OLTL Update Wednesday 1/30/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/30/08


Written By Jeannie

At La Boulaie, John enters as Todd drinks his morning coffee. He offers Todd a deal. Todd calls him a door-to-door salesman and says he doesn’t want any. John offers him, his freedom.

In the lobby of John’s apartment Gigi questions Rex about why he’s there and Rex fires the question right back.

Shane is in John’s apartment when Ramsey comes to the door looking like he’s ready to break in.

In Bo’s office, Nora tells Bo that it’s about him and her. Bo says they only share law enforcement and Mathew. Nora says there’s no going back. Nora says he may be content to hate her for the rest of her life but she is not ready to be hated by someone who meant the world to her.

Todd tells John not to offer a buyer something he already has and makes a joke about John becoming a mall cop. John says if he had a job as a corrections officer he’d be close to Todd. John asks what’s more important, revenge on Marcie or his freedom. Todd says he’s going to make sure his baby-thief sister in law will go to jail for as long as possible. John hands him an envelope and tells him to look at that and rethink things.

Upstairs, Blair comes out of the hall and sees Starr. Starr asks her why she isn’t at the airport picking up Dorian or is she lying to her too? Blair explains that Dorian’s plane was delayed. Starr tells Blair she got her heart trampled on when she found her boyfriend and best friend hanging out together after lying to her.

At the diner, Cole and Langston talk about Starr’s surprise party.

Clint walks in and sees Lindsey at the counter. He turns the other way, but Lindsey sees him and comes over. Clint says he was embarrassed by his behavior the other night and Lindsey says it was Nora’s fault. Clint asks if she was the innocent one. Lindsey defends herself and calls Nora overbearing and self-important.

Back in Bo’s office, Bo tells Nora he never hated her even if he had every right to. Nora says that’s a hateful thing to say. Bo tries to rephrase it. Nora asks why he threw her infidelity in her face. Bo apologizes. Nora says he had anger, resentment and hatred when he said that. She said he’s been looking for a way to punish her. Bo says that’s not true. Nora thinks he still sees her and Sam. Bo admits it’s true. He can’t shake the memory. Nora asks who he sees and Bo says she’s the woman who let him down.

Nora tells Bo he is still playing the victim. She says she did what she did for him. Bo says it makes no sense that his wife slept with another man for him. Nora says it was to give him a child. Bo says she should have told him what she was planning. They argue about what Nora would have done in his shoes. She says she didn’t want to lose him. He says he values fidelity and talking about it is a waste of time.

Todd looks over the photos John gave him. John tells him that he knows Ramsey and him took Gigi hostage. Todd says it’s circumstantial. John says those pictures, the gun he gave him at the scene and Gigi’s testimony could bring him up on abduction charges.

Gigi sarcastically tells Rex what’s been going on in her life regarding Marcie and her own arrest. Rex says he was going to ask how she was and welcome to Llanview. He asks what she’s doing in his mom’s hotel. She didn’t know he had a mom. She says she’s here for Marcie. Rex says all he did was leave and didn’t know he would scar her for life. Rex says so what, she’s still mad at him because he broke up with her in High school. He makes a joke about maybe she was in love with him. Gigi makes a face.

Ramsey tries to break into John’s apartment and Shane runs and hides. He has John’s baton. Roxy comes in and Shane yells and runs. Roxy tells him to calm down and introduces herself.

Gigi makes fun of how Rex looked in high school, dorky, skin and bones. She says he still thinks he’s God’s gift. Rex admits he used to be that way. Gigi makes fun of him. Rex says he can’t afford anything because of the Morasco engagement ring fiasco and tells her what happened. He says if she wanted to get back at him, that got back at him in spades.

As John munches on cereal from the box he tells Todd maybe the kids will visit him in prison. Todd tells him to leave. John keeps at him, telling him his kids might turn on him. He asks when Sam will want to be called Tommy again.

Starr pours out her heart to Blair and Blair asks why she didn’t confront them. Starr says she already knew what they were doing.

Cole and Langston talk about the plans for the party. Cole admits to Langston he can’t dance. Langston tells him he was adorable during the musical. She says she has to dance with Starr at the party and offers him lessons.

Clint tells Lindsey that Nora and him work well together. It feels right. Lindsey makes a crack about Nora’s age. Lindsey says Nora can’t live in the moment. Clint asks why she thinks Nora can’t do that. Lindsay asks why Nora won’t let her live her life.

