OLTL Update Tuesday 2/5/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/5/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Dorian tries to encourage Blair to help her plan Adriana’s wedding. But Blair coldly tells her aunt that she refuses to help with that wedding and the bride and groom will be in Statesville. Dorian tells her niece that no daughter of hers’ is going to jail. Addie sits and says nothing to either of them and looks through magazines. It sounds like she might not want to help Adriana any more than her daughter and granddaughter do.

At the diner, Starr sits with Markko and asks him if he has observed or knows anything about Langston and Cole’s private meetings. At another table, Nash goes to meet with Jared. He asks him what is going on and what kinds of tricks he has up his sleeve. Is he “working on” Natalie after finding out that she is his niece? Hearing that, Jared tells Nash that he must be very bored with a lot of time on his hands after sending his own wife to St. Ann's.

Right then, Natalie goes to St. Ann's to see if she can help Jessica get out. But Jessica has some complications in regard to that.

At Talia’s new police job in Cherryfield, she books Antonio. Her superior officer believes that Antonio is some “city punk” who might need to be taught a lesson. She tells him that she knows what to do with him. Little does her boss know the “game” that the two of them are playing.

At St. Ann's, Jessica tells Natalie that there are some things going on that may be difficult to explain involving Allison Perkins.

At Viki’s, she calls the sisters at St. Ann's and tells them she just wants to make certain that her daughter is being released today. But she is not able to continue her phone conversation when Charlie enters with a tray and breakfast in bed. She is delighted to see him and very impressed by how well he can cook. He tells her he may have gotten some recipes from Moe and wonders if it’s something that would suit her tastes. She then replies to him that she has had some concerns that maybe when he finds out the life she really has and what she has done that he might have some issues. But he looks at her sincerely and tells her that after the night they had and the way she made him feel, that is all that matters. She tells him that she is very happy to have him there. But she wants to find out why he was living at Dorian’s and what the real story with that was all about.

At Dorian’s, she is going through her wedding catering book and attempting to get Blair and Addie to help her. But Blair tells Dorian that she is not about to do anything in order to help her backstabbing daughter and her crooked fiancé after what they did to Todd. Dorian then reminds Blair that when Todd almost got executed, Adriana was there for her. So she owes Adriana some consideration.

At Rex and Adriana’s home, they wake up and are ready to plan their wedding. But at that moment, Rex believes that Charlie is there. His vision of Charlie reminds him that maybe Rex needs to credit “somebody” for the man he has turned into and the great girl he is going to marry. Adriana then tells Rex that maybe Charlie is right. Hearing that, Rex tells asks Charlie if that person might be his real father and that is Charlie. In response to that, Charlie flippantly asks Rex if he believes that a drunken loser who had a cheap one-night stand with his mother which he does not even remember would be that to him. He then scoffs at Rex and walks out the door. At that point, Rex awakens in his bed startled and realizes he had a bad dream. Adriana awakens and asks him what has happened. He informs her that he had a dream that his father was there. And he clarifies to her that it was not Wally. It was Charlie. Roxy just informed him that Charlie is his real father. Hearing that, she is shocked to find out that Charlie Balsam is his father. Rex replies that Charlie apparently does not know. He guesses that Charlie was some distant cousin of Wally’s. He had a drunken one night stand with Roxy and then he left and never had a clue that he got her pregnant. She then asks if he can really be certain that that’s all there is to it. He then admits that maybe there is some sort of “connection” that he has to Charlie since Charlie saved his life when Todd wanted to hurt him.

Right then, Charlie and Viki are discussing what to do with his son (meaning Jared). And Charlie remembers Dorian telling him that he must choose between reconciling with his son or double-crossing him in order to preserve his relationship with Viki.

Nash tells Jared that their “war” ends today.

Starr asks Markko if he does not know about the secrets and lies between their respective significant others. He tells her that he does not notice what she is talking about. But she specifically tells him that they both lied to her and told her that they were going to meet him. But they did not. In response to that, he asks her if she believes that they are “hooking up”.

Cole enters Dorian’s house to find Langston. But Blair confronts him at the door.

Dorian is concerned about Addie getting “overly friendly” with Charlie. Addie asks her sister why she believes that Charlie would not be interested in her. Dorian tells her sister that she believes that Charlie wants somebody more than he’d want either of them. Addie asks just whom that would be. Dorian replies that would be Viki.

At the Cherryfield police station, Talia asks her boss if he does not think that Mr. Vega should be detained. But at that point, Antonio’s new partner (subordinate) rides to the rescue and is ready to save Antonio from their charges and take him home. And that is obviously not what either Antonio or Talia want. The new partner believes that he is helping Antonio when he informs him that he got the “go ahead” from Commissioner Buchanan to “rescue” Antonio. But Antonio doesn’t seem to want that. Talia’s boss demands to know what is going on. She then asks him if he thinks they should really “let this guy off the hook” just because he’s a cop. Her boss tells her that he wants to cut Antonio loose because he doesn’t want to deal with him. But he doesn’t ever want to see Antonio in this town again. Antonio and Talia look at each other very disappointed that their entire “plan” has been ruined.

Blair tells Cole and Langston that she does not appreciate what looks like they are doing behind her daughter’s back. In response to that, they don’t know what to tell her.

Dorian privately tells Addie that Viki’s “situation” with Charlie is not going to end on a happy note. She will see to that.

Right then, Viki tells Charlie that she would like for him to meet her daughters and she’d like to meet his son when he is ready. She tells him that she knows many people in this town and would like to help him if he wants her to. He replies to her that he would like more than anything for there to be no secrets between them. But he is worried that he might “lose” her. In response to that, she tells him she does not understand. He then replies to her that his son’s name is Rex. Rex Balsam. Hearing that, she is shocked.

