OLTL Update Thursday 2/7/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/7/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Lindsay is hosting a fund raiser for the heart research at the diner. Addie and Miles Laurence are helping her. She has an idea where everybody can write their secret or their wish and put it in a box with a heart.

Jessica rushes to find Nash telling him how angry she is at him. He tells her that he cannot tell if she is Tess. And he’s a bit concerned what will happen the next time she breaks the rules.

Natalie and Jared are both outside their door (to Jessica and Nash’s house). She asks if he is following her. He tells her no. He is there to see Nash and he asks her if she is ever going to forgive him for “that thing”. She asks what thing.

Adriana tells Rex that she believes that Gigi’s son is Rex’s son. She met Shane and she thinks she can put two and two together. But Rex does not want to believe that.

At John’s, Gigi asks him if he’s uncovered any sign of Ramsey. John admits not yet.

Ramsey tells Todd that the only way to get Gigi not to testify against the two of them is to kill her. And Todd’s infant son will be an adult before he gets out of prison. Todd tells Ramsey that he doubts that Gigi will testify. Ramsey tells Todd he should not count on them. Todd tells Ramsey he will not let him shoot a woman and her child. Ramsey replies that he will not shoot them. Todd will.

Gigi inquires to John about what happened in regard to Ramsey losing his job and blaming John for it. But Shane interrupts them to inform them he is hungry. She tells him that they will find him a burger. But he needs to take his things away and let her talk to John alone. He leaves. She asks John if he’s heard from Todd. John replies that he has talked to Todd but hasn’t heard a decision. She tells him she is worried about what will happen if Todd presses charges against Marcie. He replies that if Todd presses charges against Marcie, he will be in a lot worse trouble than she is.

Right then, Ramsey tells Todd that if he drops the charges against Marcie the kidnapper, she will go free. But Gigi will testify against him and he will get put away. Hearing that, Todd tells Ramsey that he might consider going along with his plan.

In regard to Adriana telling Rex about Gigi’s son, Shane, he tells her that he doubts that that kid was her son. She asks why he would he believe that when Shane would have been conceived right about the time when Rex was dating Gigi

Jessica tells Nash that she just wishes that he would get over the argument they’ve had and his concerns that she is turning into Tess again. He tells her all is forgotten as long as she does not resort to any more “risky business’. They hug. But her expression reveals that she is not finished with “risky business”. Right then, Natalie and Jared enter. Natalie reveals to Nash that she and Jessica have some “plans”. Nash asks just what types of plans. She replies that they were just going to have a meeting with their mother. And right then, Jessica’s phone rings. She picks it up to hear Allison demanding to know if she’s going to help her bust out of St. Ann's or not.

At the diner, Lindsay notices both Addie and Miles dressed like chefs and takes a picture of them together. Right then, Roxy enters. She notices Markko going out the door. Roxy asks if there is anyone in this town who is not after Miles Laurence. It looks like both Addie and Lindsay like him and he likes them.

While Jessica is on the phone with Allison, she wants Nash and Jared to believe that she is talking to her mom. She explains that they are all going to help with the fund raiser for the heart fund that is hosted by Campbell’s soup. Jared then apologizes to Jessica for getting her busted. She tells him it’s alright. She was playing with fire. Natalie then asks if the two of them want to kiss and make up so soon. But Nash tells her that they have reconciled with Jared. He has agreed to sell back Nash’s shares. Jessica is very surprised that Jared would be so cooperative. She tells Nash that she will be home soon. She leaves with Natalie. Alone with Nash, Jared tells him he never thought he’d say this, given all they’ve been through. But he asks Nash if he wants to break open a bottle and celebrate their partnership. Outside the door, Jessica reveals to Natalie that she has a plan and needs Natalie’s help in getting Allison out of St. Ann's in exchange for Allison’s revealing a secret for her. Natalie tells her sister she thinks this is crazy. There will be consequences in Jessica resorting to drastic measures like that. But Jessica believes that they can pull it off and she will tell Natalie all about it when they get to St. Ann's.

In response to Adriana telling Rex that she can see that Shane is the right age to have been conceived when Rex was seeing Gigi, Rex tells her that she does not know his exact age. And why would she assume that Gigi would be lying to her?. Adriana then tells him he may tell her the answer to that and reminds him that he is the son of Charlie.

Markko enters John’s apartment with food. And he reveals that he is really helping John to spy upon Todd Manning and Agent Ramsey. He reveals to John that he went to Todd’s place. He saw the pictures of Starr and Jack. And Todd had a “guest” in his home.

Todd tells Ramsey if he uses his brain, he must know if Gigi Morasco and her son wind up dead, the first two people they will suspect will be the two of them. Ramsey reminds Todd if Gigi testifies against him, he will be scrubbing toilets in Statesville for a long time. Todd tells Ramsey that he is willing to drop the charges against Marcy in exchange for Gigi refusing to testify against him. But Ramsey shows Todd a big rifle. And Todd asks him if he is indirectly threatening Todd’s family.

