OLTL Update Friday 2/1/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 2/1/08


Written By Jennifer S.

After Gigi finds out that John’s girlfriend (Marty) died not long ago, she tells him she is very sorry and asks how it happened. John replies that Ramsey killed her. So she must realize that Rex Balsam is the least of their worries.

Rex then goes to see Bo and tells him that his life as he knows it is over.

Roxy goes to find Charlie at Dorian’s and tells him he must let her in. This is a matter of life and death. He asks her if he knows her. She tells him she is Roxy Balsam. He remembers that he met her for the first time at the beauty parlor the other day. But he wonders why she is demanding to see him. She replies that her son needs a father. And he is it.

Nora and Clint announce to Jared that he is officially evicted from their home effective now. He asks why. Clint replies it’s because Jared had his (Clint's) daughter committed to a mental institution.

Right then, Natalie and Viki come by to help Nash feed Bree while Jessica is gone.

At St. Anne’s, Jessica goes to find Allison Perkins. She asks her what the big secret is and what she has heard. Allison tells Jessica that she has heard that Jessica’s formerly insane mother was living a “double life” working as a waitress in Texas. But Jessica knows that Allison has some secret about something that happened a long time ago and she demands to know what it is. Allison then inquires to her just what is in it for her (herself) and she calls Jessica Tess.

Bo asks Rex what is up with him. Rex tells Bo that maybe he should not talk about it. Bo asks him to sit down. He can tell that Rex is very confused as to what to do.

In response to Roxy’s interrogation, Charlie tells her that he does not know her or her son. She tells him that he needs to “play the part” of Rex’s father. He tells her that maybe, since his life is a train wreck, she should find somebody else to be her son’s father. But she tells him that he has to be the one. Her kid believes that Charlie is his father. She explains that Rex has believed throughout his life that a no good jerk was his father. She was married to this no good jerk. She made many mistakes as a mother and did not have her act together. And Rex must never find out the truth. She tells him she urgently needs his help in regard to Rex.

Jared asks Nora and Clint if they are not aware that since he is Asa’s son, that he has rights. And doesn’t a son of Asa’s “trump” his granddaughter? But they tell him he better pack his bags and go. Right then, Dorian enters. They tell her that she is not welcome in their home either. But she explains that she did not come there to see either of them. She came to see Jared. She has some very important questions to ask of him.

After finding out that both Nash and Viki thought that it wouldn’t be a bad idea for Jessica to stay at St. Anne’s, Natalie asks them why. Viki replies because Jessica has recently been pretending to be Tess.

At St. Anne’s, Jessica plays checkers with Allison. She explains to her that she did have D.I.D. and Tess came out. But now she has been integrated and cured. Allison reminds her that Viki mistakenly thought that about Niki. Yet Niki popped out like a cuckoo clock. Jessica tells Allison that she knows she has some secrets that she has not told. And she needs to know what they are about.

Adriana goes to Bo’s office and tells him she is very concerned about Rex. Todd Manning almost killed him. And he would have if “Charlie Balsam” had not saved Rex. Hearing that, Bo is very surprised that an individual by the name of Charlie Balsam would save Rex. She explains that Charlie is a new friend of Dorian’s and it’s only a coincidence that they have the same last name. Bo tells Adriana that Todd Manning is obviously very angry at Rex because Rex prevented him from knowing that his son was alive and he helped Marcie keep him from his son. He tells her he will do whatever he needs to do in order to protect Rex. He remarks that the kid is kind of like a son to him.

In response to Roxy’s asking Charlie to pretend that he is Rex’s father, he tells her that it might not work. From what he’s heard, Rex is a PI and might be able to find out the truth. She asks if maybe he believes that he wouldn’t want anybody believing that he would have “hooked up” with a skank like her and would not have gotten her pregnant many years ago. Hearing that, he tells her that he would never think that. And she is only putting herself down. Did some man make her feel that way about herself? She replies that all men have made her feel that way about herself. He tells her that he would like to help her but he cannot go through with this.

Renee enters the room at Asa’s to find out that Nora and Clint have evicted Jared. And she asks if she does not have any say in this matter or if she is seen as nothing more than the “widow in the attic”.

Gigi remarks to John that she did read about the death of Marty Saybrooke in the paper. She asks him how long he and Marty were together. He replies not long enough. She tells him she is really sorry and does not know what she would do if somebody she loved was killed. Overhearing their conversation and knowing that he’s been told throughout his life that his father was killed, Shane then asks his mother if she did not love his dad. In response to that, Gigi tells her son that he needs to not be eavesdropping upon their conversation. John tells Shane that he knows his mother loved his father. He also tells him that he understands all too well what it’s like to be a child and lose his father. He informs Shane that he also lost his father. Gigi then asks Shane to go into the other room so that she can talk to John alone.

Roxy urges Charlie to know that he must have Rex believing that he is his father. She can tell that her son has really taken a shine to him. He asks her just what she told Rex about his conception. She replies that she told him that the two of them got really schnockered and had a cheap one night stand. Charlie then asks her why Rex would think well of him after hearing that. She replies that Rex is very mindful of the fact that Charlie saved his life. And so is she. She tells him that her son is a good kid. He works hard managing Ultra Violet and in getting his PI license so that he can help the police department. He didn’t have a lot of care while growing up, for which she deeply regrets. Rex needs a dad. And she asks Charlie if he would not want to have a son like Rex.

