OLTL Update Wednesday 2/6/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/6/08


Written By Jeannie

Blair opens the door to Todd and Sam who have flowers. Todd says Sam want to thank her for taking such good care of him.

At the Cherryville police station, Antonio sends Fish out to get his laptop to fix the computer. He tells the other officer that whenever Sahid gets near a machine and it self-destructs. He leaves and Talia hits him. She asks why he said that. Antonio thinks he can convince Bo to change Fish for Sahid.

Adriana goes to the diner and shows Vincent and Layla her ring. The congratulation her and Layla says its time to talk about fabric for her wedding dress. Vincent takes that as his cue to leave. He goes to a table on the other side of the room. Adrianna confesses to Layla that she thinks Rex has a son.

Back at his apartment, Rex talks to Charlie about him being his father. When Charlie hesitates, Rex says if he’s not cool with the idea of having a grown son then that’s okay too.

At Llanfair, Viki asks Dorian what she is doing in her bedroom. Viki asks her to go away and Dorian says not until she tells her about Charlie. Viki says she’s not interested. Dorian says she should be. Viki says she’s so happy now and Dorian asks if she got lucky last night. Viki says she forgives the question because Dorian must be frustrated since Clint walked out on her. Dorian denies it was Clint who left. Then she asks if Charlie told her about the decision he made.

Rex tells Charlie he has gotten along just fine without a father so far. If Charlie doesn’t want to be a father, then he’ll survive.

Layla and Adriana talk about the possibility that Rex might be Shane’s father. Adriana tells her about her encounter with Gigi.

Bo walks into the diner with Lindsay. She apologizes for taking time out of his day to help her. Markko escorts them to the table to see Mr. Jones.

Blair thanks Sam for the flowers. Todd says they wanted to thank her for taking care of Sam and he knows it wasn’t easy for her. Todd mentions he was dealing with Ramsey and when Blair gets upset Todd says he paid him off and sent him packing. .

The next scene shows Ramsey with a rifle, looking down the sight.

John and Nora knock on Todd’s door. Todd asks them what they want. Nora says John has been telling her interesting stories about him. She invites her self in.

In Cherryville, Talia is cleaning up a mess at the coffee pot. The Chief walks in and he says it was on its last legs anyway. He mentions how hot it is and Talia says she broke the thermostat. Antonio tells Fish Cherryville could really use a man like him there and they should clone him. Fish says that would take too long and he can’t bail on Bo like that. Antonio says what if he did. Fish says he would love it but the commissioner would never go for it.

At the diner, Lindsay thanks Vincent for keeping the gallery going while she was away. He asks how long she has to stay with Bo. Lindsay says as long as she needs to. Then she says she has exciting news about a new project.

Nora tells Todd a radical change of heart about Sam’s kidnapping could be Marcie’s best bet against a conviction. Is what John says true? Todd says don’t doubt John. Blair comes in and Nora tells her Todd will speak to the judge at the arraignment. Blair says he wants Marcie prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Nora says John told her Todd would like to ask for leniency. Blair is shocked.

Charlie says he isn’t denying being his father and already told Viki. He says Viki speaks very highly of Rex. Rex asks if that counts for anything. Charlie says he’s still conflicted. Rex says he had a fantasy that Charlie would be happy about it.

Viki asks Dorian if his decision was about choosing her over Dorian. Dorian says during the long nights Charlie has been with her and he unburdened himself. Viki says she knows all about Charlie’s son. Dorian just stares at her. She doesn’t believe it. She asks if Charlie told her who his son is, then reasons that he took the risk. Viki says it’s no big deal and asks why would it bother her that Rex is Charlie’s son.

Charlie says he doesn’t mean to hurt him. Rex says it’s okay because he’s used to being on his own and taking care of himself. Charlie says that’s no way to live and Rex warns him to be careful because he sounds like a dad. Charlie apologizes. Rex says it’s not his fault and it was nice having a father for all of five minutes and it was nice that it was someone everyone likes. It doesn’t make him feel like so much of a loser. Charlie says he’s not a loser. Charlie says Roxy has every reason to be proud. Rex asks if he doesn’t want to be his father, why he told Viki.

Layla talks to Adriana about Shane being Rex’s son and how she might be jumping to conclusions. She urges her to talk to Rex.

