OLTL Update Friday 2/8/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 2/8/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Allison, Natalie and Jessica are headed out of St. Ann's in Natalie’s car while Natalie and Jessica are dressed like nuns. Allison reminds them that in order for her to disclose her secret to Jessica, they must give her their word. Jessica asks what “word." She replies that she will never again have to go back to that God awful dump of a loony bin. She seems very sure of herself for being able to hang this secret over Jessica’s head.

Right then, John walks into Todd’s apartment. And Ramsey sneaks up behind him and knocks him out.

After Rex demands that Gigi tells him if he is Shane’s father, she tells him she does not want to have this conversation now.

Blair puts Sam to bed and hopes he stays asleep. She puts the baby monitor on the table when Jack comes to her and tells her he had a bad dream. She tells her son she can help him. He tells her that he’s too old to have bad dreams. She tells him that nobody is too old to have bad dreams. She admits to him that she has bad dreams herself. Not far away, Todd remembers his “meeting” with Ramsey where Ramsey tells Todd he must help him kill Gigi and Shane. But he indirectly has implied to Todd, also, that he might endanger Todd’s family if Todd does not go along with him. Right then, Todd enters and asks his son what his bad dream was about. Jack admits to his dad that it was about him.

Right then, we see Ramsey packing up his rifle, leaving Todd’s home while John McBain is lying unconscious on the ground.

After Allison tells Natalie and Jessica that she won’t go back to St. Ann's, Natalie tells her she will take her right back there now. There is no way she will help her escape permanently. Allison then tells her that she will not reveal “the scoop” if they don’t do what she wants. Hearing that, Jessica tells her sister that they have to “indulge” Allison. She must, at least realize that one night of freedom is not enough to motivate Allison to tell them her secret. Natalie tells her she is crazy to even consider letting Allison escape when Allison is nuts. But Jessica tells Natalie that it’s no fun for a kid to be taken to the candy store only once and then have to be brought back before they can enjoy themselves.

Ramsey goes to John’s building with his rifle to find Gigi.

Gigi tells Rex that this is not the time or the place to have this conversation. He tells her that they can go and talk privately up on the roof or wherever she wants. But he is not going until he gets to the bottom of that. Right then, Shane speaks up and addresses Rex remembering that he’s seen him before. Rex replies yes. He remembers meeting him briefly in Texas. Shane inquires why his mom first told him that Rex was “nobody” but then revealed that she knew him. Rex then replies that he is an old friend of his mom’s. Shane then relects that he met “this lady" (Adriana) who came to the door who said she didn’t know his mom. He informs Rex that his dad was a Navy SEAL who died before he was born. Hearing that, Rex asks Gigi if that is really true. She tells him she is not going to discuss that with him here.

Jack tells his parents that he had a dream about terrible things happening to his parents involving his dad giving him away. Todd then tells him that that was a nasty dream but he must realize that it was only a dream. He assures his son that he would never give him away. Jack then tells his dad that he already did. Blair then asks him why he would say that. Jack replies that kids teased him at school and said that when he was a baby, his dad gave him away to some nuns in Mexico and Todd told Jack’s mom that he was dead. Hearing that, Blair tells Jack that those kids are wrong. He mustn’t listen to him. They just said that to hurt him. But Todd admits to his son that that is true. He really did give Jack up.

Ramsey finds a window to look inside John’s apartment from where he can observe Gigi and Rex talking. Rex tells Gigi he’d like to get this straight. She got pregnant by a Navy SEAL? She then tells Shane that she and Rex need to go outside and talk alone for a while. Shane asks them what is going on and why they need to keep a secret from him. He seems to know that something is going on and reminds his mom that he is not a baby. Rex then gives Shane some money to play some video games so that he will be entertained while they are gone.. Gigi and Rex Leave and she reminds Shane again not to open the door. Right then, Ramsey aims his rifle at Shane through the window. Gigi and Rex go outside. Rex asks her if she really thinks it’s wise to leave her kid alone in that place. She assures him that Shane knows how to take care of himself. And also with John looking out for them, she knows she has nothing to worry about.

But right then, unknown to them, John is lying unconscious on the floor of Todd’s apartment.

In the “get-away car,” Allison tells Natalie and Jessica that they need to offer their gratitude for what she is about to do by cranking up the tunes so she can listen to some real music. She’s tired of all the geeky Lawrence Welk music that the nuns play at St. Ann's. She asks them if they have any Barry White tapes or CDs. They glare at her. She then remembers the song Allison by Elvis Presley. Jessica corrects her that that was not Elvis Presley who sang the song. It was Elvis Costello. Allison then annoys them by telling them that she’s been stuck in that place for too long and has been getting misinformation about who sings what. She seems to be having a lot of fun pressing their buttons. Natalie is getting annoyed. But Jessica is ready to do whatever Allison wants so that she can get to the bottom of the big secret. Natalie then tells her sister if she wants to make Allison disappear, she is on her own with that. But Jessica is determined to get Allison to spill what she knows at any cost. She tells Allison that as soon as she reveals the secret she can do whatever she wants or goes wherever she wants. As long as she does not go near them nor their family. Hearing that, Natalie sarcastically reacts by telling Jessica that they are ok with Allison going wherever she wants and kidnapping babies. She reminds her that Allison put Ben Davidson in a coma. Allison then protests that it was Antonio that did that. She reminds them that she knows that he is the guy whom “Tessica” dumped. Hearing that, Jessica asks her how she knows about that. She replies that she keeps up on the gossip. It was written in all the tabloids. She then asks them how she can trust either one of them. Natalie tells her she has no choice. If she steps out of line, they will take her right back to St. Ann's. But Jessica urges her sister not to do that quite yet.

