OLTL Update Monday 2/18/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 2/18/08


Written By Jennifer S.

At the ball, when Jessica goes out on the balcony, she is startled to see Allison pointing a gun at her. Allison scoffs and tells her that she thought that Jessica would enjoy the “adventure” which is why Jessica busted her out of St. Ann’s in the first place. Jessica looks scared and asks Allison what she wants.

Inside the ball, after the Mayor announces that Bo is fired, he announces that he has appointed a new police commissioner. It’s Lee Ramsey. Right then, Ramsey gets up and accepts his new position and tells everybody that he believes he has a special purpose in serving the people of Llanview. Everybody looks at him, horrified.

Mary J. Blige is singing at Starr’s birthday party at Ultraviolet. She finishes and wishes Starr a happy sweet 16. Starr tells Cole she loves him so much and this is the best night of her life. He tells her he loves her too. She tells him she is worried that she really messed things up earlier by suspecting him and Langston. He tells her she mustn’t think that and he hugs her. Not far away. Langston and Markko are together.

At the ball, Lindsay catches Nora red-handed while Nora sneaks off to attempt to find Lindsay’s “secret” stuffed in the ballot box.,

Jared goes to find Natalie and tells her that he must reveal his secret to her. She asks him what secret. He tells her that he is in love with her.

While Allison pulls the gun on Jessica, she tells her that the secret which she is dying to know has died with her (Allison).

At Starr’s party, Mary J. Blige sings more songs.

At the ball, Ramsey tells everybody that Bo is a fine fellow and they wish him well. But too many crimes have gone on in Llanview that have not been solved. He tells everybody that he’s already developed some relationships and plans to make more.

Lindsay tells Nora that she planned the fund raiser and it’s her responsibility to keep everybody’s “secret” a secret. They struggle. And then we see the hand-written note where Jared admits that he is not Natalie’s uncle.

Right then, Jared tells Natalie that he is willing to “give it all up”. Hearing that, she has no clue just what he is talking about.

Charlie finds Dorian and tells her that he can see that everybody is upset that Bo got fired and replaced by Ramsey. Rex and Adriana appear and Rex admits to Charlie that Bo was very much like a father to him. Dorian then tells Charlie that he must be pleasantly surprised to find out that he “sired” Rex. Charlie doesn’t say much in response to that. But he tells Charlie that he has believed, throughout his life that Wally Balsam, Roxy’s deceased husband was his real father. They raised Natalie. And they got mixed up with Mitch Laurence and some crazy cult. It looks like Charlie doesn’t want to hear the details of that.

Antonio and Talia find Bo and ask him what has happened with Ramsey suddenly taking over his job. He tells them that there is not much to tell except they will find out what it’s like to work for Ramsey since he will be their new boss.

When Gigi sees Ramsey, she tells Viki she has to go but does not tell her the reason or what is going on with her in regard to Ramsey. Ramsey goes and acts “friendly” to Viki. Viki then tells Gigi that she can find her a cab. Before Gigi is out the door, Ramsey finds her. She looks like she is horrified.

While Lindsay and Nora struggle, Lindsay finds the hand-written note where she wrote that she faked a nervous breakdown. And it looks as though Nora cannot find it since Lindsay has found it first.

Cole and Langston talk alone about how things got kind of “weird” between them. And they confirm that they are just friends. He is with Starr and she is with Markko.

While Lindsay grabs the note, Nora can see that it must be something important. So she attempts to grab it out of Lindsay’s hands. But Lindsay is ready to “take it to her grave”.

Todd and Blair find the Mayor and Todd tells him that he is a psycho to have appointed Ramsey to be the police commissioner. He is not going to accept that.

Ramsey follows Gigi out the door and tells her she must realize that the “good commissioner” is going to look out for justice.

Natalie tells Jared that he is sick and she does not know why he is “doing this” while still believing he is her uncle. She tells him he must realize that they cannot be together. But he asks her what if there really was a “way”.

Allison tells Jessica that she has secrets involving Jessica’s biological father, Mitch. She tells Jessica that she can see that Jessica is “dying” to find out her secret. And she informs Jessica that she held the innocent child, Bree. And Jessica is lucky that her child is still alive. Hearing that, Jessica breaks down crying and begs Allison not to hurt anybody she loves.

The Mayor asks Todd how he can explain the death of Margaret Cochran. And how can anybody say that Bo has done his job for not having Todd behind bars for all that he has done.

