OLTL Update Thursday 2/14/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/14/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Dorian is getting ready to attend the Valentine’s Day ball for the heart foundation sponsored by Campbell’s Soup. Starr is helping her. They have bags of cosmetics. Dorian notices that her niece has some things on her mind. Starr admits that her boyfriend and best friend are really upsetting her with all the secrets they have. Little does she know what they are planning together.

Langston and Cole are at Ultraviolet with Rex, getting all of the odds and ends together to plan Starr’s birthday party. They demand that Rex accommodates everything they want. And he agrees to have Mary J. Blige perform.

Blair is kissing Todd in her home when she notices her mother watching them and crying. She goes over and asks Addie what is wrong. Addie tells her daughter that she must know of the expression that ignorance is bliss. She remembers when she was "out of the loop” she did not know what she has been missing. But now she knows. She realizes she has never been in love.

Natalie calls Bo to come over to Viki’s, afraid that Allison is on the loose nearby. Gig is there and Viki introduces her to her daughter and former brother in law.

Right then, Jessica and Nash go to Roxy’s to pick up their daughter. But little do they know that Allison has Bree in the other room.

Adriana, Sarah, Layla and Talia are all getting their red dresses ready for the ball. Layla asks Adriana to help her get the group some wine and be able to talk. She asks Adriana if she has unraveled the mystery about Gigi’s son. Adriana replies that Rex confronted her and asked if Shane was his son and she said no. Layla asks Adriana if she believes that. Adriana replies that she does. But they both suspect that there might be a secret.

At the palace, Lindsay stuffs her "secret” in the heart shaped box while with Cristian, Antonio and Vincent Jones. Not far away, Nora spies upon her and is determined to get to the bottom of that.

Starr tells Dorian that she believes that she would be very foolish to give Langston and Cole the benefit of the doubt. But Dorian tells her niece she mustn’t’ suspect them and must realize that those two young people have been through some terrible tragedies. Starr then asks her aunt if she should assume that her suspicion are wrong the way Dorian should not have suspected Clint and Nora. Hearing that, Dorian has no immediate response.

Markko joins Cole and Langston at Ultraviolet to plan Starr’s party. But he also suspects the two of them when he notices lipstick on Cole’s collar.

Viki arranged for Charlie to take Shane to Nora’s (Asa’s previous) home to stay with Matthew and Nigel while he goes with Viki and Gigi to the ball. He runs into Jared who demands to know what he is doing there. Charlie tells his "son” that he is just dropping off his friend’s son to stay with Matthew while he goes to the ball. Jared remembers that he has overheard Rex Balsam announces (happily) that Charlie is his father. And he instantly believes that Charlie is pulling a scam.

Viki, Natalie and Bo are concerned about finding Allison.

Jessica and Nash pick up Bree from Roxy’s. Allison hides in the back room and Jessica and Nash have no clue that she is there. Natalie calls her sister to inform he that Viki and Bo know that Allison has escaped and remind her that they must pretend that they had no clue that it has happened or how it could have happened.

In response to Addie’s realizing she has never been in love, Todd tells her she may look on the bright side: Having never gotten married, she needs never have to get divorced. She and Blair both laugh. Addie then admits to her daughter and son in law that she knows that self pity does not become her. And she tells them that she is ready to attend the ball. They go off together. Alone on the phone, Addie calls somebody secretly and asks if they want to come to a "fancy pants” ball with her tonight.

Nora approaches Cristian about the "box” that she saw Lindsay drop her secret into. As soon as she is alone, she reaches for the heart to see if she can find the secret that Lindsay wrote. But right then, Clint comes and startles her. He jokes about how she has gotten caught with her hands in the cookie jar.

In response to Starr’s inquiry about her blind trust of Clint with Nora, Dorian explains to her niece that Clint betrayed her and Nora is a conniving back stabbing bitch. But Star must realize that Langston is her friend and Starr should trust her.

Natalie is on the phone, out of ear’s shot of Viki, Bo and Gigi, attempting to find Allison.

Nash and Jessica get ready to take Bree home. But Nash has some questions about how Allison could have escaped from St. Anne’s shortly after Jessica got released herself.

Right then, at Viki’s, Bo gets off the phone and reports to Viki and to Natalie that somebody saw two women posed as nuns who left St. Anne’s with Allison in a car.

At Nora’s, Jared tells his "father” that he knows his little scam to have Rex believe he is his father is obviously all about getting some sort of personal gain. Hearing that, Charlie replies that the father is like the son. Right then, they are interrupted by Shane and Matthew. Matthew remarks that he does not know Charlie. Charlie introduces himself to Matthew but does not admit that he is Jared’s father. Shane admits that he does not know Jared. Jared introduces himself to Shane. The two boys can sense that the two men know each other and there must be some sort of secret going on.

Rex, Vincent, Cristian and Antonio stand outside Sarah and Layla’s apartment ready to take their women to the ball. But the women are not ready yet..

