him if “this baggage” is specifically in regard to the new police commissioner, Lee Ramsey.

After asking Langston the question about her “private meeting from her group” and noticing she is not discussing the specific details, Markko apologizes to Langston and tells her he realizes that what goes on in that group is confidential.

John gets a call from Antonio and tells him he will get down the meet him ASAP.

At the B.E. office, with Jared, Natalie tells him that she thinks she is a pretty good judge of character. And she knows that he belongs here. She tells him that now that he has won respect of people and is recognized as a Buchanan, she believes that it’s “time”. He asks her for what. She tells him that he needs to sell his shares of the vineyard back to Nash. Her sister loves Nash. He’s also a part of the family. And she believes it’s time for Jared to “do the right thing”. But Jared’s expression reveals to her that he really doesn’t want to do what she asks.

Todd asks Blair where she got the idea that his plan to move to Hawaii involves his issues with Ramsey. He protests to her that this is about family. And she must realize how he has been busting his butt on this business venture for a long time. But she tells him she does not buy that. This is all so coincidentally in perfect timing with Ramsey getting appointed the new police commissioner. She asks her husband if he takes her for a fool. She knows that Ramsey wanted to get Todd falsely accused of attempting to murder that woman and her son. And she wishes Todd would get real with her and tell her what is really going on.

Antonio meets with John and tells him he needs to find some things out about the chain of events that happened at the ball right before Ramsey got sworn in. He asks John if he knows anything about how Jessica and Allison Perkins suddenly both showed up at the ball, unexpected and each somehow knew that the other was there. And Natalie was also involved in that. John then tells Antonio that they need to go and look into that. Antonio kisses Talia good bye and tells her he cannot wait to get back to her.

Nash and Jessica walk into the room where Jared and Natalie are. And Jared announces to Nash that he is ready to sell back his shares of the vineyard to him. Nash is surprised and thanks him. Jared tells them all that he wants to do the right thing. He knows that selling his shares of the vineyard is the best thing for the family. And he wants to keep peace especially now that it’s taken so long for them to trust him. Right then, John enters. Natalie and Jessica ask him if anything is wrong. He replies no. He just wants to ask them some questions about Allison Perkins.

Blair gets a call and has to leave. Jack enters and tells his mother that he is now “on board” with the plan to move with his dad to this really cool house in Hawaii. Blair heads out the door. Jack asks his dad why his mom is not happy with moving to Hawaii. Todd replies that Jack need not worry. She will soon be. Right then, Cole and Langston enter. Starr stares at them and reflects if she leaves, she will never see them again.

Viki , Charlie and Rex all ask Gigi about Shane’s parent/teacher conferences. She admits that Shane does not like reading. And it might be due to the fact that he had to deal with being alone for too long since he was a baby. Hearing that, Rex tells Gigi that maybe she should not blame herself for the situation. He knows she’s done a great job raising her son.

Antonio and John enter and tell Jared and Nash that they need to talk to Natalie and Jessica alone. It’s “procedures” that each of the cops talk to each of the sisters alone. Antonio asks Jessica to “wait inside” while he makes a call. She goes in the other room and Antonio gets on the phone to have a “private” communication with somebody about a “witness” who was evasive with something. And he asks the person to make certain that he gets all their information directly. It sounds like he wants to keep a secret from Jessica. In the other room, John talks alone to Natalie and asks her when she first saw Allison Perkins during the night in question.

Starr angrily tells Cole and Langston that her dad wants to move them all to Hawaii and she will never see either of them ever again. He tells her that maybe her dad was joking. But she does not think it’s funny and is very worried about what this will do to her.

Todd is alone in the other room with Jack and Sam. Jack is ok with the idea of moving to Hawaii. And Sam cannot argue with them. Todd tells his infant son that they will all be together as a family. He tells them that nobody is going to pull them apart or threaten them ever again. And it is obvious that he has Ramsey’s threat on his mind although he will not reveal that to anybody.

Antonio and Jessica talk alone in the room and he tells her that he knows that she must be very upset to have believed that Allison would reveal a secret to her, only to have that possibility ruined. She admits to him that that is true but she is coping. And wouldn’t it be easier of John questioned her? He tells her that he has no “personal” issues with her anymore. He has moved on with his life. All he wants from her is the truth.

Right then, not far away, we see a FAXed drawing of a nun with a familiar face.

John asks Natalie just what her “meeting” with Allison was all about.

And there are two FAXes of the two “nuns”. And they are clearly Jessica and Natalie.

Antonio then asks Jessica if she had anything to do with Allison’s escape.

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