OLTL Update Wednesday 2/13/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/13/08


Written By Jeannie

Marcie and Mike arrive back at the apartment. Marcie realizes it’s been four months since she’s been there. She immediately goes to look for Tommy’s crib and toys. She asks what happened to them.

Blair reads a story to Sam as Todd comes in. She asks where he’s been and Todd says Marcie’s arraignment. He tells her he paid the bail. Blair is shocked

Bo talks to Talia and Antonio and makes sure they are clear on the no fraternization policy. Lindsay barges in to drop off Bo’s dry cleaning. She asks when they are going to the Go Red ball.

Jared puts his secret in the box as Natalie walks in. Jessica is over in the corner and she goes over to her. They talk about finding Allison.

Roxy and Allison go into Roxy’s shop. Allison asks for a place to hide. Allison grabs a pair of scissors and threatens her.

In Bo’s office, Antonio says they will leave those two to discuss their date. Lindsay denies it’s a date. Antonio remarks that it sounds like a date and Bo tells them to leave. Lindsay apologizes. Nora walks in and pretends to gag. She says she’s come to talk about Marcie. The Mayor comes in complaining that Marcie was bailed and threatens Nora’s job. Lindsay smiles.

Charlie’s tries to tell Viki something when Shane and Gigi walk in. Viki is thrilled to see them. Gigi asks how Charlie and Viki got back together. When Viki says Charlie is Rex’s father Gigi laughs and says it’s impossible.

Adrianna and Rex enter the diner discussing Shane and Gigi. Adriana seems to accept the fact that Rex is not Shane’s father. They talk about Charlie.

Jessica and Natalie talk about Allison when Rex comes up. Natalie asks about Charlie being his dad. Jessica interrupts and says she has to talk to Natalie. Natalie promises to call Rex. Rex walks away and Jared stops him to ask if Charlie is his father. Rex says yes.

Natalie and Jessica leave.

Allison is trying to think when Nash knocks. Allison hides. Nash comes in with Bree. Roxy says she was meditating and wants to be alone. Nash says she’s not alone. He saw her come in with a woman.

Marcie freaks out over the fact that Tommy’s things are gone. Mike says he boxed them up for charity. He says he didn’t want her reminded. He thought it might help. Marcie says she wants to remember.

Blair puts Sam in his playpen and questions Todd about posting bail for Marcie. Todd tells her about John McBain blackmailing him. He says if he tells her the whole story she might not want to be married anymore.

Nash asks Roxy to baby-sit. Roxy says she’s swamped and can’t help. Nash is super late for a meeting with Jared and a bottler and begs her. He hands her to Roxy and leaves. Allison comes out and asks if this is Jessica’s baby. She takes the baby to change her diaper.

Natalie wants to call Bo, but Jessica stops her.

Adriana asks Jared if he knows Charlie. Jared says he was worried about Natalie. Rex says he shouldn’t worry so much. Nash comes in and sees Jessica. He asks what she’s up to. Jessica just stares at him.

Roxy tells Allison to leave because people will be looking for her. She says she’s not ready. She says if Jessica isn’t a Buchanan, then Bree isn’t one. Roxy says the kid's a Brennan, her father is Nash Brennan. Allison says it makes all the difference who the father is. Roxy grabs the scissors to threaten her and Allison picks up Bree and puts her between them.

At the diner, Jared says the man they had to meet canceled and suggests they get lunch. Natalie and Jessica say they have to leave. Nash asks why. Jessica says they have to get a dress for the ball tonight. Nash says they don’t. He bought her a dress as a surprise. Nash suggests they go home.

Bo explains to the mayor that Nora made a good case against Marcie. The mayor remembers another case Nora lost. Nora says they shouldn’t’ have the conversation in front of civilian. Lindsay excuses herself. The mayor warns her not to drop the ball with this one.

Gigi tells Viki she went to school with Rex and his father was named Wally. She says Wally is dead. They ask Shane to go in the other room. Charlie says he was with Rex’s mom only one night and she never told him about his son. They ask why Gigi is here and she explains she came up to help Marcie. They talk about Marcie and Todd and Sam. Viki defends Todd as a good father.

