OLTL Update Friday 2/15/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 2/15/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Outside of Ultraviolet, Starr confronts Langston and Cole, believing that their recent “association” could only mean that they are sneaking around with each other behind her back. But right then, she gets a big surprise to see that a big crowd of people have planned her surprise birthday party.

At the ball, Gigi finds Todd and asks him if he intended to kill her. Not far away, Rex and Adriana observe them and he tells her this cannot be good.

Charlie asks Jared if he is going to come clean and admit that he is not a Buchanan and is really Charlie’s son, Jared Banks. He tells Jared he needs to cut the crap because he saw the way Jared was looking at Viki’s daughter. Jared tells his father he needs to mind his own business. Bu Charlie tells his son that he has been living a lie and covering for him while he pretends to be Asa’s son. He tells Jared that if people believe that he is Asa’s son, then that would make him Natalie’s uncle. He tells Jared if he ever looks at her the way he did or hurts her, he will blow Jared’s little scam sky high.

While Jessica and Nash are forced to stay home and not attend the ball, in an attempt to make certain that their daughter is safe from Allison on the loose, she reveals to him that she might have had something to do with Allison’s escape from St. Anne’s.

At the ball, Bo announces that he needs to make certain that everybody is safe from Allison. Lindsay remarks that she hasn’t a clue how Allison could have escaped.

From behind the scenes, Allison remarks to Roxy that she is very intrigued to see that Lindsay Rappaport has her “claws” in Bo Buchanan. Roxy tells her she better keep her mouth shut or she can arrange for Allison to get sent back to “St. Andy’s”. Allison tells Roxy that she won’t let that happen.

After Starr finds out what her best friend and boyfriend have planned, she is no longer angry at them.

Bo informs Nora and Clint that Allison is on the loose. And Nora instantly assumes that Lindsay might have had something to do with that. Bo asks her not to start with that. But Nora reminds him that it would not be the first time that Lindsay would have orchestrated a “jail break”. Bo then notices Antonio and Talia together and asks if the “two officers” might have just happened to bump into each other. And he tells them both he needs to talk to them about something.

Markko and Cole talk about what they believe will happen when Starr finds out that Mary J. Blige is there to sing at her party.

Viki goes to find Sarah and Cristian and tells them that she wants them to “rescue” her from that woman (Dorian). Sarah tells her aunt that she is happy to see her after all this time and believes that it’s a good thing that she created another page in her book. Natalie enters and tells her mother she has something to tell her. Viki asks her daughter if she is ok. Natalie admits no and she asks Viki where Charlie went. Viki replies that he went off with Jared. Natalie asks what Charlie would want with her uncle. Natalie has no clue that Charlie is Jared’s father. And Viki has no clue that Jared has pretended to be Natalie’s uncle.

Charlie tells Jared that he does not approve of what he is doing with scamming to the Buchanans in an attempt to weasel his way into their family. But he is willing to go along with what Jared wants, realizing that he is doing what he feels he has to do. But he is not going to in any way “enable” him to hurt Natalie. He tells Jared he must realize he cannot have it both ways. Jared does, at the very least, owe Natalie the truth if he wants to have a relationship with her. Jared then asks his father what is with his “sudden concern”. Did he care what was owed when he abandoned Jared and his mother? Charlie then tells his son that they cannot go back in time. Jared asks Charlie if he intends to make excuses for leaving him and his mother alone with that bastard who beat them. Charlie then tells his son that he is not making excuses for what he did. But he was and will always be an alcohol. He tells Jared that he realizes what he did was inexcusable. But “that other thing” was an accident. In response to ‘that other thing”, Jared tells his father that he will never talk about that.

Natalie and Viki observe Charlie and Jared talking privately. And Viki asks her daughter what she wanted to tell her about Allison.

While Rex is talking to Gigi, Layla reveals to Vincent that she believes that Rex might be the father of Gigi’s son. But Adriana sets them straight that Gigi’s son has nothing to do with Rex.

Allison is spying upon the people at the party, unseen.

And Nash warns Jessica that she needs to realize that nobody can stop Allison from doing what she intends to do if she makes it to the party.

Cristian and Sarah look at the heart shaped secret box. She reads the poetry and remembers that those were her lyrics from her songs. Somebody took her lyrics. And she realizes it was him.

While Adriana talks to Layla and Vincent and they notice Rex staring at Gigi and seeming to be very “protective” while Todd talks to her, Layla tells Adriana that maybe she needs to go and find her man

Nora is still remembering observing Lindsay putting her “secret” in the box. Right then, Dorian introduces the Mayor to Bo, Lindsay and Nora. They remark that they know him and realize that he might not have a positive message for any of them.