Right then, Jared tells Renee that Clint and Nora are evicting him because he had Jessica committed. She asks him what exactly happened.. He explains that Jessica has been pretending to be Tess. Renee then replies that she believes this is not Jared’s fault. Jessica instigated that. But Clint and Nora tell Renee she must realize that what Jared did to Jessica is unforgivable. And he is out on his behind. She then tells them that if Jared goes, then so does she. Dorian listens to the whole conversation and make a sarcastic comment about how the “old cowboy” (Asa) must be shaking in his boots and rolling in his grave if he can hear and see what they are doing to his son. Clint and Nora then both say shut up, Dorian at the same time.

At St. Anne’s, Allison Perkins tells Jessica that the “big secret” involves her sister, Natalie. Jessica then asks Allison what the secret is involving Natalie. Allison gets Jessica “all excited” and then tells her that Natalie hates her guts. She bursts out laughing. Jessica tells Allison that is silly. The problems they had when they first found out they were sisters happened long ago. She and Natalie are now very close. And she knows there is something else that Allison knows. But Allison is not going to tell her.

Adriana tells Bo that she is concerned about Rex’s finding her the engagement ring in Paris, TX. He bought it from some woman whom he met there who, ironically got it from Marcie. Bo asks her if it had anything to do with a pawn shop. Adriana replies no. Rex knew this woman. She used to be his girlfriend.

John tells Gigi that he has to go out for a while. He has to check on Marcie’s case. She then tells John that she assumes that since Todd had Marcie’s picture on the dart board in the motel in Paris, TX, that he would know Marcie also. John replies yes. They know each other. She then tells John that she just doesn’t get it. Why would such a wonderful person like Viki have such a piece of trash for a brother.

After Renee tells Nora and Clint that she is not about to let them evict Jared, Nora tells her she knows she is in mourning and she does not want to upset her. Renee admits that yes; she has been though a lot. But one thing has helped her to get through all of it; this very gracious and wonderful young man. But she realizes that they own this property. She no longer does. So they can do as they see fit. And she will get out. But they tell her they can’t let her do that. She leaves. Alone with Jared, Nora tells him that he may be able to live there. But she hopes he knows how unwelcome he is. They then leave Dorian alone in the room with Jared. She tells him that he must know what a controlling and hostile woman Nora is. And she tells him that she is there to help him. He asks her what she thinks she could possibly have that could help him. She replies that she is “friends” with a friend of his. He asks her just whom she is talking about. She then asks him if the name Charlie Balsam rings a bell with him.

Charlie tells Roxy that Rex seems like a fine young man. But he just cannot do that. She asks him why not. This would not be the first time that he’s lied. And what would be wrong with Rex believing that he has a good man like Charlie for his dad? Wouldn’t that benefit him also? And she reveals that he might know “the truth”. She warns him if he ever tells Rex, he will be sorry.

Dorian tells Jared that she knows that Charlie arranged to meet him and unfortunately stood him up. But it was because she asked him to go with her in the limo and look at some real estate. The limo left them stranded. And there was no cell phone transmission anywhere. She tells him she will accept full responsibility for what happened. He cannot blame Charlie. Hearing that, he asks her if Charlie is having her doing his dirty work for him. She tells him if he refuses to cooperate with what she wants, then she will have to tell everybody his “secret”.

Viki , Natalie and Nash go to Dorian’s to see Sam. Miles Laurence is there to overhear Viki talking to Addie in the kitchen while she prepares dinner. Addie informs Viki that there is a lot of very strange things going on in this house. Dorian has a strange man living upstairs. She is concerned about Sam. Bur she is getting her life back on track. She tells Viki that she is eternally grateful for what Viki has done for her daughter. She regrets that she could not be there for Blair. Viki replies that Addie should be very proud of her daughter and all she has done for Todd. And she commends Addie for recovering from her illness and being able to live away from St. Anne’s. Viki then tells the others that she has to go. Alone with Natalie, Nash and Miles, Addie assures them that Jessica will have to be in good hands at St. Anne’s and they need not worry. They are surprised to hear that.

At St. Anne’s, Jessica is trying and failing to get Allison to disclose her secret.

After John leaves Gigi and Shane alone in his apartment, he gets on his phone to leave a message for Cole, telling him he hopes they are still on for the game they are going to see together. And he urges Cole to call him whenever he gets a chance. When Gigi is alone in the apartment, she hears a knock on the door. She is a bit concerned about opening it but goes to the door to see whom it is. It’s Adriana. She asks her whom she is. Adriana asks her if she is Gigi Morasco. Gigi replies yes, not knowing how this stranger would know her name. Adriana introduces herself to Gigi. Right then, Shane asks his mom who is at the door. Hearing that, Adriana is very surprised and startled to find out that Gigi has a son that might have been conceived about the time Rex was with Gigi

Right then, Rex outside Bo’s office remembering hearing his mom telling him that she needs him not to “know a secret”.

Charlie is alone at Dorian’s remembering hearing Roxy urging him to be a father figure to Rex. And he knows that he has completely failed with Jared.

Right then, Jared asks Dorian just why she wants him to reconcile his differences with Charlie. She replies because she thinks Charlie is a really good man who deserves a second chance.

Rex then goes to see Bo and gets up the courage to tell him exactly what is going on.

Natalie, Nash and Miles Laurence all talk about their family issues. They realize that Jessica’s real father is not Clint. But those things do not matter.

Allison reveals to Jessica that there is a secret involving Jessica’s biological father, Mitch Laurence. Jessica then asks what this issue with Mitch Laurence could possibly be about. Mitch is dead. Allison replies that that may be. But the big secret in regard to Mitch Laurence is not dead.

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