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One Life to Live Update Friday 2/22/08

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Written By Jennifer S.

At Viki’s home, Natalie shows her mother and Charlie that an article was written about Charlie’s heroic act the previous night at the ball. Rex and Adriana enter and relish how Rex should be proud of his “dad.” Gigi and Shane enter. But when Gigi notices that her son’s father and “grandpa” are there, she is kind of embarrassed. But Shane seems very interested in the heroic act of both Charlie and Jared.

At Nora’s, Jared asks Nigel if he is really proud of him for what he did. Nigel confirms that he does commend Jared and realizes that David Vickers would no more lift a finger nor risk a hang nail in order to save anybody’s life. He currently has no qualms about keeping Jared’s secret for him. But if Jared ever makes him “regret” his decision, he will make him sorry. Matthew enters but when he discovers that his dad has been fired as police commissioner, he is very upset and demands that somebody explains to him how it could happen.

Starr and Langston have breakfast with Blair and tell her that they had such a great time at the party with Mary J. Blige. Dorian enters and asks her niece if she is not embarrassed for her “rash” assumption that her best friend and boyfriend were having a “secret meeting” behind her back. Starr admits that she is but she’d like to forget about it. Jack enters and reminds them that Todd is missing. Nobody has a clue where he went.

Todd meets with Ramsey in his new office (which used to be Bo’s) while Ramsey tells him that he needs to be careful or “something like this” could kill someone.

Matthew asks his dad what happened. Bo replies that the Mayor decided that it’s time to make a change. Matthew asks his dad why he didn’t tell him before. Bo replies that he just found out about it yesterday. Matthew asks if they do not believe that he is doing a good job. Clint then replies that everybody knows that Bo was a great cop. Nora tells her son that the Mayor just believed that it was the thing to do. Hearing that, Matthew asks if that means that it’s political. They are all amazed that he is so smart for his age. He asks his dad if he plans to fight it and get his job back. Bo answers no. It’s a done deal. Matthew then asks him what he plans to do now. Bo has to admit that he has no answer.

After everybody wonders where Todd is, Blair tells them that he might be working. They have to pay the bills. Jack reminds his mom that they are getting a free place to live staying at Dorian’s. Blair then engrosses in the paper and admits that she is not ok with Bo being fired. The kids ask why that could happen. Dorian replies it’s because he let too many crimes go unpunished when he was in office. But Blair tells her aunt that she knows that is not true. There is no justification for what happened to Bo nor the fact that anybody would consider Ramsey as his replacement.

Matthew concludes to his dad that now that he is no longer working, he must have time to go fishing and spending more time with his family. Assuming that he no longer needs the money, Matthew asks him why he needs to work. Hearing that, Nora tells Matthew that he needs to stop pressuring his dad. Cole enters and Matthew immediately informs him that his dad got fired as police commissioner. Cole tells them that he is not ok with that. He thought very highly of Bo and cannot understand how that could happen. Nora then takes Cole aside and tells him she has some information for him that she knows he will not be ok with. She explains to him that Bo’s new replacement as police commissioner is non other than Lee Ramsey. Hearing that, Cole is horrified.

Todd tells Ramsey that he better stay away from Todd’s family. Ramsey tells Todd that all he (Todd) can make is empty threats.

Knowing how Cole could be feeling about Ramsey taking over the police commissioner job after what he did to his mom, Nora tells Cole that she does not think he should be worried about it. She is very happy for him and very proud of all the things he’s been accomplishing with working out his issues in his group, with improving his grades and with the party he planned for Starr the previous night. And she attempts to “engage” in a conversation with him about Starr. But he tells her he cannot talk and has to go upstairs.

At Viki’s, Shane “interrogates” Charlie about his heroic act. Gigi wants her son to leave Charlie alone. But he tells Charlie that his dad was also a hero. He admits that he’s been kind of bored staying at Lieutenant McBain’s house. Charlie asks him what grade he’s in. He replies 4th. Gigi remarks that Shane got his “talkativeness” from his mom. Viki then tells Rex that Gigi just informed her that they used to know each other and date in high school. Neither of them wants to talk about that. Shane tells the others that he and his mom are headed back to Texas soon. But at that point, Gigi remembers Ramsey “threatening” her to stay in Llanview. Viki tells them that she does not want to rush them out of her home. There is plenty of room and they can stay as long as they like. Shane asks her if they have cable. Viki tells him of course she has all the cable he could ever want. Shane then asks his mom if he can watch Viki’s extended cable and tells her he will “beg”. He assesses to all of them that he really likes it in Llanview and has met some awesome people he doesn’t want to say good bye to. And he begs his mom to consider staying in Llanview. Hearing that, Rex remarks that Shane sounds very much like himself and he kind of “slips” by saying that Shane “got” the trait from him. Hearing that, Gigi demands to know what Rex is talking about. She knows he is implying that he believes Shane is his son.

Right then, Ramsey is pressuring Todd to make a decision about what he is going to do.

Matthew tells his dad that maybe he should find a new “career choice” Maybe he should be an investment banker. But Bo tells him it’s too risky. Matthew then tells him maybe he should be a professional photographer. He’s great at taking pictures. Bo then tells his son that he appreciates his efforts to help him find a new career. But he only wants to be a cop. There is nothing else he is suited for. Hearing that, Clint tells his brother he disagrees.

At Viki’s, Rex, Adriana, Charlie, Natalie, Gigi and Shane all sit down and eat. Rex hands his “dad” a basketball ticket and invites him to join him.