Todd admits to Jack that those kids were being mean and he should not pay them any mind. But they were telling the truth. He made a tragic mistake which he deeply regrets. Blair then asks Todd why he would say that to his son. He tells her that he thinks that Jack is old enough to know the truth. Jack then asks him why his dad wanted to get rid of him. Did Todd think there was something wrong with him?

Ramsey aims his rifle directly at Shane when he is alone in John’s apartment playing the slots. He is able to zoom right in on him. But Shane is “feeling lucky” and unafraid playing the game.

Right then, John comes to from lying on the floor of Todd’s apartment.

In response to Jack’s question of whether his father thought there was something wrong with him, Todd tells his son absolutely not. What happened was he was not certain that he was his dad. Jack asks why he would question whether he was his dad and why he would do such a terrible thing. Todd chuckles and tells his son that he was not very together in the head back then. He had a lot of problems. But he realized what a tragic mistake he made. Blair then adds that they both realized that they loved him and they held him as tight as they could in their arms when they knew that he was theirs’. IN response to that, Jack asks them if Todd might go crazy again and give him away.

On the roof, in response to Rex’s interrogation, Gigi tells him he has to leave her and her son alone and go back to his fiancé. He again asks if he is Shane’s father. She then emotionally asks him if it would be so terrible if he was? He must realize what a totally wonder boy Shane is. He is smart and kind and a joy to her. And Rex would be damn lucky to be his father. Right then Ramsey “zeros in” on her with his rifle.

Blair assures Jack that he must know that his daddy loves him and would never abandon his child; not Jack. Not Sam. Not Starr. Listening to that, Todd silently remembers hearing Ramsey telling him if he does not kill the Morascos, Ramsey will do it himself. Todd then mumbles: “Oh, no”, realizing what Ramsey might be doing right now. Blair then asks Todd what is wrong with him.

Hearing Gigi protesting how intelligent Shane is, Rex seems to want to know all the details of his growth throughout his life. She tells him that Shane talked in complete sentences before he was two years old. He then tells her that he finds it very odd that she got pregnant by some Navy SEAL and he never heard about it. She asks him what business it is of his plus it’s disrespectful of the dead to discuss Shane’s deceased father. He then tells her that it’s a bit odd that if she had this other man in her life, she would be so angry at him whenever he asks her about that or about Shane. She replies that she was in love with him. And he dumped her and abandoned her. He may have thought it was nothing more than a teenage fling. But it meant a lot more than that to her.

Right then, we see John struggling to get up and leave Todd’s home, realizing he has to protect Gigi and Shane.

Shane is winning at the games in John’s apartment.

John calls Gigi on the phone and urges her to pick up. She is not there to answer it and Shane cannot hear the phone with the noise from the video games.

Natalie asks Allison if she wants to do what they ask or if she wants them to take her back to St. Ann's. Allison then tells them ok, ok. Jessica then tells Allison that she can cooperate with her. Maybe they can give her money in order to escape. But Allison is not certain whether to trust the two sisters. Jessica then asks Allison where they should go now. She tells them she wants to go straight to Llanfair. Hearing that, Natalie exclaims that they are not letting her near their mother. But she tells them they must know that she is harmless and would never hurt their beloved mother. But if they do not let her into Viki’s home, she will not be able to uncover the big secret.

Todd assures Jack that he will never abandon him. But he has to go off to the office. Blair wonders why he has to leave this late at night. She tells her son she needs to go and talk to his daddy. She follows Todd out the door and tells him she is proud of him. Not only for telling Jack the truth. But also earlier today when Nora was there and he told her he’d go easy on Marcie. She tells him she is proud of him and she loves him. She kisses him and tells him he must hurry back.

Rex tells Gigi that he never got the idea that she was in love with him. She seemed so “cool” and sure of herself. He never thought she had serious feelings for him nor liked him as anything more than a friend. She scoffed at all the kids who wanted to fall in love, get married and have kids. He didn’t think for a minute that she would want to be serious with anybody nor want to do any of that. She then replies that she did that in order to protect herself. He asks from what. She replies that it was from the fact that she was in love with him. And she calls him a big idiot.

While John tries frantically to get Gigi on her cell phone, Shane walks to answer it. But it stops ringing. John then calls his phone and gets has answering machine. He gives up and hangs up before Shane has a chance to pick it up. Shane says hello but there is no response. John attempts to get up and leave

Rex tells Gigi that he thought that there were many other guys besides him that she liked. Hearing that, she replies that she lied. He then asks her if she lied when Adriana asked her if he was Shane’s father.

Jessica and Natalie agree to take Allison to Llanfair. She tells them she has some secrets involving their beloved grandfather. They reply that he was a sick old man. They demand to know what is so important about this place. She tells them if they take her inside, they will find out.

Blair sings a lullaby to Jack.

Then we see Ramsey pointing his rifle

Todd goes to John’s building knowing that Ramsey might be there to find and murder Gigi and Shane.

John returns to his empty apartment wondering what happened to Gigi and Shane. He then opens the closet door and sees Shane sitting there alone.

On the roof, while Ramsey is pointing his rifle at them, Rex reminds Gigi that she never answered his question. Was she lying when she told Adriana that Shane is not Rex’s son? She still does not answer.

Blair continues to sing the lullaby to Jack while he falls asleep.

John asks Shane why he was in the closet. Shane tells John that he got weirded out when he heard the phone ring. He’s seen that kind of thing happening in movies and it’s never good. John then asks him where his mom is. Shane replies that she is “with that guy." John asks “what guy?”

Right then, Rex demands that Gigi tells him whether he is Shane’s father. And it looks like Ramsey has fired a shot. Rex then rushes to push Gigi out of the range of fire. And Todd, right then, reaches the top of the stairs to find Ramsey and tackles him to prevent him from doing what he’s warned Todd he will do.

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