Allison tells Roxy that she can disclose her secrets about Rex’s real father if Roxy does not do what she wants. But Roxy begs Allison not to spill her secret.

Jared informs Charlie that a woman named Pamela used to come to their home and take care of him. He knew he was safe when she was around. And she told him about her husband, Asa Buchanan. And she inspired young Jared to believe that he could have a man worthy of respect for a father. Charlie then tells Jared that that is all fine and good. But if he wants to be Asa’s son, he cannot have a relationship with Natalie. And he demands that Jared tells him what is more important to him; Being Asa Buchanan’s son or the woman he loves.

Langston, Cole and Markko show Starr all the pictures they have taken of all of them and where it says: “friends forever”.

Jessica tells Nash that there is something very important that she needs to find out from Allison. But he is very skeptical about the whole things.

After Jared and Charlie are done talking, Jared goes to find Natalie and tells Viki he needs to talk to her daughter alone. Natalie then tells Jared that she does not want to talk to him about the merger. He tells her that this has nothing to do with work. Charlie and Viki leave them to talk alone. Natalie then asks Jared what this urgent secret is all about. Viki and Charlie go and look at a glass box of secrets. She tells him that it’s for a good cause and remarks that it makes one feel better when they write things down.

Rex finds Gigi. She tells him that she does not need him to come to her rescue. He then tells her he realizes she has never needed his help. But he wants to make certain that she is ok. Right then, Adriana goes and finds them and asks if everything is ok, knowing that there is something very crucial going on..

The Mayor takes Bo aside and tells him he has something for Bo to read. He tells Bo it’s his letter of resignation. Bo will have to sign it unless he gets rid of his murderess house guest (Lindsay). Bo then tells the Mayor that he already told him his decision. If the Mayor wants him out, he will have to fire him. The Mayor then tells Bo he may consider that done. He tells Bo that he is no longer anything more than another civilian. And he reminds him that since his father is dead, the Buchanans are a lot weaker now. Bo then returns to Lindsay. She knows that something is wrong. Dorian then finds Nora and tells her that she must not be having a great day when her prosecution of both Lindsay and of Marcie is unsuccessful.

After Allison threatens Roxy, Roxy cries and begs Allison not to go through with it. Right then, Viki finds Roxy and asks her what is going on. She tells Roxy that she looks like she’s been crying. Roxy then tells Viki that she knows that they both have the “Charlie fix”. Viki tells Roxy that yes. She has come to the ball with Charlie. But she realizes that Roxy once had a relationship with him and he is her son’s father. Roxy then evades that issue and sounds to Viki as though she is just having a problem with her false eye lashes and she needs to go to the lady’s room.

Jessica and Nash talk about where Allison could have escaped when it looked like she was locked in the mausoleum. She tells him she has to go. And Nash must stay behind and guard Bree with his life. He tells her he won’t let Allison come near their child.

Right then, Dorian and Viki speak to the people and announce their charity event for the heart foundation.

Nora sneaks off to see if she can find Lindsay’s secret in the glass box. She attempts to open it. But she accidentally causes it to fall on the floor and break. And that might be just what she wanted.

At Ultraviolet, Langston and Markko announce that Mary J. Blige is there to celebrate Starr’s birthday party. Right then, Mary J. Blige comes out and sings.

Sarah and Cristian dance alone.

Dorian announces to the crowd all of the issues involving heart disease and how to prevent it. Right then, Bo and Clint notice that their respective women have both left.

Lindsay goes and finds Nora lying on the ground over the broken both of secrets. And she tells Nora she is a jealous, nasty shrew who wants to ruin others’ happiness..

Jared goes and attempts to tell Natalie what she means to him. But she reminds him again (assuming he is her uncle) that “they” were not meant to be.

While everybody is distracted listening to the announcements, Jessica arrives and catches Allison. Allison runs off.

The Mayor speaks to the guests and announces that Bo Buchanan is no longer Llanview’s police commissioner. He gleefully tells everybody that he is going to appoint a new commissioner. Everybody gathers around to hear whom that will be. And he announces that it is Mr. Lee Ramsey. Hearing that, everybody is horrified.

Allison goes outside. Jessica tells her after she’s helped her break out of the loony bin, is this the thanks she gets? She tells Allison that it’s all over now. Allison turns around to smugly face Jessica. And she tells her that is right. She pulls out a gun and points it at Jessica.

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