OLTL Update Tuesday 2/26/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/26/08


Written By Jennifer S.

At their home, Jessica and Nash are both on their cell phones making different calls. She is calling the hospital ICU to request information about Allison. He is calling his business associates about his winery. He gets off the phone happy. She is not happy with what she hears. It looks like they are off in different worlds.

Before the hearing, while in her apartment, Marcie looks at pictures of herself, Michael and Tommy. She is lost in thought and not thinking about the hearing.

Inside the courtroom, Nora and Todd are ready to get started. Bo enters and asks Nora if she has seen the judge. She replies no and tells him she does not understand how that new mayor could run him out of his office and replace him with the likes of Lee Ramsey. Hearing that, Todd asks Bo what he plans to do about that.

At the station, after John finds out that Ramsey has taken over Bo’s job, he concludes to Antonio and Talia that that mayor is obviously crooked and has always been in somebody’s back pocket. And right now, he knows that it’s Ramsey’s. He is ready to go in the office to confront Ramsey. But Antonio warns him that he might regret doing that. John protests to Antonio that he will not let Ramsey get away with what he has done. So Antonio better back off.

At Viki’s, Rex informs Gigi that Shane has really engaged him in many things such as pool and many other “activities." She admits to him that she is ready for a parent-teacher conference.. He can tell that she has something on her mind and asks what is up.

Bo hears both Nora’s and Todd’s concerns about Ramsey. He leaves. Alone with Todd, Nora demands that he signs the statement about Marcie. Todd then tells her on second thought, since she’s let Marcie off the hook so easily, he wonders what Ramsey will do. She tells Todd she knows that Ramsey will stomp all over many people. And at that point, she stares at Todd and smiles and tells him that for the first time, maybe they can agree on something and work together. She knows that he whole-heartedly agrees with her about Ramsey. They both want to defeat him.

Michael tells Marcie that they have to go and attend the court hearing and he helps her get her coat on.

Nash gets off the phone with his happy news about his vineyard and tells Jessica that she has to hear his news. He can finally afford a marketing company. He will finally be able to finance his investment and be successful. And the best part of this is he did it himself without any help from Jared. He admits that he has been grateful that Jared has had some good ideas. He can tell that she is not happy and has something on her mind. And he asks her who she was on the phone with. She replies the hospital. He asks her if it was in regard to Allison Perkins. He tells her he thought that they were all past that. She admits that she is not. She still cannot get over having to know Allison’s secret. He tells her he doubts that Allison even had a secret worth knowing in the first place. She tells him that she will never know whether that is the case or not since Allison will never be able to tell her. Hearing that, he asks her what happened. Did Allison die?

After Rex has asked Gigi what is going on and if she is alright, she does not answer. He then reminds her about their old memories of living in Michigan going ice skating and fishing. She tells him that she remembers many times they had together and when they spent winter break together one year on a cold lake in a cabin. She wonders how they managed to keep warm. He tells her he remembers. Is that how they conceived Shane?

Jessica replies to Nash that Allison has not died. But she might just as well have. The doctors told her that they have put her in a self-induced coma. She is hooked up to a life support system. Now she is unconscious and unable to reveal the secret. He tells her he doubts that Allison ever had a secret for her. She just wanted Jessica and Natalie to spring her out of St. Anne’s. Allison was just playing with Jessica and making her believe that she was holding some secret over Jessica’s head. But Jessica does not believe that.

In the empty courtroom, Nora and Todd debate about how they should feel about Bo getting replaced. He tells her that maybe Bo got himself fired by his own incompetence. Hearing that, she rushes to Bo’s defense, telling Todd he better realize that Bo is the best they got and were it not for Bo, he’d be a lot worse off than he is. Todd admits to Nora that he is not ok with Bo getting replaced by Ramsey and he can’t argue with anything she is saying. And at that point, Nora knows that Todd “knows something” about Ramsey. And she knows that there is something going on that has “motivated” Todd to drop the charges against Marcie and post her bail. And he must know something about Ramsey that he is not telling anybody.

Jessica admits to Nash that Allison was taunting her about this secret she had. And she maybe should be grateful that she no longer has to worry about Allison. He tells her he thinks she should. As much as he never cared for Jared, he is eternally grateful to the man for being willing to take a bullet for his wife. And he tells her that a black cloud has been lifted. SO she need not have to worry about Allison’s “secret." She tells him she wants to believe that. And he kisses her.

Talia goes in to see Ramsey. She tells him she is working on a cold case. He then tells her if it’s a “cold case," she needs to throw it in the trash and realize it is over. He seems to have no concern for doing good, practicing law enforcement, uncovering anything that needs to be investigated or like he has a conscience. He then reminds her of the “anti-fraternization” policy. And he indicates that her “family” might have something going on with her “inter-racial” relationship with Antonio. He remarks about her blue eyes and how attractive she is. And he talks to her in a way that makes her very uncomfortable.

Outside the office, Antonio tells John that he and Talia have grudgingly agreed to stay because Bo asked them to. But John needs to help them with that. John tells Antonio that he cannot work for that man until he talks to Bo. Antonio tells John then he must tell Todd. He can find Bo in the courthouse. John departs. Talia returns after talking to Ramsey. He asks her how her attempt at “diversion” went. She looks at him very upset and tells him she needs to take a shower and departs.