Lindsay tells Bo about their idea to place hearts around where people can write down their secrets and put money in. The money will go to the American Heart Association Go Red for Women. They will call it “Get it Off Your Chest”. Vincent goes to the gallery to pick up the hearts and Bo and Lindsay go off to find a place to put them around Llanview. Adriana walks up and thanks Bo for the ring. She tells him Gabrielle must have been a special woman and thanks him again. Lindsay says he’s an amazing guy.

Blair questions Todd about going easy on Marcie. Nora asks about when he’s going to make a decision as she has work to do on this case. Todd blames John. John takes responsibility and mentions Gigi being a hostile witness.

Markko delivers food to Ramsey. As Ramsey gets the money out, Markko looks over his shoulder into the room.

Nora talks to Todd about going easy on Marcie. Saying she would understand if he would demonstrate some uncharacteristic humanity because she sheltered his son for the first year of his life. Blair says she would be very proud of Todd if he went easy on Marcie. She kisses him. They all wait for Todd’s answer. Blair goes up to check on Sam. Nora presses him for an answer and Todd says he’ll decide when he decides. Then he goes over and opens the door. Nora leaves. John tells Todd tomorrow he’s going by the station with Morasco and when she tells her story about how he and Ramsey kidnapped her son then Todd can kiss it all good bye. He says if Marcie goes down then Todd goes down with her. Todd gets a call from the paper. He has to leave. Blair asks John what happened.

Markko recognizes a picture of Starr and asks Ramsey if this is her dad’s place. Ramsey gives him a twenty and shuts the door in his face.

Dorian tells Viki she must have found intrigue where there is none. She says Charlie is a wonderful man and she’s happy he told her about Rex. Dorian says if Rex is her son in law and Viki marries Charlie they would be related.

Charlie and Rex talk about why he’d want him for a father. Rex says he wouldn’t judge him as he made a lot of mistakes himself. Rex suggests taking it slow. Adriana comes home. She sees Charlie and offers to leave. Rex says Charlie and he are going to try this out. Adriana starts to gush about how wonderful it is. Charlie leaves.

In Cherryville, the Chief discovers the phone doesn’t work. Talia says she had an accident in the cellar when a mop fell into the phone box. Fish packs up and the Chief asks where he’s going. Antonio pops up and asks the Chief if they can exchange Talia for Fish. The chief says if he does that then he’ll expunge his record. Antonio calls Bo who says he should fire him for what he pulled in Cherryville.

Todd walks out to the elevator Markko is there. He tells Todd he just delivered to the guy in his penthouse. Todd says get lost. Markko goes into the elevator and wonders if its be-a-jerk day.

Todd tells Ramsey about John’s threat about Gigi. Ramsey picks up his rifle and says he can hit a waitress from 10 clicks.

Blair and John discuss Marcie and Todd. John talks to Sam. Blair asks if he misses him.

Bo asks Antonio that he wants to bring Talia to Llanview and leave fish. Bo questions him. Then he says he’ll make it happen, but there’s something else. Antonio listens then says yes, he understands.

Lindsay and Vincent show Layla the hearts. Layla and Vincent leave and Lindsay looks at Bo across the room.

Viki questions Dorian. She says she doesn’t know how Dorian conned Charlie. She tells her to go home and get a life. Charlie walks up. Dorian says she knows that he told Viki Rex is his son.

Rex plans father’s day with Adriana. She looks upset and he asks what’s going on.

Antonio and Fish shake hands and Antonio and Talia leave. Out in the hall, Talia asks what Bo said. Antonio says Bo recited the LPD guidelines for fraternizing. Don’t do it, ever.

Bo and Lindsay look at the heart boxes for the secrets and tells her to lead by example. He tells her to put her secrets in the box. He leaves.

John says goodbye and Blair stops him. She tells him to tell Marcie that she is taking good care of Sam.

Todd says he wants to kill Marcie but not Gigi and the kid. Ramsey tries to talk him into it and Todd says he won’t let him kill anyone.

Dorian tells Charlie not to let his responsibility as father of the groom detract him from Viki. Dorian reminds them of the Heart Association banquet. She leaves. Viki asks Charlie about Rex. They kiss.

Rex asks if Adriana is okay and she says she is. He asks if it’s Charlie and she says she likes him. Adriana says she’s been keeping a secret from him and it’s about Gigi and her son.

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