Back in Bo’s office, Nora says they have to resolve one thing. She needs to know if it was so unforgivable and why. She says he has forgiven so many people in his life. How can he forgive Lindsey for her chronic deceptions but not her for one mistake? She asks why he didn’t fight for her and their marriage. Bo says it was a long time ago. Nora asks if he forgot all about the love and passion they shared. She asks why he turned his back on her. He says he didn’t feel like he had any fight left in him. He lost all the confidence and didn’t think he would ever get it back. Bo says what he said about their relationship before was just his temper talking. He says they have a good friendship now and that’s important. He wants them to wish each other well. He says when she was sick he prayed for her. They both say they don’t want to fight. Nora says they haven’t dealt with the issue of her and Clint.

John tells Todd it’s his life and starts to leave. Todd says talk to Nora. She’s in charge of prosecuting Marcie. John suggests he ask Nora to drop the charges and make a press conference thanking Marcie and how much he appreciates her for taking care of the kid. He should use his newspaper to defend Marcie. Todd laughs. John says he doesn’t care how he does it. It’s that or Statesville.

Roxy talks to Shane. She asks if John is his daddy and Shane tells her his dad is dead. Roxy says her dad is dead too. Shane tells her about his father being a Navy Seal. Roxy says his dad was probably a stand up kind of guy and that Shane probably takes after him. Shane says he was waiting for his mom to bring back food.

Gigi tells Rex she never gave him a guarantee with the ring. Rex says Adriana understood. He talks about how great Adriana is. She asks what kind of jobs he has and Rex tells her about his PI job and Ultraviolet. Rex asks how she’s staying here and Gigi tells him she’s staying with John. She says “we” are here on the QT. Rex asks who’s “we”?

Gigi asks what he’s talking about and denies saying “we”. John comes in and pulls Gigi to the side. He tells her she was supposed to stay in the room until he takes care of Ramsey and Todd. She says they needed food. John says she should have ordered in.

Roxy tells Shane to come with her and they’ll find his mom. She says he can walk behind her and if she pulls anything funny he can whack her. Shane agrees and they leave. As they disappear around the corner, Ramsey appears.

Clint tells Lindsay he thinks it’s possible she faked the breakdown. He wants to protect his little brother. Lindsay says what happened in the courtroom was real and frightening. She’s surprised how insensitive he’s being. Clint asks why she’s surprised. Lindsay cancels her order and leaves.

Bo admits its taking longer to get used to seeing Nora with Clint then he thought it would. He regrets what he said the other night and hopes she will be happy with Clint. Bo asks if he can talk to Matthew about all this together. Nora agrees. She says it means a lot to hear him say that he’s okay with her and Clint. Nora hesitates and Bo asks if there’s a but.

Blair asks if Starr believes Cole and Langston are seeing each other. Starr says no. She feels they are sneaking around because they can’t talk to her about losing their parents. Blair says maybe they are a comfort to each other. Starr feels left out but guilty that she’s thinking of herself.

Langston and Cole are leaving the diner while they talk about dancing lessons. Cole says he’s going to Broadway. He says if the critics don’t give him a good review, his mom will because she’s his biggest fan. Then he realizes what he said and stops. Langston takes his hand and says she understands. She blurts stuff like that out all the time.

Blair reassures Starr her feelings are valid. Blair tells her to think of her Dad. He had a tough time opening up about his past and Blair used to think it was her fault. She should give Cole time and he’ll be able to open up. Blair also says it was wrong for them to lie to her. She should give them time to sort it out.

Nora starts to tell Bo something but Lindsay walks in and interrupts. Nora says goodbye Bo stops her from leaving and asks what she was going to say, but Nora says it’s not important and leaves. Lindsay asks if she should ask.

Nora is outside the office and thinks she made the right decision.

John tells Roxy not to go into his apartment. Roxy says don’t borrow my flat iron. John doesn’t know what that is, maybe Natalie borrowed it. He closes the door in her face.

Downstairs Rex is going through her things when he knocks over a stuffed Beaver named Morris. As he picks it up he finds something stuffed inside. Roxy walks in and says Morris!

Gigi is upset Shane went off with a stranger. Shane says Roxy was nice and they were just going to find Gigi. John says she is friendly but Roxy is the least of their worries.

Ramsey knocks on Todd’s door and announces they have a problem. Todd says he knows, Gigi Morasco.

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