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One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/20/08

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Written By Jeannie

Jared says there is something he wants everyone to know. Dorian says here it comes.

Nash rushes in to make sure Jessica is all right. She says Jared saved her life.

In their bedroom, Todd hides the bullet. Blair asks Todd what’s wrong. He says nothing. She tries to get him to talk about what’s bothering him.

At his apartment, Antonio and Talia talk about Ramsey. Antonio is distracted and Talia offers to leave if he’s upset. Antonio says with the way she looks in the dress, he might be able to distract himself. They kiss.

In Sarah’s apartment, Cristian carries Sarah to the bedroom door and puts her down as they enter. They kiss and she looks over his shoulder and sees her room is a mess. She starts to clean. He stops her and they kiss again. She says her schedule is wide open and invites him to spend the night. He says he will and doesn’t want to waste a second.

Back at the Ball, Nash thanks Jared for saving Jessica. Natalie wonders what Jared was going to say. Viki tries to tell them to let him rest. Jared says he has to get it out. It’s about Charlie.

Blair asks Todd to tell him what’s going on. She reminds him of their promise. He tells her to stop with the promise crap. She gets mad and tells him he doesn’t want the marriage to work. Todd says it’s a lot harder then he thought it would be. All this togetherness. He says it’s not working out for him. Blair asks if he’s not good with being happy. Todd says he doesn’t do any of it very well. He says it’s not his blood. It’s too difficult. Blair asks if he’s afraid he's going to fail. Todd says as a father he’s needed, trusted and looked up to and it’s not him. He says he needs freedom. Blair asks him what they are keeping him from? Todd says killing Ramsey.

Jared says since he arrived everyone is weary of him. He goes on about how he thinks they are saying things behind his back. He says the truth is that Charlie is --. Dorian interrupts saying Charlie is a hero and so is Jared. She goes on about how Jared saved the life of his niece. Viki tells her to let Jared speak but Dorian keeps talking about what Charlie did. Clint tires to interrupt her but she goes on and on. Jared tries to get her to stop. Dorian keeps going on and Viki asks why is she preaching. Dorian says she might want to do a story on this for her magazine and asks if she can talk to Jared. She pulls him to the side. Nora asks what the hell that was about. Clint says Dorian wears many hats. Lindsay asks to talk to Bo and says she’s moving out of his place tonight. Bo is shocked. She says she’s going to pack a few things and move in with RJ.

In another part of the room, Viki asks about Charlie’s shoulder. Rex offers to do something for him, but Charlie says he’s okay.

In another room, Jared asks what Dorian thinks she’s doing. She says to stop him from making the biggest mistake of his life.

Talia looks out the window and Antonio comes back from tucking Jamie in. She asks if Jamie would be upset to find her in the apartment if she woke up. Antonio asks if she wants to leave. She says she wants to be here. Antonio tells her she’s beautiful. She says the challenge is for him to get how she feels about him. He thinks he does. She says he has to know it and she kisses him.

Cris and Sarah are kissing and Sarah stops to clean. Cris says don’t try to impress him because they have lived together and he knows she cleaning impaired. He begins to kiss her again. She says at some point they might not want to be standing any more, but there is no room on the bed. They rush over and start to clear the stuff off the bed, then lie down and kiss.

Bo tells Lindsay not to move out. She says he lost his job because of her. Bo says the mayor wanted him out and the guardianship is just and excuse. Bo says it wouldn’t matter and she’s not moving out. Clint and Nora come over and ask why Ramsey was chosen as police commissioner. Nora says how the mayor was convinced Ramsey was the best man, but by whom?

Rex, Viki and Natalie gather around Charlie to say how great he was tonight. They talk about Allison Perkins. Viki says Allison might finally be out of their lives. Natalie is not sure how she feels.

Jared tries to leave, but Dorian stops him. She says everything came out perfectly. He came close to being a true Buchanan by saving Jessica. He’s a true hero. Jared says he can’t keep doing this. Dorian says yes he can and he will.

Antonio gives Talia a glass of champagne. He says they’ll share one glass. He has to be up early for Jamie. They take turns sipping the champagne. He kisses her. Lifts her up and….Jamie asks for a glass of water.

