OLTL Update Monday 2/4/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 2/4/08


Written By Jennifer S.

At St. Ann’s, after Allison informs Jessica that she knows some things about her biological father, Mitch Laurence, Jessica retorts to her that Mitch Laurence was a vile, despicable man. And she has nothing but hatred for him. Allison tells her, however, that she maybe should not speak that way about her father. And she reminds her that the sins of the father are visited upon the child.

Adriana goes to find Gigi whom she knows John is letting stay at his home. When she notices Rex’s ex girlfriend, she also notices that she has a son who might very well have been conceived when Gigi was seeing Rex.

Rex goes to see Bo, admitting that he has a real situation on his hands involving the fact that he’s just found out that Walter Balsam is not his real father. He has just found out the man who really is.

Dorian goes to see Jared. She demands that he gives his father, Charlie another chance. She tells him if he does not, she will tell everybody the big secret that he is not really Asa Buchanan’s son.

Todd invites Ramsey to the house. He does not trust him and does not want him near his family. But he believes that he might need Ramsey’s help in preventing Gigi from getting them both into trouble. He tells Ramsey that John McBain might very well be able to convince Gigi not to talk nor implicate them both if he can go easy on Marcie. But Ramsey tells Todd that he is foolish if he thinks he can trust any of John McBain’s “hooey”. If he trusts John, he might as well start packing and going back to Statesville.

Charlie finds Viki. She is happily surprised to see him but wonders why he would have wound up on Llanview of all places. He informs her that he is living there. She finds it very odd that he would choose to live there. She admits that she has heard that he is staying at Dorian’s. And she asks if he is drinking again.

Jared asks Dorian why she is so concerned about his business with his father. She tells him that he needs to get it through his head that Charlie is a good man and deserves respect form his son. Hearing that, he assumes that he must have asked her to come by and do his dirty work for him. But she tells him that Charlie hasn’t a clue that she is there. She is there of her own free will. And he needs to give his father another chance and realize he is a good man. Hearing that, Jared concludes that that can only means that Dorian is falling for Charlie.

Right after Ramsey has forewarned Todd about what can happen to him if he does not drop the charges against Marcie, John enters. And he demands to know what Todd has decided, reminding him that he has the means to have him put in prison if he does not cooperate with what John wants.

After Adriana visits her, Gigi asks Shane to go to the other room so that she can talk to Adriana alone. Adriana makes contact with Shane and tells him it was nice meeting him. And she obviously wants to talk to Gigi about her son when they are alone. She knows that Adrian assumes that Shane could be Rex’s son and she asks why. Adrian tells her she figures that since she knows that Rex was in high school about 10 years ago and was dating her at that time. And Shane looks to be about 9, it could be. But Gigi tells Adriana that she cannot assume that. Adriana asks Gigi why Rex has never mentioned that she had a son. She tells him the reason for that is very simple. Rex does not know anything about Shane.

Rex tells Bo that Roxy informed him that Wally was not his real father. It’s this guy named Charlie Balsam. Bo asks Rex if Charlie would know that. Rex replies that Roxy told him that he was the product of a drunken one-night stand between the two of them and so Charlie would probably not remember conceiving him. It may very well not be true. Roxy might be making this up. But he needs to get to the bottom of this. Bo then tells Rex that he must realize that he has really turned his life around in the last few years. He has a real job and is engaged to a wonderful girl. He should be proud of what he has accomplished and maybe it doesn’t matter whom his biological father really is.

After finding out that Charlie has become friends with Dorian, Viki asks him how they could have possibly met. Did they meet in Paris, TX? Does Dorian know that she (Viki) and Charlie know each other? He tells her that Dorian did not let on to him, at first, that she knew Viki until the news coverage during the hostage situation. Viki tells Charlie that it’s kind of odd that so shortly after meeting him for the first time, Dorian invites Charlie to live in her home. She obviously knows that Dorian has some sort of agenda in regard to that whole situation. And she asks Charlie just what Dorian has told him about her. He replies to Viki that Dorian told him that she is Dorian’s dearest friend. Hearing that, Viki knows that Dorian is up to something.

Dorian tells Jared that he has no business judging Charlie just because if his past drinking problem. He is a wonderful man who has worked hard to turn his life around. Jared is an arrogant punk who is pulling a scam and has to lie about who his real father is. His father wants to reconcile with him. But he is too pigheaded to appreciate that. She tells him that he has to go and meet his father and offer his respects. He tells her he does not want to do that. She tells him that he probably would not like the alternative. So he grudgingly agrees to go with her to talk to Charlie.

At St. Ann’s, Allison tells Jessica that she has a secret that will knock Jessica’s socks off. And if Jessica wants to know what it is, she must get Allison out of St. Anne’s.

John asks Todd if he plans on retracting the statements he’s written about Marcie in the Sun. Todd asks John if he were to do that, does he have John’s word that he won’t get him in trouble. John tells Todd he has his word. But Todd asks him what about Ramsey. And even if he keeps his word and lets Todd go free if Todd comes through for him, he will also be letting Ramsey go free. Does John want to do that?

