OLTL Update Monday 2/25/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 2/25/08


Written By Jennifer S.

John is on a plane wishing he could get on his cell phone when the stewardess tells him he cannot. Right then, we hear that he is headed out of DC and back to Llanview.

After Adriana tells Rex that although she has a major business opportunity that involves going to Paris, he tells her he cannot go with her. She then tells him she cannot. He asks her why that is. Why would she miss out on an opportunity like that? It’s got to be because she does not trust him. She admits that she has “issues” with his attention toward Shane. He then concludes to her that it can only mean that she does not trust him and believes that Shane must be his son.

Starr is fidgeting with her cell phone trying to “restrain” herself from calling Cole when he has not called her. Right then, Markko enters and admits to her that he cannot find either Langston or Cole.

Cole and Langston meet secretly. He tells her that she has to be the only person who will understand what he is going through. He knows that he has to “pay the price” for what happened. He shot Miles Laurence. She then tells him that he must realize that that was an accident. He tells her that he has no qualms with Miles Laurence. And he forgives himself for the “accident." He is going to shoot and kill Agent Ramsey for what happened to his mother.

Right then, Bo goes to the station and enters what used to be his office. He notices Ramsey making himself comfortable in Bo’s old office. He tells Ramsey that he will lose his arm if he thinks he will remove Bo’s or his “hero’s” name from the door. He explains to Ramsey that a partner of his, from Llanview PD died in 9-11 in order to save lives. And there is no way Ramsey is removing Bo’s hero’s name from that door. Ramsey seems completely cold and insensitive. Antonio and Talia stand by Bo and tell him they can back him in whatever he needs their help with. But it looks like Ramsey is the new commissioner and could care less about any of them.

Rex protests to Adriana that he and Gigi had a relationship many years ago when they were very young and it’s over. But she reminds him that he must realize that Gigi could be lying about Shane the same way she lied to him about Marcie. He protests that Shane’s father was a Navy Seal. Gigi talks about him all the time. Adriana then asks Rex if he’s ever seen pictures of the guy. He tells her that Gigi has had to raise her son all by herself. Doesn’t she think if he was Shane’s father, that she would not have admitted it to him? She admits to him that that he may have a point. He then tells her that regardless of anything, nothing will ever come between them. He tells her that they are together forever. His love for her will always be there for her. And she must trust that. She tells him she believes that . And she is not going to Paris.

Markko asks Starr if she really has not seen Langston. She seems to trust Langston’s word that she had to go and meet her group. She then asks him if he wants to get some peanut butter and jelly. She tells him that she trusts Cole. He asks her if she does not think it’s kind of odd that Cole has not called her. She tells him she trusts Cole. He then concludes that she and Cole are “solid." So she has nothing to worry about.

Cole confides in Langston that when he accidentally shot Miles in an attempt to shoot Ramsey for what happened to his mom, John intervened and took the rap for what Cole did. He tells her that right now, he wishes he could put it all behind him. But now that Ramsey, the man who got away with killing his mom, is now the police commissioner, that is not something he can get over. She asks him if he has not suffered enough over his mother. He asks her if that is true. He wakes up every night hearing the gun he used to shoot Miles. And even worse, he hears his mother screaming before she got killed. He just wishes he could go back in time. He and his mom were happy together. He and Starr were good together. But now, everything has changed.

Antonio and Talia are talking about what they can do in order to support Bo when Ramsey wants to hurt him and how they are going to work under Ramsey.

In the office, Ramsey tells Bo that he knows what he will do when he is in office. Bo tells Ramsey that he finds it obscene. The thought that Ramsey would “last” any time in this office is too much to bear. While Bo removes his pictures from the wall of his old office, he tells Ramsey it’s “not going to happen." And that is all there is to it.

Cole asks Langston what if Ramsey tries to charge him with shooting Miles. He knows that John lied to cover for him. She asks if Ramsey can do that. Knowing that Cole might “take the law into his own hands," Langston suggests that maybe Cole should talk to Nora. Hearing that, he asks her if she thinks it would make any sense for him to discuss that with Nora, given that she is the D.A. She then asks if he should not discuss that with Starr. He replies that Starr is the last person he wishes to involve in his situation.

Right then, Starr and Markko are dreaming up ideas for what they should do with their respective significant others.

Rex discusses with Adriana that he is concerned that her not wanting to go to Paris alone indicates that her “charming mother” has filled her heard with all of the ideas that he is not ok with her having. He tells her that he knows that the fashion industry is a big passion in her life. And he knows that something must be going on if it would cause her not to want to go. Right then, they get a call from Layla. She demands that they do not move until she can get out to find them. He tells her that ever since Gigi and Shane have moved into town, she has been acting a “little weird." He knows that she has been gossiping to all of her friends about the situation. And he wishes she would tell him what is going on.

On the flight back to Llanview, John remembers how Ramsey pulled strings and committed dirty acts in order to become John’s superior in the FBI and get John in trouble.

Right then, Bo tells Ramsey that the people in Llanview care about each other and don’t trust him. But Ramsey reminds Bo that the people of this town do not want a “greeting card." They want to be safe from crime. Right then, Antonio and Talia come to talk to Bo alone. Ramsey reminds them that he is their boss. Bo is nothing to them. They tell him they want to talk to Bo alone. Bo lets them into the office and tells them he appreciates their concern. But he no longer has his position and he’s concluded that he does not belong there. In response to that, they tell him if he does not belong there, then neither do they.