Addie notices Dorian and Starr going to the ball. They assume that she has no plans. Dorian wants to find her a dress. Langston enters and tells Starr she’s sorry she is late. But Starr is not in a good mood and tells Langston she is not going out tonight. Langston asks Starr what is up. She tells Starr that they have not spent any time together in a long time and she was looking forward to spending some time alone with her best friend. Starr then grudgingly agrees to go. But as soon as Langston puts her phone down and Starr answers it, she sees that Cole is calling Langston to inform her that he has her earring and "thank you for Valentine’s Day” and telling her it was really great.

Viki, Bo and Gigi brainstorm about where Allison could have gone, while Natalie does not dare tell them what she knows.

Jessica and Nash tell Roxy that they cannot attend the ball with Allison running loose. And they know they cannot let her stay stuck in that place. So they give her their tickets to the ball and tell her she may invite a guest. They leave with their daughter. And at that point, Allison enters to tell Roxy that she is not going anywhere. She tells her: "We are going to the ball.”

Charlie departs, tells Shane he will see him later and tells Matthew it was nice meeting him. Both boys are cordial to him. Charlie tells Jared he hopes he sees him soon also. Jared says nothing. After Charlie leaves, Jared makes friendly conversation with the boys, telling them he will be going to a "shin dig” but he will challenge them to some video games before he leaves. They both seem to like Jared although they know he is keeping secrets from them.

After Allison tells Roxy that she needs Roxy to help her get into the ball, Roxy tells Allison that she must realize that nobody wants her there. But Allison tells Roxy she mustn’t be a "downer." She tells Roxy she has many friends.. Roxy tells Allison that the cops will come and get her and take her back to the loony bin. So why doesn’t she just give it up now?

At Viki’s, she reflects to Natalie that she realizes all that that crazy Allison ahs put her through. Hearing that, Gigi tells them that Allison sounds dangerous and she understands all too well what it would be like if somebody were to take her child from her.

At the palace, Nora finds Lindsay and tells her she saw her putting something in the box for secrets. And she admits that she knows that Lindsay needs to accept responsibility for her actions and stop expecting everybody to believe her lies.

While Starr is getting ready for the ball although very suspicious, Todd tells his daughter that he doesn’t want to see her so depressed. Maybe she should give her "friends” the benefit of the doubt. But if they prove unworthy of her trust, then she knows how to make them sorry just like her dad has taught her. Right then, Langston enters and asks Starr if she is ready to go. Starr looks at her dad and confirms to Langston that yes, she is ready.

At Ultraviolet, Cole and the guys get ready for Starr’s party. Langston meets him and tells him they must hide from Starr before she sees them. They better hurry. She’s right out in the parking lot. At that point, Starr rushes to confront them and tells them she is no longer going to trust and make excuses for them. She knows what they are doing behind her back, she says.

Shane talks to Matthew about their family issues. He tells Matthew that he and his mom have never lived in a big expensive house like this. Mathew informs Shane that he and his mom have not always lived there. And he asks Shane if he plans on going back to Texas soon. Shane replies that he is not certain. He may stay in Llanview because he likes it there.

Viki and Gigi are ready to go to the ball in their red gowns. Natalie appears and tells them she is not going. She has a head ache. They tell her they hope she will change her mind. They leave. And she knows she better stay behind. As soon as she is alone, she calls Jessica to inform her that the cops are looking for "two young ladies dressed as nuns." Jessica tells Natalie that she (herself) cannot attend the ball. She cannot leave Bree alone with a sitter with Allison on the loose. Natalie better get there to see if she can find Allison.

Rex, Vincent, Cristian and Antonio stand outside the apartment waiting for their women to get ready. They talk about how much of a pain their women are. But right then, the four of them walk out the door dressed in their red gowns. The men are at their women in awe. And they follow them to the ball.

Bo and Lindsay enter the ball. Nora is with Clint but mindful all the while of the secret box. Dorian goes to greet Viki. They realize that they are co-hosting another "gala” event.

After Starr tells Cole and Langston that she knows what they are up to, Cole demands that she lets him explain. But she tells him she is tired of making excuses for the both of them and feeling sorry for their "losses." She is no longer going to cry any tears over either of them. But before she can get all of that out, all of the people come out of hiding to surprise her with her birthday celebration.

Alone with Jessica in their bedroom, Nash asks her what she meant when she said that Allison’s "escape” is her fault. She then admits that the reason Allison escaped is because she helped her escape.

Bo remarks to Lindsay that her whole idea about the secret notes in the heart shaped box to "get it off one’s chest” for the heart foundation was a great idea. He thinks she is a very brave and heroic woman.

Dorian, Blair and Addie are at the ball. And when Blair finds out her mother had a "secret date” with Miles Laurence, she tells her she cannot let her do that. But who is going to stop her?

Rex and Adriana arrive at the party. She then asks him if he is finally over Gigi and her kid. He tells her absolutely. But right that second, they look in and see Gigi dressed in a red gown. And they know they have not seen the last of her.

Natalie enters, and knowing she is by herself, she greets Charlie and Jared who are also alone. And she asks Jared if he’s met her mom’s new friend and her brother, Rex’s father, Charlie and asks if Charlie has met, Jared, her uncle.

Dorian then asks Viki where Charlie has gone and what types of secrets he may be keeping form her. Viki tells Dorian that she and Charlie have no secrets.

Right then, Allison arrives in her red evening dress wearing a veil. And she obviously has some dirty business to attend to.

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