Back at La Boulaie, Blair asks Todd what he did and Todd confesses to holding Gigi hostage. Todd says all he could think about was getting the kid back. Todd tells her about Ramsey and the deal with John. He says according to Ramsey he thinks Gigi will still talk. He tells her Ramsey wants him to help kill Gigi and her son.

Michael talks to Marcie about Tommy. He tells her they have to start letting go. Marcie says she doesn’t know how. Mike says maybe part of that was packing up his stuff. He goes down to see if Roxy still has the boxes.

Adriana tells Jared it’s a coincidence because Jared just found out about Asa being his father.

Jessica makes and excuse and Nash leaves. Jessica and Natalie talk about what to do. Natalie calls Allison a “baby snatcher”.

Roxy puts down the scissors and they talk about Jessica and her father Mitch. Roxy asks what she wants. Allison talks to Bree, asking what always worked for her in the past. Roxy says don’t go there. Allison asks if Roxy thinks she’s thinking about Jessica’s daughter. Mike comes in and sees Bree. He introduces himself and asks who Allison is.

Back at La Boulaie, Blair asks if Todd was considering it. Todd tells her Ramsey threatened her and the kids. He tells her about his talk with Jack last night. He says that made him think he hasn’t tried to stop Ramsey. He tells her about Ramsey almost shooting Shane and that he went to Jail last night. He tells her John says he has his back. He said saying the stuff in court made him sick. However, nothing is as hard as what he’s saying to Blair now. He asks if this is the deal breaker.

Roxy takes Bree and introduces Allison as Laura Mitchell her new trainee. He asks for the boxes of Tommy’s stuff. She does but can’t leave the baby right now. Mike asks again and Roxy keeps saying no. Finally, she gives him the key. Bree is crying now. Roxy asks what Allison wants.

Viki tells Gigi Todd is really a nice guy. Shane asks if Todd is the man who—Gigi interrupts. They talk about staying in Llanview and Viki invites her to the Red Ball. She says Matthew can stay. Viki offer’s Gigi a dress from Natalie or Jessica’s closet.

Rex leaves, Natalie says they have to call Uncle Bo. Jessica says no. Nash comes back and they leave. Jared asks if there is anything Natalie wants to get off her chest.

In Bo’s office, Nora tells the mayor that only the people can vote her out of office. She leaves. Bo says he was hard on Nora. The Mayor asks why he is shacking up with a murderer. He says Bo works for him and can be replaced. He leaves and Lindsay comes in. She says she’ll move in with RJ tonight and they can turn over guardianship. Bo refuses. Lindsay says if he lost his job she would not forgive herself. Bo says he’s not worried. He ahs work to do and he’ll meet her at the Ball. She says thank you and leaves. The phone rings. Bo asks what and when and runs out of his office.

Marcie is happy to go through Tommy’s clothes but Michael looks sad. Marcie picks up one more thing and starts crying.

Todd asks Blair to say something. She says, same old Todd. He walks toward the door, but stops when she says, “is gone.” Blair says old Todd would have lied, covered it up and lied about covering it up. She says she knows how desperate he was and that he wouldn’t have the boy back if he hadn’t done some things. She says it’s just the beginning for them because he was honest. They kiss.

Antonio and Talia meet in the hall, say they are off duty. They kiss and fall back into and office.

Natalie tells Jared she’s fine and leaves.

Lindsay goes into the diner and looks at the Heart box of secrets. She writes she faked the insanity to get the charges dropped. She folds it and puts in the box with money. Nora is watching from the window.

Viki arranges Shane to stay with Matthew. Gigi is going to the Ball. Bo comes in. Viki introduces Charlie. Bo connects him to Rex. He tells him that Rex is a good friend of his. Bo asks to talk to Viki. Gigi goes up to get a dress. Charlie takes Shane to Matthew’s.

Bo tells Viki that Allison Perkins escaped.

Jessica and Nash come in to Roxy’s to get Bree. They ask where she is, while Allison hides around the corner with Bree in her arms.

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