Adriana tells Rex that this whole thing is complicated. And she makes it clear that she is not ok with the situation. Ands right then, Shane enters to interrupt them and tells Rex he’d really like his help with learning a video game. He wants to engage Rex is many things. He admits that Charlie has been available to him but he says he’s too old to know many video games and the current types of media are for the younger crowd. Shane then concludes to Rex that he, on the other hand, is “not that old” and might understand some of the modern technology that Shane is interested in. But right then, Gigi comes down the stairs and tells Shane he needs to stop bothering Rex. It does no good however. The two of them are bonding. Gigi and Adriana stand together admitting that they are equally uncomfortable with that.

Starr and Markko are in the kitchen ready to prepare a meal which she admits to him Cole showed her.

Cole and Langston are together talking about his issues with Starr. She tells him he must realize that there are people on his side. One example is John McBain. He always used to contact Cole. Why doesn’t Cole call him? Cole admits that he’s tried and failed to get a hold of John and left messages for him that he’s not returned.

John is on his flight back from DC kind of depressed. The stewardess asks him if he was on business.

After Antonio has informed Bo that if Ramsey takes over as police commissioner, he is quitting, Bo tells Antonio that somebody has to stay around to make certain that Ramsey does not destroy this entire department. Antonio asks Bo why the Mayor would replace him with that incompetent bastard. Bo replies that they do not really know that Ramsey is incompetent. Bo then tells Antonio that he does not like the fact that he and John have to work under that man. In response to that, Antonio tells Bo that John is not an issue. Didn’t Bo know that John is no longer on the force.? He’s on suspension. And Bo needs to know that there is no way that Ramsey will let him come back. Hearing that, Bo tells Antonio that maybe there is something they can do about that.

Layla goes to find Adriana at Viki’s while she's (Adriana) dealing with her issues involving Rex and Shane and Gigi. She tells Adriana that she needs her to get on that flight to Paris for their photo shoot ASAP. And she is outraged that Adriana would have turned her phone off. Adriana tells Layla that she is not going with her to Paris. Layla demands to know why she would even consider not going.

Starr and Markko cook and wonder what to do with these recipes that she’s learned from Cole. She tells him that she wishes Cole would call her. He suggests that maybe Cole and Langston are together. They realize that they are both gone and not telling anybody where they are.

Cole tells Langston that he is very worried that he will go to jail. Ramsey has seen him shoot a man. And there is no way that John can save him. Right then, he gets a call from Starr and is not certain whether to answer it. He reluctantly answers it, knowing that Langston is watching him. Starr tells Cole that she is very concerned about Ramsey becoming the new police commissioner. He tells her he doesn’t want her to worry about it. And he obviously does not want to share with her what is really going on with him.

At Viki’s, Rex tells Gigi that he is glad that she decided to stay in Llanview especially with all that she and Shane have gone through. And he asks her if that is all over and he tells her he hopes that she is not in danger any more. Right then, she remembers Ramsey telling her he wants her to stay in Llanview and motivating her with threats. And she replies to Rex that there is no danger and no more trouble. Rex tells her he’s glad to hear that.

Layla tells Adriana that she must come to Paris. She cannot throw her entire career away. She then observes Rex and Shane and notices that Adriana is observing them a little too closely. And she immediately concludes that that must be the reason. She tells Adriana that she must know that Rex loves her more than anything. She asks Adriana what kind of marriage she will have if she does not even trust her husband. She cannot let petty jealous ruin what she has with Rex.

At the station, Talia is getting acclimated in her previous and future job. Antonio goes in to talk to Bo. He notices Bo emptying out the shredder. Bo remarks to him that he bets Ramsey will keep the shredder working overtime. Bo then runs into Ramsey on the way out. And he tells Ramsey that he thinks that maybe he could offer him some “tips." Ramsey tells Bo that he does not need any tips. Right then, Talia tells him she needs his signature on a few things.. He signs and then tells Bo that he can be a funny guy. Bo goes out the door. And it looks like Talia has gotten Ramsey to sign for John McBain coming back to work, although he does not know it.

John is on his way back to Llanview on his flight.

At Viki’s, Adriana announces to Rex that she is going to Paris, after all. Layla talked her into it. She tells him she will call him when she gets there. But she knows he might be busy. He tells her she can wake him up whenever he wants to. They move closer toward each other. Shane observes them and admits that they are grossing him out. When they are alone and unseen, they kiss harder. She departs. Rex then tells Gigi that as soon as Viki finds him the “information” he will be out of town and out of her hair. But she can tell that he will probably never be able to tear himself away from Shane and their common interest in video games.

Starr and Markko attempt to be chefs in the kitchen. She admits to Markko that she cannot cook meals from scratch and used Prego. But she urges him not to tell Cole that she had to use something from a jar. He tells her that he promises never to tell him.

Cole tells Langston that he apologizes for dragging her down there to listen to his problems. She tells him she is happy to be there for him. He concludes to her that she is a good friend.

John returns to the station. Antonio and Talia inform him that Bo has been replaced. Hearing that, John sounds like he believes they must be joking. He asks how you can replace Bo? That makes no sense. He then turns around and walks to the door to see the new police commissioner’s name on the door. And he’s horrified to see Lee Ramsey Police Commissioner on what used to be Bo’s door.

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