OLTL Update Tuesday 2/19/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/19/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Natalie rushes to find Viki and Bo at the ball in search of Jessica. She informs them that Jessica left and came there shortly in order to find Allison. Ramsey appears and Natalie demands to know who he is. He replies that he is the new police commissioner. And right then, Ramsey and the Mayor play a surveillance video of Allison holding the gun on Jessica and Jared attempting to stop her. Everybody watches horrified. Ramsey informs everybody that this is what happens when Bo Buchanan is in charge of law enforcement and the city of Llanview needs a change. Nora looks at Lindsay angrily. Lindsay asks Nora if she blames her for that.

Jared attempts to “reason” with Allison telling her that he understands what it’s like to be abandoned, alone and angry at the world. But this is not going to solve her problems. She refuses to put down the gun. He struggles with her and they both go off the ledge.

Dorian finds Roxy on the floor with the ballot box and the tons of secrets written on paper.

Jessica rushes to attempt to help Jared. And she finds that he and Allison are both hanging on the ledge with one hand.

Blair and Todd return home and she asks him why anybody in their right mind would appoint Ramsey as a police commissioner. But they don’t appear to be too upset. They enjoy being together. And they return to see Sam on the couch with a bottle. And it looks like he might be getting comfortable in his new home.

Starr tells Markko that she feels like she made a fool of herself. She tells him that she loves Cole so much and that is why she was freaking out when she thought he might be with Langston. He tells her she must know that she is not going to lose Cole. He is crazy in love with her. She must see that.

Cristian and Sarah are alone in her apartment kissing. He then tells her it’s late and he should probably get going. She tells him she is not tired. Is he? He replies no. She then asks why leave. He tells her that he thought that she might want to “wait”. She asks him if he wants to. He replies no. She then asks him what he is waiting for.

Adriana and Rex cannot figure out why Bo would have gotten fired. Rex is furious knowing that Bo is the best cop in the city and in the country. He tells her that he wishes he could help Bo. Bo ha always been there for him throughout all of his screw ups and everything. He tells her that when he was at the bottom with nothing, Bo was there to give him the confidence and to motivate him to do better. She tells him she realizes that Bo has been like a “surrogate” father to him. And that was what Rex needed at the time. But now, Rex must realize that he has Charlie.

After Dorian catches Roxy on the floor with the hand-written notes scattered, Dorian assumes that Roxy is the one who broke it. Roxy is concerned that nobody sees her secret that she’s written about Rex. And she urges Dorian not to rat her out. Dorian then tells Roxy that she will do that because their respective kids are getting married. But Roxy must leave immediately. Roxy leaves, knowing that nobody will see her secret after she’s found it. But once Dorian is alone, she relishes looking at all of the secrets that people have written that are scattered on the floor.

Jessica stands over the ledge unable to pull either Jared or Allison up and save them. Realizing Jessica might not care if she dies, Allison reminds her if she dies, then Jessica will never find out her “secret”.

At Ultraviolet, Cole takes Langston aside and tells her he wants to thank her for helping him plan the party. She tells him that he must know that Starr is her best friend. She tells him that he also means a lot to her. She is really proud of him with how he has been really working on his grief issues of losing his mother. He tells her that he is very grateful to have friends like her. She smiles at him.

Blair holds Sam and they go into Jack’s room. He awakens and tells his parents that he knew how to entertain his baby brother while Starr was out. Blair tells him he is a really good big brother. He then asks his parents if they had fun at the party, tonight. Blair and Todd smirk and reply oh yes.

Roxy returns to find Dorian on the floor with the tons of hand-written messages. And she knows that Dorian is just as interested as she is in spying upon people. They laugh at all of the crazy secrets. Right then, a security officer asks the two women what they are doing there.

Natalie tells her mother that she has to find Jessica, Jared and Allison. She indicates that she feels responsible for what has happened.

Right then, Allison and Jared both continue to hang on but it looks like they are slipping. Jessica urges Allison not to do something rash. It looks like Allison wants to push Jared off of the ledge where they are both hanging on. But she suddenly lets go and falls. And Jared looks like he is regaining his grip and able to hang on.

Sarah asks Cristian if this is about Evangeline. He tells her it is not about Evangeline. It’s about her. And with the way he feels about her, he doesn’t just want to jump into bed. He wants it to mean something. She asks him if he thinks it would not. He replies that he did not see that. They reflect that the other night when Layla walked in, it was not the right time. But maybe now it is.

Roxy and Dorian attempt to explain to the security officer what they are doing there. They attempt to convince him that Dorian was hosting the event. And they will tell his supervisor how well he does his job if he trusts them. He then tells them he will let this go. But when he notices Roxy holding massive papers with hand-written notes, he asks her if she has forgotten something. She then drops the papers.

Rex tells Adriana that he does not know how to feel or what to do in regard to finding out that Charlie is his father. He asks her if it would be “weird” if he were to invite Charlie to their wedding. She tells him of course his father should come to their wedding. He asks her if they should go to a game together the way father and son do from the time the son is a child. And he reflects on how awkward it is that he is doing this for the first time at his age. They laugh and she tells him she love him so much.