Rex discusses with Adriana what it would mean that Charlie is his father and why Roxy would have wanted him to believe all these years that Wally was. Adriana concludes that maybe Roxy thought it would be best for all if everybody believed that Wally was Rex’s father because Rex would be better off being raised by Charlie’s sister, Corrine. She then asks him what he would think, feel and do if he knew that he had a child, remembering meeting Gigi’s son. He tells her that he is not about to keep any secrets from her about anything. Nor would he keep a secret from his child if he had one. He tells her that from now on, he will let her know everything about him from Gigi all the way on up.

Jessica tells Natalie that she needs to find out what Allison’s secret is. Natalie replies that she cannot believe a word Allison says. But Jessica tells her sister she really believes that Allison is not mistaken that she knows something. And she has to find out what that is. Natalie asks her how she plans to accomplish that. Jessica replies that she can by helping to break Allison out of St. Ann's.

At the diner, after Starr tells Markko that he might want to consider what is going on between Langston and Cole, he tells her that there is no cause for alarm.

After Blair confronts Langston and Cole, they ask her if Starr has gotten the idea that they are “hooking up”. She then asks if they are and also just what they expect her daughter to think. At that point, they reveal to Blair that they have been meeting in secret because they are planning Starr’s surprise birthday party.

After Viki hears Charlie reveal that Rex is his son, she tells him that is too coincidental. She has known Rex throughout his life as well as his family. Her daughter, Natalie believed throughout her life that Rex was her brother. He then tells her that that lawyer who helped him find his son in Texas also helped him find his “other son”, Rex whom he never even knew that he had, right here in Llanview. Hearing that, Viki is actually happy to find out the amazing coincidence that Charlie is the father of Rex. She informs him that she thinks very highly of Rex. That is good news. She also tells Charlie that if he “knows” Roxanne, then he might very well know Natalie.

After Jessica reveals to Natalie that Allison has some sort of secret, Natalie tells her she does not want to mess with that. But Jessica tells Natalie that she knows that if she can find out the secret, she can blame everything on Tess. Natalie then reminds her that that is exactly what got her put in there in the first place. But Jessica believes that her plan will work. She clarifies to Natalie that it was Jared and Nash that put her there. And now she is actually kind of glad that they did.

At the diner, Nash tells Jared that this feud Jared has with Nash’s family ends today. Jared replies to Nash that he does not have anything against Nash’s daughter. Nash tells Jared that he realizes that Jared’s issue is with Tess. And Jared got his pay back by having her put in St. Ann's and stealing Nash’s vineyard. He tells Jared that he can get Jessica to back Jared. Jared asks Nash how he proposes to do that after having his wife put in St. Ann's. Nash tells Jared that he has to trust Nash. This has totally ruined his family and with his in laws. And he can solve this problem by reconciling with Natalie. Jared tells Nash that he will see if he can get Jessica to cooperate with him. And if she does not believe him, he will throw in one percent of his stake in the vineyard. Hearing that, Nash wonders why Jared would do that.

At the Cherryvale police station, Talia concludes to Antonio after they had to go through hell and high water in order to be together and scam an arrest, he is now banned from the town. She concludes that maybe they were not meant to be.

Langston and Cole assure Blair that they are not sneaking around behind Starr’s back. They just went to the diner to see if they could get Rex Balsam to help them plan Starr’s party and he was of no help. She tells them they need not worry about Rex Balsam. He won’t be able to prevent them from throwing Starr’s party at Ultra Violet. Right then, Starr walks in and asks her mother and her friends just what she missed.

After Dorian reveals to Addie that she plans to scheme in order to break Charlie and Viki up, Addie tells her that maybe she needs to stop trying to prevent Viki Davidson from having happiness in her life. And maybe if Dorian does that, she might have some happiness of her own.

Charlie reveals to Viki that he never stayed in touch with Roxy Balsam and never had any way of knowing he had a son with her. She happily jokes and tells him it’s so ironic that she was ready to hire Rex of all people in order to find him. Rex happens to be a PI. She then asks him about his ‘other son”. He reveals to her that the other one wants nothing to do with him. She tells him she is sorry. She then inquires why he has not told anybody about Rex. He tells her he was not very proud of his past. And he’s only known about Rex for a few days. She asks if he’s going to reveal to Rex that he is his father. He tells her he thinks he will.

Rex tells Adriana that Roxy practically begged him never to tell anybody that Charlie was his father. But she asks him why he doesn’t think about himself and his own best interest. Doesn’t he want to get to know his father and let Charlie know him?

Right then, Natalie asks Jessica just how she plans on coming through on her end of the bargain to Allison by helping Allison break out of St. Ann's.

When Starr walks in on her mother’s “private” conversation with Langston and Cole, she knows that there is a secret. They leave together. But Blair assures her daughter that there is no cause for alarm to believe that they have a “thing” going on.

Natalie tells Jessica “if” she plans on helping her to “cooperate” with Allison, how does Jessica plan to do that? Jessica shows Natalie a credit card and tells her that this is Allison’s ticket out of there.

At the Cherryvale police station, the computers suddenly crash. And it looks like they cannot process their paperwork. They all know that in such a tiny town, they may need to rely on somebody ‘very special” to help them get out of that little jam. And it looks like Both Antonio and Talia have something going on.

Right then, Rex is “haunted” by Charlie walking into his house.

And Viki is similarly “haunted” by Dorian coming into her house right when she is planning her “date” with Charlie.

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