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One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/21/08

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Written By Jennifer S.

Cristian and Sarah sleep together for the first time. They talk about how they’ve “done it” everywhere in the apartment.

At Nora’s new house, Renee finds out that Jared has been hurt and wants to make certain that he is ok. Matthew then rushes and tells his “uncle Jared” that he is so grateful that he just rescued Jessica. And he remarks that Jared is a “real hero”. Jared looks at Matthew, awkwardly, knowing that he’s lied to too many people about being part of the Buchanan’s family.

Jessica is happily with Nash at the hospital, glad that she will be alright and hopefully rid of Allison. But Natalie goes to Allison’s room to find her to see that she is badly injured but probably won’t die. Natalie asks her why she did it. Why did she try to kill Jessica?

Cristian asks Sarah if “they” are good. She tells him she does not have any regrets if that is what he is asking. She tells him that he is looking at her like they broke some kind of law. He remarks that in some parts of the country, they would be. She smiles at him and tells him that they will have to lock them both up together.

Matthew and Shane surround Jared and want to hear all about his heroic act. Gigi tells them that maybe Jared needs his rest. But Shane reminds his mom that Jared deserves some recognition and probably wants to be “harassed” for all he’s done. He tells her that Jared is “not unlike Charlie”. He stands up and shows Jared the great self-defense moves that Charlie taught him. Little does he know that Charlie might be his grandfather. And that could mean that Jared is his uncle.

Nora gathers with Clint and Renee to remark that it is an outrage that Bo has gotten fired from his position as commissioner and replaced by Ramsey. And she tells them that once again, Bo is paying for Lindsay’s crime. They all have champagne. But right then, Gigi gets a call on her phone. It’s Ramsey. He asks her if she is alone. Unaware that he’s called Gigi, Renee proposes a toast to Jared. And she remarks that she could tell that he is a hero, through and through.

Natalie tells unconscious Allison that all she has proven is that she is a total whack job. And she won’t let her hurt Jessica ever again. But she wishes she knew why Allison went after Jessica. Allison does not seem to be able to hear her, though. She has many tubes in her and looks really banged up.

Outside Allison’s hospital room, Antonio finds Jessica and tells her that he needs to ask her some questions. Nash asks him if this cannot wait. But Antonio tells them that he must do his job. Antonio then asks Jessica if it was not strange that she would have wound up unexpectedly at the ball when she was not dressed in a ball gown like all the other women. Nash then remarks that Antonio must already know Allison’s history with her (Jessica's) family. Hearing that, he reminds her that he is not there as a “family friend”, but as a detective. He has no clue how Allison broke loose from St. Anne’s. But there is a lot of evidence that points to Jessica. She then replies that Allison told her that she had some information about Mitch Laurence, Jessica’s biological father.. Right then, another cop enters and tells them he’s uncovered a DVD that was in Allison’s possession. Remembering that, Jessica tells them she must see the DVD. It could reveal many secrets.

Sarah and Cristian go through the house blind-folded wondering what to eat. They walk through the house and find some cake out of the refrigerator.. Right then, Layla and Vincent return from the ball. He tells her he is starving. She asks him how that could be after he stuffed himself at the party. He tells her there must be something in the refrigerator. At that point, Cristian and Sarah know that they cannot have the “privacy” that they want.

At Nora’s, after Ramsey has called her, Gigi tells Shane she needs to go off somewhere but cannot tell anybody where and what about. And he can stay with the people there.

Jessica admits to Antonio that Allison told her that some sort of “secret” involving Mitch Laurence and Jessica’s family would die with her (Allison). And she had to find out what that was. Antonio asks Jessica just what Allison might have meant by that and how that led up to her attempting to kill both Jessica and Jared.

In Allison’s hospital room, Natalie tells her that maybe she should be grateful to her. Were it not for her (Allison), Natalie might have never known that she is a Buchanan and been able to know all of the love there is in her family. So all of what Allison put them through tonight might not be as important as the benefit Natalie has gotten.

Jared tells Renee that he was afraid he might have fallen to his death. She remarks thank God that that man Charlie saved him. Shane approaches Jared and asks him how he feels about the fact that Charlie saved his life. Jared admits that it is true that he would not be there today were it not for Charlie. Matthew then asks Jared if he and Charlie are “buddies” now. How ironic that he is being “interviewed” by the two boys when one falsely believes Jared is his uncle, and the other is unaware that he really is.

Layla tells Vincent that if Cristian and Sarah’s relationship “goes anywhere,” it will take a miracle. They are the two most careful people in the world, she tells him. They assume that they are alone when they talk about cake and sex. Cristian and Sarah hide and spy upon them. They cover themselves with paper and get ready to go to the bedroom unseen. But Vincent walks out of Layla’s bedroom and laughs to see that they have been “busted”.

Renee tells Jared that she believes that her “instincts” about him were correct from the beginning. He is a remarkable man. And Asa would be proud to have him as his son. He then tells her maybe they should not get “carried away”. She tells him he should not be “modest”. She tells him how much he means to her. But at that point, he knows he has some problems on his hands and might be regretting scamming everybody. He goes off and runs into Nigel. Nigel admits to Jared that he is grateful to him for saving Miss Jessica. And he confides in Jared that he doubts that David Vickers, Asa’s “real son” would have done such a heroic act. Jared then tells Nigel that he will be the best Buchanan the family has ever had. And Nigel will not regret keeping the secret for him. Nigel tells Jared he hopes not. But he has his doubts that Jared is really willing to go through with this secret, given all of the “consequences”

Clint and Nora discuss what might be happening to Bo. He tells her that he knows that Asa had a lot of secret information that he never shared with either Clint or Bo. Nora says she just wishes they could uncover some secrets about Ramsey.