Rex and Adriana find Charlie and Viki. Rex tells Charlie that he has two tickets to a basketball game. And Adriana doesn’t want to join him. Charlie tells Rex that he is a huge basketball fan. Viki then tells Rex and Adriana that the last she heard, the two of them were engaged.

Roxy goes and attempts to find Nora. Clint admits to her that he has not seen Nora. He then finds Nora struggling with Lindsay. And he demands that they tell him what the hell is going on.

Jared tells Natalie that it meant a lot to him to have people believing that he was a Buchanan. But now he realizes that she meant more to him. He tells her that throughout his life he had this “dream”. She asks what dream. But he tells her he now knows that the truth will set him free.

After Allison lets Jessica know that she could have killed Jessica when she was a baby but she enabled her to have a life, Jessica begs for mercy. She tells Allison she must have a heart so she cannot let Bree grow up without her mother.

Realizing that both Lindsay and Nora have been too “distracted” to find out the startling news, Clint informs them that Bo has been “relieved” of his duties as police commissioner and replaced by some guy named Ramsey. Hearing that, they are startled. Lindsay asks why. And immediately, Nora tells her she must know the reason why.

Bo asks Ramsey why he would want to be police commissioner of Llanview. Ramsey tells him that he is not a rich guy who had everything given to him by his family like Bo is. Bo tells Ramsey that he is going to stop at nothing in order to find out just what Ramsey pulled in order to get all of this to happen. Ramsey tells him good luck.

Antonio and Talia admit that they are not ok with Bo getting fired and knowing that they will now have to work for Ramsey. But they know there is nothing they can do about that.

Ramsey finds Todd and Blair and tells Todd that he knows what Todd has done with his newspaper. Blair tells Ramsey that he will never have power over them. She knows what kind of man he is. He then asks her what kind of man her husband is. She must know that Todd attempted to shoot a woman and her son. But Blair does not believe that.

Rex and Adriana depart. Viki observes and informs Charlie that Rex is absolutely thrilled to find out that Charlie is his father. After Rex and Adriana are gone, Viki broaches to Charlie, the subject of his “other son” whom he has had problems with. He then tells her that he has accepted the fact that his “other son” doesn’t want him. And maybe he now realizes that he came to Llanview for a reason. And he now knows that since he’s found a young man who really wants to be his son, maybe he should give up on the other one.

While Jared is trying but not succeeding in telling Natalie the truth, she gets a call on her phone. It’s Nash telling her that he cannot get a hold of Jessica. Natalie admits that she has not seen her sister either. She then tells Jared that Jessica came there in search of Allison Perkins. So she has to go and try to find her. She goes and finds Roxy. Roxy seem to know that Allison is not far away. And she reveals that she might know what could have happened to Jessica. Right then, Jared tells them that he will go and look for Jessica and Allison. Natalie urges him to be careful.

Allison holds the gun on Jessica and tells her it’s a shame that she is never going to know the secret. And it will be painful and heart breaking for everybody when they find out that she is “not there”. Right then, Jared finds them and demands that Allison stops.

After finding out what has happened to Bo, Nora tells Lindsay it’s all her fault. He got in trouble letting Lindsay get away with murder and then being foolish enough to take her in to stay at his home. But Clint tells them both they need to stop. Bo needs his “support system” and they are not helping him with that.

Starr tells Markko that she now realizes how lucky she is to have a family and friends and a great boyfriend whom she loves. Langston finds Cole and tells him the more time she spends with him, the more she understands why Starr is so crazy bout him. He tells her that he realizes that he loves Starr more than anything. He hates that he’s been pushing her away since his mom died. And he now knows that he cannot live without her.

Roxy goes and finds the broken ballot box with the tons of hand-written notes. She has no clue how it got broken or by whom. She looks at the secrets and remarks that they are “lame” But she finds her secret and makes certain that nobody will see it. Dorian finds her and demands to know what she is doing.

When Allison holds the gun on Jessica and Jared appears, Allison asks him who he is. Jessica explains that he is Natalie’s (and hers) uncle. Jared stands in front of Jessica in order to protect her. Hearing that he is an uncle of Natalie and Jessica, Allison tells them that she will be happy to know that she gets to kill two Buchanans for the price of one.

Right then, Bo, Viki and Natalie all know that Jessica is missing. And they find the surveillance camera where they can see Allison holding the gun on Jessica and Jared. Ramsey observes that and gleefully tells Bo that he has failed at law enforcement when things like this happen. Jared attempts to get Allison to stop. But she is not going to put the gun down. He struggles with Allison. And both Jared and Allison go off the ledge.

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