OLTL Update Tuesday 2/12/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/12/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Natalie and Jared are in bed together and wondering why they have waited this long. She reminds him it might have something to do with his leading her to believe he is her uncle. And while "talking” they are enjoying foreplay more and she indicates to him she is no longer angry at him.. But at that point, Jared awakens to know that he is only dreaming and alone in his bed. He rolls over and punches his pillow in frustration.

After they have locked Allison in Victor Lord’s crypt, Natalie and Jessica are wondering what their next plan of action should be and what Allison might know. Natalie asks Jessica what will happen after they scare Allison to get the truth out of her. How do they get her back to St. Anne’s. Jessica replies they will call Bo and the cops and let them figure that out

Viki has Charlie over for breakfast. They enjoy being together. But she finds out that he might not be able to attend an event that she and Dorian are hosting

Marcie is ready for her arraignment when Michael comes to see her. She reminds him that she will not change her mind about pleading guilty. He tells her he is not there for that reason. He is there to wish her a happy Valentine’s Day.

Todd is right then in his jail cell rehearsing what he’s going to say to the cops. He is going to tell them that they are incompetent idiots to have falsely accused him of breaking the law. It was Ramsey who tried to kill Gigi and Shane. Not himself. He used the gun to prevent Ramsey from killing them. He can right then, hear that Ramsey is in another jail cell not far away and acting very smug in knowing that he might have Todd wrapped around his little finger. Right then John appears and takes digital photos of both of them. Bo enters and Todd asks him what it’s going to be. Does he intend to beat the truth out of both Todd and Ramsey? Bo replies no. John is just there because he asked him. Bo then announces to Todd that he is getting out of there. Todd asks where he is going. Bo informs him that he is going to take a little trip with John and the officer who will escort him. Ramsey then asks Bo why he cannot be able to leave also. Bo then tells Ramsey not to worry. John will be back for him soon

Nora is getting ready for Marcie’s arraignment and on her phone when Lindsay enters. Nora finds out that she is not going to be popular in her position as prosecutor. Lindsay then enters and tells Nora that Nora is now experiencing what she knows all too well. She tells Nora that she must realize that Marcie is her friend. And she hopes Nora is not out to nail her friend. Nora turns away and informs Lindsay that what she does is none of Lindsay’s business. And she tells Lindsay she knows that her "friendship” with Marcie knows no bounds. Not even murder. Lindsay then warns Nora that Marcie has a lot of friends who care about her. And if Nora hurts Marcie, she will regret it.

Jessica and Natalie go to find Allison in the crypt assuming she is scared and at their desperate mercy to get out. But when they enter, they are shocked to discover that she has somehow vanished.

Roxy goes to talk to Markko at the diner and tells him that he has to sound like he has great ambition to serve the public on Valentine’s Day. He tells her he will whip her up some for Carlotta’s famous café con leche. Roxy then goes and stares at the Valentine Shaped Box. Little does she know that not far away she is being watched by Allison in disguise. Allison obviously has some sort of "secret." Jared appears and asks her about the secret "heart box." She informs him that it’s a place to put in secrets that you don’t want anybody to know about. Hearing that, Jared knows he might want to disclose his secret in that box.

Natalie and Jessica rush into the crypt in a frantic attempt to find Allison. They discover that she must have escaped through that brick that she just removed. And they figure out, right away that she must be headed to find Viki.

Viki tells Charlie that although she’d like him to attend the ball, she realizes he has the right to choose not to. He tells her he realizes that this is a very important ball. It may be her first "coming out” since she’s been back from Texas. All eyes will be on her. And if they see him with her, people might be less focused on the charity than on gossip. She tells him that people have already bought their tickets, so the fund raising is not an issue. And they’re going to gossip anyway. So why not gossip about the two of them. She tells him that she has no problem with people asking her about that really hot guy she is with. And she is ok with that. He then asks her if he is a part of her love life now. She replies if he is not, there might be a problem. She tells him she can find a way to get him the clothing that he needs for the ball. She then tells him that if he allows her one little secret, he can have one in return. Right then, Natalie and Jessica enter and are very surprised to see their mother with this man whom they have never been introduced to. They can see that their mother is more than "alright."

In the courtroom before Marcie’s arraignment, Michael sneaks in a heart shaped necklace and gives it to her in her jail cell. She tells him he must realize that she is going to prison. But he tells her that she does not know that. Could she ever imagine that right after Todd has taken Tommy away from them, he’d do something so stupid as to get himself thrown in jail? He tells her he will see her in there and she must remember to plead not guilty.

After Lindsay has warned Nora not to go after Marcie, Nora asks Lindsay if she is threatening her. She thanks Lindsay for the warning and tells her she will hire a body guard in case Lindsay is planning on killing her. But Lindsay tells Nora she needs to realize that no jury will find Marcie guilty and Nora’s career will be a joke if she tries and fails to prosecute her. Nora then tells Lindsay that maybe she can foam at the mouth, and declare a mistrial if that happens. Right then, Bo enters and asks them what is going on.