Ramsey meets Gigi privately at the palace. She asks him what he wants and what types of new threats he has for her. He smiles and tells her that he likes her. But she needs to know what he knows about her

At the hospital, Antonio asks Jessica if Allison made any contact with anybody else in her family or made any threats or confrontations with anybody besides Jessica. Jessica attempts to answer his questions without admitting to the fact that she helped Allison escape from St. Anne’s. He tells her he knows she was at St. Anne’s not long ago, and he asks her why.. She tells him that she pretended to be Tess in order to see if she could trick Jared Banks and she got sent back there.. Hearing that, he asks her if it is true that this Jared guy whom she has been having all of these conflicts with is also the one to save her life tonight. Right then, they bring out the DVD in question. But Jessica freaks when she sees that it’s broken. And she remembers Allison holding it and informing her that it is the “secret” that will die with her (Allison). Antonio tells them that he doubts that forensics will be able to pull anything from the DVD. Jessica tells the two men that she has to go and get some water. Alone with Nash, Antonio remarks that Allison has “really gotten” to Jessica.

In Allison’s room, Natalie asks her why she wanted to torture her sister with this “secret”. And is there any truth to it? She asks her why she told Jessica that the secret dies with her and they she took a swan’s diver off the terrace. And she reflects thank God for Jared saving Jessica’s life. Right then, she has a flash back of Jared telling her that he is in love with her and there is something he must tell her.

At Nora’s, Matthew asks his mom, Uncle Clint and Shane just how Allison Perkins could have escaped from St. Anne’s. Nora and Clint tell him they really have no clue. But Matthew and Shane concoct a theory about how she escaped just like the “ninjas”.

Ramsey tells Gigi that she must understand some things. She tells him she doesn’t understand a thing about him. He tells her she must understand that he would never harm a child. He knows that they need protection. And that is what a mother is for. She then tells him that she can see that that is what it’s all about. He needs her to keep her mouth shut. She tells him she “gets it”. And she and Shane will be out of there the next morning and out of his hair. But he tells her he does not want her and Shane to leave Llanview. He wants them to stay right there.

Layla is getting annoyed when she notices that somebody used all her paper towels. And when she comes out and sees Cristian and Sarah wearing them, she knows what happened. They go in the room. And she notices that they also consumed her wine and the cake she was hoping to have with Vincent.

Ramsey tells Gigi that he would like her and Shane to stay in Llanview where they can look out for them. He tells her that she is only having fear of the unknown. He believes that sooner or later, they will be able to get to know and trust each other. He tells her all that he knows about her history of being raised in Michigan, her relationship with Rex Balsam, exactly how much she has in her bank account. She then concludes that he has access about her entire life. But what does he want with her? He tells her with himself as her “friend”, she has a lot to gain.

Shane and Matthew keep asking Jared more questions about his “adventure” with Allison. Right then, Nora tells them that he needs to get ready for bed. They go off. Alone with Jared, Nora happily tells him that he has become the perfect uncle to her son. The boys obviously believe that he’s a “super human”. He tells her he didn’t do anything special. It was just an “impulse”. She tells him that she doesn’t think it was nothing more than an “impulse” to stand between Jessica and a crazy woman with a loaded gun in her hand. Clint then tells Jared that he would like him to sit in on their board meeting the next day. He tells him he would be interested in Jared’s “take” on the whole situation. For the first time, Clint seems courteous and positive to him. Jared smiles.

Jessica finds Natalie and they talk about what has happened earlier that night. Natalie tells her sister she’s very happy that it was Allison and not her that is lying in that bed. But at that point, Jessica knows that Natalie might have some issues involving Jared and she asks her sister if she is ok. Natalie tells her she’s ok. She departs. Alone in Allison’s room, Jessica goes over to her and tells her she knows Allison can hear her. Allison thinks she’s “won” but she hasn’t. And she tells Allison she knows her secret.

Layla is getting frustrated and tells Vincent when she agreed to have Sarah stay in her apartment, she did not sign up for paper towels and nudity. She is not about to clean up after them. He tells her that maybe she should not and let them clean up after themselves. And he remarks to her that the two of them “got it bad”.

Right then, Cristian and Sarah are lying in the bed together sleeping in each other’s arms.

Ramsey tells Gigi that he hopes she understands that he wants her to stay in town. He has his assistant take her home. But before she’s gone, she tells him if he hurts her little boy today, he will pay. He tells her he has no intention of doing that..

Nora and Clint conclude that they were happy to be together through all the craziness. Right then, he gets a call. She goes up to get some sleep. Alone, he answers his phone

Jared is alone in the living room. He observes a picture of Natalie. And he is clueless as to what to do.

At the hospital, Natalie and Nash sit together while Jessica is talking privately to unconscious Allison in her room. He remarks that he’s amazed that Jessica was able to answer all of Antonio’s questions without revealing to him that the two of them (Natalie and Jessica) are responsible for springing a convicted felon from St. Anne’s.

Alone in Allison’s room, Jessica tells her that she might want to ruin Jessica’s life. But it won’t happen. She tells Allison that she is the luckiest and happiest woman in the world. She has a wonderful family, husband and child. So Allison and her secret can go to hell

Antonio goes to the palace and notices Ramsey is there. Ramsey informs Detective Vega that he will learn the way Ramsey fights crime. Under him, it will get done right. He leaves. And Antonio looks as though he is ready to uncover some sort of secret.

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