Cris and Sarah are in bed kissing. She starts to say his pants are rubbing against her dress and her dress is starting to itch. They have no choice but to take it all off. They stand and begin to undress each other.

Blair tells Todd not to think it. He can’t do it. She tells him he has a family to consider. He says that’s the problem. Blair asks what that means. He says he has to set and example. Todd says now that Ramsey is commissioner all bets are off and he can only watch.

Nora tells Bo to talk to the Mayor. Nora asks why he fired Bo. Bo says leave it alone. He walks off.

Nash and Jess sit on a step. They talk about what happened. Nash was afraid he lost her again. Jess says Allison was laughing and then let go. She said she would let the secret die with her.

Dorian and Jared are talking and Charlie and Viki wonder what they are talking about. Charlie says he’s worried about him. Charlie goes to talk to them.

Dorian says she is trying to talk sense into Jared. She asks Charlie to talk to Jared. Charlie asks what and Dorian says to convince Jared not to tell the truth.

Sarah and Cris slowly get undressed and kiss. They lay back on the bed.

Antonio is reading Jamie a bedtime story while she drinks her water. He tells her its time to go to bed. Jamie says no, she’s going to get her bunny. Antonio says she never does this and Talia understands. Talia says she just misses Jessica and Bree. Talia says she’s lucky she has an awesome, caring dad. Antonio says this was supposed to be “our night”. Talia says she’s not going anywhere. Jamie comes back with her bunny. Antonio says now its time for bed. Jamie says not yet. She wants a cookie.

Jessica and Nash say goodbye to Bo and Clint. She says she’s thankful to Jared and she feels guilty for doubting him. Maybe they have all been too hard on him. Bo says it’s too soon for her to see it clearly. Bo says they haven’t found anything about Jared before his time in prison. Nora says Matthew is crazy about Jared and he’s a good judge of character. Clint can’t get past that it all seems so convenient. Jessica says Jared didn’t hesitate to save her life.

Viki asks if Natalie wanted Jared to say something. Natalie says she never saw him look like that before.

Charlie won’t stop him from telling the truth. Dorian warns that a confession could land them both in jail.

Viki asks Rex and Adriana for breakfast tomorrow. They accept, but Rex hopes Charlie will be up for it. Adriana asks Natalie to help her pick out bridesmaid dresses at breakfast since Natalie is a bridesmaid. Rex says maybe Charlie can help him persuade Dorian that he’s not useless.

Dorian asks Jared if he want to go to jail or live the charmed life of a Buchanan.

A cop comes to get Jessica’s statement. He wants her to go to the hospital to talk to the investigating officer. He says Allison won’t make it thought the night.

Todd asks how Ramsey can achieve this powerful position after taking a shot at his kid. Todd is afraid of losing the people he cares about. He says he always felt like he didn’t deserve to have a family. Now, he feels it’s important to keep it together because they stuck with him during his search for Sam. Blair asks if he’s scared. Todd says he’s tried so hard and he can’t give up. Blair asks why he has to. Todd says Lee Ramsey won’t hesitate to take it away from him.

Jamie falls asleep with her head in Talia’s lap. She hands Antonio the last cookie and he shares it with her.

Cris and Sarah are naked in a tangle of sheets.

Natalie asks Jessica about the cop. Nash says wait until tomorrow. Jessica wants to get it over with and tells Nash to go home. Natalie will go with Jessica to the hospital.

Dorian keeps trying to convince Jared to keep up his lie as Clint and the Buchanan’s come up to thank him. Clint and Bo leave. Jessica thanks him again and hugs him. Jared thanks Charlie and they shake as Natalie watches.

Blair says Ramsey can’t hurt them as commissioner of police. Todd believes he can and will. Todd says they have to be careful with this guy. Blair says they have to come up with something.

Viki is proud of Charlie. She says Rex is proud too and really wants a connection with Charlie. Viki asks if his other son would be proud if he knew what he did. Charlie agrees and says Rex really needs him, but his other son doesn’t, not now.

Natalie asks what Jared wanted to say. Jared says he was stupid and wrong and apologies. He says he’s her uncle and they have to remember that. Nat asks why he is so different and Jared says this is how it has to be. Clint yells that they are leaving and asks if Jared wants a ride home. Jared goes. Natalie just stands there as Viki and Charlie look on.

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