OLTL Update Tuesday 1/29/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/29/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Todd and Blair awaken in bed together after they’ve spent the night together. He asks if she was waiting for him to wake up so that they could talk. She asks him if he wants to talk. But it looks like that is not what either of them plan to do.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Starr is talking to Cole on the phone about how great it is that they get the whole day off in order to finish a report. And she invites him over to have breakfast and go ice skating. He tells her he’d like to but he has not finished his report. When she asks what it’s about, he replies that it’s kind of personal and he has other things to do. Right then, he gets a call from Langston. He tells Starr he has another call. He makes it clear that he wants to talk to Langston instead of Starr and that they are planning spending time together in secret. But right when Langston is on the phone talking to Cole, she comes downstairs to see Starr also talking on the phone.

John takes Gigi and Shane to his apartment. He is able to interest Shane in video games and books. John is going to let the two of them stay in his home. But there is only one bed. John has to inform Shane that he and his mom can sleep together in the bed and he will sleep on the couch. Gigi tells John she cannot let him do that. But he assures her that it is only temporary until all of this situation blows over and they can get Ramsey what he deserves and Marcie is ok.

At the station, Bo and Nora bring Marcie in. Michael asks them if he can see his wife. They let him. He rushes to her and tells her that everything will be ok. But she tells him she does not think so. She does not think that things will ever be the same for the two of them again.

At John’s, Shane tells his mom and John that he is not afraid of Ramsey. He informs them that his friend, Charlie taught him tai chi in order to defend himself. John then tells Shane that he knows many types of self defense. But he can only show him those things if he demonstrates he has some discipline and can behave in a mature manner. Gigi then reminds John that she has taught her son not to fight. John reminds Shane that he has brought him and his mom there in order to testify for Marcie and hopefully get Ramsey to leave them alone.

At the station, Antonio’s new partner, uniform officer Fish asks him why they are not going to nail Marcie. This woman is a fugitive and kidnapped a child. Antonio tells his new partner that Bo and Nora know what they are doing and there are extenuating circumstances in regard to Marcie which he does not care to share with officer Fish.

In Bo’s office, Nora shows him an article that Todd Manning has written. They wonder how they are going to communicate that to Matthew. He then asks her if she plans to “keep up this nonsense with Clint”.

With Langston in the same room secretly talking to Cole, Starr is wondering why he has not gotten back to her. Langston is ready to go out the door and keep a secret from Starr about what she is ready to do. Starr then asks Langston whom she was on the phone with. Langston replies it was Markko. But Starr knows that is not true.

Upstairs, Todd and Blair are kissing and enjoying being together. Right then, Addie enters and brings them breakfast. Todd uses strong language to express the fact that she’s walked in upon them and has startled them. Hearing that, she demands that he watches his language because there are small children in the house. Todd asks his mother in law if she has forgotten to take her medication. She tells him that the only medication she takes is vitamin C with extra strength. And they should try it. She brings them their breakfast. Todd is not used to seeing Addie like this. Blair explains that her mom is on some new meds. She tells Todd that she is living life to the fullest and tells him that she has appreciated his “dry sense of humor”. And she had intended to talk to the two of them before. She tells Todd that they need to have a heart to heart talk. He asks her why.. And because he is her son in law, they need to talk. Blair then excuses herself and tells Todd she will give the two of them time to talk alone. But he doesn’t’ want her to abandon him on their honeymoon. She tells him he must let go and remember that it will always be their honeymoon.

After Bo asks Nora about Clint, she asks him to repeat what he just said. He repeats that he asked her how long she plans to keep dating Clint. But she knows that he said something else. Right then, Antonio asks them to step outside and talk to Marcie. Bo tells Marcie that they want to go as easy on her as they can. Marcie tells him she does not ask for special treatment. Nora informs Marcie that this has nothing about special treatment. She is a first time offender. They know her. And they can do some things for her. But she doesn’t seem to want to let them do that.

After Starr asks Langston where she is going and what she is doing. She gives many lame excuses and goes out the door. Right then, Cole is sitting at the diner, impatiently waiting for Langston.

At the other table, Rex informs Natalie that he has been talking to Roxie and to his aunt Corrine. And they are obviously keeping secrets from him. He does not even know if he really is a Balsam. And he tells her she must know what happens when one finds out that they are not a Balsam. She found out about the scandal involving Mitch Laurence and Allison Perkins. But at least, she had a happy ending by finding out she was Viki’s daughter.. They debate about whether it’s worthwhile for him to find out that Walter is not his real father. Maybe he should not want a drunken lunatic to be his father any more than she should want Roxie to be her mother.. But he is worried about the secret that his family is keeping from him. And he concludes that he will not whine about the outcome. He intends to find his daddy. And she is going to help.

Langston rushes to find Cole. And they reveal that they are planning a surprise birthday party for Starr.

Natalie tells Rex that he is about to get married to Adriana. The two of them have something incredible together. They should be focusing on their future and not attempting to dredge up all of this stuff on their family history. He tells her if it’s true that Wally is not really his father, he needs to find out about it. He tells her that he needs her to think and tell him whatever she might remember about when he was a baby involving his family or his conception or birth. She tells him ok. But he’s not going to like it.

At the station, Michael tells Nora that she must cut a deal for Marcie. She has not hurt anybody. She has been totally cooperative with the investigation. They must do something. But Nora cannot make any such promise. She tells them that Todd Manning has exposed her in the Sun. He has gotten people in the town to agree that Marcie may not be fit to teach high school. Both Nora and Bo tell Michael and Marcie that they do not wish to prosecute Marcie. But this whole situation has taken on a life of its own.

