OLTL Update Monday 2/11/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 2/11/08


Written By Jennifer S.

After John returns to his home, afraid that Gigi and Shane might be in danger, since he’s gotten no answer from her on her phone, he discovers Shane sitting alone in the closet. He asks him what caused him to go in there. Shane replies that he has seen too many times on television that things are never good when something like this happens. He then asks Shane where his mom is. She replies that she left to go up on the roof with "some guy." John then asks what guy.

Right then, Gigi is with Rex on the roof of the building while he demands to know whether Shane is his son. She, again, evades the question. And they are distracted when Ramsey fires a shot. Immediately, Rex grabs Gigi and gets her out of the way of the bullet and they run down the stairs knowing that somebody just tried to kill them. Ramsey is very disappointed that he was not able to do what he set out to do.

Cristian and Sarah return to her apartment after going to an art show. She indicates that she may not be as into art and photography as he is. She tells him that she noticed a woman who was a good artist and she believes that Cristian might have noticed this woman. She then sits on his lap and kisses him. She tells him she’s surprised that he would be interested in somebody who is such a moron when it comes to art. He tells her that she must know that the puppets are works of art. Even though she may tell him she did not see it that way, he noticed that every one of them evoked a different emotion from her. And that is the whole thing about Art. He then shows her the photos of the puppets. And they start kissing.

Allison takes Jessica and Natalie to the tomb of their grandfather, Victor Lord. She goes over and tells them that Victor Lord’s heart could still be beating. She tells them that their grandfather was a resilient old codger. They tells her she must know that he is dead. Natalie then lays down the law to Allison telling her she either divulges her secret or they drag her butt back to the loony bin. She again evades the question. Jessica then demands that Allison tells her the secret right now.

Bo goes to Marcie’s jail cell with Michael. He informs the guards that they will let Dr. McBain spend some time with his wife before her arraignment.

At Gigi’s, John and Shane hear a shot and are worried. Right then, Gigi returns and rushes to hug her son so relieved that he is ok. Rex follows her and when he sees John, he demands to know what is going on. He tells John that he and Gigi were on the roof and somebody with a high powered rifled tried to kill them. John then rushes out of the apartment knowing what that was. He notices that there is a bullet hole through the window. Rex then demands that Gigi tells him what is going no. She replies that "they” want her and Shane dead. He then demands to know who "they” is.. Shane then looks like he’s going to have an asthma attack. Rex sits down by Shane and tells them he knows that they are scared but he needs to know just who wants them dead. Shane replies: "that other guy." Rex asks what other guy. Right then, Ramsey rushes down the stairs and pretends to be the hero when he sees not only John but Bo and the other cops with guns. He tells them he’s glad they are there. Todd Manning attempted to shoot a woman and a child, he tells them. John stares at him knowing he is lying.

At Victor Lord’s tomb, Allison reminds Jessica and Natalie that their dear mother has Ben’s heart in her chest to save her life and end his. She also reminds them that Victor Lord wanted Jessica’s heart to save his own life. But Jessica’s beloved bio dad, Mitch Laurence passed Natalie off as Jessica and attempted to make her look like a blond. They both snap at Allison and tell her they don’t want to go down memory lane. Alone, Natalie tells Jessica they have to get out of there and take Allison back to St. Anne’s. But Jessica tells her sister, they have to get to the bottom of this whether Natalie agrees with her or not. Right then, Allison lies down on Victor Lord’s grave and looks as though she is lying in her bed. She tells them that there are so many "wonderful memories."

In regard to the art show they just came home from, Cristian asks Sarah if different musicians do not make her feel different things, realizing that music is very much her thing and that she knows a lot about it. She admits that music makes her feel as though her heart is beating and she feels, from her soul as though she is completely alive. He then replies exactly, And that is what painting does for him. He realizes that she believes that the paintings she was seeing were something that a 5 year old could do with finger paints. She then tells him that she did not say that. She does really appreciate the passion he has for art. And she kisses him.

In Marcie’s jail cell, Michael asks her if everybody is treating her ok. She replies yes. And she realizes that Bo has been so good to her that she cannot look him in the eye. He tells her that she has to forgive herself. She tells him that she cannot believe that she did all that she did. She cannot believe what has happened to her. He then tells her that they have to talk about her arraignment and how she is going to plead. She replies she will plead guilty. She kidnapped Tommy. She took him over state lines. She held Viki Davidson at gunpoint. She realizes she is going to be in prison for a long time and cannot expect him to wait for her. But he tells her he is determined to get her to change her mind and reconsider what she has been telling him she plans to do.