In the courtroom, Nora tells Todd that she really wishes he would confide in her with anything he may know about Ramsey. Todd then relives noticing Ramsey with the loaded gun hoping that Todd would help him kill Gigi and Shane. He is very tempted to share that with Nora. Right then, Marcie and Michael walk in and Todd instantly turns cold and his mind is focused elsewhere. He tells them that he is not ready to help anybody who kidnaps a baby. He faces them and tells Marcie that he can see that something is wrong with her. It must mean she cannot find the words to express her gratitude to him. She must be tired from the kidnapping and ruining people’s lives. It takes a lot out of somebody. She does not respond. And he tells them that they must now know that Lee Ramsey is the new police commissioner. He doubts Ramsey will cut Ramsey any slack. And he tells Marcie and Michael he wants them to see a picture of his “new family." Nora asks him to back off. But he reminds her that after Marcie kidnapped his child and held his sister hostage, this is a happy ending. Michael then demands that Todd puts the picture away. But Todd continues to taunt Marcie with more pictures to indicate that his son is bonding with his new mom. He does not remember nor miss her nor care if he ever sees her again. She does not speak. But Nora and Michael demand that he leaves Marcie alone.

In Viki’s kitchen, Gigi and Rex relive old memories about their times together. He recalls that she was a good cook and asks her if she still cooks. She tells him that she has learned to be a better waitress than a cook since she needs to do that in order to earn a living for herself and her son. And she changes the subject by asking him about his long-lost father, Charlie Balsam.

Antonio can tell that Talia is upset about something. He follows her into the locker room. She tells him that he said something about her beautiful blue eyes and how that is unlike her race. He asks her if she suspects sexual harassment. She tells him it’s that and it’s racial as well. She tells him that she realizes that maybe she could not take him to court nor get him in trouble for. But she doesn’t want to have to work with that. He tells her if that guy makes any more comments like that to her, he will take him out himself. Hearing that, she tells him that she is not going to be helplessly dependent on him. She tells him that she is not going to be dependent upon anybody nor believe that she needs male cops to watch her back. She tells him that he must remember how she has uncovered many crimes and made drug busts without any help. He tells her she is right and he knows she can handle Ramsey.

John goes to find Bo at court and tells him he cannot work with Ramsey. Bo tells John that he cannot let Ramsey get to him. John tells Bo that Ramsey can fire him. Bo tells John that Ramsey cannot fire him. He does not have just cause. John tells BO that he is worried that if that does not happen, he will end up killing Ramsey. But Bo urges John to know that he needs all of them to help him by seeing what they can dig up on Ramsey. They both admit that they cannot understand how or why Ramsey got that job and why he would want it in the first place. And Bo reminds John that guys like Ramsey end up tripping themselves sooner or later. And that is why he needs John and Antonio and Talia to stick around. Todd then steps out and admits that he has been overhearing their conversation.

While she is discussing what is going on with Nash, Jessica gets a phone call that is not happy for her. It’s from Clint.

In response to Gigi’s inquiry about finding Rex’s father in Charlie, he admits to her that when something like this happens when you’ve wanted it for so long, you get many feelings. You get a sense of joy, wonder and awe. And you also get the “reverse” of those things. You feel down and you feel anxious. She listens intently to his thoughts and feelings about finding his real father. And he asks her why she is interested. She tells him that there are many interesting points about that. She realizes she barely knew Charlie. He just came into the diner a few times. And at that point, she tells him she has to go and find Shane and help him with his homework.

Todd tells Bo and John that he knows they will have fun dealing with Ramsey. He sounds flip. But he reveals to them that he is worried. Bo then tells John he must be able to see that Ramsey has Manning scared. And he asks John if he now can see why Bo needs him to stay in the department.

In the courtroom, it looks like Marcie will be cleared. Judy represents her and tells Michael she strongly recommends they take that deal. Michael then finds Marcie and tells his wife it’s time to go home. Marcie still says nothing. Judy tells Nora she knows she put her neck on the line. She knows the Mayor put a lot of pressure on Nora for this case. And the new chief of police will not be happy with the fact that Nora went so easy on such a high profile case. She tells Nora for what it’s worth, she hopes she can keep her job. She walks away. Nora answers gets a. It’s Clint. She is happy to hear from him until he reveals that he has some bad news and it sounds like he’s giving her the same message he gave to Jessica.. Nora then finds Bo and asks if he has heard from Clint. He admits that he has and maybe they need to go and talk to him together.

Right then, Jessica gets ready to go and take care of her business. When she is gone, Nash gets a call that tells him that his loan has not been approved after all. He is not going to accept that and demands that they explain what has happened. But they hang up on him. He then concludes that his friend, Brian made a foolish move by pissing off the one person who can help him. He then makes another call and tells somebody he would like to take them up on their deal and arranges to meet them.

Michael and Marcie return home. He tells her that he is happy. He finally got reinstated at the hospital and will be able to practice medicine again. But she won’t speak. All she wants to do is stare at pictures of Tommy. He then firmly tells her she must snap out of this. He cannot stand by and watch her drown in self pity.

Ramsey steps outside of his office and is surprised to find John there. He reminds him that he has been suspended. He is no longer a cop and will never be as long as he (Ramsey) has anything to say about it.. But John tells Ramsey that his problem is overconfidence. And he reminds Ramsey that he is not going away.

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