Nash and Jared propose a toast to the vineyard and agree to get along and working together. While drinking the wine, Jared remarks to Nash that he makes some good wine. And he tells him he must know that he (Jared) really does know how to do business. Nash tells Jared he is counting on that. Jared remarks that it’s too bad that Jessica and Natalie cannot be there. Nash then remarks that “duty calls”.

Right then, Jessica and Natalie are dressed as nuns so that they will be able to help Allison escape from St. Ann's. She leads them out the door. But one of the real nuns demands to know just where Allison thinks she is going.

At John’s house, Markko comes to talk to John about his “discoveries” when he went to Todd’s and had Ramsey believing he was a pizza delivery boy. John talks to Markko alone while Gigi and Shane are out of ear’s shot. And Markko confirms to John that he did see Ramsey.

After Adriana informs Rex that he may very well have a son with Gigi, he tells her he seriously doubts that. He asks her why she believes that he and/or Gigi are lying about things like that. He protests that they dated long ago in high school. He tells her that if she thinks that such a life-altering thing would have happened and he would not know about it, she is really off base. They are talking about a child, he tells her . If Gigi had a child with him, she would have told him.

Ramsey leads Todd to find a way to kill Gigi Morasco. He demonstrates to Todd how it is very easy to pull the trigger and eliminate the people you want and not have to endanger the people that one loves. Todd then asks Ramsey if is serious about finding him a rifle and trusting him with it. Ramsey replies to Todd that the bureau enables him and others to do many things. Todd replies like getting Marty Saybrooke killed and thinking he can get away with killing Gigi. Todd asks Ramsey if he plans to hurt Todd’s family if Todd does not cooperate with what he wants. Ramsey tells Todd know. He only wants to “eliminate” Gigi and her kid. But, he tells Todd, “things happen”/

Rex tells Adriana that she does not know if he has a child. Gigi told her that her son was not his. But Adriana informs Rex that Gigi also asked her never to tell Rex about Shane. He tells her that that might very well be because many women like to have privacy and don’t want their ex boyfriends knowing things like that. She is very insistent that Shane must be his son.

At the diner, Roxy encourages Addie to consider hooking up with Miles. Addie tells her he’s too young. But Roxy tells her she should not let that worry her. They also notice that Lindsay is there and Roxy reminds Addie that if Lindsay is unafraid, so should she. But right then, Roxy remembers that Rex is demanding to know who his real father is. And she knows she has some business to attend to. It looks like there is a “private box” where people can write their secrets and never have them revealed.

At St. Ann's, Natalie and Jessica are able to successfully convince the real nuns that they are also nuns and they are going to supervise Allison and take her on a day pass. When they are alone, they argue about how to get out of there without getting caught.

Roxy privately goes through some stuff and drops a piece of paper in the ballet box. It’s probably regarding who Rex’s real father is. Lindsay also drops a “secret” in the box.

Adriana tells Rex that it’s very likely that the reason why Gigi wasn’t about to tell him that he had a son and why Gigi lied when Adriana asked her was because she was pregnant when he abandoned her. Rex protests to Adriana that he did not abandon Gigi. But she tells him that she wants to know where she fits in when there are questions about whether he has a child. He then tells her hat he can call Gigi. She tells him that she thinks he should do this in person. He tells her ok. He will go and find Gigi. She assures him that whatever he finds out will be ok. He tells her he won’t be long. She tells him he can take as long as it takes and she reminds him that this is very important. He tells her of course it is. And he leaves.

Ramsey tells Todd that the Morascos are going away. If Todd does not do it, he will do it himself. Todd then tells Ramsey if he goes near Todd’s wife and kids, Todd will kill him. Ramsey then turns to face Todd and looks at him in a way in which he hopes to make Todd afraid of him. But Todd adds that the way he will kill Ramsey won’t be from a distant range. He will kill him with his bare hands.

Nash tells Jared that the next time he considers committing Nash’s wife. Jared finishes his sentence by telling him that he sill consult with his partner first.

Allison leads Natalie and Jessica out the door, looking like they are helping her go on a day pass.

While Gigi and Shane are alone in John’s apartment, Rex knocks on the door and tells her he wants her to let him in. Hearing Rex identify himself as Balsam, Shane asks his mom who Balsam is. She replies it’s somebody she used to know. She opens the door and immediately asks Rex if “Adriana told him”. He obviously knows exactly what she is talking about. And she might have confirmed that he is Shane’s son. As soon as the door opens, Rex and Shane stare intently at each other. And it might be confirmation, right there that they are father and son.

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