OLTL Update Wednesday 2/27/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/27/08


Written By Jeannie

At the diner, Gigi asks Markko if there’s a job opening. Rex walks in. Gigi asks if he’s following her. He says he’s meeting Cole. She says she’s looking for a job. Over at the counter, Markko calls Cris and leaves a message saying he’s swamped and asks if he coming in soon.

Cris and Sarah lay in bed talking and kissing.

Natalie and Jared are on the phone at BE helping Clint figure out what’s happening. Nora and Bo walk in and Clint tells them the Columbia project is being sabotaged.

Jessica walks into Natalie’s office and she tells her what’s going on. Natalie says Jared might be saving the company. Jessica says good for him and Natalie is confused. Jessica said he saved her life and she’s grateful. She asks how Natalie is doing with him. Jared is ease dropping outside the door. Natalie tells Jessica that at the Ball Jared said to her maybe they could be together.

In their apartment, Mike tells Marcie the misery and self-pity is over. He takes the photos and rips them up. They start yelling at each other. Marcie picks up the pieces of photos and tries to put them together. Mike asks if she’s going to run again. Tommy’s name is Sam now.

At the police station, Ramsey and John face off. John shows him his badge and Ramsey says whoever is responsible is fired. He goes into his office and makes a call asking who reinstated John. John stands at the door smiling and says he guesses, Ramsey if fired.

Back at BE, Nora goes over stuff on the computers and tells Bo and Clint someone is out to get them. Bo guesses Virgil Webster. They discuss the possibility. Nora says she got bad vibes from him.

Jessica asks if Jared was coming on to Natalie and she says no. She didn’t know what was going on. She says ever since Allison went over the balcony he’s acting differently. Jared comes in. Jessica and Jared talk about the experience at the Ball. Jessica says she’s trying to get on with her life.

Nash meets with someone at the diner. Rex asks if Gigi was applying for a job in Llanview. Gigi says she’s staying. Shane might like the change of seasons. Gigi says they are moving out of the mansion as soon as she can get a deposit together. Rex talks about other job possibilities. Rex offers to put in a word to Carlotta. Gigi says she never needed his help before and doesn’t need it now.

Mike and Marcie argue about Tommy. Mike says they need to get on with their lives and he has to know if it will be with or without her

John shows Ramsey his signature on his reinstatement. Ramsey remembers signing the requisition forms. He tears it up and asks for John’s badge.

At Cris' apartment, Sarah goes to turn off the phone but sees it’s Clint so she answers. Clint tells her to come down to BE right away. Emergency board meeting. She hangs up and tells Cris she shouldn’t have answered it.

Someone interrupts Jared and says he has a phone call. Natalie says its ironic Jessica finally figures out she’s ok with Jared. Natalie says she’s not sure she'd forgive Nash for having her committed. Jessica said because he loves her. Natalie asks if that's why he does everything.

Nash makes a deal with an investor and wonders why it sounds too good to be true.

Jared comes in to doc his PDA in Natalie’s computer to download some information and Jessica leaves. Natalie asks Jared if everything is okay between the two of them. Jared says yes, they are working well together. Jared leaves and hesitates out in the hall as he remembers kissing Nat.

Mike tells Marcie she just came from court with a light sentence and it’s a miracle. Marcie calls it s a travesty. Mike thanks God they will have a life together now. Marcie says how is life possible without Tommy. Mike says this is their second chance. She’s ungrateful and she should be thankful they have a chance to rebuild their lives together. He reminds her that nobody died.

John refuses to give his badge. He tells Ramsey his duty is to lock up people like Ramsey and he brings up Marty’s death. Ramsey says it was an accident and talks about locking Cole up. John says there are procedures and leaves. Ramsey pulls the shotgun shell from his pocket and looks at it.

John reads through a file. A patrolman come up to say he’s glad he’s back and they talk. Ramsey comes out of his office and asks the patrolman why he didn’t get him the file on Allison Perkins like he asked. The patrolman says he must have asked someone else. John hands the file to Ramsey. John says he must have talked to IA and now he’s stuck with him until he has just cause to dismiss him. Ramsey says he has to work 24/7 now. John says dish it out, he can handle it.