At Dorian’s, Langston gets a call from Cole who asks her to meet him at the church but not tell Starr about their private meeting.

Todd tells Ramsey, yet again, that if he makes any threats to Todd’s family….. And in response to that, Ramsey tells Todd: “bla, bla, bla….” And he tells Todd he needs to get some new material. Todd then asks Ramsey why he would choose to move and work in Llanview of all places. Ramsey tells Todd that he wants to be a part of this town. And he knows of no better way to spend his days. Todd then tells Ramsey that his “days” might be numbered.

Clint tells Bo that they need him at B.E. Matthew stands by his uncle while Bo replies that that environment is not for him. But Clint tells Bo that he is a valued part of their family and would be appreciated as part of the board. Jared then steps inside and asks them to excuse him for saying this. But he believes Clint is correct. Bo should consider being part of the B.E. board. Bo gets ready to go and looks depressed. Clint then follows his brother out the door and urges him to seriously consider that.

Ramsey tells Todd that he can build a whole new life in Llanview. Hearing that, Todd tells Ramsey it’s funny that he would say that. All Ramsey knows how to do is destroy life. Ramsey tells Todd that may very well be true. And maybe Todd needs to be a “good little crazy boy” since he seems to remember that.

Starr can tell that Langston has some sort of secret after Langston rushes to go somewhere alone. But yet again, Starr is wondering why Cole has not called her. Langston obviously has no answer for that and does not reveal to Starr the secret that she is meeting Cole alone and he’s asked her not to inform Starr about their private meeting.

At Viki’s, Natalie remarks to Charlie that she wonders why she never met him when he was “seeing” Roxy. He replies that he wasn’t around much. He didn’t really have his act together in those days. And maybe it’s just as well that he was not a part of his son’s life. Gigi remarks that she remembers Rex’s life in his younger days when he was wild. Hearing that, Adriana tells her that Rex has grown up and is ready to settle down. Viki then gets a call from Nash. Rex tells Charlie he is very happy to know that Charlie is his father. Charlie tells his “son” that he is happy to know that also. Charlie then goes to find Viki and asks her of Jessica is ok. She tells him she is. He tells her that he really appreciates her letting him stay there. And he is happy to know Rex. She tells him that she likes Rex. He is very charming. Almost as much so as his father. At that moment they sit on the couch and kiss. The doorbell rings. Natalie answers it. It’s Jared.

At the breakfast table at Viki’s, Rex engages Shane in conversations about his favorite sports teams. Shane is definitely interested in talking to him about basketball. Rex then tells Shane that maybe he can join him and Charlie. And they can see some NBA stars in action. Shane sounds fascinated in doing that. Right then, Adriana gets a call and has to get away from the table.

Starr is fidgeting with her cell phone wondering if she should call Cole. Dorian and Blair tell her that maybe she is too needy and should give her boyfriend some space. But Starr tells her aunt and mom that she is concerned about what might be going on with Cole, not unlike her mom being concerned about what might have happened to her dad. Right then, Todd enters. Starr immediately asks her dad how they could have appointed Ramsey as the new police commissioner, especially after he pointed his gun at her and Langston. Todd admits to his daughter that he does not dispute that and has no answer for her question.

When Jared goes to Viki’s, Charlie tells him he is surprised to see him there. And he knows that the reason is due to the headline in the paper with the photo of both of them. Jared tells his father he is very concerned that if this “gets out”, then it could blow their cover. Viki then enters and tells Jared she is surprised to see him there.

Langston rushes to find Cole. She can tell he is very upset about something and asks what happened. He tells her that he cannot confide in Starr about what is going on with him. He does not think she would understand. Langston is the only person he believes will understand how he is affected by something that has just happened..

Viki asks Jared if he wants to stay and have coffee with the others. He tells her thank you but he has to get to work. She tells him, once again, they are all very grateful for his saving her daughter’s life. He tells her he appreciates that. But he goes out the door revealing that he is very unsettled about something.

Gigi asks Shane to help her clear the dishes so that maybe they can talk alone.

Adriana takes Rex aside and angrily tells him that he has ignored her and made her look like a fool by “ingratiating” himself with Shane. He asks her why she is so upset. He’s a kid. He was just talking to him about sports. She tells him that she has some great news that she wanted to share with him but he was too distracted. He asks her what he “great news” was. He tells her that she is going to have a big fashion shoot that could be very important for her business. She has to travel to Paris and hopes he will go with her. But he tells her it might not be the ‘right time” with his dad and all. She can go alone. But she tells him if he cannot accompany her, then she cannot go because she does not want to go alone. In response to that, he tells her he gets it. She does not trust him.

Clint tells Matthew that his dad is worried that he is “disappointed” over the fact that he is no longer the police commissioner. And he thinks that Matthew needs to show Bo that he is still proud of him. Matthew then replies to his uncle that it should be very obvious that he is proud of his dad and does not care what type of job he has. Nora hugs her son and tells him he’s a great kid. He tells them he has to get to school. And that leaves Nora and Clint alone and rejoicing that they finally have a moment without any interruptions. But at that point, Clint gets a call. He does not tell Nora what about. But after she asks, he tells her that when Asa died, “they” smelled blood in the water. He knows his father had many enemies. And he knew that “they” would wait a respectable amount of time before moving in for the kill. But now, he knows that the “wait” is over.

Right then, Ramsey stands outside of his new office that still says “Commissioner Bo Buchanan”. Bo enters and tells Ramsey if he wants his arm to stay in one piece, he should not touch that sign with Bo’s name on it.

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