Gigi and John talk about whether he can prevent Marcie from going to prison or not. He replies that he cannot. But Manning can.

In Todd’s room, he gets on his clothes and tells Addie he is in a bit of a rush. She reminds him that he planned on spending a lot of time alone in bed with her daughter. She tells him that they need to talk about this whole situation involving Sam and how Blair is involved in that. He is ready to go out the door. But before he leaves, Addie pins his arms behind his back and tells him if he hurts her daughter or her grandchildren, she will hurt him worse.

Downstairs, Starr and Blair are proud of the “article” that Todd has written. And Starr tells her mother that she went to find her in her own room. But she had obviously not slept there. And now she sees her in her robe. She knows what happened last night.

At the diner, Natalie is ready to explain to Rex what she knows about when they were children and Corrine took him away from his mother. Right then, Cole and Langston find Rex. He tells them they are late. They remind him that they are the clients and he works for them. But he reminds them that they are minors and cannot pay him what he is worth. He resumes his conversation with Natalie. She tells him that she has some vague memories about what happened to him as a baby some 20 years ago. But she does not remember much. She knows however that Roxie and Corrine know something that they are not telling him. She then concludes that she wants to go with him to find out what he is about to find out. She tells him that even if neither of them are Balsams anymore, he has gotten her curious.

Gigi asks John what he knows about Ramsey. He tells her that Ramsey is dangerous. She asks him how he knows that Ramsey will not go after him. He tells her he knows that Ramsey is not stupid. He tells them he has some business to take care of and they must lock the door behind him.

After Starr confronts her mother about what she died last night, Blair asks her daughter if she wants to rephrase what she is about to say if she really wants the car that her parents are considering giving her. Starr tells her mother that she just wishes that she could find out what is going on. She awakens and finds out that Cole and Langston have this little secret going on. She finds out that her parents also have a secret. And she just wishes that somebody would tell her what is going on. Blair attempts to explain to her daughter that her parents have a real marriage. They are in love. But Starr does not buy that and reminds her mother that they have been “down that road before”. She reminds Blair that she thought that everything was working when they had their “convenience marriage”. But if that changes, then everything could go wrong.

Upstairs, Addie tells Todd that he has been very important to her daughter and to her. He has given her two precious grandchildren. She thinks the world of him. He asks her why, then, she wanted to kick his ass. She then tells him it’s because she knows that Blair is not the most important objective in his life.

In the kitchen, Blair tells her daughter that she and Todd may never be “normal”. Starr tells her mother that things might have been better in the long run if they were stuck in a “false marriage”. Blair tells her daughter that that sounds so cynical. She must believe that her mother can be happy and not just content. She then tells her that she has things to do. Todd has to get to work. And she has to get to the airport to meet Dorian who left her a message to meet her there. Blair departs. Alone, Starr is still wondering what is going on. She calls Markko to find out if he can tell her what is going on. But she only gets his voice mail.

At the diner, Cole asks Langston asks why Rex is so cheap that he cannot help them. Especially since Starr’s parents hate him. He knows all too well what it’s like to be on the “Todd Manning hate list” But at that point, she comes up with an idea. She tells him that the person who has Rex wrapped around her little finger is Adriana. She is the one who can motivate him to help them plan Starr’s surprise party.

Todd explains the situation to Addie. She then tells him that she was not bluffing when she said she loves him. And he better not make her regret it. He tells her he knows that if he does, she will rip his face off. Blair returns and asks her mother what they were discussing. Addie tells her that she and Todd were just bonding.

Gigi is ready to go out the door and warns Shane that he better keep the door locked and not open it for anybody. He tells her he can handle it.

Downstairs in the building, Rex and Natalie are looking at old pictures and relics of Roxy’s. And she asks him what they believe will become of Tommy. She later remembers that his name is now Sam. She asks if they will ever get to be his God parents again. Realizing what Todd and Blair think of him. Rex replies that since they hate his guts, there is no way they will let him near their child nor will they let his sister.

At the station, Michael and Marcie talk alone on the bench. In Bo’s office, Nora tells Bo that this is one of those days when she hates her job. He tells her that now is the time when they need to talk to Matthew. She tells him that she knows that this is not about Matthew or about Clint. It’s about the tension between the two of them. He tells her that he has already told her many times that he is not concerned about her business and does not care whom she dates. She tells him she understands all too well that he is in denial.

Gigi walks downstairs and demands that the unseen person sitting at the desk (whom unknown to her is Rex) better do his job. But when she sees that it’s Rex, she is startled to see him as he is to see her.

After finding out that Addie threatened Todd, Blair asks her mother since when bonding involved bruising. Addie asks her daughter since when have she and Todd planned on sharing the same bed. Blair tells her mother that this time, she and Todd are going to make it work. Addie tells her she knows they will and she hugs Blair.

At the station, the bailiff tells Marcie it’s time to go back to her cell. But Michael urges him to let him talk to his wife alone.

John goes to see Todd without knocking on the door. Todd tells him he believes that that is breaking and entering. John tells Todd that he wants to strike a deal with him.

Bo and Nora debate about what she has done to Lindsay. She tells him that this is not about Clint or Lindsay or the food fight. He then asks her just what this is about. She replies that this is about the two of them.

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