OLTL Update Thursday 1/31/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/31/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Talia is working her new job in Cherryfield. She is in uniform and approaches a car after calling in the plate number on the police scanner. She announces that she is officer Sahib and asks the driver to reveal himself. To her surprised, it’s Antonio.

In Blair’s room, she is trying and failing to get baby Sam to stop crying. He is obviously not comfortable with her and does not consider her his mommy.

Dorian and Charlie enter the kitchen after being out. She asks what he plans to do in regard to his son. He tells her that he’s concluded that his son is done with him. He must realize that Jared is a grown man and does not need his father.

At the Angel Square Motel, Rex finds a document that reveals information that Roxie obviously does not want her son to know. She catches him and tells him he mustn’t look at it But he demands that she tells him what is up.

Upstairs in John’s apartment, Shane explains to John and to his mom that he apologizes for leaving without telling them. But that Roxy lady seemed friendly and told him she owned the place. They tell him he must be careful. And they realize they have not found either Todd or Ramsey.

Todd contacts Ramsey and informs him that John McBain has threatened to turn them both in for kidnapping Gigi unless they convince the DA to go easy on Marcie for kidnapping his son. Ramsey asks Todd in that case what he plans to do.

John asks Shane if he likes Hawaiian pizza. Shane replies that he’s never heard of that and the sound of it is not desirable. But John tells him he cannot assume that Pizza with pineapple ad ham is not something he’d want. Gigi asks her son to go to his room so that she can talk to John alone. She asks John what is going on. He needs to get real with her and realize she is neither a child nor a naïve little waitress. She reveals to him that she has known Rex Balsam from way back. He asks her if Rex has given her any grief. She replies no.

Michael McBain finds Roxy and tells him he would give anything if he can find out for himself and for Marcy just how “Tommy” is doing.

Right then, Blair is trying and failing to entertain the baby with many toys. She tells him that he will have fun when his big sister, Starr comes back. She might be driving soon and might take him for a spin. He cries and is not listening to a word she says while she brings building blocks, an airplane and a big selection of toys. She asks him if he wants her to go away and tells him she cannot. She tells him they are stuck together. He will have to know, at some point, that there is a family with a lot of love. And things will have to get better. But he makes it clear that he is not happy with anything she tells or shows him.

Todd asks Ramsey what he should do in regard to John McBain’s ultimatums. What if he does not have a choice? Ramsey replies to Todd that he must realize that you always have a choice.

After Talia “catches” Antonio, she asks him if he realizes how fast he was driving. He tells her he did not know. He was in a hurry. She admits that she did not recognize his car. He tells her he will pay a fine or do whatever he needs to do. Because he has to see her regardless of what he has to do in order to be able to.

Gigi informs John that she and Rex went to high school together in Michigan and they dated. It’s a small world, she tells him.

Rex talks to Michael and Roxy about what he knows about Tommy/Sam and how Blair and Todd might be taking care of him. He admits that he went to the house with Adriana. And Todd pushed his face into the oven burner and could have burned him. Hearing that, both Michael and Roxy are shocked to know that Tommy’s new father could do something like that. Rex tells them that he believes that in spite of everything, that that kid has experienced many people who love him in his life. Michael then concludes that he has to go up and pack Tommy’s stuff to send it to charity. And he must get it out before Marcie comes back. He knows it will be too painful for her to come back and have the memories. He leaves. Alone with his mother, Rex resumes demanding that she tells him the secret involving his family which she is clearly not telling him. He tells her if she does not come clean with him, he will never speak to her again. Hearing that, Roxy looks at her son realizing he is serious.

After Charlie informs Dorian that he has given up on Jared, she tells him that he mustn’t give up. If Jared is angry at his father, it must mean that he does ultimately want his father to love him. But she reminds him that if he keeps the secret for Jared that he’s scammed the Buchanans about being Asa’s son and Viki finds out, she may never forgive him. He tells her that he is not about to get his son in trouble. That is the most important thing to him.

Ramsey tells Todd that he must realize that they can threaten John and he can’t hang the ultimatum over their heads that will enable Marcie to go free.

Talia asks Antonio if he was “trying” to get her to give him a speeding ticket. He tells her that it might have been the only way he’d get to see her. He tells her he did his homework in finding out exactly when she’d be working. He assumes that if she is working the shift that he previously found out about, then she will be off work soon.. But she informs him that she has to “pull a double” in order to fill in for a guy who called in sick. And he obviously has to be back in Llanview early the next morning. He tells her that he got all dressed up and shaved so that he could see her. And she sends him on his merry way. She replies she sends up off with his citation. He asks her if there is not some way they can spend time together. She then concludes that since he’s driven all this way and speeded, the least she can do is administer a field sobriety test. They both find it amusing when she asks him to step out of the car so that she can shine a flashlight upon him and see how he walks “under the influence”. He then admits to her that he is “under the influence”. He asks her to come closer. He kisses her and he tells her he is under the influence of her.

GIgi and John discuss her relationship with Rex Balsam and how she got over him and found a Navy Seal (supposedly Shane’s father). He tells her that it’s quite a switch from Balsam to a Navy seal. Right then, Michael enters. John tells Michael that he has a plan that might be able to buy Marcie her freedom.

Ramsey reminds Todd that John’s main goal is not to simply let Marcie go free. It’s also in order to punish himself. He tells Todd he must realize that they are in this together. Todd does not seem to trust him. But Ramsey tells Todd that he(Todd) cannot “ensure” Gigi’s silence. But he(Ramsey) can.