While Jared is struggling not to fall off the ledge, Jessica calls for somebody to help him. Right then, Charlie rushes and is determined to save his son. Jessica is worried that Charlie might endanger himself in his attempt to pull Jared up. But she has no clue that her mom’s new friend is Jared’s real father. Charlie grabs Jared’s hand but it looks like Jared is slipping and might fall very soon.

Starr is happily with her friends at Ultraviolet.

Blair and Todd take their two boys up to bed. Blair is happily bonding with Sam. Jack tells his parents that he loves them and loves his family. Blair and Todd are very content.

Cristian kisses Sarah and notices that she is shivering. She reminds him that it’s February. But he reminds her that it’s very warm in this place. He asks her if she is nervous. She asks if he means about making love, in which case the answer is no. But if he’s asking if it she’s nervous about falling in love, the answer to that is yes.

Rex asks Adriana if she would rather be in a public place at a ball or if she’d rather be at their home in their warm and comfy bed. Right then, Roxy enters and interrupts them. Rex observes his mother and notices that something has happened to her. She does not reveal to him all that has happened or anything about Allison but she tells them that she had a hectic day. And then out of nowhere “some poor sap” took a dive off the ledge, she tells them. Hearing that, they rush to see what has happened. And when Roxy is alone she says she sure hopes that Allison went off the ledge.

Dorian finds the security officer and asks him why he is there. He tells her that he is there because there was an accident on the terrace. He also informs her that there are surveillance cameras all over the building. Realizing that that would mean that people have access to seeing her and Roxy and all the people who were snooping around the “secret” box, she knows what she needs to do something.

After finding out that Jared is hanging off the ledge, all he people rush out to find them. Bo finally helps Charlie pull Jared up and they are successful. Jessica informs her mother that Jared saved her life. She needs to acknowledge him for that. Rex then announces that Charlie is a hero. He tells everybody that this man, his dad, is a hero. They hear that and are surprised as to why Rex would call Charlie his father. Charlie lies on the ground, dazed. But right then, he notices Natalie and the way she is looking at him.

Blair tells Todd that he just had a wonderful moment with his son. He should be happy. She knows there is something negative going on with him. He then admits to her that he is not ok with the fact that that idiot Ramsey has become the new police commissioner. He knows that he will be in trouble and Ramsey will want to charge him with attempting to kill Gigi and Shane. Right then, Starr enters and tells her parents that she had a great time. She tells them she wishes they were there. Todd tells her he finds that hard to believe. But she tells him she is serious. She loves her friends. She knows that most teenagers make their lives about their friends. But she loves her family as much as she loves her friends.

Roxy returns to where Dorian is and asks her where all the secrets went. Dorian is waiting for the security guard and knows she better find a way to get the surveillance tape. She has somehow “bribed” him to give it to her so that she can keep it. Roxy asks her how she got that. Dorian tells Roxy that she must know that nobody needs to be “privy” of what has happened throughout the last few hours. Nobody wants to see the two of them rifling through this town’s deepest, darkest secrets. Roxy knows she’s right about that.

Jared’s hands are bloody. And paramedics come to make certain he is ok. Everybody is very grateful to Charlie and see him as a hero. Ramsey right then informs Natalie and Jessica that “Ms. Perkins” is also going to be ok. He asks why nobody has asked about her. She was hurt a lot worse than Jared after going off a roof. Hearing that, they are worried that if Allison lives, she can get them into a lot of trouble telling Ramsey what she knows..

Cristian and Sarah decide they are ready to go to the next level and he carries her into the bedroom.

Langston, Cole and Markko stay behind and clean up the party after Starr has left. Markko admits to Cole that it started out kind of weird. But he knew that Starr was really happy.

Starr reveals to her parents that when she thinks about what Cole and Langston have been through and what they have both doing for her, she feels terrible. Todd asks her why she would feel terrible. Blair reveals that’s because Starr had a suspicion that Cole and Langston were sneaking around behind her back. Hearing that, Todd tells them if “that punk, Cole” hurts his daughter. But Blair asks him to shut up about Cole. Starr is happily with her parents. And Todd wants Blair to believe he is happy. But she can tell he is a million miles away. And she asks him what is up.

Nora asks Ramsey just what he is “insinuating” about Natalie and Jessica being responsible for what happened to Allison. He makes a comment about how she “calls herself” a D.A. She reminds him that she really is a DA. He departs. Lindsay then informs Dorian and Roxy that Allison pulled a gun on Jessica. Jared saved her life and went off the ledge with Jared. And Charlie saved Jared’s life. Dorian then goes and asks to talk to Viki alone. She tells her “congratulations” for finding herself a superhero. She appears angry. Viki asks her what her problem is. Dorian tells Viki that Charlie is amazing. Isn’t it “admirable” that he would risk his life for somebody he barely knows? Viki tells Dorian she does agree that it’s admirable that Charlie saved Jared.

Natalie finds Jared and asks if he is ok. He tells her he will be ok. But there is something he needs to tell her that’s very important. He then realizes he needs to tell everybody. He announces that there is “something” he wants everybody to know. Hearing that, Dorian says here it comes.

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