Rex tells Gigi he knows she can take care of herself. He only wanted to help. Gigi apologizes. Rex asks about how she ended up in Texas. Gigi evades the answer. They talk about Shane. Rex says if he offers to baby-sit Shane, it’s not because he thinks she can’t take care of herself. He just likes video games. Gigi says thanks, but she doesn’t want to piss off Adriana. Rex's phone rings an it's Adriana. He says he’s at the diner to meet Cole. They lose the connection and say goodbye. Gigi says she can’t believe Rex has a fiancé in Paris making fashion deals. He certainly traded up. Rex starts to say that’s not so, but Cole calls and reschedule.

Cris jokes he never dated a mogul before. Sarah talks about her grandfather and wonders why he put someone like her on the boards. Cris says Asa knew how smart she was. Sarah disagrees and Cris says she can’t put herself down around him anymore. They laugh and kiss. She leaves.

Clint gives files to Jessica. He asks how she’s doing. She says okay, just mad at herself for believing Allison had secret. Clint says it’s not her fault.

Bo talks to Lindsey on the phone as Nora talks to Matthew. Jared comes in with paperwork saying he found something. He found a loophole to push back the deadline. They ask about Virgil Webster. Bo says he and Asa were very competitive and Virgil is moving in now because Asa is gone. Natalie walks in with the same loop hole Jared found.

Mike tells Marcie Sam is with a family who loves him. Marcie says not the way we love him. Mike says it could have been worse. Marcie worries about Todd. Mike says Todd would never hurt the little boy. Mike says they are lucky and she needs to start seeing that.

Clint tells Jared and Natalie they did good work. He makes a remark they would have found it sooner if they had been working together. Bo suggests hiring Balsam to check security because their regular guy is out. Bo calls him, Rex says yes. He says he’ll be right there.

Rex says goodbye to Gigi. Markko brings coffee to Gigi and a newspaper. Gigi sees Marcie on the front page. Markko says he feels sorry for Marcie as she used to be his teacher. He mentions he is Starr’s friend too. Gigi asks about Tommy/Sam.

John comes to see Marcie and Mike. Mike thanks him for helping with Todd. John tells them he’s been reinstated. John has mixed feeling on working with Ramsey. John asks if they’re going somewhere and Marcie, realizing she still has her coat on, says she’s not going anywhere as she looks at Mike and takes off her coat. He smiles.

Gigi looks at the menu. Cris walks in and introduces himself. Gigi says Viki told her to come and apply. Cris stops her and says they don’t have any openings. He takes her number and says if something opens up, he’ll call.

The investor assures Nash they put their faith in him and they all come out on top. There is one catch. They want Jared to sell out. Nash says so does he. Nash says he could convince him if the price is right. He says the stipulation is non-negotiable.

Natalie briefs Rex on the job. He tells her Adriana is in Paris. Another woman comes in and Natalie grills her on thing to be done. She asks where the help she asked for is and leaves. Natalie remarks she thinks she is her boss and she’s been here long enough to think that. Rex goes off to start work. He sees Bo and thanks him for the gig. Sarah comes in and Jessica and Natalie tells her she should have been there sooner. Sarah says she was in the middle of something. Jessica and Natalie smile knowingly. Clint says its going to be an all-nighter, is that okay with everyone?

Marcie says as much as they will miss Tom/Sam that he is loved and that’s the important thing. She turns to Mike and says, Mike and her have each other.

John meets Gigi in the hall when he leaves Marcie and Mike's. He tells her what Marcie’s sentence was. John suggests not seeing her now. He wonders why she’s still in Llanview. Gigi says this is as good as any place to raise her kid. John starts to say something about Ramsey and Gigi cuts him off. She will not file a complaint against Ramsey.

Inside Marcie and Mike talk about their relationship. They reminisce about the first time they met. He says he fell in love with her fighting spirit. Marcie wishes she were that person now. Mike says she is and reminds her she almost put Todd through the wall. They talk about their relationship and making each other laugh again. Marcie says how important he is and how much she loves him. They kiss.

Ramsey answers the phone. He says he’s happy to have the support and would love to come to dinner.

Clint asks if Bo is right how long do they wait for proof. He asks about Webster’s first wife. Bo says don’t go there. Clint says we have to get our hands dirty too. Bo stops him and Clint backs down. Nora looks at Bo.

Nash comes into Jared’s office and tells him to sell back the shares of vineyard. Jared says he saved his wife’s life and this is how he repays him. Nash asks what he’s trying to get out of it and Jared starts to walk out. Nash tells him Jared should sell him his shares of the vineyard and he doesn’t care what he has to do to get them. Jessica and Natalie are in the doorway staring at them.

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