After hearing about Rex’s finding out whom his father is, Bo tells Rex that he has had his own issues involving the fact that he is Asa Buchanan’s son. He has had to find a way to define himself as more than just being Asa Buchanan’s son. Rex has needed to do that also. And he believes that Rex has succeeded with that. He is very proud of the man whom Rex has become in spite of whom his biological father is. But he asks Rex just whom this Charlie Balsam guy is. Rex replies that he doesn’t know much about Charlie except that he is staying at Dorian’s. And he saved Rex’s life when Todd went after him. And he admits to Bo that he has a real dilemma on his hands about whether to tell Charlie that he is his son.

After Viki hears that Dorian has told Charlie how highly she thinks of Viki and that Viki is her oldest and dearest friend, Viki knows that there is something suspicious. And right when she is probing Charlie for more information about his conversations with Dorian, Dorian walks in. Viki sarcastically greets her and tells her that she is happy to see her oldest and dearest friend.

Adriana asks Gigi why she kept her son a secret from Rex. Gigi asks her why she would assume that she kept any secrets. It just never came up. Hearing that, Adriana asks Gigi why she would leave off something as important as the fact that she has a son.. Gigi tells Adriana that she and Rex have both moved on with their lives and her personal life is none of his business. Adriana tells Gigi that that sounds hard to believe. Gigi was once in love with Rex. Gigi asks Adriana if she does not have more important things in her life besides being concerned about this; Like planning a wedding. Adriana replies yes. She is planning a wedding with Rex. And she asks Gigi if she has a problem with that.

Rex tells Bo that he needs a favor from him. Bo has no clue what the favor could be. Rex then tells Bo that he would like to know of Bo could be his best man at his wedding. Bo admits to Rex that they have become very close recently. Rex then asks Bo if he will be his best man. Bo replies no.

When Dorian returns home to see Viki with Charlie, she distracts them and asks Viki if she knows Jared Buchanan. Viki then angrily replies that she knows all too well this piece of trash who got her daughter committed. Jared tells Viki that when her precious daughter was having her DID episodes, she messed around with him and set him up to be put in prison for a crime he did not commit. He’s concerned about Tess being a danger to herself and others. So he thinks he did the right thing to have her somewhere where she cannot harm anybody. He asks Viki if she does not agree that that should be done under the circumstances. Hearing that, Viki has nothing to say.

Todd is not certain if he should trust John to come through on his word to not get him in trouble for what happened in Paris, TX as long as Todd goes easy on Marcie. He tells John that he is concerned that his main concern is to go after Ramsey at any cost. Even if it means bringing Todd down with him. But John tells Todd he must trust him.

After hearing Adriana tell her that she is marrying Rex, Gigi sounds as though she is totally ok with that. But she wants Adriana to get out of John’s home. Adriana tells Gigi that she didn’t come there to see John. She came there to see John’s brother, Michael.

After Rex declines to be the best man at his wedding, Rex asks Bo why. Bo replies that Rex needs to find out what to do in regard to finding out that Charlie is his father. But Rex tells Bo that he believes that Bo is more of a father figure to him than anybody he knows. He would not be the man he is today nor gotten Adriana to marry him, were it not for Bo. So he asks Bo again. Bo then agrees. Rex tells Bo that now he has to find a way to get a real ring for Adriana. Bo then tells Rex that he is not certain but he has an idea. And he pulls out a nice big expensive engagement ring in a box. He informs him that it’s Gabrielle’s. He gave it to her the day before she died. And he wants Rex to have it. Rex tells Bo he could not take that ring. But Bo tells Rex that he knows that Gabrielle would want this to be a symbol of a true and pure love like Rex and Adriana.

After Jared informs Viki what Jessica/Tess did to him, Viki tells Jared that she regrets what happened but he must realize that her daughter was ill and not entirely responsible for what happened. Jared then excuses himself and leaves. Viki demands to know what Dorian is doing with both Jared and Charlie. Viki tells Charlie it was great to see him and she departs. Alone with Charlie, Dorian tells him that she apologizes for what has happened. She would have never brought Jared to her house to see him if she knew that Viki would be there. He then tells her that he believes that Viki is justified in her feelings. He tells Dorian that he wants to be close to Viki. But he wants to trust her also. She tells him that he must believe her and trust her when she promises she will not tell a living soul that Jared is his son. He thanks her and tells her he will never forget what she did. He leaves. And when Dorian is alone, she tells him that she will make sure that he never forgets.

John tells Todd that he will let him think about his choices and then he will come back tomorrow to find out what Todd has decided. He tells Todd he either lets Marcie go free and absolves her or John will nail both him and Ramsey and send them to prison. It’s just that simple. John walks out the door. Ramsey then comes out of hiding to tell Todd that he is an idiot to trust John. Todd tells Ramsey that he may not have a choice. John can nail him for what they did to Gigi and Shane if he does not let Marcie go free. But Ramsey reminds Todd that John may not be able to prove that they kidnapped Gigi and Shane since there were no witnesses. And he tells Todd that they might have to resort to drastic measures like murder. Todd tells Ramsey he is crazy. Ramsey then leaves and tells Todd he will come back in the morning to find out what Todd has decided.

Rex comes home and gives the ring to Adriana. She tells him of course she will marry him. She loves him.

Viki and Charlie are alone in her house. He wants to kiss her. She is concerned about what Dorian might have told him about her. But he doesn’t want to talk about that.

At St. Ann’s, the orderly tells Allison that she cannot play checkers anymore and must return to her room. Jessica then reminds Allison that she cannot even sneak a cell phone out of there. So how can she get Allison out of St. Ann’s? Allison then replies to Jessica that that will be her problem.

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