Blair takes Sam downstairs and hasn’t a clue what to feed him. Dorian believes she knows what he should or should not eat. They argue. But at that point, Charlie resolves the argument and gets them both to agree that there is nothing wrong with Sam having just one cookie. At that point, he picks up Sam and holds him. But women are very intrigued by the “way” Charlie seems to have with Sam. He reflects that he remembers when his son was a baby. And maybe he is making up for lost time.

Roxy assures Rex that he will only regret opening up the envelope. And she attempts to sell to him the example of how it’s only ruined Tommy’s life to find out who his real father is. But he reminds his mother that he is a big boy and can handle hearing the truth. He heard from Corrine that Walter might not be his father. Natalie informed him that she remembers some very strange things happening in regard to that issue when they were children. He urges her to know that he is a detective and needs to know the truth. He needs to know where he came from. Roxy then replies to her son that his family are the people who love him. Biology doesn’t matter. But he demands to know whom his real father is. At that point, Roxy admits to her son that Walter was not his real father. He then asks her who is. She tells him it’s Charlie Balsam.

Michael observes Gigi with Shane. She admits that she fears for her son’s safety. But Michael assures her that she need not worry. They have John looking out for them.

After Roxy informs Rex that Charlie Balsam is his father, he asks her if that is the same guy whom is staying at Dorian’s. She admits yes. She explains that she was married to Wally. But he was not putting out for a long time. He hadn’t touched her in months except to slap her around. So she knows that he could not have conceived Rex with her. He tells her if she is certain that Charlie is his father, then wouldn’t Charlie suspect that he is Rex’s father also? She tells him he would not know because it was a one night stand. She admits that Charlie was a drunk and had many problems in his younger days. So she wasn’t about to let either of them know that he was Rex’s father. But Rex remembers that when he first met Charlie and Todd tried to kill him, Charlie saved his life. His real father saved his life.

At Dorian’s, she tells Blair that Charlie is a really good man. And that psycho, Todd, threatened him. If Todd bothers Charlie ever again, he will be out on his behind. Hearing that, Blair tells her aunt if Todd is gone, so is she. Todd and Ramsey are not far away and enter the kitchen obviously plotting a plan that will benefit them both but may hurt many people. Noticing Ramsey with her husband, Blair demands to know what Todd would want with him. She does not believe that Sam is safe anywhere near this man. Todd protests that Ramsey helped them and they owe him. She then tells Todd he can pay Ramsey off and get rid of him. She tells him he must realize that Sam comes first. Alone with Todd, Ramsey tells him that they must find a way to get rid of Gigi. And they must keep the secret from Blair. Ramsey leaves and tells Todd he will come back after Todd has had time to make a decision about what to do.

At John’s apartment, Shane asks John some personal questions about his previous girlfriends. John reveals to Gigi what happened in regard to his fiancé when he was supposed to protect her, while he was an FBI agent.

Downstairs, Rex asks Roxy if it was a total accident that his father came half way across the country and unknown to him, his son lives right in that town. He tells her he must find his father. But she tells him that Charlie is living in Dorian’s house and it’s not an issue. But he tells her he has to find his father. She protests that he is not Rex’s father in any way that matters. He must realize that the great guy he has grown into is due to the family that he has known who love him. But she obviously has some other ulterior motives for not letting Rex find out anything about his biological father.

Dorian remarks to Charlie how excellent he is with Sam. And she tells him for that very reason, he mustn’t give up on his own son. He then tells her that he had all of a few minutes with Sam. When Jared was a small child, he got him to believe his father was his hero for a short time. But he learned the hard way that that means nothing if a father cannot stay sober. She then tells him that there are many meetings he can go to in the area. She knows about them. She used to be married to a recovering alcoholic. He is surprised to hear that. She tells him that her ex ruined his life and died because of alcohol. So she asks him if he should not let her help him in her husband’s memory. He tells her he sincerely appreciates her offer. But he really believes that he has to handle this his own way, by himself. Even if it means letting Jared go.

Antonio and Talia are together, looking like they are not focusing on work. He tells her if she books him, he might resist arrest. And that could cost the town a lot of money. And he asks Office Sahib if she can catch him. He obviously has other things on his mind besides seeing her as an arresting officer. She asks him if he really wants her to place him under arrest for resisting an officer. He tells her he does want that because she is irresistible. She tells him she will read him his rights. He tells her he already knows them. And she may frisk him. They smile and stare at each other, getting really turned on. He asks her if she will cuff him. She puts the cuffs on him and tells him he is “hers’.” And they kiss.

Charlie tells Dorian that he has been alone for a long time. She smiles and tells him at La Bole’, you are never alone. He smiles at her and tells her she is a great friend. She asks him if he is really certain that he does not want or need her help with his son. He tells her he really appreciates her offer. But he must do it his way. He then gets up to leave.

Right then, Rex is looking for his mother but Roxie has disappeared. He then observes a picture of the three of them. He reflects that Charlie Balsam has saved his life. And he must find him somehow

Right then, Roxy rushes to Dorian’s to find Charlie and demands that he comes out to talk about something very important.

Gigi asks John what happened to his fiancé when he was supposed to take care of her. He replies that she was killed.

Todd informs Ramsey that he does not want him near his family.

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