Noticing the totally stunned look on Jessica and Natalie’s faces when they rush in and see her with Charlie, Viki asks her daughters what is wrong with them. And she introduces them to Charlie. Right away, they know that that have heard of him. Natalie tells Viki that she heard that Charlie Balsam is Rex’s biological father. Viki then confirms to Natalie that she already know that it is true that her new boyfriend is Rex’s father and that’s ok with her.

At the diner, Roxy notices that Jared has something going on and it might be with her daughter. She goes and eats a powder donut when "somebody” covers her eyes and mouth. She assumes that it’s a joke. But she notices that it’s Allison. And it does not appear funny to her anymore.

Cole goes to see Starr and Langston. They are ready for an outing. But Starr is worried that Cole and Langston have a "connection” that she is not a part of.

Outside the courtroom before Marcie’s arraignment, John and Todd stand outside. Todd tells John he doubts that it’s going to do any good if he drops the charges against her. Nobody will believe a word he says. John tells Todd he should not sell himself short since he’s managed to bamboozle Blair and his entire family into believing he is a human being. Hearing that, Todd reminds John that it was he who saved Gigi and Shane from Ramsey. John then gets off his phone and informs Todd that he believes him. There’s obviously evidence against Ramsey. But Todd also looks suspicious with his fingerprints on the gun and his whereabouts. That is 9 10tsh of what the judge looks at in determining guilt or innocence. Todd then asks John what the other tenth is. John replies that that would be his testimony.

In the courtroom, the judge asks Marcie how she pleads. She replies not guilty. Outside, John informs Todd that he could either sway Gigi to implicate only Ramsey or he could get her to implicate both Todd and Ramsey. The bailiff announces that Marcie’s bail is set at $1 million. Knowing that Marcie cannot come up with that kind of money. Nor can anybody she knows, Todd can see that that is a "cue” for him. And he goes in to announce that he will post her bail. The judge tells Todd he may make that choice but asks if the prosecution has any objections. At that point, Nora stands up and tells the judge that she is a bit suspicious that Mr. Manning of all people would do this. He is the "victim” and the father of the child whom Mrs. McBain kidnapped. This court must also know that Todd Manning has no credibility with anything he promises. He must have ulterior motives But Todd stands up and announces that he wants to let bygones be bygones with Marcie. He would rather raise his son than go to court and battle with this lunatic woman who has lost her battle. She has obviously been punished enough and he hopes she is suffering. And there is no point in pursuing this any further.

In regard to knowing her mother is seeing Charlie, Natalie is fascinated to find the man who got Roxy pregnant many years ago with Rex and she asks him about their "relationship." All Charlie can say to that is that he and Roxy were "young." She remarks that it’s really strange that they never ran into each other. He does not look at all familiar. It’s odd that she would not remember the man who got the woman who raised her pregnant with her younger brother. She asks Charlie if he’s med Rex’s fiancé Adriana. Charlie replies that he met her. She is lovely and he’s happy for his son. Viki admonishes her daughter to not interrogate Charlie. Jessica returns and asks Natalie if it’s true that that man is Rex’s real dad. Natalie replies yes. It appears that way. Jessica then tells Natalie that she has tried and failed to find Allison. The good news is they doubt that she is anywhere on Llanfair property. But they must find her.

At the end of her trial, Marcie rejoices with Lindsay that she is so happy that it’s finally over. Outside the courtroom, Nora tells Todd that she still wants to question his motive for posting bail for Marcie. She knows that his hands must not be clean if he’s had to resort to something so drastic. Bo then enters and Todd tells him that he hopes that the charges will be dropped against him. Bo informs Todd that he had no intention of getting him in trouble for the Angel Square shooting. But he reminds Todd that he is very capable of changing his mind. Right then, Marcie comes out and Todd stares at her. She stares back.

Allison tells Roxy it’s been a long time since they’ve talked. They have a lot to discuss. Roxy then sarcastically tells Allison she will have to text message her some time. But Allison tells Roxy she better come with her. And she pulls Roxy out the door.

Starr, Langston, Cole and Markko exchange Valentine’s gifts.

Charlie brings Viki a gift wrapped in tissue paper. She opens it and is delighted to see an Eiffel Tower. He tells her that he thought he’d give her that to remind her of happier and easier times. She tells him that she hopes they can go back to where they were.

Jared sits alone with the message he had hoped he could give to Natalie. He looks very depressed.

The cops take Ramsey away. But they let Todd talk to Marcie alone She asks him why he posted her bail. He replies that it was the right thing to do. She tells him come on. She does not believe that. He admits that she is right. Michael tells Todd he doesn’t want to argue. They are going home. Todd then asks them if they feel at home with that cheap, boxy little place they call their home without his son. He asks them if it feels like a prison without him, that’s what he hopes. And he warns them both if they come near his son ever again, they will wish they were in prison. And he will arrange for that to happen. He wishes them a happy Valentine’s Day and departs.

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