Rex asks Gigi what is going on. She tells him that she knows who is after her.

Ramsey finds Todd and informs John that he was going to kill him, Gigi and Shane. But John knows that Todd intended only to prevent Ramsey from killing them. At that point, Bo and the cops come and hold guns on Todd and Ramsey

Natalie tells Jessica she must give up on this belief that Allison can tell her any important secrets. She has no information about Mitch Laurence or anything else. It’s all just a sadistic game. But Jessica tells her sister she must see this through. She then goes over and demands that Allison tells her what she knows. In response to that, Allison tells her that she cannot do that so easily and conveniently as they want. She knows that once they hear the secret, they will haul her back to loony central. So they must tell her why it behooves her to tell them the secret.

While Cristian and Sarah are kissing and lying horizontally, Layla walks in on them.

Marcie tells Michael that she was on national televisions. Everybody knows that she committed a federal offense. She has no choice except to plead guilty. He tells her that she has other choices. She tells him that she has finally realized that she put Tommy in danger. So she is accepting responsibility for her actions and realizes she must be punished. In response to that, he asks her if she does not realize that she has already been punished by losing her son. And he asks her if she wants to punish them both and cause them to lose each other also. She has no response to that.

After Bo and the cops come to intervene with Todd and Ramsey, Todd explains that he came there with a gun in order to prevent Ramsey from murdering a woman and her child. Bo then tells them both that he will take them to the station in order to get all of this sorted out.

Rex, Gigi and Shane huddle in the corner. John observes them. Shane asks his mom just whom "this guy” (Rex) is, knowing that she knows him. Rex then asks Gigi if she is ready to answer that question for her son. She then tells Shane that Rex is "an old friend.” But Shane knows that Rex is more to his mom than that.

After Todd convinces John and Bo that Ramsey needs to go to jail instead of himself, Ramsey protests that they must know that he (himself) has a clean record. And it is Todd with the rap sheet. But they don’t believe him Alone with John, Bo asks him if he is ok.

Marcie tells Michael that she has come to the realization that Tommy is Todd’s and not theirs’. But he tells her she must realize that there are going to be 12 people on that jury who will understand how much they both loved their son. Right then, she has a flashback of how she was alone with her son on Thanksgiving Day, telling him how much she loved him and how she never wanted to lose him. And that is why she would do anything in the name of love for him. Michael then reminds his wife that she once told him that without Tommy, she had nothing. And he asks her if she still feels that way.

Jessica attempts to get through to Allison by telling her that she must have compassion and realize that she needs to know things about her biological father. Hearing that, Allison sarcastically tells them that it’s amazing that Jessica has the evil sociopath Mitch Laurence’s genes and she’s the nice and sweet one. Whereas, Natalie is a real Buchanan yet she’s the nasty one. Allison then taunts them telling them that she might wait forever to tell them the truth and make them wait. And she will just sleep in this lovely in the mausoleum. Hearing that, Jessica tells her that that could be arranged. Allison asks Jessica what she just said. Jessica then tells her after all she has done to Jessica’s family, she might get to be locked in this tomb when she knows that Allison does not want that.

After Layla catches Cristian and Sarah together, they realize that they must come to grips with what has happened.

Jessica tells Allison that she mustn’t assume that she is herself (Jessica). Allison must realize that when she is in a jam, she might let Tess come out. And she tells her that maybe Tess will just let Allison stay inside that place with her (Jessica's) grandfather and let Allison "sleep on it." She and Natalie then rush out and lock Allison inside the cold and dark mausoleum with nothing except Victor Lord’s gravesite. At that point, Allison freaks, afraid to be locked in there and rushes to the door, demanding they let her out. They stand outside knowing they are no longer at the desperate mercy of Allison.

After Rex knows that Gigi is alright, he is afraid that he will have to leave Gigi and Shane. Shane then tells him he will see him around. And Gigi tells Rex that Shane is not his son. He goes out the door. He remarks to John that he (John) saved that boy’s life tonight. John replies to Rex that Shane is a good little guy and he wouldn’t let anything happen to him.

Before Marcie’s arraignment, she is not ready to do any "bargaining." But Michael tells her she must remember what he said: "Not guilty."

While Allison is stuck inside the crypt, Jessica tells Natalie that she knows that that woman holds the key to the secret about her family. And Allison is not going anywhere until she says so.

Inside the crypt, while alone, Allison reveals that she is not afraid of anything. She speaks to the deceased Victor that it’s just the two of them inside this place. She seems to know where many things are, including a gun and a big envelope behind a brick.

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